tagGroup SexHorner Springs Retirees #03

Horner Springs Retirees #03


Authors note: Horner Springs is a collective concept as discussed in thread "The Birth of Horny Town U.S.A" thread started by litfan10 in the Authors' Hangout forum. Authors who add to this will pay at least lip service to the other Author's creations and may share characters. My contribution is part of a series of stories that will use your feedback to advance or reduce a character, depending upon how you, the readers respond. Tell me what you think.



Lester Murphy smiled to himself as he drove through the Village of Horner Springs Sunday morning. He was on his way to meet Maureen Sorbados who was to show him the house on Slippery Richard Road. The reason he was smiling was remembering how Maureen had shown him not only how to eat her Smushie, but later, after coffee, had eaten his!

What he had thought was a lubricated condom was actually a papaya flavored condom. Maureen thought him very cosmopolitan and Les was bright enough to allow her to continue to think it.

She had felated him on her living room couch after he had eaten her own warm succulent Smushie. She had said that he couldn't have sex with her until she had reciprocated, and she had required he use a condom, which Les thought would remove some of the sensitivity.

Maureen proved that he had fretted in vain as she had him almost to his climax five or six times before her jaw started to get tired and she made him pass out, the feeling of his release was so great.

As he drove around the traffic circle that marked the entrance of the Village, he noticed that the Sugar Maple tree that was in the center of the traffic circle had dropped a few limbs. The tree was a landmark. Maureen had told him that it had been planted in the 1870's by "Big Bill" Horner who had founded the town. The village, then called 'Lost Horses,' had been there since the 1850's but had been incorporated into the city in the 1950's when the City of Horner Springs was incorporated.

He was wondering how he was going to come up with the price for Slippery Richard Road. He had saved his money and had invested for the long term. It had served him well and he had a few things in storage that would bring a good price. It all depended on how much the repairs would add up to.

Lester made the turn onto the property which was on a high bank above the river. Maureen had said that the eight acre property ran down to the river and had two hundred feet of frontage on one of the best trout fishing sections. Because of the turn in Lost Horses creek, there was only about forty feet of frontage on Slippery Richard Road, but the next lot over was a ten acre spread and then the land got divided into progressively larger plots.

Lester drove through the open gate and saw Maureen's Yukon parked by a red pickup next to the house.

Maureen gave him a thousand-watt smile as he got out of the car, "Les, I would like to introduce Brent Jameson, he's the contractor I was talking about."

Les came over and shook Brent's hand. Brent was another of those tall blond guys that seemed to spring up around town. In his flannel shirt and Levis, he looked almost like a cowboy, but unfortunately he was wearing engineer boots, so he looked like a lumberjack. "Glad to meet you, Brent. I'm Les Murphy."

Brent gave him a grin and said, "Maureen tells me you're interested in this place. I hope you are willing to do the reconstruction?"

Maureen looked at him sharply but kept her tongue.

Les smiled, "Well it all depends upon how much that's going to be. I mean the house looks like it is in good structural shape."

Brent nodded, "Yes, the owner kept the roof up and, of course, slate is durable. Hammer Men has had the contract to keep it up, but we haven't done any reconstruction."

"Hammer Men?" Les asked.

Brent looked at him and said, "Hammer Men Construction, my company does a lot of maintenance work on empty homes and works with agents like Maureen. It allows me to keep my key craftsmen in busy work between major jobs."

Les nodded, "So you've seen the place before?"

"Yes, a while back I thought of buying it but," Brent glanced at Maureen, "The owner wouldn't sell."

Maureen smiled and put her hand on Murphy's arm, saying, "She wasn't ready to admit she had to sell then. Why don't we go see the house?"

They went up to the broad porch and Lester walked around it, looking for rot and damage. The boards were worn near the door but it looked like it was solid.

Maureen swung the door open and he walked into the entry hall, there was a staircase on the right with a built in seat in front of it with nice turned wood finials on it, to the left was the parlor, with turned wood pillars and curved archway framing the wide entrance to the large room with a green tiled fireplace. The front windows were large and let in a filtered light from the overhang of the porch. Les smiled as he saw that the woodwork was in very nice shape and hadn't been painted a hundred times.

The back of the parlor had a large sliding door, that when Maureen opened it, allowed him to see the dining room. It had a table and chairs for fourteen and one whole wall was bookshelves, again in varnished wood.

Maureen said, "Come this way." She opened a swinging door in the corner of the dining room and led Lester through a passageway into the kitchen. "That's the butler's pantry and this staircase was for the servants to use."

Les looked up the narrow stair case that had a bend in it about half way up.

Les walked into the kitchen and looked around. It was a large room, which was the good part. It was, however, also in very bad shape. The cupboards were warped and a few doors hung at odd angles, the counters had been tiled but now the tile was falling off the edges and many of the hexagonal tiles were missing.

Brent came behind them and said, "This is 'Disaster Zone One'. I'm afraid that, except for the stove, it will all have to be scrapped."

Lester looked at the stove; it was one of the old enameled cast iron gas ranges that looked in good shape, if not horribly dusty.

Maureen said, "It's a lovely old Wedgewood. Very valuable actually."

"Really?" Les said as he took a closer look.

"Of course it needs a hood to be in code and ought to be checked by the gas company before you use it," Brent said and lay his clipboard down on the counter. "Let me show you something that's more important."

"Oh, what?," Les asked as he followed Brent to the window.

Brent got down on his knee and used his pocket knife to pry away some the plaster from the wall where the window had leaked. "See? Prarie plaster. I've checked the whole house and it'll have to be replaced before I'd start anything else."

"What do you mean prairie plaster?" Les said.

"Prairie plaster is an old way of bulking up the mix, by mixing manure with plaster. It works fine, until there's a leak and then the fibers in the manure swell and that cracks the plaster. Well, you can see how bad it affects the wall."

Les looked along the wall and saw that the plaster below the window was swollen and rough. "How much will that cost?"

Brent nodded, "It's in my estimate. I got out my notes and put together a rough estimate of the work needed to bring the place up to code and reduce the fire hazard of the old wiring. One good thing is if we replace the plaster with wall board we'll have the walls open to replace the wiring and plumbing."

"Plumbing?" Les asked.

Brent smiled, a little condescendingly, at Lester and said, "Would you trust 1890's plumbing?"

Les shook his head and said, "No"

Brent stood and said, "The good news is that all the plumbing will be easy to get to and there are not a lot of horizontal runs, so there won't be a lot of labor in the job."

Les smiled and said, "Well that's good.

Brent gave him a crooked grin and said, "Look I've got an appointment, I'll let you and Maureen look around." He took a thick document off his clip board and said, "Here's an estimate to review, some of the items are optional. They were things I thought about doing when I was thinking of buying it."

Brent tucked his clipboard under his arm, "The second floor is really four bedrooms and a bath, and the rest of the walls are partitions and will come out easily. I put in a bid to take down the old barn and put up a steel building. The old foundation seems strong enough, but I'm not sure of the barn floor. It may have to be replaced. I'll know more after we remove the mess."

Les took the thick document and shook Brent's hand; Maureen kissed Brent's cheek and smiled at him. Les wondered about that, but Brent went out through the back door.

Maureen turned to him and said, "I hope you are still interested?"

Lester nodded, "I expected to have to work on this place, but it seems," He glanced at the plumbing estimate and his eyes widened a bit, "It seems I need to read this carefully.

Maureen took it from him and said, "Let's look upstairs. The master bedroom has a lovely view of the river."

Maureen took him up the front staircase. She held his hand as she led him up the stairs and he got a good look at her backside as she swayed and bounced with every step.

"The upstairs is awfully cluttered with partitions now. Some time in the past, it was an infamous house of ill repute, and it's been mostly vacant ever since."

Les could imagine, as he took the stairs, the maid taking a gentleman's coat and scarf and ushering him into the parlor to make his selection of a lady for the evening. When he got to the bedrooms, he changed his mind, and when he saw the small cubicles that three of the bedrooms contained, he adjusted his thinking to a ten to twelve girl crib.

Maureen was nervous as she showed him the bedrooms, "Oh see there's a screened in porch, I had Brent, glaze it for weatherproofing, but when you clear out the partitions, you can use it for a sitting area. Perhaps reading on a summer evening, with a cool drink and a," she winked at him, "A hot woman?" She laughed as he gathered her to his chest and kissed her nose.

"You know any hot women?" he asked and nuzzled her neck.

"Oh Mr. Murphy, I'm a real estate broker not," she giggled a bit, "not a procuress." But she put her arms around his neck and smiled, rubbing her abdomen against his stiffening distraction.

His hands were getting dangerously close to her hemline, which was in easy reach with the short skirt she was wearing. His pulse was up, so Maureen removed her arms from his neck and stepped back, "Let me show you the master suite. I took the liberty of having it cleaned, so you could see the potential it has."

"By all means then," Les said and stepped back so she could precede him.

Like all the wood work in the place the double doors at the end of the hall were walnut stained and varnished. The varnish was old and gummy as Les scraped it with his thumbnail. He rolled the tar like substance out from under his nail and flicked it on the dusty floor as Maureen threw open the doors and sunlight filled the dim hallway.

There were no curtains on the two large windows that opened on to a view of the river valley. Les smiled as he stepped to the recently cleaned windows to take in the view of the fields and pastures across the river.

Up stream the trees hid the fact that the Village was just a quarter mile away, with its narrow twisty streets and, to Lester's way of thinking, limited fields of fire. Here though, was rifle country, rifles were his first choice.

"Isn't it wonderful?" Maureen said as she came up and leaned against his shoulder.

"Yes, but what about the furnishings?" Les said as he looked at the walnut four-poster, now made up with a red satin bedspread.

"Oh the bedstead stays, and the desk, chair and the rest of the furniture. The mattress was, let's say suspect, so I improvised with an air bed."

Maureen looked at Lester's burgeoning grin and said, "Oh, just to show you how it would look. I mean the rest of the house is pretty rough looking. I wanted you to see it as good as it could be." She led him to a doorway, "The bath is, well, quaint, but it all seems to work without leaking."

Lester stepped into the bath and found it a large room with two claw footed tubs with shower curtain rings above them, a toilet and a bidet. "Well this is interesting, why two tubs?" he said and flushed the tank top toilet by pulling the chain. Water gurgled and dark water filled the toilet. "Looks like the pipes are iron not copper." The tubs showed the effects of iron deposits and a lot of dust. "How long since this house was lived in?"

Maureen gave him a hesitant grin and said, "Well it was before the war."

Lester laughed, "I hope not the Spanish American one."

Maureen looked at him strangely, "No, the one with the Nazis. But the heir to the property, after the unfortunate episode with her Uncle had been resolved, did stay here often and wouldn't sell it. It stayed in the family because of sentimentality more than anything. Until the financial bubble burst and, well, now they must sell." She smiled in her real estate lady way and asked hopefully, "Well?"

Lester took the quotation from her hand and sat at the desk. "I like the potential of the place, but it needs a lot of work and I'd have to read the estimates, but I like it. How much land?"

Maureen came to him and sat on his lap. "About eight point three six acres, depending upon which way the river bends each year." She whispered the last words in his ear as he caressed the full breast that, braless, was massaging his chest.

Lester thought that this was the way to buy real estate. Maureen had seemingly studied at the hot mama school of sales because Lester was very close to buying whatever she was offering.

Maureen ended up kissing him and unbuttoning his shirt to run her hand on his chest and moan softly, while Les took the option of slipping her shoulder strap and top down, exposing her breast and filling his hand with warm soft flesh.

Lester regained his balance and kissed her as he removed his hand and gently pushed her off his lap. "Let me look at the estimate and then we'll go look at the lot."

Maureen stood up with her top still down, "I'll just wait here," and she sat on the edge of the large desk.

Lester stroked her cheek, "Yes, sit right there. I won't be long."

Lester turned to the estimates and took out his notebook to total up the damages. Maureen sat on the desk and made kissy faces and waved her tits at him when ever he glanced up at her.

"Shit, the plumbing bill was more than my dad paid for the house I grew up in!" Les thought as he checked out the various estimates, He realized it was more than a few minute task to review the estimates, so his hand slipped over and fondled Maureen's knee, while he thumbed through the estimates.

He was concerned about the money. Eight acres was more than he needed, but the house would be worth a mint cleaned up and painted. He thought about the money and how much of his savings was going to be spent. It was a little scary, but he took comfort in the warm soft thigh of Maureen who had spread her legs just a little. Lester looked at the barn removal and replacement estimates, they didn't seem excessive, but then he hadn't looked at the barn closely.

Maureen made a start as his fingers stroked her belly under her skirt and his thumb massaged her pudenda, humming to himself as he thought about how wet Maureen was getting and how hard his dick was. He looked up at Maureen's face. She had her eyes closed and she was biting her lower lip and moaning softly. He smiled and rubbed his thumb deeper, the smooth nylon of her panties seeped a bit as his thumb opened her lips.

Maureen slid her leg up so she could lean back against the wall on the broad desk and spread her legs. Lester, watching her face, slipped his thumb under the panties and rubbed her clit, as she lifted her hips and moaned deeper.

"Shall we look at the property?" he asked not stopping his thumb from massaging her deeper.

Maureen arched her back and pleaded, "Just a minute more, please. Oh, ah."

Lester thrust his thumb as deep as he could in one smooth but forceful movement. Maureen thrust back against his hand and jerked a bit, her titties shivering in the sunlight. "Oh God, that's good," she whimpered then she humped him and groaned.

Lester was thinking about just fucking her on the desk about then, but caught himself and began the process of removing his thumb from her pussy. She jerked a few times and sighed as he removed his hand from her crotch.

Her eyes opened and she smiled as she caught her breath, "Want to eat my Smushie later?"

Lester laughed, pulled her ass to the edge of the desk, flipped up her skirt, and gave her Smushie a big First Infantry lick, then a Special Operations Command clit suck, and then stuck his tongue deep between her slippery lips. Maureen was leaning back going "Oh, Oh Ah," and like that, until he kissed her clit and wiped his chin off on her panties, the skirt now above her waist.

Maureen rose up on her elbows and crossed her legs, "Fuck me, Murphy, you're an animal." She winked at him and slid off the desk, letting Les catch her and fondle her boobs as she pulled her skirt down. She looked up at him and said, "We better get out of here, before I forget why we're here."


They walked hand in hand out to her car where she changed her shoes to rubber boots, "You don't wear Feragamo's in a sheep pasture," she said.

"Sheep pasture?" Les asked.

"Yes, the family keeps a few breeding stock here, I closed them off into the lower pasture, I'll the let them out and close the front gate when we leave. They keep the grass clipped and lessen the fire hazard in the summer."

Les nodded, "Okay, That's something I hadn't thought of. How the heck am I going to keep it up?" he said and looked at the sloping lot and the trees and realized that owning a lot this big was more than he wanted to mow, even with a riding mower, and wondering if a riding mower could negotiate the slope and uneven ground.

Maureen said, "Well, if you aren't using it all, you can lease the grazing. It's not much money, but it'll keep the weeds down. In fact that's something I wanted to discuss with you," she said as she took his hand and they walked down to the barn.

"What is that?" Les said.

"Well, the family that owns it, lets me keep my ram and a few ewes here and well, I wondered if you'd let me keep them here for at least a while?" Maureen said and looked at him imploringly.

Les looked at her and asked, "You keep sheep?"

Maureen smiled and said, "It's a family tradition. My family has kept sheep here in the valley for over a hundred years. I only keep my ram, Billy, here part of the year. In breeding season, he'll be with the flocks."

Les smiled and said, "Well they do keep the weeds down. How much are you willing to pay for pasture?" He asked grinning at her.

Maureen smiled and said, "Well, I hadn't thought of it, but I'm sure we can come to an agreement." She looked around and then came close and kissed his chest, then looked up at him, "Do you think we could come to a," she winked at him, "a barter agreement?"

Lester fondled her back and nodded, "Well if you're flexible, I guess we might."

She grinned at him and stepped away, holding his hand and said, "I can be very flexible." She winked at him, "We'll discuss it later. Why don't we look at the barn?"

The barn was collapsed in on itself and lie in a moldering heap of shingles and weathered siding. The heap was over ten feet high and there seemed to be something rusty holding up the pile. Lester wandered around it as Maureen let him look at it. Les saw the foundation had been set in the slope and one side of the barn was six or seven feet above the grade, but fill had been used to level the grade on the back side. He figured the estimate was probably reasonable but he would look into it later. Les rejoined Maureen and said, "Doesn't look like there is much to save does it?"

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