Hostage to Love


Shuffling her into the back of a long black sedan, Jake took the seat beside her and they drove out the warehouse gate and merged with the flowing traffic. In the back seat Jake sat calmly, his hand sneaking over unseen the gripping her fingers reassuringly in his, his face expressionless. She seemed to understand his reasons for the concealment of his desire for her, she had seen many kidnap movies after all, and knew how the plot worked. What she hadn't been prepared for what the car pulling up in the foyer of the Sheridan Hotel. Jake jumped out and opened her door, escorting her directly to the elevators and hitting the button for the penthouse suite.

From his earlier statement, she gathered Grant would be paying for this when he got her next credit card bill and she almost smiled at the thought of the look he would have on his face. Inside the suite there was food laid out, fresh flowers on the stand and a bundle of clean towels in the bathroom. She didn't know what she wanted more, the hot bath or the food. Deciding on the food she picked up a chicken leg and bit into it greedily. Never again would she complain about the cook at home not doing a good job, one day on the garbage they had been feeding her was more than enough. She looked up to see Jake all but laughing at her as she stuffed the food into her mouth.

"So much for using the right fork." She had to smile too. The upper class could do with a day or two on the common mans food to give them a little appreciation for the exquisite creations, their kitchen staff served up to them daily. Setting down the unfinished chicken, she headed for the bath, turning on the taps and turning the bubbling jets on high. She took the bottle of bath salts from the sink and emptied it into the bath, watching for a moment as bubbles frothed and foamed in a lavender scented frenzy. Leaving the bath to fill, she returned to the food, grinning a little as she found Jake eating a chicken leg in the same manner she had done. He chuckled a little, saying something about not having a clue which fork was which and being too hungry to try and figure it out.

With the food almost devoured, and the bath tub full, Alison went to the tub and closed the bathroom door behind her, only to have Jake open it again and stand in the doorway watching her undress. She blushed when she saw the lust in his eyes, grabbing for a towel and covering herself. Holding her head high, she gave him a hard look.

"I prefer to bath in privacy." She knew it was an act of foolishness to defy her captor, but she had her pride and would not be treated as a common tart, despite her previous actions with this particular captor.

"That's unfortunate, because I prefer to bath with company." His expression never altered as he removed his clothing and came towards her. Stopping inches from her towel covered form; he nodded to the bubbling tub. "After you."

Swallowing hard, Alison dropped the towel and stepped backwards into the tub, her eyes never leaving his. She sat as far to the back of the tub as she could, trying not to notice his swelling manhood as he slipped into the water on the other side of the tub. He was an impressive looking man, much better equipped than her husband was, and unashamed of her seeing him aroused. Splashing water over his face, he seemed only interested in washing, and she didn't know if she was relieved or disappointed.

Without warning, he grabbed her foot and pulled her across the tub, pulling her hard against his chest, his mouth finding hers in a hungry kiss. His actions startled her and she fought him for a moment, struggling to free herself from him embrace until she felt the need within herself begin to rise, and surrendered to him willingly. Her breathing became shallow and her heart raced as his mouth found her neck, throat and shoulders, biting and sucking her flesh like a hungry beast. She moaned with her need, leaning back in his arms to give him access to her full rounded breasts.

His soapy hands moved over her body, touching and exploring every inch of her beautiful flesh. Never had he wanted a woman so much, wanted to please another so badly. Lifting her onto his lap, his hard cock pushing against her stomach, he kissed her with all the heat and passion she inspired in him, his hand cupping the cheeks of her ass and lifting her over his stiff cock. She held her breath in anticipation of his welcome invasion of her body, feeling him at the opening of her love center, lowering her onto him, and filling her completely.

Slowly he lifted her body up and down, moving his cock in and out of her while his mouth smothered her impassioned cries with wet kisses. Allison's body took over with a will of it's own, lifting and lowering, riding him harder and faster as the heat between them built. Her fingers dug into the hard flesh of his back and shoulders, driving her self onto him harder and harder. His fingers pulled the cheeks of her ass apart, finding her tight puckered hole and probing the opening. She cried out, trying to pull away from the foreign sensation, but he held firm, lifting and thrusting into her as he pushed his finger deeper into her ass. Climax rocked her body almost at once, the inner walls of her pussy contracting and pulsing around his cock. Without climaxing himself, he lifted her off his cock and set her down on his upper thighs, picking up the soap and washing her back.

Her face was glowing with passion, with the pleasure he had given her, but he was not done yet. He was going to show her how a woman should be treated, should be pleasured. Another heated kiss found her smoldering mouth before he rinsed her off and climbed out of the tub, holding up a towel for her as she followed him. As she stood there, he ran the soft white towel over her body, drying her, kissing her warm flesh as he moved over it, pausing at the top of her thighs to reach out with his tongue and lick the top of her slit lightly. A soft moan escaped her lips as she buried her fingers in his hair, but he didn't remain there long, he had other things in mind.

Lifting her into his arms, he carried her to the bed, laying her down gently, his mouth met hers as her head rested on the pillow. His fingertips moved down over her belly and between her thighs, seeking out her swollen clit and finding it. Her body wiggled and bucked as his fingers sought out her tender love bead, massaging it almost roughly as his devouring mouth moved from her lips to her breasts. He lay down beside her, his body pressed against the length of her, his fingers probing ever deeper into her moist depths. Pushing one of his legs between hers, he spread them, making the way easier for his searching touch. Her hips lifted and gyrated as he found her glistening wet hole, pushing a finger deep inside, adding a second and a third, his thumb moving over her sensitive clit as he finger fucked her.

Kissing his way over her belly, spreading her legs wide, he dove deep, forcing his oral love muscle deep into her, moving his fingers, covered with her love cream, to her tight little ass again. Remembering the sensation in the tub, she lifted herself, pushing back against his finger and tongue, wanting more, needing more. Her body consumed by pleasure and pain, his licking and probing went on and on until she was only moments away from reaching another climax. He pulled away from her, turning her over and lifting her onto her hands and knees.

Slowly, gently, he rubbed the head of his cock over the opening of her pussy, pushing himself in with slow tender strokes. He held her hips firm, not allowing her to push back against him as he entered her and withdrew again, only to enter her again. With a sudden thrust, he pushed himself deep into her, holding himself there, making her cry out. A moment later he did it again, pulling out and thrusting deep, building her passion higher and higher in a slow burn, pulling out and thrusting in again, his balls slapping hard against her clit, his hands reaching under to caress her swinging breasts. Pinching her nipples, sucking and biting her back, as he continued to plunder her body.

Holding her hips once more, his thrusting became steadier, gentler, his finger teasing the outer rim of her puckered dark hole like before. Making it slick with the juices from her pussy, he steadily worked his finger into her ass, teasing the muscles to relax enough for him to insert a second finger. She shook her head wildly as he worked his fingers in time with his cock, wanting him to stop, but at the same time, crying out for more. Taking his cock from her pussy, he pushed the head into her ass, holding it there while her body adjusted to the intrusion. Moving her by her hips, he pulled her slowly back onto his stiff shaft, watching as he vanished into her tight little cavern. For the first few thrusts she protested, crying out for him to stop, but as her body adjusted around him, she began to push back, wanting more of him, demanding he fuck her harder.

On and on they went, taking and giving with the driven desire of two animals in heat. He took his cock from her ass, driving it back into her pussy, slamming her hips back against him in his need to posses her fully, her body pushing back against him in her own need to be possessed. With a cry, her fingers digging into the bed, her fists gripping hard onto the sheets, her body convulsing with incredible orgasm. She gasped, struggling to breath as a second wave of pleasure in the extreme consumed her, feeling his cock swelling within her, his hot cum shooting into her pussy in jetted streams. His groans were deep and low as his loins emptied into her fully, overflowing her juicy depths and running down the insides of her thighs.

Rolling onto the bed, he pulled her with him, holding her tight against him while he tenderly kissed the back of her neck. She snuggled in against him, her wet tingling ass pressing hard against his spent manhood. Both were satisfied. Both were complete and happy in their moment of lustful release. He held her until he could hear the steady sounds of her sleeping breath, covered her with the sheet, and headed for the bathroom. Time was running short and if Grant didn't come up with the money soon, his partners were not going to be happy, and he feared they would vent their anger on her, perhaps even carry out the threats.

Jake had just finished dressing when to door burst open, Charles and Hank pushing their way into the room and making a quick appraisal of the scene before them.

"Jesus fucking Christ Jake. You're fucking the hostage?" Charles was far from impressed. "Jake, you may be the leader and master mind of this little money making operation, but this is just not right. How do you expect us to be serious about our intentions if you have a personal attachment to the hostage? I can't believe you put your dick before the money. What the fuck are you thinking?" The sound of his voice woke the sleeping Allison, sitting up startled and pulling the sheet tighter about her naked body. Jake put himself between the irate men and Alison, trying to reason with them.

"I know a way to make him pay." The men stopped yelling at one another and turned to look at Allison's pale face. "Go public. The only thing that matters more to him than his money, is his public image. Make a short video, say thirty seconds, issuing your demands and showing me held captive, and then send it to every major network in the state. Making a big deal of how he got his precious wife back will make him look great to his peers, and he'll probably find a way to write it off on his insurance." The look on her face showed she was obviously disgusted with her husband, and her interest in helping them make him pay was genuine. They were all a little amazed that she would think such a thing, but who would know him better than her?

Crawling up the bed Jake gave her a quick kiss. "Baby you're brilliant. We can use a remote cam, link it back to the computer in the warehouse, and email to half the bloody county. They'll never trace it, and it's sure to speed him up a bit. We'll make the video, get Stewart to touch it up a little, a few added affects and false leads, make sure there is nothing identifiable when we make it. Damn, it truly is brilliant." The other men seem just as pleased with the idea, hoping to get the money and get out of the country as soon as possible. "Charles, get down to the warehouse and get Stewart working on this, Hank, give me a hand to build a few props, gentlemen, we're going into the movie business."

Within hours the props were ready, the camera was set up, and Allison was tied up between the bedposts, for added affect. Dressed in the gown she had been abducted in, Jake looked over the scene, frowning a little. Walking to Allison, he lifted her head and kissed her gently.

"I hope this dress isn't your favorite." With a quick pull, he ripped the sleeve of the gown right off, the ruffled her hair making her look quite untidy. Leaning into her ear he whispered, "forgive me." Pulling back and slapping her cheek with a stinging blow. Her eyes told him she understood as the tears flowed down her cheeks and a thin line of blood ran from the corner of her mouth. He turned away, unable to look at her like this, wanting it done with quickly. Hank was staring at him, a little stunned at what he had just done but Jake was in no mood to explain his actions. "Just shoot the fucking film Hank and hurry up." Hank didn't need to be told twice, turning on the camera and shooting 5 minutes of film that went direct to the warehouse computer. From there they would select a segment, add the vocal demands, and plaster it all over the Internet.

Freeing her from the ties on the bedposts, Jake could not look into her eyes, could bear to see the pain in her face, pulling her onto his lap and holding her to his chest as she wept. He nodded for Hank to take the camera and leave, Hank being all too happy to go. As her sobbing eased, he lifted her chin and wiped the blood form the corner of her mouth, kissing the puffy red mark his hand had left on her cheek, cooling her hot flesh with his kisses. Brushing her hair back from her face, he looked into her pale blue eyes.

"Allison, I swear to you on my immortal soul that I will never strike you again. I would sooner cut off my hands then ever again use my touch for anything but your pleasure. Allison, Baby, when Grant pays, we're going to have to give you back, but I am not going to leave you there long. I want you Allison. I want you with me always, and I promise you now that I will be back for you as soon as can."

She bit her lip, not sure if she should believe him or not. She had never met a man she could trust and was not quite ready too completely trust one now. He seemed to understand, and nothing more was said as he laid her back and pulled her body hard against him. Gently he stroked her hair, kissing her forehead and whispering words of reassurance, until at last, sleep found her. Listening to the soft sounds of her sleeping he marveled how he could ever have come to love a woman is so short a time, but love her he did, and giving her back was going too be like giving up a piece of himself. A very large piece.

No sooner did the video hit the airwaves then Grant Harlow was racing to the bank, crying for the media and begging to have his darling wife returned unharmed. A time and place was set up for the exchange and Hank came to wake the sleeping couple.

"Jake, it's time. They're waiting for her down stairs to take her to the exchange site. I'll be outside."

Jake appreciated his friend giving him a moment alone with her; a moment to kiss her and tell all that was in his heart. When he looked into her sad eyes, the words would not come, so he just held her to him, then helped her from the bed.

The exchange was simple. Allison was in one car, and the money was in another. When the kidnappers were sure all the money was there, they swapped cars, the kidnappers car being abandoned a few blocks away along with the tracking device that had been hidden in the case. Allison was driven home, Grant waiting for her with a full film crew, sweeping her up in his arms and carrying her into the house. Looking back over his shoulder, making shore the press had the few seconds they needed to take pictures for the morning's front page, he yelled that she was in no condition to be bothered by them right now and he would set up a press release soon as she was well enough.

Setting her down on the couch, he lifted her chin and looked at her face, shaking his head. He didn't say a word, bending to kiss her forehead and then heading out the back door to go back to the office. The housekeeper gave her a sympathetic smile and returned to her duties, leaving Allison alone with her thoughts.

Grant didn't come home that night, and though she hadn't really expected he would, there was a tiny spark in her heart that hoped, just this once, he would think of her. At noon the following day Allison and her attorney walked into Grants office. He looked up from the conversation he was having on the phone, giving her a curious look until she reached out and took the phone out of his hand.

"I'm sorry, Grant will have to call you back." And she set down the receiver. He was about to get to his feet and make a hostile remark when she slapped an envelope full of papers on his desk in front of him. He looked at them, and then at her, his eyes full of the fear in knowing what she was about to say.

"Grant this is my attorney, Brent Jefferson. From now on, anything you wish to say to me, you will say through him. I am suing you for divorce, and contesting my fathers will. You had no intentions of paying for my release before they went public, which was my suggestion by the way. You didn't think me worth ten million, but you're about to find out that I'm worth a whole lot more. I hope you find some one to make you happy Grant, cause I sure didn't." with that she turned and left Brent to deal with what had to be done. The house was in her name, a tax dodge he would soon regret, but it did make her feel a lot more comfortable returning there to collect her belongings. It was a beautiful house, a mansion, but it was part of a life style she wanted no part of any more.

On the table near the phone was an express delivered package and inside was a ticket to Mexico, one way. She looked at it for a moment, confused as to where it could have come from.

"I was hoping you would come with me." She turned to see Jake immerging from a side entrance and raced into his arms, kissing him soundly. "I couldn't go without you Allison. Will you come with me? Will you be mine?"

"Yes, oh yes." She laughed as he swept her into his arms and spun her about, for the first time in her life she knew what it was to be loved, and she wound never be with out her freedom again.

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