tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHope Olson Ch. 01

Hope Olson Ch. 01


Hope Olson rushes in and closes the door behind herself; the gorgeous blonde puts her hand over her mouth in shock. The news she just heard was like a blow to the belly. Her breath, after running up the stairs and down the stately halls of the mansion, comes in short anxious pants. But it's more the thrill and dread of what's coming next. She knows that in a moment someone will be coming into this room and Hope will be making mad and wild love on that bed in front of her.

She closes her sensuous eyes and licks her lips. Her nipples are tingling as they press again the soft silk of her negligee; she squeezes her athletic hips together and she can already feel her bush becoming dewy with warm lust. She wraps bare, slender arms around herself and she leans against the door. She looks across the room to the satin sheets of the bed. The lush fabric is inviting and she smiles dreamily anticipating the rush of cool satin sliding along her warm moist flesh. Hope trembles as the promise of ecstatic sex grips her luscious body.

As she waits for her lover Hope's body begins to recall all the lovemaking that brought her to the perfect sensual experience she was about to enjoy. Not so long ago Hope had just turned 18. She was a wild girl and she had been dating older men since she was 14. Even then she had an irresistible body. Daniel was the first guy her own age she had gotten involved in; even after going with a lot of different guys, some of them very experienced, Hope was still a virgin ...

... Hope is watching wide eyed as Daniel pulls into the rest stop off the highway. They've been coming here every night for a few weeks and their petting has been getting more and more intense. Tonight Hope has resolved to finally go all the way. She is wearing a short white skirt and a tight tank top.

She deliberately chose an outfit that would be easy to take off in the backseat of the car.

She can tell Danny is nervous as he parks the car. His eyes are fixed straight ahead. Once the headlights are out the only light is glow of the full moon and one street lamp about thirty feet away. Hope moistens her lips by pulling them into her mouth and licking. She lightly bites her lower lip as she smiles. She's leaning against the door and she runs her foot up along Danny's jeans.

"It's quiet here," Hope whispers. She lowers her eyes demurely but she's still smiling. "Yeah." His eyes are still straight ahead; hands on the wheel.

Hope leans forward and rests her head on his shoulder. She puts one hand on his thigh and he turns to look at her beautiful face. She looks up at him and sighs. She nods softly and opens her lips ever so slightly. He brings his head down and they kiss. Hope gulps as he rams his tongue into her throat. She squeezes his leg and pushes her swollen, tender breasts into his chest.

He pulls back and looks forward again. "Do you want... Do you want to go in the back?" He mumbles.

Hope's heart jumps with exhilaration and she smiles tenderly at his shyness. She's been dreaming of taking his cock inside her and now it's going happen. Hope's lips come close to his ears which are red with embarrassment. "I think I'm ready tonight." she whispers huskily. He gulps again and gets out of the car.

Hope gleefully scrambles over her seat and arranges herself in the back. She leans back and stretches one long athletic leg across the length of the seat; her other foot is on the floor. Her golden blonde hair rests on one arm; the other hand is laying languidly on her flat belly. Her chin is buried in her chest and she's giving him meek sidelong glances with her gentle eyes. He's opened the back door and sucks in his breath as he takes in the exotic and sensual splendor of the young girl offering her ripe flesh in the moonlight. Her whole body shimmers in the moon's silvery glow. Her creamy breasts heave up and down making her eagerness obvious but her submissive limbs quiver with anticipation, both fear and lust throbbing in her heart. Her eyes blaze with a sexy innocent yearning.

He climbs in and covers her body with his. She thrusts her hips into his crotch as he begins to roughly paw her swelling breasts. Her nipples are straining to get out and they spring into his open mouth when he pulls the shirt up. Her hands are reaching for his belt buckle. They have done all this before and he is already grinding into her. She moans as she works his thick cock out of the pants and pushes his jeans down over his hips. He does what he's done every night. He leans back and pulls her forward and guides her head onto his throbbing shaft. She cups his balls with one hand and licks the red cock from the base to the hip.

Hope throws back her magnificent mane of blonde hair and takes him in her wide open mouth with a greedy slurp. She can't get all of him in but she squeezes his shaft with her hand and begins to work her head up and down; she gags as he thrusts up while holding his hands firmly on her neck. She is resolved to keep him from coming in her mouth this time. She wants his cock in her pussy when it explodes.

She has to use both hands to push herself up off of his crotch and her lips give out a sharp smacking sound as his cock springs out of her mouth. She leans back on the seat and pulls up her skirt as she slides back. Hope pulls him forward with her hands. His hot cock presses into her belly and he frantically rubs back and forth a few times and Hope feels his sticky warm juices ooze onto her skin.

She loves to make him come but she's disappointed that he couldn't wait to pierce her. Her pussy is swelling with yearning and she wishes that he would at least try to finger her but she also wants to do herself because she gives herself the best orgasms.

Daniel has collapsed and Hope realizes that he's useless now. She squirms out from under him and moves both her hands over her hungry vagina. With one thumb and middle finger she finds her clit and begins to rub and tease it. The other hand guides in two fingers and she works them up and down, imagining a zealous shaft impaling her with lust. She begins to sob, "Oh, oh, oh." and her hands move more and more frenetically as a climax builds, running from her thighs and up her spine. As her juices gush out she lifts her hips slightly and groans. The orgasm takes over in sharp, short bursts, each drawing a desperate gasp from her parted lips.

Hope looks down at Daniel and realizes that the night is hopeless. When he comes to, he will be embarrassed and nervously suggest that they go to the roadhouse bar to drink. Hope sighs and makes a resolution ; tonight at the bar she's going to dump this child and give her ripe young body to a real man.

Later that night as they pull into the gravel parking lot of the roadhouse Hope sighs again and tells Daniel that she needs to get out to pee and that he should park the car and meet her inside. He lets her out in front. They can tell by all the cars that the place is packed; it will take Dan quite awhile to find a space.

As Hope walks to the front door she notices a large Mercedes parked near the front. She sees the first chauffer she's ever seen leaning against the hood of the luxurious car. She steps into the bright light of the doorway and the chauffer, still in the dark gives her a friendly nod and a tip of the hat. Hope feels a mild tingle as she senses herself being undressed by the eyes of the dark shape in the shadows.

The place is packed but the crowd is gathered around in a circle watching a brown haired woman dancing wildly at the jukebox. Credence Clearwater is blasting away and the woman who is dressed in tight cutoffs and tube top is writhing and grinding to the beat. She keeps her eyes fixed on an other man dressed in expensive sports clothes. He's smiling at her but then he notices Hope who has broken through the crowd.

His eyes lock on Hope and she feels him drilling into her; she can imagine his firm grip on her even from across the room. He nods to her and smiles; Hope smiles back shyly and drops her head and looks up at him with doe-like eyes. She watches as his eyes go back to the dancing girl. He catches her attention and uses his eyes to point out Hope. He nods again and watches as the brunette dances erotically towards the innocent young blonde.

There is a hush in the crowd as the brunette takes Hope's soft hands and leads her onto the dance floor. The woman puts one hand on the small of Hope's back and begins to grind her crotch into Hope's. Hope puts her hands on the other girl's neck and they begin a long sexy ballet. While the bar crowd is going wild the two girls have attention only for each other and for the well-dressed gentleman who has brought them together. In fact, as the music begins to fade Hope realizes that they are now in front of him. Just as the song ends and the audience explodes into applause she feels herself guided into his lap. He gives her a hug and speaks into her ear over the noise, "Hi, gorgeous, let's go for a ride."

Without a second's hesitation the young girl looks at him and says, "Yeah." Her voice quakes with excitement. He takes one hand, the brunette takes the other and they rush out the door before the crowd can react. The bar patrons part and make a path for them as though they are awed by the beauty of the pair. As she leaves the bar she brushes past Danny. He looks stunned as he watches the chauffeur open the door of the limo and the trio, including his now ex-girlfriend, jumps in.

Inside the Mercedes, Hope is squeezed between the striking brunette and the elegant gentleman. Her breath is shallow and she can hear her heart pounding. The pair each have a hand gripping each of her thighs. The man is looking at her and his eyes reveal his intentions. She looks at her beautiful dancing partner and as soon as their eyes meet Hope feels the brunette's hand go around her neck and draw her in for a kiss.

This is the hardest and the softest kiss Hope has ever had. The woman's mouth is hungrily engulfing Hope's and her tongue is darting in and out, tasting Hope's lips and teeth and caressing her tongue. Hope feels as if she is sipping the finest champagne. She has never kissed a girl but it feels so natural to submit to this lusty goddess. Hope can feel the firmness of the girl's breasts as they crush her own virginal bosom.

Their lips part and the brunette leans back to take in Hope's radiant body. "I'm Patti," she says, "and this is Peter. We're on our way to Chicago. I have a feeling that you're coming with us." Hope looks quickly at Peter who only smiles his inscrutable smile.

Hope turns back to Patti; emotions are gushing through her. On the one hand she wants to rip off her clothes and give herself over to this couple. But she can't imagine just allowing herself to be swept off by complete strangers. She wants to escape with them and just fly off to some big city and have whatever adventures come next; but more important she wants to feel Peter's cock between her legs, and she blushes as she realizes that she wants to be kissing Patti's blossoming nipples right now. She can feel the limo rolling over the gravel and already carrying her into the moonlit night. "I don't know. I have to think"

Patti smiles at her and says, "Maybe this will help you decide." She leans in and gives Hope another kiss. This time her tongue seems to grow and slither deep inside of her, warming her from within. A weird and wonderful itch seems to engulf her clit from inside her body. Peter has moved across to the jump seat and Hope and Patti are spread over the lush seat of the limo. Each kiss that Patti detonates inside the blonde virgin drives Hope deeper and deeper into a misty state of submission. Patti still has one hand around Hope's neck but the other is ever so slowly gliding up her leg.

Hope is now a different person. Her tongue is doing a staccato dance inside of Patti's delicious mouth. Hope is parting her legs, invitingly giving ground to Patti's firm, probing fingers. They pause for a second at the lips of the blonde pussy. They brush lightly, collecting some of the dewy drops of Hope's virgin juices. Patti sweeps her hand up and they both greedily lick and suck the warm honey.

Patti's hand is moist and hot from their eager mouths and it flies back to find Hope's willing clit. As soon as Hope is touched again her legs shoot straight up and then wrap around Patti. The brunette has just enough room to anchor two fingers inside of Hope as the fingers begin their loving and erotic massage of the clit. Patti moans as she feels her hand swimming in Hope's lust.

Hope has pushed the tube top down and she is hungrily munching on the firm and fleshy mounds before her. She feels like she has to cover every inch of Patti's breasts with little frantic kisses, nips, and sucks.

Hope senses her center of gravity begin to shift; every one of her nerve endings is wrapping itself around Patti's greedy hand. Hope is losing control of her body as her thighs buck and thrust into the expert propping of her lover. Almost as if a cord was pulled, her magnificent body begins to stiffen and tremble. her legs straighten and her toes stretch out. Her chest expands into Patti's and her slender neck bends back. She is now rattling against the other girl as a feral growl emanates from her belly and evolves into a high pitched howl as it passes her lips. She feels lava rolling up and down her spine and her pussy contracts around Patti's hand. Wave after wave of orgasm engulfs the girl. Suddenly she collapses into a sigh but the orgasm keeps coming. As it finally begins to fade, Hope regains her breath and control over her body; Patti has buried her own head in Hope's sweet velvety cleavage.

Hope's bliss filled eyes meet Peter's. He has the same inscrutable look on his face and he gives the innocent girl a knowing smile. Another volley of ecstasy fills Hope as she realizes that she is about to lose her virginity at last.

The Mercedes flies into the night and the three riders are still in this tableau. Patti seems hypnotized by the scent of Hope's fresh moist skin. Peter is watching Hope and telling her with his eyes everything he intents to do to her body. Hope can already feel his hot juices seeping into her and she's throbbing with anticipation. An inspiration comes her at that moment.

"Can we go someplace?" she manages to whisper. "Anywhere you want sweetheart," Peter answers quietly. "I want to go to Anderson's barn," she says through a wicked smile.

It was easy to guide the limo to the deserted farm a few miles outside of town. The dark vehicle pulls up next to the barn and the trio leaves the car. Hope's squealing with excitement and seems like an innocent school girl as she giddily leads them into the barn. She finds the Coleman lamp on the door and lights it. The interior of the barn jumps up in a flare of mysterious shadows. All around them are piles of hay looking like golden feather beds.

She spins around and her shadow dances through the cavernous space. Her skirt lifts, revealing her plump rear and dewy blonde bush. "I've always dreamed of this moment!" she squeals. Peter and Patti give each other sly grins as they watch the glee of their new friend.

Peter is carrying a bottle of champagne and three glasses; he opens it and they come close together for a toast. Peter puts an arm around Hope and draws the pliant girl into his sphere. They gulp some champagne and then kiss. Hope feels her whole body pierced and captured by his tongue; she begins to writhe as if speared, but it is an erotic entrapment she is giving over to.

Patti is behind her and grinding her pelvis into Hope's rear; this of course, drives Hope's pelvis onto Peter's. His wine spills onto her chest and her nipples jump up under the wet cloth of her shirt. The flimsy threads seem to disappear soaked with the wine. Peter watches her eyes narrow into a lustful reverie as he lifts the garment up and over her head. Hope consciously fades into pure sensuality as she gives her yielding virginal body over to the masterful hands of Patti and Peter.

Patti is guiding Hope's skirt down the soft fabric whispers as it slides down. Patti's hands clutch the blonde's athletic hips. She bends down and kisses Hope's tender bottom.

Hope's fingers work to open the buttons of Peter's shirt. She is not aware of what she's doing but she sobs as each button opens and her flesh absorbs more of his heat. Now Patti is kneeling and from between Hope's bare legs she is opening Peter's pants. Once the cock is out Patti positions herself so that her licking covers both Peter's shaft and Hope's quivering inner thigh.

Hope is now completely nude and trembling between the two lovers. Her soft white skin glistens like warm ivory. Peter has cupped her breasts, one in each hand and his thumbs working her rock hard nipples are causing her to shake in another climax. She is rocking back and forth like a puppet controlled by Patti's tongue and Peter's fingers. She can sense his cock hanging huge between her legs as Patti alternates licking, first up and down the shaft and then along her inner thigh and around her bush.

The young virgin sinks deeper into submission and dangles along Peter's body like a jewel. She feels her legs swept under her and Peter lifts her into the air. She lets out an eager yelp and turns towards one of the plush piles of straw. She looks into Peter's eyes and gasps, "Please .."

Peter moves to the sumptuous and feathery bed of straw and lays down his surrendering prize. She's reluctant to let go of his neck as he slips his sports coat and shirt off. Patti brings the lamp closer and all the light in the room seems to radiate from Hope's eager body. Before she looked like warm ivory, now she glows like melting gold. "Take me," she moans.

Patti has stripped off her clothes and she lays along side Hope. The blonde beauty can sense she's there from the heat of her skin and the softness of her body pressing against her but her mind is dominated by the image of Peter lowering his massive body onto hers. Both his hands and Patti's have guided her legs open and Hope gives a gasp and a shudder as she feels the huge head of his cock lightly brush her pussy lips.

Hope's mind is twisting around both deep dread and ecstatic expectancy; she can tell that Patti's fingers are stirring her virginal juices and she moans as Peter begins to lightly stroke her clit. She can hear her own pleas but she can't feel herself speaking, so powerful is the sensuous delight that grips her.

"Oh, yes, that feels good. I need you in me. Please do it." Suddenly the overwhelming bliss of their fingers sends an erotic charge through her body and her back arches and her body lifts up with a jolt. This jolt is just enough to pierce her virgin pussy with the tip of his shaft. She lets out a yelp and then a groan. As she lowers herself slowly the cock follows along with just the very tip engulfed in those tender lips. She finds her bottom now resting on one of Patti's hands and Patti's other hand is holding Peter's rear.

Hope looks frantically at Patti and lets out a giddy laugh. She licks her lips and looks first in Peter's eyes and then down their bodies so she can see his shaft planted in her bush. She stares at the massive size and she dreads that huge rock solid rod splitting her apart with its drilling. She looks up into Peter's eyes and nods shyly. He understands and pushes in a tiny bit more.

Hope feels her body being ripped apart; the young virgin screams and bites his shoulder. Patti is whispering, reassuring, "It's ok baby, we're going to go real slow. I'm coming already just seeing how pretty you look. You look so good. I'm going to eat his come out of your honey. Just relax. Go with it. Meet him just a little." With that Patti lifts her up slightly and more of the cock edges in.

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