tagBDSMHostile Takeover Ch. 02

Hostile Takeover Ch. 02


Barry had a couple of his dom uniforms brought over by one of his loyal slaves. At least he thought she was loyal. He was still stung by Donna's betrayal. He had trained her from slave to switch to a top mistress.

"They are waking up", Cecile said interrupting his musing.

He looked over to his diminutive rescuer rand smiled. "Let begin." Flicking his whip against Donna's breast he work her up.

Both she and Casey were secured to a crossbeam leaving their naked bodies exposed.

"Cecile you traitorous bitch!" Casey screamed.

Cecile slapped her in the face. 'That Mistress Cecile cunt!"

"You'll never be a Mistress!" Casey shouted.

"Poor Casey" Barry said in mock sorrow." So arrogant a few hours ago. Now helpless."

"What are your intentions Barry?" Donna asked fearfully.

Cecile grabbed a whip and hit her ass. 'Address him as Master you slut!"

"Please Master Barry" she pleaded.

He gently stroked her hair, "You gambled and lost" he said softly. "You were willing to see your teacher enslaved and now you must undergo more lessons." He took a bridal gag and secured it to Donna. "Casey I want you to watch what happens to those that oppose me and your Mistress."

Barry began a targeted whipping hitting pain points through out Donna body. Even through the gag her screams echoed through the chamber.

Finally he stopped. "Please Master mercy."

"No mercy, just new sensation" he replied picking up the pinwheel., starting with her breast than goes all over her body he let the teeth pierce her skin.


"What are you slut?"

"Your slave!"

"Did you ever deserve any privileges."

"No Master I was ungrateful."

"That's right you are", he released one arm and twisted hard behind her back. Then secured her in a box tie

"Say you want to be fucked!"

"Please fuck me Master!"

" No! You will serve Mistress Cecile's pleasure."

With deceptive strength, the blond beauty grabbed the large woman. "Suck it Slave" The new Mistress forced the dildo down Donna's throat

"Donna coughed, "Please Mistress I'll serve you."

"You bet you will bitch!" Cecile thrust her strap on into Donna's snatch.

"Take it."


"Take it traitor bitch, this is my favor to my new partner."

Donna exploded.

"Now lick it" Cecile order.

"The humiliated slave obeyed.

Barry had stripped, "Now your ass." He flipped her over and penetrated. I know you can take it all Donna" Barry vented his fury on his rebel.

Cecile applauded.

"Come here my beauty" he beckoned and kissed Cecile as he was still connected to Donna. "You did well in breaking her.:

"Thank you, I'd like to demonstrate my abilities on Casey for you."


After putting nipple chains on her tits and immobilizing her in a body harness, Donna was put in the bird case to watch her fellow slave's punishment.

Cecile had Casey stretched out over a barrel her body exposed and discomfort being added to her spine.

Addressing Casey" You know slut I investigated you and Barry when I moved here. It was obvious who was the one to partner with. And which one of you deserved to be my slave."

"You won't break me."

Cecile giggled, "Do all doms used the clinches?"

I hope I never do" Barry replied.

Cecile picked up the cat o nine and began whipping.

Casey was stubborn and for a long time refused to respond. But finally screamed.

"Whose your Mistress?" Cecile demanded

"Not you bitch!"

"Did you think it would be that easy? "Barry asked.

"No, she replied but this will make it more satisfying." She climbed on top and place her pussy over Casey's face while jabbing the whip handle in her pussy.

"Now slave do you submit."


Good, Cecile cut off her breath. "You are nothing!"

Barry looked on with admiration.

"Whose your mistress", the smaller woman demanded.

"Not you!"

Cecile continued her ministrations."


"You are!" Casey screamed.

"Do you acknowledge me as your superior?" Cecile demanded.


"Who does this empire belong to?"

"You Mistress."

Who is your Master?."

"Master Barry!"

"What do you want to do with her" Cecile asked.

"To complete her submission, we should fuck her.!" Dragging her off the wheel he handed Cecile a pair of arm binders. "For our slave.

Cecile quickly restrained the helpless Casey, "she is your toy."

"Down bitch,!" Spreading her legs, Barry teased Casey before penetrating her.

"We defeated you, Casey. You are our slave!"

"Yes I am your slave!"

Barry started thrusting in," This is the only beginning bitch. I was willing to coexist with you. But now I am going to punish, torment you for a long time."

Cecile pulled the brunette out of her cage. "Time for you to join in slut! Dragging the helpless Donna she positioned her over Casey's face. "Start kissing you fellow slave."

"That's not punshiment,"Barry pointed out

"Yes," Cecile answered. "But putting her strap on back on and grabbing a dildo. "This is."

She forced the dildo between their slaves mouth and than jabbed the strap on in Donna's ass.


"Much, lets use our sluts."

As their slaves were put through their pace, Barry and Cecile look at each other with love and affection.

Finally they both released. Grabbing some bondage tape Barry tied Casey and Donna in the same position.

"Wait, Cecilia said. She produced a butt plug for each.

To be continued

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