Hostage to Change


3 years of marital bliss. That after going out for 3 years. I knew I could have done far worse. We were happy together and the business we ran as a partnership had stormed. We'd met initially at design school, had hit it off both in the sheets and mentally as we shared a view of the world. The fact I had a spatial awareness to take care of the layout and she had a penchant for colour and texture meant our skills complimented each other.

Our business was going well. So well that we'd been able to purchase our own home and do it up as a showcase as well as place of business. Our style was a blend of modernist and tradition that suited renovated old homes and barn conversions. Our place was just that, the old workhouse attached to a walled garden in the corner of a huge old estate.

The owning family had sold it off as a way to pay for a new roof and rebuild of a grand ballroom. It was far enough away from the main house that it didn't impinge on their life, and gave us the privacy we craved. Working the garden had been a push, but the two acres were a canvas we were enjoying painting. With work still to do on the second garden (it was split into three), the one closest to the house was reworked with a pool, huge terrace and garden that meant the indoor space flowed with the outdoor.

Living with Jules was great. Every time I looked at her I wondered how I'd got so lucky. Her body was a blend of smooth curves with not an ounce of fat in the wrong place. She didn't have a big rack, but her breasts made a nice handful. We were the same height, which made for all sorts of pleasant opportunities. I was fit myself with more of a swimmers build than a body builder, but I'd lucked out in the size sweepstakes so compensated in other ways. Though no Holmes in size I was enough above average that no girl, and especially Jules, had ever complained.

Life was good. Even good enough that we'd taken a short break between contracts to work more on the house. We'd done up the interior in a big semi open plan format what with the tall vaulted ceiling, but that second garden was on our minds. I was actually out digging up a bed when it all went haywire.

I still remember her asking me to come in. Her voice sounded odd on the radiophone we used to keep in touch, but when she didn't respond to my query I wasn't worried.

Walking in to find a man holding her up against himself with a knife to her throat stopped me in my tracks. I immediately made out a second roaming picking things up and examining them, then I found the third grab me and felt the cold steel against my own throat.

"Good, glad we're all together now. Can I introduce us? I'm James," This from the man holding Jules, "This is Robert," the man wandering about smiled pleasantly at each of us in turn, "and finally Timothy. You may have noticed a passing resemblance, and indeed we are identical triplets." Though with different hairstyles and cloths, the two faces I could see snapped into focus. They looked familiar somehow, but I wasn't placing it.

"You may wonder why we are here. Its simple really, we have performed the heist of the year, taking down a courier van full of lovely cash from Heathrow, but it didn't entirely go to plan. The poor unfortunate driver resisted and had to be killed, thus we had to bring on Plan B and go into hiding for a while. With a death in the job the police will be looking much harder than they had originally. Your fine house is an excellent hiding hole as it lets us live lavishly, even being able to get outdoors, without much issue."

"The two of you provide us an ability to get the supplies we need, and as your were already somewhat recluses, no one will particularly notice you being a bit more so. Nice isn't it? You even gave us the opportunity to check you out with the tiny little business you run." The nagging memory came back. We'd had a lead come and visit a while back, and it was one of them. Jules had dealt with it primarily, but they'd checked out the house as part of our usual song and dance showing what we could do.

"Now, as to how things will work. You are each ransom for the other. Behave and do as you're told and nothing will happen. Misbehave and it will go poorly. You may have gathered we don't mind a little violence and your deaths would be missed by no one." He was spot on. Both our sets of parents where dead and we were both single kids. It was part of what had attracted us each to the other. A few close friends would question, but none where close enough likely to push hard.

"Clearly, our relaxation and enjoyment in this confinement is your primary goal. We have money, lots of it, and will provide funds so that it can look like you're on a big project. Your time will then be free to focus on us. We have different roles in mind for each of you."

"Beauty here will be our physical entertainment." He moved a hand up to cup a breast. My mouth went dry. I started to struggle to feel the knife press closer. "Hubby over there will take on butler duties and keep the house tidy and us fed and cared for. Simple isn't it?"

The one who'd been wandering around then moved over to Jules. He had this long black rod thing. "Just to demonstrate your need to behave, Robert will now demonstrate." He poked the thing at Jules who suddenly convulsed and yelled out. I started to struggle again, but was held firm and reminded of the knife. Jules curled up on the floor as the bastard held whatever it was to her. She was clearly in huge pain.

He let up and she lengthened back out, whimpering. Then he walked towards me. I looked at the probe, some sort of cattle prod, in horror. He touched me and my body was wracked with more pain than I'd ever felt. Like I was distant from my own body I felt myself fall and curl up into the foetal position. I'd never experience such pain ever in my life. It was awful, all consuming.

It went away, and I slowly came back. I found myself on the floor, and remembered falling. Like I'd run a marathon I slowly lifted myself to my hands and knees, every muscle aching. There was a whimper, and a muted, "No... please don't."

Lifting my ten tonne head I looked to see one of them holding Jules, his hand up under her t-shirt. A sudden rage filled me and I jumped forward, only to find my body again suffused with pain. Distantly I heard Jules calling my name, shouting at them not to hurt me.

The pain went, and I slowly recovered.

"Talk to him, reason with him. We don't want to hurt you, but we will have our way."

I could hear Jules crying, and again lifted my heavy head. "Don't... don't fight. I'll do what they want, just don't fight!" The bastard, with a big grin, stood back. Jules, sobbing pulled her t-shirt over her head and stood there as two of them moved towards her. One was standing over me, so I just lay there, collecting myself, thinking hard.

The two worked like a team on Jules. One from behind, undoing her bra, while the other touched her, stroked her. It wasn't violent, but from her cringes and the look on her face I knew she didn't want to.

I couldn't stand it, she was my wife! Taking a chance I looked up to find the one straddling me looking on with a big grin on his face. I had a moment, and taking a deep breath I concentrated, then used years of Judo training to hit his leg just so.

He leg went out, but he recovered. In an instant we were fighting. I knew I was good, but god damn him he was better. Before I understood what moves he had I was in an arm lock, my wrist forced up behind me.

One of the two with Jules walked over shaking his head. "We can't have you fighting. It just won't do. You have to learn to behave." I tensed my stomach, expecting to be punched. Instead he lifted one of the prods. "Believe it or not, we don't like pain. Its so unnecessary." Still he poked me and my world condensed back into a ball of pain.

When I came back I found my wrists and ankles shackled together, my arms behind my back and my legs bent double to connect everything. A patch of gaffers tape over my mouth completed my helplessness.

Now all three were working on Jane. One was on his knees kissing between her legs, one was suckling on a nipple, the third kissing her neck. Her face looked like she couldn't figure out what was happening. It went on, and on, eventually she was bent over. Her eyes locked on mine, then widened as something pushed into her. God, I wanted to die.

Sometime later I experienced the first of what was to become a regular, if disconcerting, experience.

"You know, its..." "Yeah, offputting..." "Shall I..."

The talked over and through each other, sometimes finishing each other's sentence. One of them broke away. Totally nude and sprouting a big glistening hard on I was hoisted up, taken up our big open stairs and dumped into one of the few enclosed rooms, our changing cupboard.

It didn't stop me hearing. I think I almost went mad. Was that a cry of pain or something else? I'd made her sound the same way so very many times. I just didn't know.

It went on and on. I think I may have slept, I wasn't sure. There were breaks. I could hear the toilet being used, and the downstairs shower. Otherwise it was the soft cries and wet slaps of sex.

It went quiet finally, but not for long. The sun started to rise.

Bodies moved into the room with me, and I looked up to see two of them. One started putting something up in the corner of the room. The other stood behind a nude Jules. She looked completely dishevelled. Cum dribbled down between her legs.

"Are you going to be a good boy?" A response was expected. I gritted my teeth, then nodded. Somehow I'd get us safe. Somehow I'd get revenge. It would need time. "Good. The girl here needs some help getting cleaned up and dressed. She's going out. We'll tell you how that works once she's ready. She also knows how other things are going to work and will fill you in. Just one thing I'll say. You can kiss, you can cuddle, you can't fuck. Her pussy isn't yours anymore. I'm not going to keep you celibate; she can let you know how that'll work. Understand?" I felt humiliated, angry, resentful, and there was sweet FA I could do about it just then.

I nodded and the two men left the room.

Jules came over, obviously shaky herself, and undid my bindings. I grabbed her and she just started crying. I felt like there was nothing I could say or do other than hold her. I tried not to think about what was rubbing off on me from her body.

Her sobs slowed, then she just stood, took my hand and led me to the ensuite and our big shower. I stripped off and joined her. We just held each other again.

Despite myself I went hard. Jules pulled back, a look of anger on her face. She slapped me and I knew I deserved it.

"Just wash me down Charlie, just wash me down. I'm not supposed to do it myself and they've put in cameras everywhere to watch." She pointed to a little round ball in the corner of the room with a lens. Fuck.

I took a face cloth and soap and just began to wash her off. She closed her eyes and just let me do it. If not for the circumstance it would have been incredibly erotic. As I started to sponge very softly between her legs, she started sobbing. I went to stand, but she shook her head and just mouth, "Just wash me." I did. Her pussy lips looked distended and sore, but then I'd never looked too closely after we'd made love before. We often did it twice in a day, sometimes three times, one a week or two more than that. We both had big sex drives and had been happy with each other.

I stood when she was washed off, and she quietly got me to wash her hair. It wasn't something I'd done before, and it was kind of nice. After the horror of last night, it felt good to be able to just take care of her.

Finally she turned towards me. She couldn't look me in the eye. "Turn around." Puzzled, I did and felt her press up against my back. "We can't make love, but I'm supposed to give you hand jobs." Her hand wrapped around me. I couldn't help it, I went instantly hard. She knew how to do me, and it didn't take long before I jetted off into the shower.

As she turned the water off, and we stepped out I felt ashamed of myself. I shot a hateful glance at the camera in the corner. Had they been watching? Assholes.

We went back to the dressing room and she quickly picked out some things. "Uhmm, you're supposed to help me dress." As I picked up one of her sexiest pairs of knickers I had to clamp my jaws shut. "Don't... don't say anything. I have to go out shopping for completely new cloths for both of us." She snorted. "At least you'll get to wear cloths. I'm supposed to dance around the house in sexy smalls all the time." I helped her into them, then with a bra.

She shot me a guilty glance. "You've got to pack up all of our cloths into black bags. They're going out." I helped her into one of her best dresses. She almost never wore dresses or skirts. My Jules was a jeans and t-shirt girl, mostly with simple M&S white smalls. Looks like that was going to change. "I'm buying you knew stuff. Stand still." She got out her tape measure and put it around my chest. "They've decided they don't like another guy around the house."

"I... I don't understand."

"I'm to buy you girls cloths." I went still, shocked. A tone of anger entered Jules voice and I looked over to see her face suddenly livid. She never got angry, never. "If I have to spread my legs to keep us alive, you can wear a girls skirt. Deal!" I went silent, doubly humiliated, but also ashamed. She was right.

Didn't mean I had to like it. "While I'm gone you have to completely shave your body and I'd recommend you use my body lotion afterwards. You'll sting." She handed me a pair of her simple hipster knickers. "Put these on while I finish." Feeling myself flush I pulled the stretchy things up my legs. What the hell was going on?

She sat down and quickly sorted her hair and light makeup. "Tuck it in better, between your legs. You bulge." She said it so matter of fact, like I'd put on the wrong tie or something. I didn't know I could feel any more humiliated, but I did.

Taking my hand she led me out. One was working on our computer, the other two where just lounging.

"Good. Girly has to go out shopping. The other girly has to get ready. But... So we're clear." The two guys stood up and I quickly had these odd tight bracelets done up on a wrist and an ankle. I was led towards the door, and my hand was stuck out. It felt like my arm had just been shoved into boiling oil. "The house and garden have been wired. Stay inside and you'll feel nothing. Step outside and... pain. They're both trapped. You might, maybe get one off. Likely not as the pain will hit before it should be possible. If you do, the second automatically trips in without any limits. It might just be pain, it might fry your brain, it might kill you. Don't know."

Then I had this tight collar done up around my neck. "This though..." He punched something and I could make out a counter in the mirror by the door. It started counting down seconds. "This is girly's limit out of the house. It can't be reset. If you're back in time we take it off. If you're not... pain. Oh, and its set to the burglar alarms. If anyone, like the police say, try to break in?"

Jules looked at me scared, then grabbed her handbag and darted out of the house.

"Go clean up." Scared, embarrassed, angry, frustrated... I went back up to our ensuite. It is not fun shaving your entire body and Jules was right, it stung. I was glad of the lotion, though somewhat sickened at the light floral scent. My skin felt smooth and bare. I wasn't a hirsute man, but oddly not having pubic or underarm hair made me more exposed. Damned if I was going to go downstairs uncalled for, so I just sat and shivered in the warm room.

The clock ticked, getting closer and closer. I refused to believe she'd run away leaving me here, but had she got into a car accident, been mugged? It clicked down into 20 minutes, 10...

Finally, she ran into the room, and I felt relief flood through me. She was winded and supported herself on one arm against the wall. I looked her up and down, shocked at the transformation.

She had on a loose mini skirt, and from my seat on the floor it was clear she had on stockings. A short silk T-shirt and again, from below I could see a sexy black push up bra. My Jules never dressed like this, and once again, if it wasn't for the circumstance I'd be pawing the floor and howling at the moon.

Her hand tugged at the skirt. "Think they'll like it?" Not, do you like it, will THEY like it. I nodded mutely, unable to say anything to that. Then she handed me a small bag with "Miss Selfridge" on the side. Fuck.

"I was told to put something specific aside for today. You've got to unload the car. My stuff is in the boot, yours in the back seat. Put it all away, I have to trust you to be able to find things again so pay attention. Then." She reached into her handbag and picked out a small card. "You've got an appointment at three. Plus the guys have a shopping list. Get ready fast yeah?"

She dashed out and I opened the bag, my heart sinking. It was all latest trendy teen age girl stuff. I wanted to cry, but that would help nothing. My cock felt cold and shrivelled, so it was easy to tuck away into the small silk hipster thong. A matching training bra, just my size, then a tight mini skirt, loose transparent white blouse that didn't cover my belly button and clunky platform shoes.

I looked in the mirror and was shocked. I expected to see a guy in drag. Instead I saw a almost pretty young girl with maybe a squarish face and a too rippled tummy, but I looked just like a fit young girl. Fuck.

It took me ten minutes to get the nerve up to leave the room. It didn't help that when I went downstairs Jules was seated between two of them. One had a hand up under her skirt, the other had a hand up under her shirt. One was kissing her deeply. Both were nude and she had one hard cock in her hand, slowly stroking it.

I forced my eyes away and walked to the garage door. A wolf whistle from behind me just made me blush deeper. "Not bad!" "Has promise, did you..." "Yeah, arrives tomorrow."

As quick as I could I hustled the huge volumes of bags up the stairs. There was a lot of it, and it took time to unpack it all and put it away. I actually blushed at some of the stuff she had bought. Why the fuck had she never bought cloths like this to wear for me?

I didn't pay attention to the time, and was totally shocked when my arm was grabbed and I was dragged by one of them downstairs. Jules was currently straddling one, more or less nude now. "You're almost late. That's not allowed. You have two choices, you're wife gets zapped or you get spanked. Which is it?"

I looked at Jules in horror, the look on her face matching mine. Grinding my teeth again I looked down. "I was almost done."

"Not good enough. Zap or spank?"

"Do it to me, get it over with." He laughed, sat on one of our ultra modern dinning chairs and hauled me over his lap. My skirt was yanked up, and his hand landed hard on my bottom five times. I was determined not to do or say anything, but fuck it hurt and I cried out at the last one. I was helped to stand and I quickly tugged the skirt back in place. Jules eyes caught mine, she had on that breathless look I so loved seeing on her face when we made love. "Thank you," she mouthed. The bastard she was straddled over grinned at me and licked at a nipple, making her shudder. I know she loved that and that they'd already figured it out made me quiver with anger.

I had to go, and grabbed my new handbag and literally ran to the garage, their laughter following me. Just as I got in the car one of them ran out and took off the bracelets. "You're a free bird for three hours, be back by then or girlie gets zapped!"

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