tagBDSMHorsewoman's Lesson

Horsewoman's Lesson


Walking into the barn where I boarded my horse I was met with a sight I hadn’t expected. The barn owner’s eldest son, Jon, was there with his farrier truck, shoeing horses. My mare was long over due and I wasn’t exactly ready to face his lecture for letting her feet grow so long but I had already been spotted so it was no use trying to get out of it. The barn owner, a lady I had known well, was giving him some last minute instruction then got in her truck to head out with the rest of the bunch for a weekend horse show, leaving myself and this large well built man alone with the horses. She stopped the truck even with me.

“Hey gal…bout time you showed up!” She said with a grin the belied something untold. “I’m leaving the barn with you and Jon…. have fun you two…oh and he’s already seen your mare’s feet.” She chuckled as she drove on out of the barn. I groaned inwardly…this was NOT going to be fun.

Jon was a tall man, a good 6’ 6” to be exact. His thick black hair was just barely long enough to be pulled back into a tail but some of his unruly straight locks would frequently break free of their bonds and hang lazily over one eye. His eyes were deep blue pools that seemed to reach inside of you, searching your inner most thoughts; inner most desires. This man was definitely hot and I found him often the subject of my fantasies and many a dream. I always had a hard time of not showing how this man affected me in his presence and others…. this man was my farrier, someone I hired earnestly to do a job for me and to allow anything other than that was not something that was considered kosher, so I had to shake all thoughts along this line from my head and try very hard to be as casual as possible.

As always, Jon worked in the wash rack…hooking the horses to be shod to the crossties. I watched from the corner of my eye as I passed, as he bent over trapping the horse’s hoof between his knees while he hammered the shoe in place. I always loved this view of a farrier…a man in leather chaps with a nice ass, bent over in front of me, giving me a great view from behind. Not wanting him to notice me too closely just yet, I tried to walk on buy yet stealing glances every chance I got. Luckily my mare’s stall was on the opposite side across from the wash racks. It gave me easy view yet I could look without direct eye contact.

As I pretended to fuss with my mare, brushing and smoothing her long mane, I cast furtive glance at the wash rack, admiring the view. Long well muscled legs lay beneath those blue jeans and leather half chaps. His upper torso bore a solid looking chest, massive shoulders and well-muscled arms, as are the arms of most men who shoe horses day in and day out for a living. I guess they have to be considering the size and power of the beasts they wrestle with constantly and I’ve seen Jon literally wrestle a huge jumper to the ground once…very impressive! I’ve always found large strong men to be a great turn on and this one was no exception.

Jon worked as though no other were around…. diligently doing his job…. not looking in my direction. I’d hear him softly speak to the horse, to sooth it before he placed another shoe on it…. muscles bulging and ripping as he wielded the tools of his trade. Soon he was finished with the horse and took it back to the stall.

“Put your mare in their next young lady,” Jon called back over his shoulder already using that scolding tone in his normally smooth bass voice; startling me out of my lusty trance.

I did as I was told immediately but what was that feeling I was getting? …. It suddenly got even hotter in the barn; though I tried to deny it to myself, but I know I felt a rush of warmth come over me. I shook my head as if to clear thoughts from my mind and hooked my mare to the crossties, then took a seat on one of the tack boxes across from her where I could watch all the action.

Jon slowly swaggered back to his truck, first casting a glance at my mare, the shaking his head negatively, then looking out of the corner of his deep blue eyes toward me. There was something in that look that told me I was really in for an interesting time…foreboding yet devilish. He reached in the back of his truck and removed a leather strap, slapped it against his thigh once; causing me to jump a bit at the sound; then proceeded to sharpen his hoof trimming knife on it…slowly, methodically, muscles in his upper arms rippling lightly with every stroke.

“How long has it been since I did her feet last?” Jon asked nonchalantly without looking up at me.

I had to clear my throat before I could speak…. I was so preoccupied with watching the man’s bulging arms. “Ahem…I think…” I stammered, “A…about a month …” Jon shot me a look that told me he knew I was lying to get out of a scolding “or…or two” I added quickly without knowing why this man could make me squirm like this. I was usually in pretty good control of myself.

“Or three” Jon added sarcastically. Then he looked at my mare again and right back into my eyes….”Ummmm mmmm mmmmm” he said shaking his head negatively again…. then slapped the leather strap against his thigh once more, harder and louder this time. “Somebody’s in trouuuuublllleeeee” he said softly, drawing out the words.

I gave a nervous little chuckle as I squirmed on my hard wood seat. The sound of the strap and Jon’s words gave me an unusual tingle on my bottom and I felt a growing wetness between my legs. I cold hardly believe this man’s playful actions were exciting me so! Watching his muscles bulge and ripple as he hammered the metal horse shoes, watching him work the leather strap, first sharpening the knife then slapping the strap repeatedly against his thigh…

“I think someone deserves a good ass whoopin” I hear Jon say softly to my mare as he stroked her neck “How bout you girl?” Then he patted her on the withers and turned an evil ominous grin in my direction before he bent over to pick up her feet; his semi long black hair falling over one eye slightly. I could see him looking under his arms toward me to catch my reaction…self-satisfied grin on his face as I squirmed all the more on the hard tack box seat.

I didn’t know what to think, how to react. Jon and I had always joked around a good bit, as any farrier and client tend to do. I also knew Jon was quite a playboy from all the escapades his father had often told during some of our get togethers at the barn. I usually stay away from the playboy types but for some reason, this one held a great desire for me. It was difficult to think of anything but what he suggested doing to me. The wetness grew even more in my groin, yet I knew I would be mortified if he really tried to ‘whoop’ my ass, as he put it.

The entire shoeing session went on with Jon suggestively slapping the leather strap to his leg…. Chuckling low and somewhat evilly on seeing my jump or squirm. He even reached up once and pulled lightly on the cross tie ropes; “Yup…good and strong.” He said softly, “strong enough to hold any horse…. or human’ then he turned in my direction, pointed his filing rasp at me, back to the crossties and winked. He didn’t need say anymore, I knew what he was suggesting and that suggestion only succeeded in causing my desires to rage all the more. For fall to soon be arriving that barn was becoming incredibly hot.

“Done…. put her up” Jon said in a commanding tone bringing me out of my wandering thoughts. And while Jon went about putting away his tools, I walked a bit shakily toward my mare.

The back of his hand brushed lightly across my backside as I hooked my mare to her lead line and I drew a quick breath inward at the realization that that hand still held the leather strap. Jon chuckled, lay the strap on the wall between the two wash racks then put the rest of his tools in the back of his truck. As I led my mare away I could feel his eyes bore into me from behind while he washed his hands clean of all grime of the job. Inwardly I thanked my desire to wear as little as possible to the barn today. My short denim shorts clung tightly to a well-rounded ass and the thin sleeveless blouse I wore showed easily the outlines of my black bra. I felt him undressing me mentally and I smiled knowing this man liked what he saw.

After putting the horse in her stall I tried to collect myself and walk stoically back to Jon to settle my bill with him, not wanting to show he’d had any affect on me at all. The sight I found caused my mind to real once again to areas it need not go. Jon leaned casually against the waist high cement block wall between the wash racks toying with one of the crossties. He’d looped it around on itself, inserted his arm and tested the bond by pulling both directions.

“You know,” he said matter of fact like, “I think this would hold you quite well.” Then grinned knowingly at me…. my jaw had dropped and so had my hands, directly to my private place. I gave a slight shudder as I subconsciously rubbed my hand upwards. “Come here woman,” Jon demanded, “You’ve got a lesson to learn.”

I tried to laugh it off nervously, “haha…how much do I owe you?” I asked, trying to get it back to a business level.

Jon was up and lunged for me so fast that I had no time to react. He’d trapped both my wrists between his big strong fingers and drug me quickly into the wash rack. Without a word, Jon had my hands up and bound with the loop in the crosstie from the opposite wash rack, forcing me to stand on the tip of my toes, leaned slightly over the cement block wall. My feet were in a pair of barn clogs, which easily fell off and Jon kicked them out of the way.

“What are you doing?” I protested. “Are you nuts?” I tried to sound indignant as I pulled and strained, trying to free myself from this make shift bond.

Jon leaned against my back and ran his strong hands up my sides, lifting my blouse upwards. I drew in a long breath as I felt him reached around in front of my bra and unclasp it, allowing my ample D cup sized breast to be free. He toyed with the nipples and pressed me harder against the wall. I could feel his growing erection beneath his jeans.

“You know you like this” he whispered softly chuckling in my ear. “I’ve seen how you look at me…. watch me. You’ve wanted me from the first time you saw me.”

“HA! You wish!” I spat derisively, although why I could not say because inwardly I too knew this was true. I tried all the harder to release myself.

Jon laughed deeply, released my breasts then stepped back. “Well you do…whether you want to admit it or not. But first,” he then reached for the leather strap, “I’ve a bit of a lesson to teach you young lady.” I heard him playfully slap the strap in the palm of his hand.

“Are you nuts?” I asked again. “This is crazy! Let me go!” I demanded.

“Is it?” He asked coyly, then ran his hand up the insides of my legs, stopping at against my crotch. “I think you’re kinda turned on by this…I think this is not only something you need but something you really WANT.”

While at this very moment I could not deny this is what I wanted, I wasn’t about to admit it to him. My defiance of any authoritive type thing was always one of my biggest downfalls. Jon reached around to unfasten my shorts.

“STOP!” I yelled trying to twist and turn, to stop his removal of my clothing. “What are you doing? What if someone comes in?” I think I was more worried about the humiliation of being found in such a vulnerable position than anything else.

“We’re all alone girl,” Jon replied with a leer, ‘Mom saw to that. Everyone is at the show and no one else will be home all weekend. We’ve got the whole barn to ourselves to have fun in and I am definitely going to have a great time.” With that Jon quickly pulled my shorts down my legs and took my thong with them, pulling them straight off my feet. He cast them aside and stepped toward me, laying a hand on my round upturned bare ass. “Ahhhhhh perfect position, perfect ass” he said in a self-satisfied tone. “I am sooooo going to enjoy this.”

I looked over my shoulder to see him pull his arm wielding the strap far back. “NO!” I screamed in protest but before the word was out of my mouth I felt the stinging lash of the strap against my bared ass. Gritting my teeth I merely grunted through them. My rebellious side wasn’t about to allow him the pleasure of hearing me cry out in pain.

“Spread your legs woman. I want you to experience this in all the right places” Jon said, forcefully kicking my feet apart and pushing me farther across the wall with his other hand. SMACK! The strap came down once more over and over.

I drew my breath inward but still I would not scream out. I felt myself becoming more and more aroused with each stinging slap of the leather. I felt Jon lean next to me against the wall and snake his free hand down my side and under my body. Soon it found that part of my sex that betrayed me.

“Ah ha” he laughed triumphantly as he felt the dripping juices from my pussy. “You DO enjoy this! I always knew you were secretly into domination and punishment!” and as he brought the leather strap down all the harder on my bare ass I felt him slip his fingers inside my awaiting vagina and work them in rhythm with the blows.

My body trembled and my mind swam as I started feeling the ecstasy this punishment was bringing. My legs spread involuntarily wider and I could feel the blows coming closer to my most sensitive areas. My pussy was more juicy than it had ever been in my entire adult life.

Jon was obviously enjoying himself as I could hear him grunt with every swing of the leather and his hardness was growing beyond belief in his crotch. Soon I felt myself nearing an orgasm…. Jon must have sensed it too because he threw the leather strap aside roughly.

“No,” he roared, “You’ll not cum until allow it!”

He stood, turned me in my bonds to face him and sat my tender sore ass up on the cement wall. My arms bound painfully at the wrist didn’t allow me to do anything but what this man forced me to do. Pushing me back a bit I was held in a balancing position across the wall by my wrists. He then lifted my legs and spread them roughly, placing my knees across his shoulders.

I felt his strong hands rip my blouse and bra back from my body to hang in shreds on my upper arms, exposing my full breasts to him. He grabbed my breasts and played unmercifully with my hard erect nipples as he let his engorged cock press against me. The roughness of his jeans felt pleasurably painful against the tender beaten area of my pussy and ass.

He leaned down; looked into my eyes with the most demanding and possessive look I have ever seen. “You are mine bitch,” he stated, “Mine to do with as I wish. Anyone who has no more regard for an animal as you do to ignore even the simplest of needs deserves to be punished, used and abused to the fullest.” Then he grinned evilly before he took my large breast into his mouth.

He sucked eagerly on one, rolling the nipple around with his tongue before he went onto the other. His hands moved down to my ass and I felt him slap first one cheek then the other as if to remind me of that punishment. I could only moan sensually. The whole idea of being totally in this man’s power, being punished and used by him, was the greatest excitement I had ever felt. Soon he stood, moving his arms to the insides of my thighs lifting me slightly into an awkward position, with his hands under my ass forcing my hips upward and my head to hang down over the other side of the wall, my knees still over his shoulders. The cement hurt somewhat on my back and I groaned slightly.

That groan soon turned to a gasp as Jon plunged his mouth hard into my sopping pussy. His tongue driving deeply into my awaiting vagina. I bucked against his tongue, trying desperately for that sexual release I so needed but had never felt to this extent before. This man knew how to drive me over the edge of sexual pleasure.

“Ummmm,” I heard Jon say approvingly, muffled in my crotch as he lapped up my increasingly flowing juices. He stepped in farther; forcing me to fairly be suspended, head down. I felt a hand come off my backside then travel to my pussy, inserting first one rough finger then two more, working them furiously in and out while he sucked on my clit.

I was so near climax my head swam. All realization of my surroundings had left me as I begged him to bring me to orgasm. “Yes! Make me cum!” I screamed. He curved his fingers inside of me, pushing my clit farther outward. Jon’s tongue lapped furiously at my juices and I thought he’d devour it with is deep hard sucking. Just as I felt the first signs electricity flowing through my body with the beginnings of orgasm, Jon pulled his fingers and mouth away from my pussy and stood back so abruptly that I was startled back to my situation.

“Why’d you stop?” I asked pleadingly.

“Not YET!” Jon said cruelly then slid my legs off his shoulders, ran his hand up one, gripping it by the ankle then grabbed the other likewise.

Holding my legs in the air by my ankles I was still balanced across the wall between the racks. I couldn’t help wonder what new form of torture and punishment he had in store for me because there was that gleam in his eye that said he wasn’t finished my torment. I found myself thinking against all that I knew to be proper that whatever it was I would welcome it willing.

Jon first reached up to the crosstie rope that secured my wrists. He pulled an excess of the rope thru the ring it was attached to on the post of the wash rack and deftly tied it with a quick knot that only a long time horseman could do. He then reached for the crosstie rope on his side of the wash racks and quickly looped it around my ankles, clasping it firmly to itself, pulling the loop tight against me then pulling the excess of that rope thru its ring as he had done on the other side and knotted it as well, thus securing me in a somewhat U position.

My breathing was labored and I alternately raised my head to see what was to come next and allowed it to drop again as my neck became sore. I felt my vagina throb with unattained desires, excess juices dripping down the crack of my ass. My ass still stung from the vicious whipping it had received at the hands of a man I had before this only considered a man providing a service for me. Now he was providing more than just a service and it seemed I was serving his inner secret desires as well.

I heard the sound of Jon’s belt as he unbuckled it and slid it from the loops of his jeans. He chuckled mercilessly as I raised my head and watched him fold that belt in two, snapping the leather on itself loudly. I knew he’d be whipping my already battered ass once again. I felt his hand lightly caress my soreness, saw him pull away then felt the sting of the belt across my well-positioned bottom. I yelped involuntarily, causing Jon to laugh all the louder but that one smack was all it seemed he was going to do because he laid the belt beside me, rolled me carefully to my side then around to my stomach, pulling my bonds around so that my legs bent upward at the knees but not so far as to cover my ass, and my arms upward ad the elbow. Now the U formation was reversed as I was balanced painfully precarious on my stomach over the stone wall, half in one rack half in the other.

Jon walked over to his truck, opened a compartment in the back and started rummaging around for something. Soon I heard him give a triumphant “Ah ha!” once again and he returned to me holding up a very large vibrator that looked to be all of 12 inches long. It was red jell looking and had what seemed oversized bumps on its sides and appeared a good 3 inches around. He toyed tauntingly with the control on the bottom and I could hear its varying speeds as it buzzed away in his hand as it did a kind of corkscrew motion. I didn’t have to guess what he was about to do.

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