tagNovels and NovellasHonor Thy Mother & Thy Father Ch. 15

Honor Thy Mother & Thy Father Ch. 15


Note: This is a work of FICTION! Although the areas this story takes place in are real, all of the landscapes depicted, the people described, and everything else this story uses to make it enjoyable reading for you are NOT REAL. As you read this story, try to remember:


65. Sex and the Single Girl

After Stephano and Patty discussed what she had in mind for Sunday, he asked her if she would let him take care of it for her.

Patty's eyes glazed over at the thought of giving him control over something that was very important to her.

He said, "You have to start trusting me, or we are going to have a very difficult time being married for 80 years."

"80 years, I was hoping for two."

"My dear, are you hoping for octuplets, like that woman in California?"

"You must think you are very good in bed, Stephano, because I believe in one child at a time."

"Neither you, nor I have control over that situation. Now, are you going to give me control over Sunday or not?"

"You promised you would never hurt me again. Please do not do it on Sunday, or I will be devastated."

"Patty, these people are going to be our friends and neighbors for many years to come. I would no more hurt them, than I would hurt you. Trust me; this will be a Sunday our fire department will never forget."

Stephano returned his rental car, went to a dealership, and purchased two used vehicles. One was a heavy duty Dodge Ram to use on the ranch, which they delivered. The other was a Mercury Grand Marquis for him to use. He had never driven a truck with a standard transmission before, but he knew that would not stop Patty from using it. She learned how to drive a motorhome in five lessons. She could learn how to drive a truck, with a standard transmission, in five minutes.

It did not take her that long. As soon as her left leg understood where the clutch engaged, she was off and running around the ranch. She put more feeding stations around the fenced areas of the property for the horses. She could not part with them. For some reason or another, every time she called to find a place to board them, she hung up the phone as soon as it was answered. She decided she would keep them here, until it got cold. She needed to put up a temporary shelter for the input in the call to the Grain and Feed Store to see if they knew anyone that could put up a large canvas structure for them. The owner told her it would be about a week, but it should be no problem.

Patty rested easier knowing her horses would be close by her, until the cold of winter settled in.

Then early Saturday morning, the roar of semi's driving onto her property woke her up. She tried to scramble out of bed to see what was happening, but Stephano would not let her go.

"Go back to sleep Patricia, everything is under control."

"Why can't I see what is going on out there, Steph?"

"Do you realize that is the first time you shortened my name."

"I will shorten it more if you don't let me see what is going on outside."

"We are not married, and you are threatening me? You gave me control over tomorrow, and you promised to trust me. Are you going back on your word?"

"No, I just want to see what they are doing."

"When it is done, I will take you outside and we will see it together."

"Why can't I see it now?"

"The trucks haven't started to unload, yet."

"You have me on a technicality. I will let you go this time."

As much as she tried to go back to sleep, she couldn't. Sledgehammers kept pounding steel spikes into the ground. Saws were cutting wood to size, and nails were being pounded into beams. She put her head under her pillow to keep the noises out, but it did not work. She turned to find Stephano smiling at her.

"30 minutes, that is amazing, Patty. I never thought you would make 10. I will let you out of bed, but you cannot leave the motorhome. Agreed?"

As soon as she said, "Agreed," she shot out of bed to see what was going on outside. She screamed, "You son of a bitch, you did this to me on purpose. I can't see a thing. They have canvas blocking my view of everything."

Stephano was lying in bed, with his hands behind his head, looking innocent. "Why would I do something like that to you, babe? I know it would drive you crazy, and I would not want to be around you, if something like that happened. You might take your gun out of the drawer, and shoot me."

Patty jumped back on the bed, straddled his waist, and said, "I could always strangle you, instead."

"Madam, if you stay exactly where you are, you are going to feel another type of gun, and it is fully loaded."

"I have felt that gun before, and I felt it explode. It seems friendly enough to me. Does it need to explode, again?"

"Again is the wrong word; still is the proper word, and yes is the answer."

"Would you like a little help with that? I have never seen or touched one of those before, and I think I had better start getting used to it."

"Patty, thank you, but I do not want you to cross any line you have set for yourself. We are so close to getting married, I can wait until it is legal for us to do everything you have ever waited for, and wanted to do."

"I promise Steph, when I want to stop, I will, but right now I want to start moving forward and stop being afraid. If I start going too far, you stop me, okay."

"I promised you before, Patty, you will go to bridal bed a virgin. I meant it then, and I certainly mean it now."

Patty got off the bed and began to undress. She took off her pajama top, and then the pants. She stood there before him, and much to her own surprise and confusion, she put her thumbs into the waistband of her panties, pulled them down, and kicked them off her feet. For the first time in her life, Patty stood completely naked before a man.

Stephano was up, leaning on an elbow, looking at her. He did not speak and he could not breathe. She was magnificent. Her hair was as white as snow, above and below her waistline. There was so little hair around her vagina he could see every pore on her skin. Her eyes were as blue as the morning sky. She stared at him, waiting for him to say something. Her lips were so pink, so soft, and pouty; he could not wait to kiss them. He finally moved, took her into his arms, and held her to his body. "I love you, Patty. I will kill any man who sees you like this. You are mine forever; I will never let you down."

He pulled her up onto the bed and laid her down. He stood up, removed his sleeping shorts, and stood there, so she could inspect his body. She had never seen that part of a man which was pointing skyward, in the flesh, prior to this moment. She was unsure if she was intrigued or amazed that something so large and robust could fit into a small female opening. Her technically oriented mind went into overdrive, as she thought about the overpopulation of the earth. It meant things that size did fit inside a woman's body, and probably did so very often. She felt the tension building between them, and thought it was time for one of them to break it. Stephano was much too serious, not wanting to scare her away, so she asked him, "Are all of them that small, Steph?"

His brow line went into a frown, as if he had heard her wrong. She had a very serious look on her face as he looked down and verified he was fully erect. He looked up at her and saw her lip quiver. "You, madam, are about to be tickled."

"Don't you dare tickle me."

He lay down by her side, and put his hand below the restricted zone. "What should I do to you to get even for that remark?"

He lay down beside her and placed his hand below her belly button, but not touching her pubic hair.

Patty's eyes opened wide, she took a deep breath, and held it in.

Stephano kissed her nose. "Should I return to the safe zone, or do you want me to continue exploring?"

"I never imagined myself in this position, Steph. I am frightened, but I don't want to be afraid anymore. Teach me how to become a woman, so I can learn how to please my husband."

"Patty, this is not an assignment, this is an act of love. Let yourself go with the feelings your body gives you. Don't analyze them, don't think about them, just enjoy them. If it becomes too intense, tell me to stop. I don't want to frighten."

Stephano's mouth started at the top of her head, while his hand roamed around her smooth belly just above the hair of her Mons. As he kissed, licked, and nibbled on her earlobes, his fingertips brushed against the hairs on top of her pubic ridge, and he felt her stiffen.

He whispered, "Don't think, feel the sensations; only good things are going to happen to you today, tomorrow, and forever."

He feather kissed her around her lower jaw, cheeks, and eyes, but when he got to her mouth, his attack was full of desire. Furiously, his tongue entered her mouth and battled with hers. She was so engrossed with his onslaught, she did not realize his fingers slid between the lips of her vagina, and were rubbing against her clitoris.

When his mouth left hers, and moved to her neck, she exploded into an orgasm, of unexpected intensity. She finally realized what he was doing to her.

Patty looked into his eyes, and said, "No, please, no!"

Stephano smiled, kissed her, and said, "Yes. Your pleasure training has begun. Your virginity will remain intact, until our wedding night. Do not be afraid of me, my love, I will never harm you again."

His head moved to her breasts, where he suckled and licked each one equally. His hand tormented her clit and the walls of her vagina, until her hips could no longer stay still. She tried to increase the pressure his hand was putting on her tender tissues, and to bring her to another searing orgasm. He kept her very close; but would not allow her jump over that ledge. His mouth moved lower, over her belly button, and the roundness of her tummy; but when he pulled on the hairs above her mound with his teeth, her head, and shoulders jumped off the bed.

"He wasn't going to do THAT; was he?"

She couldn't possibly allow him to do THAT; could she?

While she was thinking about it, 'HE DID!'

Stephano's tongue entered her slit and touched her magic button.

Patty felt lightning pass through her body. She was thrown back onto the bed, and she screamed at "High C." She woke up to the feeling of ice cubes being pressed against her forehead.

"Welcome back baby, how are you feeling?"

"Where is your Taser? It felt like I was being electrocuted, and you are the only other person in this bed."

"Once upon a time I warned you I was very good in bed. Do you believe me now?"

"Even the Constitution of the United States has a preamble, Steph. If you read it, it is more evocative than the entire document."

"The remainder of the document may be tedious to read, but that is what holds this country together. You are an exceptionally fast learner, and one day I will be learning from you."

"Steph, is today's lesson over?"

"No Patricia that was just the preface. Are you ready for page 1?"

"How long is this book Steph, and how long do I have to learn it?"

"The book has no ending, Patricia, and we have the rest of our lives to learn it together."

"Good morning, my love; begin chapter 1, page 1 please."

Stephano did not answer her. They talked too much already. He slid his body down between her thighs. He watched her eyes open wider as he slid lower. When he reached the apex of her thighs he opened his mouth, and stuck out his tongue. He saw her mimic his motions. As his head descended, hers rose up to see what he was going to do. She made the same mistake as the last time. When his tongue flicked against her clit, she screamed, and fell back on the bed. This time she crossed her thighs around his head to keep him where he was. She knew the name, "Cunnilingus," but it did not give justice to what he was doing to her body. She felt like a $20 whore. Her hips did not stay still. Words were coming out of her mouth she had never spoken before. She trapped him against her pussy, and she came three times before she realized she was beginning to hyperventilate. She wished he would never stop, but she did not know how much more she could take.

Stephano rose up onto his knees, spread her thighs, and kneeled between them. He placed his dick between the lips of her pussy. He began sliding his dick between her silken folds and over her distended button.

"Stephano, you promised you wouldn't."

"I always keep my promises, Patty. Hang on, and enjoy the ride."

She believed him, even though she had doubts in her mind. She did what he asked her to do: She stopped thinking. She closed her eyes and let her body float through the myriad of sensations it had never experienced before. A man was at the entrance to her body, and her body was enjoying every second of it. Copious amounts of her fluids were wetting her ass, thighs, and their bed. After today, nothing would be the same between them. Every barrier had been broken, except one, and because of the wonderful feelings he was giving her, she was beginning to wonder if it was worthwhile to wait any longer.

She had promised her mother, and herself, she would remain a virgin, until she was married. Her mother did not wait to have sex, until she was married, and when she did, she had it with a married man. She wondered if she should wait any longer. Why should she make Stephano wait any longer? Why should I wait any longer mom? She screamed, "Mom, it's not fair."

She was sobbing when her mind re-entered her body

Stephano was rocking and hugging her, while asking, "Patty, are you okay?"

"Oh Steph, I'm sorry, I ruined it for you." She started crying inconsolably.

He picked her up onto his lap, and tried to reassure her that everything was fine. He told her nothing was lost between them. He wanted to know what happened, while they were making love.

It took her a while to get her emotions under control, and to try to explain to him what had transpired.

He tried to make light of it, when he said to her, "I've never been in bed with two women at the same time before. Did your mother enjoy it?" He grabbed her hand before she could hit him.

"Patty, do you remember what you said before we started making love today. You told me if you went too far, I was to stop you. I would have, even if I had to put you into a cold shower. I keep telling you that you will go to your bridal bed as a virgin, and no other way. You may have my child, nine months after our wedding day, but one day before. There will be no whispering behind your back, about you being pregnant before you were married."

"How long am I going to have my mother inside my head, Steph?"

"Would you like to trade your mother for mine? Your mother only talks to you. My mother hits hard, and she yells at me when she's angry."

"Your mother put you where you are today. If it wasn't for her, your body would not have been, where it was moments ago."

Stephano thought about his position, and liked it. His legs were between hers. His chest was pressing against her breasts, and his hands were holding hers. They were nearly as connected as two human beings could be, and there was nothing at all wrong with that.

"We should get dressed and see what is going on outside. Then we have to go to New York City, and meet your father at Imperiali's at 2 PM, for lunch."

Patty screamed at him. "When we you going to tell me this. It is a 3-hour drive to the city, and it is nearly 10 o'clock. You are looking for a quick way to die, Stephano."

"Patty, are you ever going to trust me? Are you ever going to let me take care of you the way I want to? You have plenty of time to pamper yourself and get ready. We do not have to leave until 1 o'clock, and we will be there in plenty of time."

"1 o'clock, my ass."

"I have spanked it once already, would you like me to do it again?"

"No, I think the handprints are still there from the last time."

"Would you like me to check to see if they're still there?"

Patty grinned at him and said, "Only if you kiss them and make it better."

Stephano replied, "I can live with that; turn over."

Patty rolled over onto her tummy, as Stephano ran his hand up and down her flanks, and over the mound of her buttocks. Patty moaned as Stephano started kissing and nipping every inch of flesh on her delectable derrière. He slipped his hand between her thighs and rubbed his fingers between her silken folds. This double pleasure caused her to have an orgasm seconds afterwards. Her fluids flowed into the palm of his hand, and he spread them around her thighs and casually back up, until he touched the little flower between the cheeks of her ass. Her glutes closed like steel against magnets, and Stephano smacked her ass hard enough to get her to shriek. She relaxed, and his hand returned with more fluids and played with that tiny flower again. He kept kissing the cheeks of her ass, all the while playing between her pussy and her anus. The animal like sounds coming from her throat, and the movement of her hips, were a dead giveaway that she was about to cum again. He moved his fingers to her clit, which both relaxed her and caused heightened sensations throughout her body. He moved his head into position, and when she was within seconds of cuming again, he stuck his tongue into her ass hole.

Patty's eyes sprung open, when she realized what he had done, but her body betrayed her. It exploded into a supernova of erotic stimulation, and caused her to have orgasm after orgasm, until she was depleted of energy. She collapsed, in a heap, on the bed.

Stephano kissed her behind, several more times, before he got out of bed. He took a shower, shaved, and made breakfast for both of them. Then he went to wake up sleeping beauty.

"Patty, naptime is over, it's time to get up and prepare for our day."

"Fuck you, and the horse you rode in on. I have no energy left, leave me alone."

"Do I have to get a bucket of ice water to get you out of this bed, or should I get three or four of the workmen to put you into the shower."

"Get three or four of the workmen to put me into the shower. I want to see what your reaction is, when they see me naked. Now, leave me alone so I can go back to sleep."

"Breakfast is on the table; my belt is a few feet away, and your ass is sticking in the air. Which shall it be?"

"You have already kissed my ass, so why don't you eat my breakfast and go away."

"I tried to be nice Patty, but you have taken my patience to its end. In 30 seconds, it is going to be a pitcher full of ice water, or you in the shower. The choice is always yours."

"Would you bring me my gun, and draw a circle around your heart, if you have one left. After what you did to me this morning, I am not sure you do. Stand at the end of the bed, and say fire."

Stephano grinned, "30, 29, 28, 27, 26...

"Steph you are never going to get laid, if you keep that up."

"I will take my chances, Patty. Your dad, Gemma, and Michael, will be very disappointed if you are not there this afternoon."

"You don't play fair Stephano. You take a babe in the woods and sap all the energy out of her. Then you expect her to function like a normal human being, for the rest of the day. It is just not possible, neither physically or mentally. There is too much information to process, and neither my body, nor my mind is ready for it."

"What did I tell you not to do, Patty? I told you not to think. I told you to let it happen naturally, and to feel what was going on inside you. You broke down a lot of barriers today. I am sure there are 1 million more to break down, before you are free of all of them. Today was a great start. I had a wonderful time, and I think you did too."

Patty sat straight up and said, "Stephano, I forgot all about you. You did everything for me, and I did nothing for you. You must be ready to explode."

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