tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHoney, Play With Them

Honey, Play With Them


Susan Dorn, like a lot of high school girls, was very confused about life. Her Dad had left her Mom when she was a junior. At first, her Mom was despondent. She had a routine job at "Davis Electric." Then, all at once, Susan noticed that her mother was making a lot more money. She mentioned a promotion. She heard her mother speak of Al Davis, the owner, when chatting on the phone to aunt Betty. It was in March of her senior year that she discovered just why things were going so well.

Susan was dismissed from school at 11:00 AM because of teacher conferences. She had forgotten to tell her Mom that she would be home early. When she got home, Mr. Davis' Mercury was in the drive. Susan did not care much for Mr. Davis, because of the way he leered at her when he saw her. So, she quietly went in the back door, and tip-toed up the stairs, since she thought that her Mom and Mr. Davis would be talking in the living room.

As she neared her Mom's bedroom door, she heard her Mom, Wendy moaning. She peeked into the door. Her Mom was on her back, with Mr. Davis' head between her legs, bobbing up and down. It took a moment for her to realize that he was running his tongue up and down her mother's privates. Susan's hand flew to her mouth to stifle any sound as her mouth flew open in amazement.

As she watched, her mother's hips begin to thrust up and down. "Ready for me, Wendy?" She heard Davis say as he got on his knees.

Her mother's eyes were closed, her mouth was open, panting, as she turned her head from side to side. Susan say this chunk of meat in his hand. He guided it to the entrance of her mother's cunt. As he lowered himself onto her, he seemed to cover her whole body. His ass shot forward, pounding his cock into Susan's mother.

Susan opened the door a little more to get a better look, with her hand still over her mouth. Her mother's breasts were sliding up and down. The cheeks of her ass were waving from the impacts. Her Mom was saying over and over, "Uuhh, uuhh, uuhh."

Susan could not believe the size of a man's cock, even though Davis' was just average. She snuck out of the house. When Susan returned just after 1:00 PM both her mother, and Mr. Davis were gone.

Sitting on her bed naked, she used a mirror to see her vagina lips. Carefully, she opened them, and slid her index finger into her pussy. It was tight. She stared at her finger. Mr. Davis' cock was three times as thick as her finger. She took a ruler to measure how deep she was. If she pushed more then six inches in, it hurt. It was very confusing. Her mother did not seem to be in any pain. The best she could tell, her mother wanted Mr. Davis to fuck her as hard as he could.

As time went on, Mr. Davis begin to stop at the house at night. Her Mother and he would go to the bed room. Susan could hear the bed bumping the wall.

Right after she graduated, she came home one day to find Mr. Davis there alone. He came up behind her. "Your getting to be a real big girl now, Susan."

Susan just turned and looked at him. He continued, "I could really make it worth your while if you came to work for me. I can be very friendly." With that he reached out to grab her. He pulled her to him, as his hand found her breast. His mouth found her lips. She reached to defend her breast. He unzipped his pants, allowing his hard cock to spring out. He lifted her left leg, as he backed her against the wall. Her panties were pushed aside. His cock was at the entrance to her most private parts. She was able to push him away. She jumped into her car and drove away.

Susan had nowhere to go. She stopped at a park to try to decide what to do. She remembered that Liz Borden, one of the women she worked with at Sears, had posted a note that she was looking for a roommate. She knew that Liz was working. She wondered if Liz would be interested in having her live with her. Susan was eighteen, whereas Liz was a divorced thirty-two year old woman, with a reputation of a party girl who moved with a fast crowd.

When she mentioned it to Liz, Liz said, "Let's go outside. I'll take a smoke break, and we can discuss if we would get along. Liz, lit her cigarette. After two deep draws on it, she studied Susan for a few seconds.

Looking out towards the parking lot, she said, "My place is a nice two bedroom. I date a lot. I was married to a guy that never took me anywhere. Then, the son-of-a-bitch left me for another woman. So, I'm getting my own way now. I date guys, either married or single, that want to drive to Boston or New York to take in the shows, raves, concerts, or whatever. I won't let one man tie me up as his woman. If you move in, it is with the understanding that you will date guys in my crowd, and not be a wet blanket."

The wind picked up. Rain was falling. Susan was trying to understand what Liz had just told her. She blurted out, "Liz, why do the men keep coming back to take you to all these places, if you won't go steady with them?"

Liz took another deep drag. She smiled a knowing, woman's smile as she said, "That is a good question. I'm glad that you asked that. These are men, not boys. They come back because I have three things that they want to play with, very badly. I let them play with them as much as they want."

Susan blushed a deep red. Liz smiled. "Susan, you have been with a man, haven't you?"


Liz laughed, then softly whistled. "With a body like yours, I'm surprised that you made it past fourteen. Honey, the men are going to like you. When are you moving in?"

"Is tomorrow okay?"

"Sure, I have a date for Friday night, I will set a date with you with Jordan Van Gate. Just the guy for you. Big party. You will have a good time. Jordan can dance like a fool."

Her mother was sorry to see her move out, but understood that Al Davis would pester her to fuck him if she stayed.

Friday came. Susan was very nervous. Jordan arrived, with Billy Johnson, Liz's date. He was six foot tall, stocky, and very nice looking. At thirty-five, he was much older then any man, except her teachers in school, that she had ever been close to.

Liz knocked on her bed room door just before they were to leave. "Can I come in?"

"Sure, just putting on my perfume."

Whispering, Liz said, "Look, I want you to make a good impression on these guys. If you do, and the word gets around, you will have all the action you can handle, plus guys will be wanting to marry you. Rich guys."

Startled, Susan asked, "What do you mean? What should I do?"

"Take off that old ladies bra. Take off your panties. When Jordan starts feeling you up, let him do what ever he wants." As she said that, she unzipped Susan's dress. What Susan was not told was the conversation between Jordan and Liz to set up the date.

Liz had dated Jordan on and off. She had fucked him many times. The phone call went like this. "Hi Jordan. Liz here."

"How is my favorite woman?"

"Just fine, Jordan. Look, I need a man to date my new room mate this Friday. If your interested, you could double with Billy Johnson and I."

"Love to, Liz. What is the scoop on the girl?"

After a low sultry laugh, Liz continued, "You are going to love this. She is twenty years old. (Liz lied about her age.) Very innocent."

"Liz, are you setting me up with a dog? Twenty? Innocent?"

"Jordan, do you think that I would have a dog stay at my place? She is five foot, three inches. She weights, say, one hundred and forty. She had red hair, freckles, blue eyes, a little nose, and more tits then you deserve."

"How innocent is innocent? You know that I love play time."

"Okay, Jordan. Look, she is a virgin. I want you to pull that stunt that you did the first time with me."

"You mean the pretend to fall asleep on the sofa thing where I get in your bed while you get ready for bed in the bathroom. Then you find me in your bed when you crawl into it."

"You got it."

"Your wish is my command."

When Liz and Susan appeared, Jordan thought that he would cum in his pants. He actually trembled at the thought of mounting her.

During the first dance, Jordan slid his hand up under her arm so that he rubbed the side of her left breast. It was easy to tell that she was braless.

He let his hand slid down her ass. No panties either. Her velvet black dress hid nothing. Her milky white breasts were clearly visible down the front.

Susan knew that she was being felt up. It seemed as she looked around that all the women were being felt up too. The drink of the night was champagne. Susan had never had any before. It tasted very good, so she drank it by the milk glass.

With a drunk grin she sat down. Jordan, noting that Billy had left Liz to chat with some men in the den, went over to ask Liz to dance. Liz was very drunk. "So, how are you doing with your toy," she inquired.

"Just fine," Jordan answered as his hand cupped the bottom of Liz's breast. He had played with these tits many times before. His cock got rock hard. As the dance ended, he steered Liz to the rear deck, which had a day bed on it. She did not resist as he lowered her onto her back.

Her cunt, as he suspected, was unprotected, when he lifted her dress. He pulled his cock from his pants. Holding it at its base, he slapped her pussy four times with it. Then in one swift move buried himself into her up to the balls, all seven inches. His first fifteen thrusts were almost vicious in their force. Jordan liked to pound into a woman, while he mashed both her tits, kneading them, pawing them. Susan, now alone, got up to pee. Jim Wheeler saw her stagger to the bathroom. As she came out, Jim came up behind her. He took her left hand, and placed his right around her waist. He steered her to the staircase, then to the master bedroom. Once inside, he lay her on the bed, locked the door, and turned to see her propped up on her elbows with a confused look on her face.

Another guy that wants to feel me up. Play with me, as Liz would say. In her confused state, she thought that this man would lower her dress, kiss her, maybe even finger her pussy. Well, let him play all he wants, she thought, as she lay back with her arms outstretched above her head.

She did not see Jim take off his clothes. She did not see his rock hard cock released from the confines of his pants. Jim left on a small light in the bathroom adjoining the bedroom. He liked to see the women that he fucked.

He reached up and pulled the top of her dress off her tits. Both hands pawed those melons. Her dress was raised revealing her milky white legs, slightly protruding tummy, the red cunt hairs, just shaved enough on the side so that she could wear a bathing suit.

Jim was drunk. He ran his left index finger up from her ass hole, parting her cunt lips. Susan's eyes went wide as his mouth fastened onto her clit. She had never felt such a wonderful sensation. Being a toy was not bad, not bad at all.

Jim forced her legs further apart. She was wet. He lay on her. Her head was just below his neck. Her little legs were sprayed out just above his waist. He out weight her by one hundred pounds. Susan felt the cock probing for her entrance. The entrance to her most private part. Her eyes opened wide. Her mouth was open to say something, when Jim's ass shot forward.

Normally, he would have been buried to the balls, but he just got the head of his cock into her. Not realizing that she was a virgin, he pulled her legs above her head. This time, when his cock slammed down, it would not be denied.

Susan stiffened in pain. Jim did not notice, as he pumped long hard strokes in and out of her pussy. Jim cum. He stayed on her. He left big hickeys on each tit. He fucked her again, until he cum a second time. Wow, good fuck, Jim thought as he left her to wash up and rejoin the party. After he left, Susan washed her cunt, ran a comb through her hair, while thinking all the while about the man who had just been in her.

She did not know what to think. So she sat on the bed again. She lay down, and fell asleep. Jeff Stewart went into the bedroom to use the toilet. As he came out he looked down at Susan. Very slowly he lowered her dress, allowing her tits to spill out again. Her dress was raised. He could tell by the wetness, and the matting of her cunt hairs that she had just washed her cunt. Only one reason, she must have just fucked someone. Who the hell is she? He thought. Well, hell, the most she can tell me is to stop. He took of his pants.

Jeff turned off the light. The room was now pitch black. He carefully got on top of Susan. As her legs were opened, she woke up. At first she was confused as to where she was. Someone was getting onto her. Her cunt lips were spread. A long thick cock was thrust into her, hard.

Jeff's only interest was in cuming. He pumped as fast and hard as Mr. Davis had fucked Susan's mother. Jeff was slamming his body at hers. She tightened up. Her cunt was still slippery from Jim's cum. It took Jeff just long enough to cum, so that Susan cum also. As Jeff rolled off, he slapped her ass. "Thanks for the fuck, Honey."

This time, after washing up and combing her hair, Susan went downstairs. She found Liz and Jordan sitting drinking. "Where have you been?" Jordan inquired.

"Just upstairs."

Jordan left to get her a drink. Knowing that Susan had been upstairs for over an hour, Liz said, "A virgin no more, I take it. How many?"

Without blushing, with a blank face, Susan said, "Two."

"That a girl. The evening is young. The word will spread that you will let them play with you. Others will hit on you. Don't turn anyone down. You will have guys trying to date you every night, if you let them play with you."

At that very moment Jeff Stewart was speaking to Don Arnold, Peter Snow, and Fred Garmon. "Who is that red haired chick over there talking to Liz?"

All three shrugged, indicating that they did not know Susan.

Don was sharp enough to figure out that Jeff would have a reason for asking. "Should we be interested in her?"

Jeff did not want to let the world know of an easy fuck, so he just smiled a shit-eating-grin. It told the other three as much as if he had spelled it out.


Jeff knew the secret was out. "Yes, she never even asked me my name. Just lay there and let me fuck away. Really tight."

The drink that Jordan had gotten for Susan was a vodka punch made with one hundred and fifty proof vodka. Fifteen minutes later, she was seeing double, as was Liz, who had downed two large glasses of it. Both Jordan and Billy had downed two glasses of the punch. They were asleep on the couch.

Jim Wheeler approached the group of Jeff, Don, Peter, and Fred. He wanted some more of Susan. He suggested that the group, including himself, take Liz and Susan home. When they broached the subject to Liz, she just mumbled, "Okay."

On the way home, a drunk Liz was asked about Susan. Trying to be funny, she laughed and slurred out the information. "Gentlemen, this is a big night for Sue. She was a virgin when the evening started, but she isn't now. Susan, in the back of the van, did not hear the comment, but five men did. Five cocks got instantly hard, as each man cast glances at Susan, who was sitting with her head back.

Jeff reached over and pulled down the top of her dress. He lifted one of her jugs. He sucked the nipple. Peter went right for the jewel, her pussy. He ran his index finger up her cunt. "I can't wait. Pull her over your lap, face down."

Peter raised her ass so that she was on her knees. He ran his cock into her cunt with one fast shove. Soon sweat was running off him as he hammered his cock into her.

When he cum, Don was next. He ran his cock into her cum filled cunt to make it slick. Then, he opened the cheeks of her ass. He used his finger to extract more cum from her cunt. He covered her ass hole with it. He lay on her. The end of his cock was pushed into her ass. She protested. She tried to get up. Soon she gave up and let him have his way with her.

Liz was on her knees in the seat ahead, watching Susan being ravished. Fred, sitting beside her, had his finger in her pussy, finger fucking her.

They piled into Liz apartment. Susan was stripped. Over the next hour, each man fucked her again.

At one point, Liz stood at the door naked, with her hands on her hips. "How about me?"

The words were just out of her mouth when Jordan and Billy arrived. She took them both to her room. Fred looked in to see her sucking Billy's cock, while Jordan fucked for a second time this evening.

When Liz and Susan woke up the following morning, all the men had left. Susan's legs were raw from the friction of being fucked. "I am so sore."

"You were some sight. Did you cum last night? There is a note on the kitchen table asking us if we want to go to New York next weekend. Do You?"

"I cum four times. Yes, I'll go."

The next year was very busy for both Liz and Susan. Liz kept a notebook listing the men that she fucked, and how often. There were eighteen men that she had fucked, some more then fifteen times. Susan, being the younger, fresh woman, was more a play thing, that all the guys wanted to fuck at least once. She had a list of sixty-five men that had fucked her, many of whom she had only seen once, and did not get their name.

Her mother had never been to a rave. Liz said that she would be happy to include her, if she was willing to play with the men. Susan stopped at her home. After some hints, her Mom, Wendy asked, "What are you trying to tell me? Some guys may want to have sex with me, if I go along with you?"

"Well, yes."

"Susan, I like sex. If these guys are clean, good looking, and want a forty-two year old woman, they can play with me all they want."

After Liz met Wendy, she phoned Jordan. "Hey, Susan's Mom is coming along. Spitting image of Susan, with the exception that she must wear her bra much lower then Susan."

Jordan laughed, "I like droopy tits, Liz. If you have not noticed, yours are hanging at just the right place for a guy to chew on."

The men talked about having Wendy along. These guys were always looking for something erotic. Fred got an idea. "Look, I went to college with a guy from the city. He has a black buddy who has a huge cock. How would you like to see this Wendy have some major wood be put into her?"

"Great Idea." Don said.

Saturday night, after the rave, the group went to a condo off forty-second street. Everyone was high. Shortly after they got there, a very good looking guy make a move on Wendy. Drunk, she was hanging on him as he openly roamed his hands over her breasts, and up her pussy. Wendy begin to get wet. She was ready to fuck. "Lets go to my place, he whispered in her ear."

"Hmm, yes."

They took an elevator to the penthouse. Wendy's dress was removed. Her bra was taken off. Her garter belt, stockings, shoes, and panties were removed. Her eyes were hooded with lust as the man dropped his pants to display a respectable cock. It would do just fine.

He stepped up to her. His hands lifted both cantaloupe size tits up as his fingers pawed them. Her cunt was cleanly shaven except for a small red bush just above her slit. His finger ran the length of her cunt, finding it seeping with her cunt juice. Wendy was eased into the center of the bed. He lay on her. First one arm and then the other was raised. At the right moment, he slid Velcro restraints around her wrists. Her eyes went wide.

Smiling a disarming smile, he whispered, "Just a game." A ball gage was placed into her mouth. "She is ready."

Twelve men walked in, each carrying a chair to sit on. Her legs were tied to her arms, so that her cunt was unprotected, and faced almost straight up.

"Time." a voice said.

In walked the biggest black man that Wendy had ever seen. He was black as night. He walked over to where she could see his cock. He had his massive hand around the base. There was seven inches of huge cock extending from above his hand. He climbed onto the bed. His cock was now just inches from her eyes.

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