tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHorseplay Gone Too Far

Horseplay Gone Too Far


This is a story of what happened when I lost control and all common sense. To say I was thinking with the wrong head is the best way to put it. I found out it is possible to be so overcome with lust, so turned on, that all reason can go out the window. None of what you are about to read was planned, it just happened.

I’ll give you a quick run down on my wife and I before I get started. We have been married 11 years and have 2 kids. Although we both love sex with each other, neither of us have much had much of a sexual history before we met. And we have never engaged in anything too daring or risky. My wife is absolutely beautiful; she is 5’6” and 110 pounds. She has shoulder-length blonde hair and the cutest face I have ever seen. Her smile lights up a room. She loves to joke around and really loves to do things that embarrass me, just to see me turn red! Nothing sexual, just an embarrassing comment here and there. For example: In a restaurant she will tell the waiter that she’ll double his tip if he spits in my drink when he is in the kitchen!

One Saturday I was sitting in my recliner watching an old Godzilla movie when a friend of mine Bill showed up to pick up a CD Rom drive I was selling him. We had known Bill along time and my wife said many of those embarrassing little comments to him over the years to embarrass me. Today Bill had some other guy with him, Pete. Neither my wife or I knew Pete, but I found out real quick he loved old Godzilla movies too. So Bill and Pete sat on the couch and made we made some small talk while watching the big guy stomp on Tokyo.

My wife came into the room and told me to go take off my jeans that I had not washed in a few days and get them in the washer as she had just started a load going in the machine. I told her not now, I was in the middle of the movie. She said, “Now mister! Get em off!!” Again I said no, I was busy chatting and watching the movie. “Don’t make me embarrass you in front of your friends” was her warning. “Oh no! I’m scared now!” was my response. Suddenly she grabbed my shirt and pulled me out of my chair onto the floor, I was caught totally off guard!

She pinned me down and started tickling me making me lose all my defensive power. As she was tickling me she started unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans telling me “I said take em off!” Bill and Pete were hooting and laughing as we wrestled on the floor, with her trying to pull my jeans down. I lost the fight when she sat on my chest and quickly yanked my jeans all the way down and off my feet. So there I lay on the floor in my underwear, with my wife standing over me with the biggest grin on her face. She was so proud of herself, having embarrassed me with more than words for the first time.

I just looked up at her and playfully said “oh you’re gonna get it now!” And I grabbed her and pulled her back down on the floor, pinned her down and started pulling her jean shorts down! As I was pulling her shorts down past her hips I was having so much fun wrestling around with her that I forgot about the guys watching us from the couch. But she didn’t forget, she kept saying, “No no no no, please Bob, no more, I give up!” Before I knew it I had her shorts off she was laying there in her white panties in front of the guys. Her face was red, even though I went too far I had finally got her back for all the little embarrassing moments over the years. Lying there in her panties in front of our friend and a stranger was the ultimate revenge. But I did feel kind of sick when I saw the guys staring at her panty-covered crotch, I knew I had gone too far.

I let her get up on her feet and I stood as well. She was holding her hands over her panties with embarrassment as she stared walking to the bedroom. I was actually feeling bad for her when she suddenly turned around and ran up to me and grabbed the waistband of my underwear and yanked them down! I quickly pulled them back up as she was running for the bedroom door. I caught up with her and grabbed her and pulled her back into the living room. I held her tight from behind as I carried her to the couch were Bill and Pete were sitting and stood her on her feet facing them. I held her hands behind her back with one hand while grabbing the side of her panties with the other.

I pulled on the waistband just a little, just to put fear into her, and it worked. She looked back at me and very softly said, “Ok Bob, you win, I promise, I will quit now, please let me go, they are seeing me in my panties.” It was my complete intention to let her go at this point, but I realized how much I was turned on at this moment. I could not stop what I was doing, the thrill was intense. It was a strange powerful feeling, my dick was the hardest it has ever been in my life, and my eyes felt like they were glazing over. All I could think about at that moment was her beautiful pussy. She has the cutest, neatly trimmed blonde pussy you ever saw. And with her skinny thighs you could see all of her pussy even with her legs together.

My hands began to tremble and my vision glazed even more as I pulled a little more at the side of the waistband until some blonde pussy hair was just starting to show at the top of her panties. Bill and Pete were just a couple feet in front of her, sitting at crotch level staring at the hair I was uncovering. I think their eyes were glazed over as well. Again she turned her hear back at me and whispered, “Please, no more, ok? I’m so embarrassed, just let me go.” Her body was shaking and her face was beat red.

I don’t know what go into me, I could not control myself, as I looked into her eyes I pulled the waistband down a little farther. Then I reached around and pulled the other side down. In a moment her panties were just above her knees and her beautiful pussy was fully exposed to Bill and Pete. She just closed her eyes and asked them to please not look. But they were staring, I think they were in awe of the most feminine thing they ever saw.

I yanked her panties down to her ankles and told them to have a good look. Bill gently took her left ankle and raised it up and put in on the corner of the couch, every intimate part of her pussy was wide open to view. I then told Bill to feel how soft she was. As he reached up between her legs I thought I would cum right there in my underwear. Everything was hazy, I was not in control of myself. When his finger first touched her slit she began shaking harder saying, “oh no no no, please don’t let him touch my pussy, please Bob let me go.”

Bill slid his finger up and down her slit and pushed it into her a little. Her breathing was irregular and she was having problems standing up, so I held her tighter. Then I asked the stranger in our house Pete if her would like to feel my wife’s beautiful pussy. His hand quickly replaced Bill’s and he went to work feeling her womanhood every way he could. She turned to me again and said she has to go now, she can’t let this happen anymore. I told her as soon as she lets them see her pussy cum close up she could go. And then I told Pete to finger her good. He shoved one finger all the way in her and started working it around feverishly. She was taking deep deep breaths and started tensing up. Then she looked down at Pete as he looked up at her. Their eyes locked on each other as her pussy began to cum, her juices flowing out onto his hand. In the middle of her orgasm Bill pulled Pete’s hand away and replaced it with his own. Fingering her as her pussy kept cumming in front of the 2 guys.

As her orgasm subsided I let her go, she slid to the floor and I quickly dropped my shorts and got down between her legs and slid the hardest prick I ever had into her in one push. Within 5 strokes I was cumming deep into her harder than I’ve ever cum in my life. It lasted forever.

We both got up. She stood there in front of them for a minute then walked back into the bedroom with me following her. We showered together and got dressed. When we came out Bill and Pete were gone and I’ve never seen either of them again. It’s been a year since that day, nothing is ever said about it and nothing remotely like it has happened. And my wife, she still likes to embarrass me at every opportunity.

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