tagFirst TimeHorner Springs, The Institute Ch. 01

Horner Springs, The Institute Ch. 01


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Justin Heityme knocked on his academic advisor's door, a resigned expression on his young face. Another older person was trying to manage his life, he presumed, just like all the others he had encountered in his short existence. Did they not understand that there was a planet to save and that he was just the man to do it? Why was there all this uproar about his need to be a 'whole person' and to have interests outside his Environmental Engineering major? Being well-rounded was for those useless people in Liberal Arts over on the other campus. Here, at the technical school of Horner Springs Institute they studied serious things.

"Come in. Ah, Mr. Heityme, just the young man I wanted to see." Dr. Sylvia Ellynrunch smiled warmly at the precocious and (according to the faculty) downright obsessive sophomore. "I've been looking over your transcript and I wanted to warn you that you are missing graduation requirements. You need to sign up for an additional class this semester."

"But I'm already carrying sixteen engineering units, Dr. Ellynrunch. I don't have time for another class."

"Justin, I think you weren't listening to me. I said that you are missing graduation requirements. Horner Springs Institute insists that every student have a minimum of twenty units in human sexuality before they graduate. We didn't mention this before because you were so young when you completed high school but now that you are of legal age, you need to catch up. If you wait for next semester you will find yourself short when you come to the end of your four years here. Now, it turns out that Ms. Beindre has room for one more male student in her section of Introduction to Bondage so I'm signing you up for BDSM 101. It meets on the Liberal Arts campus and if you leave right now you will be just in time. It's in room 305 of the Major Horner Building so grab your iPad and scoot."

"Dr. Ellynrunch, this is out . . . ."

"I said scoot!"

Stunned and cowed by the intensity of the professor's command, Justin hustled down the hall and out the front door. He pulled his fleece-lined leather coat tighter as he stood in the cold at the shuttle stop and stamped his feet irritably. 'They' had done it to him again; making him do something he saw no need for because 'they' had the power and he didn't. It never occurred to him to ask why he obeyed so readily or to wonder why he put up no resistance beyond a cut-short protest.

He arrived at the Major Horner building with his head down and a scowl on his face. Climbing the steps to the big double doors, he paid no heed to the excellent copies of tenth century Indian temple carvings that formed a frieze around each story nor did he notice the Art Deco murals that covered the walls. Instead he looked at his watch, cursed under his breath and ran up two flights of stairs and burst into room 305 to find there was only one remaining empty seat—in the front row.

Ms. Beindre tapped a key on her laptop at the lectern. "Ah, and Mr. Heityme in the nick of time. How appropriate. Well class, good afternoon. I am Ms. Beindre and as I'm sure you all know this is BDSM 101, Introduction to Bondage. The class consists of an hour of lecture once a week in this room and two hours of laboratory which will meet in the large—gymnasium, if you will, at the end of the corridor. Since you will naturally be working in couples, I'm going to give you a few minutes to get acquainted."

A compact brunette with a page boy haircut was seated next to Justin. She turned and looked him up and down appraisingly, then smiled.

"Mmm, you're cute! Hi, my name's Amanda Knott and my friends all call me Randy Mandy. What's yours?"

Justin blushed. "Uh, Justin—Justin Heityme. Uh, I'm majoring in Environmental Engineering. Um . . . ."

"Ooo," the girl's eyes widened, "that's one of the hard ones! I'm an art major, specializing in landscape design. So what brings you to Introduction to Bondage?"

Justin glowered. "My academic advisor said I needed graduation requirements and this one was open so she signed me up. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do here. It's not like I'll ever have any use for it. I've got important things to do and I need to get started. That's why I left high school at sixteen and came here. The planet is a mess and needs fixing before really terrible things start to happen! I don't have time for—," he stopped in mid rant, "uh, what is Introduction to Bondage all about, anyway?"

Amanda took off her glasses and laid them on the desk. She cocked her head to one side and peered at Justin with one raised eyebrow. Then she shook her head, as if to clear it of some impossible concept.

"You really don't know, do you? That's amazing! You graduated from high school at sixteen? When did you turn eighteen?"

"Last week. Dr. Ellynrunch said now that I'm legal I need to make up for lost time; otherwise I won't graduate on schedule. Obviously, this has something to do with sex, right?"

Amanda reached out and laid a gentle hand on Justin's shoulder. "Honey, it certainly does. And it looks like it's a good thing Ms. Beindre sat me next to you. I don't claim to be an expert, that's why I'm in this class but at least I've had some experience with being a tie toy. Uh, have you ever been with a woman, Justin?"

Justin opened and closed his mouth in confusion, his eyes goggled. Finally he took a deep breath and said primly, "My high school Sex Ed classes were very complete. I'm quite aware of how people have sex."

Amanda pursed her lips mischievously. "From a theoretical/academic standpoint then? I meant personally, Justin, but you don't have to answer. I can already tell the answer is 'no'. Don't worry, sweetie, Mandy will fix."

Before she could go any further, Ms. Beindre tapped the bell on her lectern. "Alright, everyone, let's get started. Ms. Knott, if you will help me hand out the syllabi and Mr. Kough, if you will make sure everyone has one of the reading compendia? Tonight's homework is on the board. Make sure you write it down. Today we will begin with safety cautions and an introduction to cuffs. This is all testable and I expect you to be taking very good notes. If you want to record instead, that's fine, but of all the lessons, today's maybe the most important."


Two days later a very confused and reluctant Mr. Heityme shuffled down the hall to what Ms. Beindre had leeringly called the gymnasium. The lecture on the proper use and placement of padded cuffs, the insistence on safety words, the warning about the hazards of suspension had been intimidating. Then he had read his homework and the descriptions of what people did and felt and experienced had figuratively set his ears back. And now he was supposed to practice some of this? With Amanda? An icy Arctic owl seemed to have taken up residence in his stomach and was extending its talons.

He opened the door, glad to not be the last one in, to find Amanda waiting for him.

"Justin!" She threw her arms around his neck for a gigantic hug, pressing her body hard against his. Then, leaning back she looked him over. "My goodness, Justin. You're so preppy looking. Checked shirt, Argyle sweater, tweed coat—are you trying to set a masterful tone here?"

Justin blushed. It was beginning to get annoying. Every time Amanda spoke to him his face would flare up bright red making all his freckles stand out even worse than usual. "I—I thought I ought to—to treat this like a date? So I dressed up? Is—is it all right?"

She reached up and took an ear in each hand and pulled his face down to hers. "Justin," she whispered, "we're going to be lovers for the next month, maybe longer. Of course it's all right. In fact, I'm flattered that you would take the trouble for what is, after all, a class project. Now, come on in. We've been assigned to booth eleven."

She took his hand and like two middle school students just starting to figure out their strange, adolescent feelings she led him around the central block of booths and into number eleven. Justin gulped. The booth was a bedroom, carpeted and decorated in subtle tones of rich colors. In the center was a king-size four poster bed with turnings at the head and foot. A clothes rack ran along one wall and on each side of the bed were large, multi-drawer nightstands. As he stood there, confused, Amanda locked the door and took his coat by the collar and pulled it off him. As she hung it on a hanger she spoke soothingly over her shoulder.

"Now honey, I know this is all new to you so for these first few labs I'll lead. You'll catch on fast, I know, and then you'll be pinning me down and using me relentlessly but for now—well, just start by taking off your clothes!"

Hesitantly, Justin pulled his sweater off over his head and unbuttoned his shirt. Amanda watched with a predatory gleam in her eye. As he started unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his 501's her lips spread in a toothy smile and she stepped out of her boots and did a slow, seductive strip that stopped Justin in mid-disrobe. Once she was naked she sat on the bed, and slid under the covers. Justin gulped and finished taking his clothes off trying to hide behind his hands.

"Come on, Justin, get in bed. I'm not promising I won't bite. I may well, but if I do, you'll like it."

Justin followed directions, trembling as he did. Amanda smiled at him then turned and opened a drawer on the nightstand. She pulled out sets of fur-lined cuffs and handed four of them to Justin.

"Here, put the little ones on my wrists and the bigger ones on my thighs. Good. Now I do the same for you. Like I said," Amanda continued, "in the beginning I'll lead. Soon I'll just be a happy bottom and you get to do whatever you want with me, but until then . . . ."

She pulled each of Justin's arms down and clipped the wrist cuffs to his thigh set. Her manner changed. Half closing her eyes and sticking out the tip of her tongue, Amanda wrapped herself around him. The heat of her body and the pressure of her pelvis and erect nipples had an effect. Despite his embarrassment Justin started to get aroused. His heartbeat increased as Amanda's hand running slowly down his chest and abdomen. She took his 'package' in her hand and murmured happily.

"Ooo, Justin, you're hung! I like that in a man." She took his earlobe between her teeth and squeezed. He gasped and then moaned as she stroked his stiffening manhood.

"Baby," she whispered, "now I've got you where I want you, totally helpless. The only way you can escape is roll off the bed and then I'll have you on the floor, which is just as much fun but not as comfortable. So since you're going to be ravished you may as well lie back and enjoy it. I'm going to use your body, Justin, use it for my pleasure. When I'm satisfied, we'll trade places and it will be your turn to do whatever you want. When you're done, we'll rest and then you can start over again. We've the entire two hours, toy boy, and if we go over time, it will count as extra credit."

Amanda covered his mouth with his, sucking on his lower lip and slipping her tongue. He started in surprise. Straddling his thigh she began to rub her sex against him, humming happily as she stroked his hard cock and ran her mouth and tongue all over his face and ears. As she became more excited, she buried her face in his chest and dug her nails into his shoulders. She humped his leg faster and began to pant, making little cries of pleasure until she threw back her head and screamed wordlessly, spasms wracking her body. Then she got up on her hands and knees and starred down at him hungrily.

"That was good, Justin, really good. And look at you; you're still all hard and eager. I'll bet you want to get free and stick that big ol' thing inside me, don't you? But not yet, you don't. I'm not finished with you yet, my tie toy. Mandy's still randy."

Clambering off him she grabbed him by the shoulder and wrist and rolled him over face down. Then she straddled his butt, grabbed his nipples between long-nailed fingers, bit fiercely into his shoulder and began to thrust her pelvis as though she was trying to sodomize him without a dildo.

For Justin, the sensations were electric. Having erect nipples brushing his shoulders and a smooth pussy pushing hard, again and again, on the base of his spine was far and away the most erotic thing that had ever happened to him. Unconsciously he arched his back in response, imitating the lordosis reflex female mammals exhibit when in heat. He began to whimper and might have climaxed but Amanda beat him to it and then collapsed, limp, on top of him.

"Ooo, that was fun. And you liked it, too, didn't you?" Amanda whispered with a grin. "You know, I could get used to topping you, baby. Maybe I'll just leave you all trussed up and ride you cowgirl? No? Well, I did promise to let you free, but first . . . ."

She bent down and took his stiff manhood in her mouth. Slowly she bobbed her head up and down, sucking hard and tickling the frenum under his helmet with the tip of her tongue. When he was slick and glistening with spit, she sat up and let him free from the cuffs. "Now, Justin, tie me tight and then do whatever you want to me. Just do it hard!"

Justin thought about the pictures in the class reading and grabbed both Amanda's wrists. He snapped them together around one of the spindles at the headboard and rolled her onto her belly. On a hunch, he opened a drawer of his nightstand and pulled out the straps he knew had to be there. Hooking one end to the bedrail and the other to Amanda's thigh cuff, he pulled the end spreading her legs apart. Doing the same on the other side he had her well pinned.

"Ooo, baby, you catch on quick!" Amanda was delighted. She was stretched out and spread wide with every useable part of her exposed. She arched her back, pushing swollen labia out where he could see them.

"Here's your target, stud. You know you want it; you want it bad. Come and get me, Justin. Do me right!"

The young man knelt between her thighs and laid his hard manhood on the cleft of her bottom. Leaning forward he rubbed against her, humming with pleasure deep in his throat.

"You like the way my ass feels on your cock, Justin? You just wait. The inside of me is even better."

Justin grunted. He had stopped thinking several minutes ago and now Amanda's swollen, pink, glistening lips called to him irresistibly. He took his cock in his hand, put it against her sex and thrust. Amanda moaned. It's his first time. He won't take long but that's alright. After he's recovered he'll take a lot longer. Oh, this will be great. Fuck me, Justin, pound my pussy.

Justin's brain should have been in neutral but instead of buzzed with amazement. So this was sex, was it? Perhaps he had been overly hasty in his dismissal of it as something that serious environmental activists could ignore so they could concentrate on more serious matters. Amanda was right. The inside of her body was heaven on earth. Never in his life had he felt such sensations, such emotions. It was not long before the urges overtook him and with a howl he exploded in her pussy, filling it with cum. For a few minutes he lay there, stunned by the intensity of what he had just experienced.

Amanda wiggled underneath him. "How'd you like it, sweets? Better than you expected? Better than anything in your life?"

"Uh-huh," her lover grunted almost silently. Feebly he reached for the catches on her cuffs and released them one at a time and rolled onto his back.

Amanda curled up in the hollow of his arm and laid her head on his chest. She kissed him gently on the cheek and whispered, "Go to sleep, honey, it's okay. I'll set the alarm for about twenty minutes from now. Then you can start over and do me again."

Just as the alarm was buzzing, waking them both from sound sleep, the lock on the door clicked open and Ms. Beindre slipped into the room. The couple started in surprise but the instructor shushed them quietly.

"I just wanted to let you know that the two of you did beautifully, especially since this was Justin's first ever sexual encounter," she sat on the side of the bed. "Now Justin, as Amanda said you strap her down and do it again. It will take you quite a bit longer this time because you've already shot one load into her and you've only had a few minutes to recharge. That's normal but you need to tie her up so that she can be comfortable for as long as it takes you. That might be half an hour or more. So let's look in those drawers and see what else they contain."

Amanda lay back and extended her arms over her head. As Ms. Beindre looked on in approval, Justin pulled her arms apart an attached the cuffs to opposite corners of the headboard. When he turned to look at her, Ms. Beindre nodded toward the drawers and the young man rummaged through them until he came to a neck strap that he recognized from the week's reading. He held it up, a questioning look on his face.

"That will be perfect, Mr. Heityme, put the pad behind her neck and attach the ends to her ankles. Yes, just like that but tighten the straps a bit. Good, her feet should be pointed at the ceiling. Now put this pillow under her bottom. Perfect. She doesn't have to exert any effort but her legs are spread wide apart for you and her genitals are fully exposed. Actually, her anus is, too, but that's for another session. Skootch up close and sit on your heels. A little further. Right there."

Ms. Beindre stood up an leaned over the bed. Supporting herself on one hand she used the other to fondle and massage Justin's ample package back into readiness. He moaned under her ministrations, breathing deeply as she worked him harder and stiffer.

"There. I think you are ready now. I know Amanda is, aren't you, dear?" Amanda nodded enthusiastically. "Now stick it in her, support yourself on her thighs and shove on in. Good. Now you can rock back and forth—oh, you're a natural! This is a very good position, Justin, as the tip of your phallus will hit her G-spot. Don't be surprised or alarmed if she ejaculates all over you. That's a common female response to a vaginal orgasm. Just take as long as you want and have wonderful time, you two. When you are finally finished, the showers are out the door and to your left. See you next week."

The instructor was right. Her students were busy for rather longer than half an hour.


In late May, Professor Ellynrunch heard a knock on her door.

"Come in? Oh, hello Mr. Heityme. What can I do for you?"

Much had changed in the young man in the preceding semester. Whereas in January he had been obsessive, anxious and irascible, he now sat down in her visitor's chair with a quiet smile on his face and a calm light in his eye.

"I've decided to stay at the Institute over the summer, Dr. Ellynrunch. Professor Van Kanaal has invited me to be part of his annual prairie renewal project. I'm really honored and excited about it. Undergraduates are rarely included in it."

"And might there be any other reasons, Mr. Heityme?"

Justin blushed just a little. "Well, Ms. Beindre and a few of the girls in BDSM 101 have told me I should enroll in a summer course in the Human Sexuality department. Amanda and her roommate Bindi Singh really want me to take Advanced Relations 215M. They say there should be no question I can waiver the prerequisites with Ms. Beindre's recommendation so I thought it would help me ensure I had all the graduation requirements."

"Introduction to Tantra? And excellent choice, young man. I remember my undergraduate days being a surrogate in that class. There are a number of prominent men in the state whose improved self-confidence I take personal credit for. Who will be your partner, Ms. Knott or Ms. Singh?"

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