tagGroup SexHoneymoon for Three

Honeymoon for Three


Mandy looked at both of them and she felt wonderful. They were both so beautiful, hot and sexy. How could she not love them both?

She had met Kara in High School and had become immediately enamored of the girl. She was tall, leggy & blonde, piercing blue green eyes. A smile that lit up the room. Intense, but not so intense that she could not laugh with delight at the absurdities of life. Everything about Kara made Mandy happy and they had become close immediately. The first time she and Kara had made love, after cheerleading practice, Mandy had been so afraid of rejection. She needn't have worried.

Kara had licked her from head to toe, worshiping at Mandy's pussy and letting Mandy feast on her own delectable body. The most beautiful tits in the world were licked repeatedly by Mandy's tongue, worshipfully. Then Mandy buried her face in a pussy for the first time and she knew that she was hooked. She was a member in good standing of Cuntlappers Anonymous and she feasted greedily on her blonde baby was the happy recipient.

Every day after school the two playmates met up for hot, kinky, girl-on-girl sex. They became adept in the arts, Mandy's fingers would trail over Kara's nipples and she'd lick downward until she reached the object of her desire.

She intended to make Kara her love-slave and no one would ever eat Kara's pussy as well as she did. As her tongue licked across Kara's clit and it stabbed in and out of the girl's sweet cunt, she was succeeding in her task. Kara's screams let her know that.

It was Kara's turn to reciprocate and she did so eagerly. Kara's skill was with her fingers and as she fingerfucked her lesbian lover, the love she felt overwhelmed her.

"Yes baby, oh godd, lick it, fuck it!!" Mandy yelled out to Kara. The young lesbian obeyed eagerly.

They continued into college, rooming together. A few friends knew and some suspected, but all the fires of hell could have not have stopped them from loving each other.

It didn't stop when Mandy met Brad. Brad was tall, over 6' and built. His eyes were usually covered with glasses, making him look like a hunky professor. His hair was usually wildly tossed. It was his intellect that had attracted Mandy, it was his sexual prowess that had kept her coming back. Until she met Brad, she didn't think anyone could make her come as hard as Kara did. She didn't sleep with him right away, not wanting to betray Kara's love. But Kara gave her lover the okay and Mandy went for it.

The first time Mandy felt Brad's hard, big cock in her pussy, she thought she'd died and gone to heaven. The dildos she and Kara used to fuck each other were wonderful but the pulsating, heated flesh within her, a real hard cock, made her cum and cum.

Brad also got a cherry that Kara had not. He'd fucked her in the ass and her tight butt clenched and gripped at his massive cock and she knew that she would have to let Kara slide their favourite toy into her ass later on that night.

Which Kara did. And Mandy had loved it.

They'd had many threesomes after that night, she and Kara and Brad. Loving people with many wonderful combinations that delighted all of them. Brad & Kara, Brad & Mandy, Mandy & Kara - all of them together, all of them so hot and fuck-wild each time. No one had any complaints about the sexual heat that radiated each time they got together. It continued after all 3 had graduated.

Now, married at last, Mandy was on her honeymoon. Love filled her heart, but lust filled her pussy. This was a night they had dreamed of for so long, Mandy and her love.

Walking towards Mandy on silky long legs, black teddy skimpy and buttons strategically undone, Kara pushed the sexy redhead she loved down on the bed. Mandy was tiny, just a little above 5', a bundle of precocious sexual energy. Her body was cuddly, scrumptious and exciting, Kara adored every inch of this hot little package, even still. Brad stood away from the bed, watching with lust as his two women began the love-play that never failed to excite him.

Kara's tongue began licking at Mandy's nipples, exciting them into stiffness as Brad moved between his lover's legs and began eating her strawberry muff. Inviting an extra partner on her honeymoon had been a great idea, Mandy thought as her flesh quivered at the erotic invasion. The threesomes never failed to excite her and this was was all the more special from the commitment that had been voiced before friends and loved ones earlier that day.

"OOOHHHHH," Mandy purred as her lover's attacked her body. The trio were so in synch, all knew what to do. They'd had lots of practice for this special night, Mandy giggled internally.

Kara straddled Mandy's head, letting her love work her magic on her neatly-trimmed blonde pussy. Mandy attacked Kara's clit, swabbing it with practiced strokes, around and around, licking and lapping for all she was worth. From the way the stunning blonde was squirming and moaning above her, Mandy was doing a great job.

Brad, who'd been sucked into hardness by Kara, was now fucking Mandy intently, with slow motions at first, gliding in and out of Mandy's strawberry bush, then harder, faster, pumping his hips and thrusting deep inside his lover, seeing the looks of both the girls, wanting this never to end. His cock ached to cum, yet he held off. Brad wanted both girls to remember this, so he slowed his pace, his hard prick barely moving inside of Mandy. "You fucking bastard, fuck me harder!" she yelled and he did as she asked. "Better baby, fuck, so much better, ohhhh Kara, he's so gooodddd!" Mandy whimpered as Brad's cock increased its pace.

Kara wiggled her hot body in agreement, not wanting the fun to end. She wanted to feel Brad's cock in her cunt before the evening was over. Brad knew this and pulled out of Mandy, letting Kara lick her lover into orgasm that made the walls shake.

He slid his hard dick into Kara's tight, shaved pussy. Kara was not one for gentle fucking and he pumped and pumped, as Mandy licked her baby's pretty, rock-hard nipples. Within a few minutes, Kara came and Brad shot his load into her waiting pussy. Mandy was right there to eat the pussy clean and none of them wanted this heat to end.

But it did end, as all good things must. Mandy put a condom on top of his hard dick and they fucked one final time. Brad shot his final load, just as Mandy orgasmed with him, Kara quickly following suit. Their tempos matched, as per usual.

Relaxing a little, Mandy turned to Brad as Kara snuggled close. "Thanks babe, for making our honeymoon special. We'll see you tomorrow hon - my wife and I want to be alone!"

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