tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHopeless Situation Ch. 04

Hopeless Situation Ch. 04


Sex and control, but who's controlling who? Especially when the Captor starts to have feelings for the Captee.

Please feedback your thoughts, I love to hear them. This is a six part story, with a little humour and a twist.

Thank you to slickNick2412 for his suggestions.


Rebecca knelt on the floor by her Masters feet, her knees hurt and she was tired and bored. Behind her she could hear the football match playing out on the television as he watched it, lounging against the leather couches back, his arms spread out wide along the curved padded surface each side of him.

The past week had been a mixture of fear, humiliation, boredom and strange sexual encounters, with her strapped into various positions whilst he took advantage of her captive body.

Each night after he had used her, bringing them both to orgasm, he would untie her and wrap his arms around her, quietly asking her questions about herself. Listening as she told him about things, like what music she liked, how she loved to go to the movies, and confessing that she was a chocoholic. One night as she told him of her family the tears had started to fall, and he rolled her onto her back, covering her with his body and kissing her deeply, his tongue ravaging her mouth, before telling her he was her family now.

It wasn't the sex she hated, although she wished he would let her have her arms free during it, it was the boredom and the humiliation she detested. Nothing to do except sit and be within reach for him, and for an enquiring mind like hers, the past week of inactivity was slowly driving her to distraction.

She missed her flat, her things, her family, and her freedom. Confused and scared she obeyed him, being careful not to anger him, unsure of what he might do.

Since the night she had told him that she loved chocolate he would every so often pop a small piece into her mouth, telling her it was a reward for being a good little pet.

When he went out to do business, or in the evenings to where-ever his busy social life took him, dressed in expensive suits, and looking like the successful businessman he was, she would sit chained by her ankle to the big bed, using the remote control to flick aimlessly through the cable channels on the large flat screen TV fixed to the wall. Or sleep curled up in a foetal position, her mind trying to forget the strange circumstances she had found herself in until he returned.

Then the bedroom door would open, and his ice blue eyes would watch her hungrily as he strode towards her in such a proprietary fashion it would take her breath away.

After that first night he had removed the phone from the bedroom and re arranged the furniture ensuring that the chain that kept her anchored to the bed was long enough for her to reach the bathroom, but not reach anything she could use to escape.

Desperate, she would spend her waking time dreaming of ways to get away, to leave this strange existence and the man who seemed to believe he now owned her body and soul.


Sitting at his feet, with the football match droning on behind her she started to nod off, her head drooping down towards her chest, her body swaying slightly as the gentle wave of sleep started to wash over her.

Chris watched her out of the corner of his eye as she started to fall asleep whilst kneeling at his feet. She looked so lovely wearing one of his old faded tee shirts, her hair falling down over her shoulders, her breathing deep and even. He loved just watching her as she slept. It was then she seemed at peace, the look of fear in her eyes hidden behind her lids, her small mouth with a slight smile, as if she was dreaming pleasant dreams.

His staff had kept a low profile over the last week, as if they were giving him the space to be alone with her. All except Dave who would give him dark looks as he sat in the chair across from him as they went through his business affairs. Shooting looks of disapproval at Chris as he glanced down at the woman kneeling quietly, her face blank, her neck, wrists and ankles encircled within the bands of leather.

Suddenly leaning down Chris scooped Rebecca from her kneeling position up onto his lap as she drifted off deeper into her sleep, her body starting to droop forward towards him.

A small squeal escaped her lips as he settled her on his lap, his arms holding her close.

"Shhhh, go to sleep baby, the game's not yet over."

Turning her head into his chest she relaxed and let sweet oblivion take her, whilst Chris sat, his nose smelling her natural scent as it wafted up towards him, feeling her small body as she melted against his, the game on the television half forgotten.


Drifting, she felt she was drifting, and then the ground seemed to meet up with her back. Settling down into the soft earth she felt her arms rising up over her head, her body arching up as her top was removed, strong hands handling her small body easily.

The hot warm tingle of a wet mouth sucking at her breast started to pull her up from her dream, mingling with a small sharp pain as teeth bit gently down on the sensitive nipple.

Opening her eyes and looking down she saw her Master's head at her breast, her naked body lying across the soft leather seat of the Chesterfield couch.

Moving his mouth to her other nipple, Chris lathered the hard dark pink pebble with his tongue, bringing a moan from his little captive, then biting down a little harder than the he did on the first one. Her body jerked, arms rushing to his head, fingers threading through his black hair, trying to pull him off as he bit down harder, holding it fast, a deep growl in his throat as he slightly shook his head, worrying the tip of her breast and causing her to start to struggle.

Looking up from her chest he saw her flushed face looking down at him, slight panic in her still sleepy eyes and he smiled around the flesh held fast in his mouth.

Finally letting go of the small hard bud, he raised his fully clothed body over her naked one, and lowering his mouth to hers he kissed her hard, his tongue swirling against hers inside her mouth. Feeling her relax again, he left her mouth and sliding his hands behind her back lifted her up slightly to meet his teeth as they settled tight on to the nipple he had first nipped down on.

Rebecca's head moved from side to side as the sharp mixture of pain and pleasure radiated down from her breast, through her belly to between her legs. Her hands tightening in her Master's hair, not sure if they wanted to pull him closer or away from the erotic feeling flooding through her chest.

Alternatively licking, sucking and biting each hard nipple, Chris felt the woman beneath him wriggle trying to grind her hips into his groin, where his hard member strained against the black trousers he was wearing.

Over the last week she had become more and more responsive to him, and although he could see the longing in her eyes for her freedom, he could feel her hot and heavy sexual need for him growing stronger every day.

Sitting up on his knees between her legs, he pulled the black polo shirt over his head and unzipped his trousers, all the while watching as the his little captive lay wantonly, her arms thrown back above her resting against the arm rest behind her head, her breasts glistening with his saliva, her belly soft and inviting, the glimpse of her slit wet and moist.

Removing the rest of his clothes he bent down to swirl his tongue in her naval, before biting the small fleshy rise of her belly, and sucking hard, leaving a dark red stain, marking her as his.

Moving further down, his face between her splayed out legs, he licked and nibbled her hard shiny bud, holding her hips still for his onslaught with his tongue and teeth.

Rebecca's body arched as the heat radiated from the exquisite ministrations his mouth was applying to her clitoris, her vagina desperate to be filled, her inner muscles vibrating and tightening unbearably.

Closer and closer he drove her with his tongue and teeth, until she thought she could take no more, when suddenly he stopped and sweeping up her body with his, plunged deep into her, his mouth returning to her breasts as he bucked his hips, making her moan with pleasure as she felt the hard cock filling her, sliding back and forth against her sensitive nerve endings deep inside.

Chris curved his body forward, his teeth letting go of the nipple he had been worrying with abandon, looking down to where their bodies joined, her legs wrapped around his hips as he moved rhythmically. Then picking up speed, he started to pound into her, his balls hitting against her as he moved frantically, trying to push deeper and deeper, needing to conquer his little captive and fill her up with his seed, marking her as his.

Looking down into her face he growled, "Wrap your arms around me baby, hold on to me. I want to feel your body holding mine."

Her arms snaked up around his back, her hands grabbing at the slippery perspiration covered skin. And still he pumped until they both let out their respective groans of pleasure, tumbling down from the explosion in their groins together.

Chris collapsed upon her body, feeling like he had reached heaven, his breath hot against her neck, the leather collar slick and damp with sweat against his cheek as he buried his face into her shoulder, reminding him that she was his possession to do what ever he wanted to her, whenever he wanted.

And right now all he wanted to do was hold her as she floated down from her plateau of ecstasy and never let her go.

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