tagSci-Fi & FantasyHostile Ch. 06

Hostile Ch. 06




Alie saw Jake's eyes snap open wider than she ever thought possible and momentarily she regretted asking. She didn't know enough about sex to be afraid of asking the question and she was curious. Sex was the only act her mother had ever told her about that involved both men and women and wasn't completely based on abuse. Her mother's descriptions were very vague, however.

Alie recalled her mother's words...

"Sex is an act between a man and a woman that can produce a baby. Men often use it as a means of controlling or punishing a woman," Jessica had said in passing, aware her daughter would never need such information anyway.

As Alie snapped back to the present she could see Jake was finally collecting himself. He had sputtered a few times and started speaking only to stop again.

Now Jake cleared his throat and replied, "That... well... that is a complicated subject but I would be happy to tell you anything you want to know. I suspect you weren't told much."

Alie nodded her head in the affirmative.

Jake continued, "To start with the absolute basics, sex is the way in which humans reproduce. Make babies. Sexual intercourse itself consists of a man's penis entering a woman's vagina and depositing sperm there which, if the woman is fertile, can lead to the woman getting pregnant and having a baby about 40 weeks later."

While it looked as though Jake was going to continue, Alie asked, "My mother said that it was a way for men to control women... or hurt them. Is it always that way?"

Jake's expression darkened and he had to stop himself from getting angry. After a moment or two his expression cleared and he replied, "There are some men who use sex in that way. It is not common but it does happen. I know I only have my words to prove this but I am not like that."

Before he had a chance to go on, Alie said quietly, "If I do as you asked and judge you on your actions, which have so far been gentle and kind, I believe you."

Jake beamed a smile at her that could have lit the tent all on its own. He blushed slightly and then continued, "As I said, at its core sex is the insertion of the man's penis into the woman's vagina..."

Alie's eyes opened extremely wide, she finally registered exactly what that meant. She had seen his erect penis, or what she thought was his penis as she didn't know much about male anatomy, and the thought of trying to fit THAT inside her vagina caused disbelief, "Jake... no. There is NO way that can happen! At least not for me, I am tiny down there. Your... uh.. your penis is huge, it would never fit there!"

Jake lit up with a whole-body blush. His mouth clamped closed and, to further his embarrassment, thoughts of pushing his cock inside her caused him to become instantly erect.

Alie looked at him curiously and smiled slightly, waiting for him to respond.

Jake finally collected himself, chuckled slightly and replied, "Your... uh... your vagina has the ability to stretch a lot to fit a man's penis inside. For many women it hurts the first time but after that it feels good."

Alie was still skeptical but did not press him on that subject. Instead she asked, "So sex is a man putting his penis inside a woman to make a baby?"

Jake thought for a moment and responded, "That is the core of what sex is about but that is just a small part to a very intricate experience. For many people sex is about love. People have sex with the ones they love for the pleasure of themselves and their partner. Beyond the basics there are other sexual acts. Men and women can use their hands and mouths to give pleasure to each other. The most important thing to know about sex is that it is the most intimate act two people can engage in."

Alie took all of this in with a mixture of desire, confusion, and awe. She thought a long time about this, drowsiness and coughing spells threatening to put an end to her thoughtful consideration but just as she was about to fall off to sleep she said quietly, "Perhaps... perhaps some day you can show this to me so I can understand better what you mean."


At her final statement I gasped out loud and then let my breath out all at once. There was a part of me, the throbbing insistent part, that was demanding I show her right now.

I beat back those thoughts as I took in the sight of her once more. She slept quietly, the stitches along her hairline a grim reminder of how badly hurt she still was. Just the conversation had exhausted her.

Their discussions had lasted most of the day and it was now evening. As I glanced at the MSM which indicated Alie was doing better, I felt content for the first time in a few days.

I pondered our conversation. I was almost unreasonably happy at her final comment. It seemed to indicate that she was beginning to have a small measure of trust for me.

I concluded that I would take things slow. She was as inexperienced as it was possible to be. She had known basically nothing about sex and all the wrong things about men.

On top of all of that she was still badly hurt. I was happy with how she was responding to treatment though. She seemed to be improving nicely now.

I quickly devoured a ration bar and was drinking a bottle of water when I saw Alie's eyes flutter open, though she still looked very drowsy. She pushed the blankets aside slightly and motioned for me to join her.

Happy to cuddle the beautiful young woman, I climbed into the bed and wrapped my arms around her, both of us drifting off to sleep rapidly.


Jake and Alie continued much the same way for the next 3 days, Jake holding the her each night. Alie slowly recovered, it appeared as though the early doses of antibiotics allowed Alie to avoid the worst of the pneumonia. She still was almost exclusively confined to the bed, however.



It was now the sixth day since her injury and Alie was restless. Jake had been so kind and gentle to her that although she still held deep distrust for men she seemed to be able to separate Jake out from her concept of men in general. Him, she trusted. He had saved her after all. About 3 days prior she had been able to fully remember the attack by the Jungle Lion and that eliminated any lingering doubts she had had regarding Jake's sincerity in caring for her.

But she was restless. She was very unused to spending so much time confined to a bed and though she knew it was necessary she couldn't wait to be able to get up and move around again.

The other part of her restlessness was that strange feelings had been washing over her for the past few days. Jake would hold her at night which made her feel safe and comfortable but lately she also felt anxious and tingled all over when he was near. These were not bad feelings but she was unsure what to do about them.

When Alie woke this day Jake was gone. She looked around the tent and there was no sign of him. She was sore, all over her body. Laying down for days on end was making her neck, shoulders, and back tense.

She felt irritable. Beyond the soreness she was also sweaty and felt filthy.

Just then Jake walked back into the tent and she snapped, "Where were you? I need some water and my leg hurts!"

As she registered his shocked expression her irritation vanished, "I am so sorry Jake... I am just frustrated."

Tears of shame overflowed her eyes, he had taken such good care of her and here she was yelling at him. She turned away from him and let her tears fall.

When she collected herself and looked back at him he held out a bottle of water to her while he gave her a painless injection in her neck to relieve the deep ache in her leg.


I could tell she starting to get stir crazy from day after day in the tent and I decided to do something about it.

While she was drinking her water I gathered a few supplies and then, carrying the supplies in one hand, I lifted her off the bed into my arms. Alie wrapped her arms loosely around my neck and bit her lower lip as she looked up at me as I carried her outside.

Over the past few days I had cleared an area of the beach of debris. Thankfully when I had tested the water quality, it remained good.

I carried Alie down to the lake and dropped the supplies I had brought onto the shore, except a bar of soap which I still gripped in my hand.

I waded out into the water and I released Alie from my arms. She looked at me with an expression so grateful that I blushed and she whispered, "Thank you Jake."

She stood on her good leg, the water up to her upper thighs, and reached for the soap I held in my hand. As I shook my head with a wry grin she gave me a quizzical look until I began slowly running the slippery bar over the skin of her thigh.

Alie smiled shyly at me and nodded slightly.

I began by wetting her skin and then used my hands, lathered with soap, to wash her. I began with her back, from her neck down to her waist. I was feeling playful and decided to push my luck. I finished my attentions on the small of her back, lathered my hands once again, and let my hands slide down over the globes of her amazing ass. She looked back over her shoulder at me with a shy smile and tentative desire smoldering in her eyes.

I continued rubbed my hands slowly over her beautiful behind, including briefly washing between her cheeks and letting my fingertips brush across the sensitive skin of her puckered anus, and she went back to staring out across the lake although I did notice her draw a shuddering breath and close her eyes for a few moments.

Eventually my hands moved down to the backs of her thighs. I started using the bar of soap directly on her skin as I was now washing her underwater. However, I still took my time and made sure she enjoyed it.

At that point I moved around to her front, kneeling down and working on her feet and shins, and looking up at her face with a mischievous smile. She looked like she was enjoying the experience very much already. Her skin was flushed and she couldn't stop biting her lower lip as she looked at me. The fiery look in her eyes reflected a steadily growing desire.

She was standing with most of her weight on her right leg, her left foot just resting on the sandy bottom of the lake. I nudged her legs apart slightly and began washing her thighs. My fingers very gently washed the area around her stitches, careful not cause her any pain. Finally my lathered hands trailed up her inner thighs, washing attentively, and as I glanced up I saw Alie's eyes close, her mouth open slightly as her breathing became rapid.

As my fingers inched closer to her labia, my hands veered off and after lathering quickly again, moved up over her hips and across her flat, firm stomach. She squeaked in protest when I moved my hands away from her inner thighs and blushed brightly.

As I stood up, I brought my soapy hands to the back of Alie's head just as her arms wrapped around me and I kissed her firmly on the lips. My hard penis pressed into her navel as we kissed, thankfully she was not at all deterred by it. As the kiss broke, I kissed her again and again until, gasping for breath, she pushed me back gently. I looked in her eyes and saw unrestrained desire and happiness.

Alie blinked a few times and she asked in a small voice, "Is that how men and women kiss? I like it... a lot. My mother always kissed me on the forehead... like you usually do."

I grinned and replied, "Yes. That is how men and women kiss, Alie. I liked it a lot too."

I took a small step back and continued my previous, very wonderful, task of washing the petite beauty. I lathered up my hands and finished washing over the soft skin of her firm abdomen before trailing my hands up to to cup her breasts.

I moved my soapy fingers over every part of each breast except her erect nipples until she thrust her chest out slightly so my thumbs brushed across them, a shiver running through her body at the simple touch.

Alie sighed as I moved away from her breasts to wash her upper chest and her arms. I looked into her face and she was smiling brightly but had an anxious look in her eye. She opened her mouth to say something and I silenced her with a kiss.

As the kiss broke I touched my forehead to hers and looked into her eyes as my hand caressed across her flat stomach to rest on her mons. She bit her lip and moaned softly. Moving lower my whole hand cupped her pussy and I could feel, much to my delight, that her lips were dripping wet.

I slipped a finger between her inner labia and ran it from the entrance of her vagina up to bump her clit. Shocked, Alie's eyes burst wide open and she cried out in pleasure. My finger continued to slip easily up and down her wet lips and she moaned into my ear, "Oh Jake that feels SO good. Please... please don't stop."

As her words registered with me I grinned widely and slid a finger deep inside her tight pussy and began rubbing her clit repeatedly with my thumb. She had been so aroused to begin with that she couldn't take it and screamed at the top of her lungs as her orgasm washed through her body, her muscles convulsing and her vagina clamping down on my finger. I continued rubbing her clit firmly with my thumb through her shuddering orgasm that seemed to stretch on for a minute or more.

I caught her easily in my arms as the strength left her body and I lowered her into the water, moving us a few paces back into the shallows. I sat on the bottom with her head laid in my lap, managing to keep my rock hard member from pressing against the top of her head, and the rest of her body floated in the shallow water.

Alie still had her eyes closed and was breathing hard, small aftershocks causing ripples across her midriff.

I reached over to the supplies on the shore and retrieved a bottle of shampoo. I wet her hair and lathered the shampoo into it, beginning the long and very enjoyable process of washing her long, beautiful copper red hair. Alie finally opened her eyes as I was massaging her scalp near her temples. Looking up at me with an expression of complete and utter relaxation with a tinge of adoration, she said, "Thank you for being so good to me. Thank you for the... uh... for making me..."

"I think the word you are looking for is orgasm. Many people also use the word 'cum' as in, 'Thank you for making me cum,'" I instructed with a giant grin on my face, "and you need not thank me as it was my pleasure."

Alie blushed and nodded in understanding.

I helped her rinse the shampoo out of her hair and the soap off of the rest of her body before helping her to stand on the shore. Between only having one good leg and the orgasm she had experienced Alie was quite unsteady but she held on to me and I dried her with a towel I had brought down with us.

Once again I lifted her into my arms and carried her back to the tent, laying her on the bed. Indicating I would return soon, jogged back down to the shore of the lake to collect the supplies and brought them back to the tent as well.


Alie's head was swimming with pleasure and more thoughts than she could express.

She lay on top of the covers on the bed and smiled brightly at Jake as he returned to the tent.

"Jake," She began, "what you did to me or... or for me. Was that sex?"

"Yes, it was. Just a small part. Did you enjoy it?"

"Very much. Thank you," Alie said sincerely with a smile.

"It was my pleasure. Thank you for trusting me."

Alie blushed at this and nodded happily.

As she tried to adjust her position on the bed a sharp stab of pain arced across her shoulders and she closed her eyes with a grimace.

"Alie, are you okay? What is hurting?"

"My shoulders... my neck, my back. I think it is from laying in this bed for so long," Alie replied with a frustrated sigh.

"Can I try to help?"

"Oh Jake, if there is something you can do to help this... thank you so much."

Jake helped Alie roll over onto her stomach and straddled her rear. His still-erect penis pushed into the small of her back as he his hands started working on the muscles at the back of her neck.

Alie moaned as the stress was slowly released from her muscles, her focus shifting constantly back and forth from the warmth poking at her lower back, and the work of Jake's hands.

After several minutes Alie asked him quietly, "Jake, what does it mean when your... your penis is hard like that?"

Jake was silent for a moment as he continued his work on her shoulders before responding, "When a man's penis is hard it means he is sexually aroused. With me specifically, it means I am sexually aroused by you."

Alie gasped and buried her blushing face in the pillows. She was not upset but amazed that he kept doing and saying the perfect things to make her happy. Finally after withdrawing her face from her pillows she asked, "Your penis has been hard for a long time... does it bother you?"

"I will," Jake paused for a moment, "have to... relieve the pressure later."

"Can I watch you do it?"

"Uh... yeah I guess."

"Jake, you said there is more to sex than what we did. Would you...," Alie's voice shook as she forced herself to ask the question, "Will you show me the rest some time?"

Jake was silent for a time but the hard warmth pressing into her back jumped slightly and seemed to grow harder.

Finally he said with a hoarse voice, "I would love to Alie. Any time."

Alie relaxed with a very contented smile on her face, he had successfully worked out all the knots in her muscles and she felt wonderful.

Jake finished up and helped her roll over onto her back and looked like he was about to get off the bed when his eyes locked onto her crotch.

Alie watched with curiosity as he moved to spread her thighs gently and she cried out loudly as he leaned in and licked the length of her pussy. His tongue felt amazing and she was immediately lost in a sea of sensation.

She felt his tongue move all over her lips, up to her clit, and then plunge into her vagina over and over. Soon he slowly slid a finger inside her vagina, closed his lips over her clit and began tonguing and sucking it.

Alie's world exploded. She saw stars in her eyes and she barely registered that she was screaming Jake's name at the top of her lungs.

Alie grasped weakly at his head as he continued to bring her exquisite pleasure with his lips and tongue and fingers. Soon her second orgasm burst through her, followed quickly by a third.

All she could feel was pleasure, coursing wildly through every nerve in her body, and as a fourth orgasm approached she could feel herself not only on the edge of her peak but on the edge of consciousness as well. Her voice rose, "Oh Jake... oh yes... Yes... JAKE!" She screamed his name, her senses overloaded with pleasure, and abruptly she blacked out.

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