tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHoshi's Empire - The Saga Continues Ch. 01

Hoshi's Empire - The Saga Continues Ch. 01


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a work of fantasy/fiction. While some of the characters resemble those in a double-episode of Star Trek Enterprise, most of them are purely fictional. THIS SERIES IS AN EXTENSION OF MY 'ENTERPRISE-THE OTHER SIDE' SERIES, set in the time following the coup by Hoshi Sato when she took over leadership of the Terran Empire as its Empress.

Hoshi's Empire - Chapter 1

Empress Hoshi and her Court

Hoshi gathered her senior staff in the mess hall to outline her plans for their command. Included on the crew were Tucker, Reed, Mayweather, Phlox, Captain Burke (replacing Major Hayes who was dispositioned during the coup), and the two female members of her Court, T'Pol and Mynka Shana'an. While the Vulcan had been her opponent in Archer's sex competition, she was a brilliant scientist and a formidable warrior - two characteristics Hoshi needed on this team. The Andorian girl had shown up, weapon in hand, to defend Hoshi against a brief rebellion by Major Hayes, and had in fact been the one who fired the fatal shot on Hayes. Like both Hoshi and T'Pol, Mynka was a very sexy woman and knew how to make the men listen.

For starters, Sato established a very strict set of guidelines for the interaction between the two sexes. No longer were the men to demand favors when the mood struck them. Only the three women at the top had that privilege. Sato, Shana'an, and T'Pol each had a male consort, and those men were expected to provide pleasure on demand to their respective women. Sato and Mayweather were a pair, T'Pol and Tucker were a pair, and Mynka had chosen Captain Burke as her consort. The remaining officers could choose from any of the other females; but unless the female wanted to please him, it was a no go. The situation among the non-commissioned crewmen was somewhat looser, and group sex was a common occurence with them. There were a few non-com females who had some of the officer privileges. Janet Kelly and Amanda Cole were two such women, and they frequented the quarters of male officers on the bridge staff.

"EMPRESS ON DECK" T'Pol called, bringing the room to attention.

Hoshi Sato, dressed in her usual impressive black and gold lame', stood before them. "My subjects, I give my thanks to all of you for enabling this historic event." she began, allowing a brief round of applause. "We have the power with this vessel to command respect throughout this galaxy and all other galaxies." she said, to another round of applause. "My intention is not to rule with brutality and violence; but to maintain order and the dominance the Terran Empire." She looked around the room, reminding her that a siginificant minority of this crew were non-Terrans. "I fully accept that Terrans are not the only members of this crew, and that non-Terrans represent a significant portion of the population of this Empire. It is not my intention to hold non-Terrans in a poor light, nor to show prejudice toward them in any way." she said with conviction. "We live in a very tenuous time, and need to maintain our vigilence against those in other systems and empires who would harm us or steal our power."

She went on to explain the contents of the information packets she had provided to them. The rules were well presented and carefully spelled out. The packets were personalized, so that each recipient knew exactly where they stood in the Empress' pecking order. Most of the higher-ranking members of the staff were relocated to better quarters, with the facilities and engineering teams building large suites for the female trio at the top, while other senior staff members moved up to the senior officers deck. The male consorts moved in with their respective women; but had a 'bedroom' separate from that of the lady. The residence quarters were separated by deck, with the top level including an observation lounge under the main bridge. Archer would have called it frivolous. Hoshi called it home.

"In conclusion I want you all to feel free to pass your suggestions and comments to my staff. They will send them to me if they believe there is merit. I very much want us to feel like a kingdom here on the Defiant. We are the supreme command structure for the new Terran Empire. Welcome, my subjects!" she said, bowing as waves of applause rolled through the room. All heads bowed as she left the stage, flanked by her consort and two security escorts. The disappeared into one of the new 'private tunnels' leading to a private turbolift up to the 'Suite Deck'.

T'Pol took the podium, pounding a gavel for quiet. Once she had their attention she picked up a document from the packets they had received. "In your packet you will find a document declaring your allegiance to Empress Sato and to the Terran Empire." she began. "These documents will be collected from each of you before you can leave this meeting. You must sign in both places indicated on the form and provide your security pass to the guard to prove your identity when you turn it in." she told them. "Other than that you may stay and enjoy the refreshments or leave to resume your duties - as you wish. Thank you for coming, and long live Empress Sato!" she shouted, bringing cheers and applause and an echoing of her last phrase. She then leaned close to the Chief of Security, whispering something in his ear before she headed for the 'ST' (security tunnel) flanked by Tucker and two escorts. She nodded to Mynka on her way by, knowing the petite little Andorian would keep things under control.

After the big meeting, Hoshi called a top-level meeting with her two ladies and their three consorts to discuss protocol amongst them. Travis had mentioned very briefly that he was a little disappointed that he had lost his 'edge' on the bridge. The Empress wanted to bring that issue up for discussion, as well as any similar topics the team might have. While she demanded respect and obedience, she didn't want these men in particular to be unhappy. At the appointed time, the other four gathered in the foyer of Sato's suite to await her invitation.

"Thanks for coming." Hoshi said, dressed more casually after the long day 'on display'. "I just wanted to talk with everyone about something Travis brought to my attention yesterday. Travis, I don't want to put words in your mouth, so will you kindly tell us about your concerns?" she suggested, giving him the floor.

"Yes, well I trained for years to fly starships and I'm good at it. With the changes that have occured here I feel somewhat left out of those duties when it comes to ships operations and the bridge. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy my duties as Consort to the Empress more than I can say; but I'm asking that perhaps we can find a compromise that gives me the opportunity to not only stay sharp at the helm; but develop my skills in the framework of this new technology." he told them. "Any ideas?" he asked.

Trip chimed in. "I have similar concerns with the engineering work. I can count the hours I've spent in Engineering during the past two weeks on one hand." he added.

Several long moments of silence followed before T'Pol brought her voice to the discussion. "I think these are valid comments gentlemen." she began, reaching over to squeeze Trip's leg. "We should respect your technical skills as well as those you display in private. I am open to any ideas we can bring here to better balance the lives of these fine men. Hoshi, Mynka, what can we do for our men?" She asked, catching Travis' eye and giving him a wink.

Mynka was first to respond. "I can certainly understand Travis' concern, as I share some of his skillset and haven't had a chance to fly this bird in a month." she said. "What I would suggest, ladies, is that we assign them a shift - or a partial shift - during which they execute their technical duties on a scheduled basis. This will mean there must be a backup to take over should their consort duties be required." she suggested, looking around the room.

"I will consider that proposal; but it needs more definition." Hoshi replied.

"What do you mean by definition?" Burke chimed in.

"First of all, a definition for 'shift'. Is this the normal nine-hours with eight hours on station plus the thirty-minute handoff at either end?" she asked. "Or is it a six-hour stint on station requiring an adjustment by the other two shifts? We have to consider the rest of the crew here." she told them.

Travis had a recommendation. "Well, we already have on-station officers for each of us, right?" he began, looking around as the others acknowledged it. "So we each have a full, normal shift; but only some number of days each week - say - three days a week. The other four days the current staff handles the load." he stated.

"And what do those people do while you are on station?" T'Pol asked.

"They are extra resources and backup." Trip proposed. "This would give us better coverage all the time. It's a win-win." he added.

Hoshi raised her hand. "I am in favor." she said, looking to her two ladies. Both raised their hands. "Done. T'Pol, kindly have the department heads submit revised shift rotations by the end of the week. We will implement the change at the beginning of next week." she told them. "Next issue?" she queried.

The men seemed happy with the other aspects of their new positions, and neither T'Pol nor Mynka had new business. Sato called the meeting adjourned and retired to her posh bedroom suite for a bath. Travis attended to her needs, providing a tray with caviar, crab, and a variety of exotic cheeses along with her favorite liqueur. Per her request he stripped naked while meeting her needs. Since she was nude, it only seemed fair. After an hour soaking by herself she asked that he join her in the tub, and they cuddled and kissed until her libido took over. She sat on the edge of the tub with her legs spread wide, insisting that he please her orally. He did so with his usual combination of verve and attention to detail, bringing her to the edge of orgasm and holding her there for a good thirty minutes. Life could be worse he thought.

Hoshi pushed his head away, taking him by the ears as she rose from the water. "I want you to FUCK me Travis." she told him, turning around to bend over the edge of the tub. "FUCK ME like a whore, my beautiful black warrior!" she demanded, reaching back to grasp his cock to pull him to her loins.

"Yes, my Empress" he said in the polite tone he had become accustomed to using. He let her guide his meat to her opening, looking down to admire the delicate petals of her pussy. Once his cockhead was against her labia he grasped her lithe hips and pushed his cock deep into her waiting cunt. She squealed in pleasure with the insertion, rotating her hips as he pumped in and out of her. "Yeah baby... yes my Empress..." he grunted, looking down at the tiny wrinkle between her cheeks. He hadn't been in her ass since the day of the coup. He was hoping she would invite him to explore that channel soon.

"OhgodYESSSSS..." Hoshi squealed, loving the thickness of her consort's manhood stretching her wet hole. "FUCK ME TRAVIS... FUCK YOUR EMPRESS" she screamed as his balls bounced off of her clit. She felt his finger teasing her nether port. It had been two weeks, and she knew how he loved her ass. She didn't object as he gently wriggled the finger into her butt, then began pushing her hips back to meet his thrusts. "Come on Travis.. PLEASE ME WITH THAT BIG DICK IN MY PUSSY." she ordered.

Travis heard her words and pounded her cunt as only he could. She was letting him finger her backside, and that was better than nothing. Her wriggling had enabled the finger to burrow deep inside her rectal chute, and he could feel it's presence against his penis as he skewered into her cunt. She began to grunt with each stroke and he knew she was close. His manhood pistoned in and out of her belly as he reached beneath her to manipulate her clit. "Cum for me my Empress" he whispered hoarsely.

"ohGODDDD... OHYES... fuckmefuckmeFUCKMEEEEE" Hoshi squealed, her body trembling and thrashing beneath his hammering strokes. Their activity was splashing the soapy water out of the tub, soaking the floor mats as Empress Hoshi Sato flew over the edge of passion peak riding a wave of lust driven by the cock of her personal consort.

Travis gripped her hips as he continued to screw into her clenching pussy, slowly dropping the pace as she whimpered her submission to his lust. Several minutes later he withdrew his organ from her body, leaning down to kiss her gaping sex, then bringing his tongue upward to lap across her anal port before he helped her up.

Hoshi sat back down in the water, her fingers reaching over to tease at his thigh. "Mmmmmm... thank you my warrior..." she said softly. "I will satisfy you later." she added, stroking his shaft lightly with just her fingertips. She caught his eye and smiled. "Promise" she said. "Now get us another bottle of liqueur, man-slave" she ordered, teasing him with a term she knew he didn't like. He gave her the eye at her comment. "Hey, gotta keep you in line somehow, right?" she giggled.

Travis headed out to the bar to retrieve the bottle she requested, his still-erect cock bobbing in front of him. That is one thing that has changed. He almost never gets his rocks when she wants him to fuck he thought. He grabbed another bottle from the opened case in the refrigerated cabinet and headed back to the bathroom, his cock still bobbing irritatingly ahead of him. He poured her another glass and stood beside the tub awaiting her instructions.

"Oh Travis, thank you." she said, realizing he had returned. She took the glass and had a sip, catching his eye. "You know I really appreciate everything you do, and I know there have been changes that are causing you stress." she told him. "Just tell me" she said. "I want you to be happy." she added, reaching over to squeeze his hand.

"Uh... for one I would like to be satisfied when we are together." he told her.

Hoshi laughed. "Oh honey... and you mean you need to cum when you fuck me?" she teased him. "Come over here, sit on the edge of the tub and let me please you." she directed, patting the padded edge she had used. "Right here baby. Come and let your Empress please you" she said.

He stepped into the warm water, moving over to sit where she had suggested. His penis hung down between his legs, nearly reaching the water's surface as she approached on her knees. She smiled, taking his cock between her fingers as she licked her lips. "Mmm... I love your delicious cock" she said softly, sticking her tongue out to flick it along the sensitive spot beneath the head. "I want to suck it..." her lips wrapped around the head, gently suckling the sensitive flesh. "I want to take it in my mouth..." her lips traveled halfway down his shaft as she sucked. "I want to feel it in my throat..." her lips engulfed his meat and traveled most of the way to the root before her throat muscles clenched around the head. "I want to taste your warm seed..." she whispered, grasping his testicles before she began stroking his cock with her lips. Now THIS is a blow job! he thought, letting his fingertips tickle her ears as her head bobbed slowly up and down. She may be the Empress; but she does know how to suck a cock.

Hoshi worshipped her consort's penis, taking him deep into her oral cavity as her fingers gently fondled his balls. She slipped a slender digit into his anus, sliding it slowly inside his ass without interrupting her rhythmic sucking. His cock twitched and she paused, hoping to do the same for him as he had for her. this is quite enjoyable! she thought, working at his manhood with fingers, lips, and tongue.

Travis looked down at the Asian beauty worshiping his dick. He had not forgotten that look, and was pleased it had returned. He leaned back with the palms of his hands on the tub's edge, letting Hoshi please him in the best possible way. She had recognized his technique, and was bringing him very close to the edge of climax before backing off long enough to let him relax. It was a wonderful experience for nearly an hour, then her mouth withdrew all the way. He looked down at her beautiful smile, returning it before shaking his head.

"I want you to cum in my ass, my beautiful warrior." she said hoarsely. She stood up and took his hand. "Come, lover. Fuck my wanton ass with your big beautiful cock" she directed, stepping from the tub and bringing him with her. He hesitated to climb onto the bed, as both of them were still dripping wet. "Never mind the wetness lover." she said as if she were reading his mind. He watched as she positioned herself on hands and knees, then reached behind her pull her cheeks apart. "Fuck my ass Travis. I want it in my ass." she said hoarsely.

He slowly clambored onto the bed behind her, his eyes taking in the niggardly little hole she was offering. He leaned down, working at her anus with his tongue. Soft mewls escaped her as he worked some of her natural lube inside her bottom with a finger. "FUCK MY ASS NOW" she demanded, willing her anal ring to dilate. He knelt up behind her, pushing the bulbous head of his penis past her clenching ring. As always, her ass was incredibly tight. She groaned as he pushed a couple of inches into her backside, her hips trembling with the strain. Then he noticed the bottle of lube on the nightstand and reached for it, toppling both of them on their sides without dislodging his hard meat from her butt. Hoshi giggled. "Hmmm... let's try this position for a while lover!" she said. He pulled his cock from her pooper and coated the head and shaft with the slippery stuff, then coated a finger to distribute it inside her rear. "Okay baby... put it in my butt" she instructed, reaching back to guide his organ to her opening. Travis pushed his hips toward her, easing his meat into her snug bottom. "yyYESSSSS..." she growled.

The 'spoon' position created some interesting and very stimulating sensations. Travis could press the length of his dick into her asshole, and small motions of her hips worked his penis in dramatic and very erotic ways. "Work it with your ass, my Empress." he whispered, easing his shaft an inch out before pushing it back inside her. "ohhhhyessss..." he groaned as her rectal channel manipulated his organ. He could feel every inch of her bottom wrapped around his cock, caressing his flesh in her heated chute. "my god Hoshi... oh my god..." he whispered, his manhood twitching in her fundament. The sensations continued and grew stronger as they lay there on their sides. He reached around her to gently fondle her firm breasts, then ran one hand down over her belly to find her hard little nub. The contact awoke her passion and they began to tremble and writhe together, his cock moving in and out of her asshole. "ohFUCK" he grunted as her sphincter clamped down on his meat. This is the most incredible anal sex EVER! he thought.

"Oh Travis... my beautiful warrior... I want you to fill my ass with your seed..." she whimpered, pushing her hips back to take him inside. She willed her inner muscles to clench around his organ as he stroked in and out of her butt, and she knew it wouldn't be long when his member began to twitch in spastic convulsions deep in her pooper. "Cum for me Travis, cum in my asshole" she pleaded, writhing her hips in small circles. She felt his first splash and his hands gripped her hips as he hammered her backside in powerful thrusts. "ohyeah... cum in my tight butt... ohyessssss..." she hissed, wincing with one particularly strong thrust combined with a pinch of her nipple.

He'd never had any kind of sex produce such a powerful climax. Hoshi's snug rear had worked his cock perfectly, even before he began his final thrusts. Several minutes after his semen began pouring into her bottom his cock still jerked and twitched in the final throes of his orgasm, and her rectal channel still responded with clenching convulsions around his dick. "Ohgod... ohmyfuckinggod your ass is so wonderful Hoshi..." he wheezed, realizing too late that he had used her name rather than her title. Thankfully she was too enrossed in their lust to notice...

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