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Horsing Around


As King walked down the street, his semi-erect cock bounced in front of him with every step. The sensation was pleasant, and was gradually causing it to stiffen more and more. He'd had fucked Annabelle before leaving the house this morning and had provided stud service to a mare just before lunch, but several hours had passed and he was again starting to crave a good cum. The clomp-clomp of hoofed feet on concrete stopped as he paused to grab his hardening member and begin stroking it. Unencumbered by clothes or any concept of modesty, King thought nothing of interrupting a walk through town to jack off while standing on the sidewalk.

King heard high-pitched giggles behind him. Still gripping his massive shaft, he turned around to see the twin bonobo monkeys, Bebe and Cici. "Hi Mister King," they said in unison. They began to giggle again, rather uncontrollably. "Can we watch?"

"Sure," King replied. "You can help if you want."

The two girls ran up to his cock and began licking and kissing his stiff shaft. Their little vaginas were physically much too small to ever take King's huge horse cock, but they were fascinated with it and loved to fondle and lick it. Cici couldn't take more than just the head of his cock into her mouth, but she did an expert job of sucking on the tip. She flicked her tiny tongue around the opening, which King found quite enjoyable. Meanwhile, Bebe was licking and caressing his giant testicles as he continued to jerk his cock.

"I'm going to cum," King announced. One spurt would be many times what Cici could possibly swallow, so King turned to let the stream of sticky goo shoot into the air. He spasmed repeatedly, sending ribbon after ribbon of cum into the grass beside the sidewalk. After all, as the mayor of Furrburg, King had to consider of the safety risk of leaving slippery cum underfoot on the concrete.

Once Bebe and Cici had taken turns licking his dickhead clean, King bid them adieu and continued toward the center of town. He considered how fortunate he was to be a stallion. Others marveled at how often he could perform sexually, but for him it seemed totally natural to cum a minimum of five or six times a day. His cock was at least partially erect most of the time. This made some of the townsfolk a bit uncomfortable, but the majority had long ago accepted his throbbing, erect cock as just another aspect of his appearance. He was a professional stud horse, after all.

King enjoyed standing at stud. He was proud of the many fine young horses he'd sired, and he was equally happy to let others raise them—family life was not for him. But impregnating mares, despite being a fine job that paid well and allowed time for his mayoral duties, was still just a job. He rarely fucked other horses for fun outside of work. He just didn't find them all that attractive. Most mares really let their figures go once they started breeding. Some of the younger fillies did arouse him, but genetics being what they are, he liked the fact that he didn't have to worry about getting some horny little bobcat or fox pregnant unexpectedly (although there was one hinny out there as a result of a wild night he'd spent slumming with a donkey). Furthermore, other species were a lot more adventurous in the sack; mares had notoriously poor libidos. For them, sex was just a way to get pregnant, not a need. That disinterest did have an upside: at stud, mares let him do whatever felt good to him without worrying about pleasing his partner. But after a while even that could get old; King loved to watch a female get lost in the sort of blissful ecstasy he was so good at providing. The fact that smaller animals have smaller, tighter cunts was an added bonus. (Although, he had to admit that at the other extreme, Big Missy the hippo was always one hell of a fun, lusty fuck.)

And then there was Annabelle. Ah, Annabelle, his dragon roommate. She was his perfect partner. Dragons have a reputation for being incredibly bitchy and demanding, but that's only when they aren't sexually satisfied. And satisfying a dragon's legendary wantonness is a tall order. But as long as King gave her a nearly constant dose of rough, hard sex, along with lots of sweet words and passionate kisses, Annabelle was pleasant, appreciative and content. It worked out wonderfully: Annabelle was the only female King had ever met who's insatiable hunger for sex matched his own, and she knew that King was the only partner she'd ever find that was strong, virile, and kind enough to handle her demanding personality. Annabelle was also the only female he'd been in a relationship with who truly had no underlying resentment about his career; neither of them had any expectation of monogamy or hangups about promiscuity.

King arrived at the city park and began looking around for his friends Hardesty and Val. He first checked the basketball court, but it was still a bit early in the day for the usual weeknight pickup game. A little further on, he saw them at one of the picnic tables, getting it on with a fine-looking whitetail. He should have expected. They were the only two guys King knew who were as consistently horny as he was (although King was secretly proud of the fact that neither could match his nearly inexhaustible staying power). He'd been best friends with Hardesty since kindergarten, and they'd known Val since high school. Over the years, they'd shared a lot of jokes, booze, and basketball games. And many, many women--including Annabelle last light.

The slim, young deer was on the picnic table, lying on her back with her hooves high in the air. Hardesty was standing between her thighs at the end of the table, holding her legs and slamming his huge bull's cock into her so vigorously that his nose ring was bouncing against his face. Even from this distance, King could see his friend's giant ballsack slapping against her twitching white patch of tail. Val was to one side of the table, bent close to her face, kissing her deeply as she stroked his long, bushy lion's mane. Oh, how girls loved that pretty mane; it got him more ass than you can imagine. In between kisses, she was letting out a string of short moans and gasps, oohing and ahhing with pleasure. As King got closer, he heard Val say, "Har, let me try some of that. Come over here and let her suck your dick." The two switched positions. Val's lion cock was not nearly as thick as Hardesty's massively stout member, but even longer and incredibly hard when erect. Still wet with her saliva, Val slid all of it into her slick, dripping snatch in a single, smooth thrust, which caused the deer to let out an excited, high-pitched squeal of surprise.

"Oh, baby, you've got one sweet honeypot," Val said. "You still feel tight even after taking Hardesty's big rod."

"Oooh, I'm so wet! I love it!" she cried.

"Hey there, King," the big bull said to King as he noticed his friend approach.

"Har, Val," King nodded back.

"This is Fawnessa," Val said. He was now humping her rhythmically. "She's just moved here. She wants to be an actress. Fawnessa, this is King. He's the mayor."

The doe looked up at King, grinning casually despite having a lion's cock deep within her and holding a bull's cock in her outstretched hand. "Hi" was all she said, then she turned towards Hardesty and guided his rigid cock, still slick with her juices, between her full, soft lips.

"Do you have any contacts in the entertainment industry?" Hardesty asked King.

"Depends. You looking for straight acting jobs, or yiff stuff?"

"Either, I guess," the young deer replied between tongue-flicks on the head of Hardesty's dick. "For now, whatever will pay the rent."

"I know a few guys who would love to meet someone as fresh and sexy as you. But I can't make any promises beyond an introduction." King said. He watched in amazement as Fawnessa took nearly all of Hardesty's huge cock into her petite mouth, causing the huge bull to let out a rumbling grunt of satisfaction. King let his gaze travel from her lips to her cute black nose to her exquisitely long eyelashes. "You sure are beautiful. Pretty enough and sexy enough to make it in yiff flicks for sure," King said to her. "And certainly not shy."

"Thanks," she said appreciatively, after pulling Hardesty's cock from her mouth with an audible pop.

Just then Val pulled out of her and roared wildly as he grabbed his cock and shot his load all over her soft, white belly.

King heard a female voice from over his shoulder. "Man, don't you guys ever take a break?" He turned around to see Samantha the gator walking toward them.

"Sam!" King said with a lilt in his voice. "G'day Sheila! Haw's tricks in th' outback?"

"For the thousandth time, King," she said with mock indignation, "I'm a alligator, not a croc. My ancestors never lived in Australia." She came up to him and slithered her hands over his rippling, muscular flanks. She was the only female in town other than Annabelle who was tall enough to stand eye-to-eye with King. (Well, there was Janet the giraffe, but she actually had to bend down to look him in the eye.) He dropped his hands to the shapely curves of Samantha's hips and felt the delightful firmness of her cool, hard scales under his touch.

"When is that girlfriend of yours going to come over and give me some of that hot dragon tongue?" (She meant that literally; the temperature of a dragon's tongue is 112 degrees Fahrenheit. The females of some species find the sensation painful, for others, it's incredibly arousing.)

"Just stop by our place anytime," King said. "I know she'd love to get with you." He pictured in his mind's eye the delicious scene of Samantha and Annabelle writhing around in front of him, their long, forked tongues intertwining. "And I could use a good floorshow."

"Oh, I won't let you just be a spectator," Sam replied. "I like your cock too much." She grabbed his shaft and led him by it to end of the picnic table opposite from where the young doe was still lying with a satisfied, glassy-eyed smile on her face, enjoying the feel of Val's mane against her thighs as he tongued her clit. Meanwhile, Hardesty was jerking his cock rapidly and positioning the tip over the pool of Val's cum on her belly, about add his cum to to the puddle at any moment. King lifted Samantha's ass onto the opposite end of the table. She spread her legs apart and pulled King to her, then started rubbing her crotch with one hand as she fondled his cock with her other.

King felt himself rapidly stiffening up again. Yep, he thought, it's good to be a horse.

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