tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHoneymoon Hell

Honeymoon Hell

byTony King©

I don’t know how it happened, one minute we were on honeymoon on a tropical paradise island, the next we were caught up in a violent revolution. The holiday offer sounded fantastic, two weeks in a small cottage on the far side of the island, our nearest neighbour was over two miles away and the maid only called in Monday’s and Friday’s.

We arrived on Saturday and spent the weekend swimming, eating, drinking and making love, it was pure heaven. However, all that changed when on Tuesday morning a report came over the radio that rebel forces had killed the president and were now busy looting. According to the latest CNN reports several tourist had been caught up in the fighting and reports were coming in of people being killed and raped.

“The only thing we can do is to stay away from the city, lay low and hope that the authorities come looking for us,” I said to Sandi my new wife. Of course she was petrified but I pointed out that the city was over 8 miles away and who apart from us would want to come to a remote part of the island. To please her, I barricaded the doors and windows and that night we made sure we kept all the lights off. Sure enough, the next morning it was all over with government troops overthrowing the rebels, dispersing them into the hills and forest. With some relief we started to dismantle the barricades. As Sandi opened the front door, the rebel gunmen burst in. “Get down on the floor,” a large black man shouted, pushing us into a corner of the room, “if anyone moves, I shoot dem.”

When faced with a large black guy with a riffle you tend to go along with whatever he says. Several more men entered the building and started to search the place. “How many people here?” the leader asked, “just us,” I replied. The black guy dragged me to my feet and hit me hard in the guts with the butt of his riffle, “I ask you again, how many people here?” “Just us,” I managed to splutter, pain racking my body. At that moment the others returned and confirmed that the house was indeed empty except for us. The big guy seemed to relax a little and let me rejoin my frightened wife. “Stay there,” he commanded.

I counted five soldiers plus the leader. Once happy that the place was secure, they helped themselves to food and drink, leaving us crouched in one corner of the room. The cottage was well stocked with food and wines and within a few hours they were all very merry. I noticed several of them eyeing up my wife and pulling her towards me I did my best to protect her from there stares.

Sandi was dressed in a white bikini and a transparent wrap round which showed off her small body to perfection. Her tits, although not big, looked very inviting through the semi transparent material and her nipples could be clearly seen. Eventually, one of the men approached. “You, up,” he pointed his riffle at Sandi. She clung to me desperate to get away from him. He simply reached down and grabbed her roughly by the arm. As I jumped to her defence I felt a sharp blow to the back of my head and went out like a light.

I don’t know how long I was out but as I came round I saw my lovely young wife, now totally naked sitting with a group of soldiers a few yards away. They were making her drink whiskey from a bottle while others were exploring her body with their hands. I tried to sit up but found that my hands and legs were bound.

Apart from the odd glass of wine, Sandi doesn’t drink so in no time at all she was drunk. The two men sitting each side of her took turns pulling on her nipples making then stand out. She may have small tits but the nipples are so sensitive that she can come merely by me tweaking them. The fact that she was responding had not gone unnoticed by her captors. A third soldier forced her long legs apart and started to examine her cunt, roughly probing with his fingers, making her jump in pain. I tried in vain to say something but my brain wasn’t responding, I could only sit and watch as the men raped her.

The leader was well and truly drunk and up until now had been content to watch. Now he stood up and undid his fly taking out a very large black cock. Grabbing Sandi by the hair he simply lifted her into a sitting position and forced his cock into her mouth. I could see her trying to focus on the large organ in front of her but the drink had taken its toll. Holding her tightly by the hair the big man laughed as he rammed his cock right down her throat, her nose pressing tightly into his crinkly pubic hair. With her air supply restricted she fought like a tigress trying to get him off her, but this just encouraged him more and he held her tight until she was on the verge of passing out. As her body went limp he released her, pulling his cock out allowing her to suck in some much needed oxygen. Once she’d sufficiently recovered, he repeated the process over and over again.

The other soldiers were busy abusing her tits and one was kneeling behind her trying to see how many fingers he could get up her cunt and arse at the same time. With a large cock buried in her throat Sandi could only moan as the men hurt her. Suddenly, the guy fucking her mouth grabbed her head with both hands and rammed his cock down her throat. I watched him shudder as he unloaded into her, his black arse cheeks clenching as his hot spunk was forced into her stomach. Satisfied with his blow job he threw her to the ground and said something to his men.

The man with his fingers up her cunt and arse lifted her up and held her off the ground suspended in mid air supported only by his fingers, her long legs dangling several inches of the floor. She screamed in pain until he let her down, removing his fingers and wiping them across her face and mouth. The men started to strip of and were all laughing and gibbering away in their native tongue. Compared to Sandi’s 5’2” frame, these men were giants, all well over 6’ and built like brick shithouses. One of them grabbed her by the hair and forced her to suck his cock. I couldn’t believe how big this guy was, it just grew and grew. Poor Sandi tried to please him but there was no way she could get more than a few inches into her mouth. In sheer frustration, the guy lifted her off the ground and positioned her over his cock.

The first few attempts missed and the other guys laughed out loud as his cock sprung around like a lost rabbit looking for its hole. Sandi looked terrified, she could feel his huge cock probing her cunt and arse and knew that it was only a matter of time before it speared her. Eventually he found his mark, his huge knob end penetrated her and I watched in awe as his long thick shaft disappeared up my wife’s cunt. “Oh my god, no, please, your too big, your hurting me, please, no more I beg you, please.” The guy fucking Sandi grabbed her hair and forced her to kiss him as he rammed even more cock up her unwilling cunt. With his big black lips crushing her mouth, he forced her down on his prick until every last inch was buried in her tiny hole. Holding her like she was a small child, and to the cheers of the others, he simply swung his hips back and forth bouncing her around on his prick. Eventually, he tired of this game and pushing her up against the wall he started to pummel into her, forcing the wind from her fragile body at every stroke. With a final push he held still filling my wife’s cunt with his seed. Satisfied for the moment, he simply pulled out and let her fall to the floor.

“Clean it,” he commanded forcing his slimly cock into her mouth. Sandi had no option and did as he said. As he finished, another guy picked her up and repeated the performance. This time she clung to his neck as he paraded her round the room impaled on his cock. Her eyes were half closed and she was whimpering each time his cock went right up her. He said something to another of the soldiers who then got down on the floor and started to spread Sandi’s arse cheeks with his fingers. He was wiping the copious amount of spunk running from her cunt into her arse and ramming first one, then two fingers up her. “Oh no, not that, please,” pleaded Sandi as the other man stood behind her, his rigid cock poking at the entrance to her virgin arse. “Tony, please, help me……………….” My mind screamed out but nothing escaped my lips. I was forced to watch as the second guy slid his enormous black cock up my wife’s virgin arse. She was suspended off the ground with a cock up each hole, looking like a rag doll as the two men ravaged her. “Arghhhhhhhhh,” she screamed as he drove in deeper, tearing the flesh inside her arse. The more she screamed, the more pleasure he got and determined to hurt her pushed even deeper.

Sandi’s cries eventually subsided and both black men set about using her for their own satisfaction. Holding her upright, her small white body was crushed between their large black chests, supported by two very large black cocks up her cunt and arse. At one point, they both rammed together, causing her to cry out again. Then they took turns, one in, one out. Holding her between them, her feet at least a foot of the floor, they fucked her senseless, causing her to pass out as again she was filled with spunk.

Pleased with their work, they tied her wrist together and suspended her from a beam in the ceiling. Her limp body hung there, her feet only just touching the ground. The two that had just raped her went outside to relieve the two on guard. When they came in, Sandi was just coming round, her eyes trying to focus, lapsing in and out of consciousness, moans escaping her lips. The first guy ran his hands over her body, pulling hard on her nipples and slapping her arse. When he got no response he viciously tweaked her nipples, stretching them until her tits looked like long pieces of elastic. Sandi screamed.

The other guy said something and then removed his belt from his trousers. WHACK! He hit her hard across the buttocks with the leather belt. “Arghhhhhh,” Sandi cried out. Again and again he hit her. Marks started to appear across he white cheeks and thighs and at each stroke her body would twist round trying to deflect the blows. The second guy grabbed her ankles and forced her legs apart. WHACK! The leather belt hit her across her cunt lips, biting into the soft flesh. Again and again he aimed for her cunt, sometimes hitting his target, other times marking the soft white flesh of her soft thighs. Again, Sandi was going in and out of consciousness, screaming as the blow landed then hanging her head as the pain subsided.

One of the other men joined the group and said something causing them all to laugh and nod in agreement. Whatever they had planned couldn’t be worse then watching your newly married wife being viciously whipped. Cutting her down, one of the men lay on the floor, his massive black cock pointing skyward. The other two picked her up by her legs and arms and simply lowered her abused spunk filled cunt onto the cock. Once the first 2-3 inches were in, they just let her drop, her limp body taking the whole length in one go. Still semi conscious, she slumped forward, her small marked tits crushing against the black guys chest. The second guy knelt behind them and holding her hair for leverage he forced his cock up her torn arse. The two guys used their strength to move her up and down on their cocks bringing small moans from her lips. The third guy knelt at her head and unceremoniously rammed his cock down her throat. The bastard deliberately held it there until she started to fight for breath, her whole body twitching and shaking, giving immense pleasure to the three men raping her. He’d pull out at the last moment leaving her gasping for air. They continued this three way fuck for ages; sometimes the man fucking her arse would swap with the guy at her mouth, shoving his soiled cock into her abused throat.

Eventually, all three of them came, filling her unwilling body with yet more black mans spunk. As she lay there, the others took turns fucking whichever hole they felt like, leaving her covered with spunk, bruises and whip marks. One of them even left bite marks on her tits and thighs. When they could fuck no longer, they threw her on top of me and returned to their drinking spree.

With Sandi’s limp naked used body crashing down on top of me I passed out again. I was woken some time later by the sounds of gunfire. There were people shouting or screaming and loud flashes of light. Sandi wasn’t there; I began to panic. Still unable to move or talk I found myself being lifted onto a stretcher, a man in white coat was saying something like, “don’t worry, it’s all over, your safe.”

As they carried me through the door, I saw several dead black guys sprawled across the beach, I looked in vain for Sandi, my mind was still screaming but no sound came out. As they carried me into the ambulance I saw her. She was awake and talking to one of the doctors. She threw her arms around me and cried. I felt so close to her. Deep in my mind all I could think was, “I love you.” She looked at me through tear filled eyes and said, “I love you too.”

This story was inspired by a reader called Sandi who told me how much she enjoyed being used by two or more large black guys and how they actually did fuck her up both holes leaving her legs dangling off the ground. Now that I would LOVE to see!

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