tagIncest/TabooHot Bath

Hot Bath


It had been a long trip back from school and after spending much of the afternoon unloading his car Scott was looking forward to grabbing a beer and simply relaxing. He thought about putting on a bathing suit and going out to the pool but it was full of leaves and he wasn't about to waste his time cleaning the pool. Instead he grabbed his beer and wandered into the bathroom and began filling the bathtub with hot water. His dorm room only had a shower and though he rarely took baths, he looked forward to easing into the water and sipping a beer.

As the tub was filling, he walked back into the kitchen and grabbed a second beer, "Hell no use running out of beer halfway through my bath," he thought to himself. He heard a call pull up in the drive as he headed back toward the bathroom. Peeking out of the window he noticed his sister was home. He hollered out, "Hey sis, I'm just stepping into the bathtub. I'll talk when I get out."

He could have met her at the door, given her a hug and then been trapped filling her in on all the things she was missing out on while going to the local junior college instead of going off to the university like him, but he didn't want the bath water to get cold or his beer to get warm. He convinced himself that they could always talk later, so he locked the bathroom door and quickly undressed. Turning off the water, he cupped his hand over his balls and lowered himself into the steaming fluid.

As his body got used to the heat, he slowly removed his hand from his balls and reached out for the beer. The bottle was dripping from condensation and the cold liquid was so refreshing. He closed his eyes and began daydreaming, letting his mind wander. Before long he found himself thinking of his girlfriend, who had returned to her parent's home halfway across the country just a few days earlier.

Remembering how she let him go down on her for the first time the night before she left, he pictured the way her lips slowly opened as his tongue slid up and down their length. He loved seeing his tongue opening her, exposing the tender pink inside and he wished he could taste her again. Now he could only imagine the tart, salty taste of her as his tongue burrowed deep into her pussy. Picturing how he began to move her hips, grinding herself against his face as he ran his tongue over her clit, he reached his hand to the soap and lathered it up.

He gently wrapped his fingers around his hard cock as he continued daydreaming about eating his girlfriend. Watching his hand slide up and down the length of his cock, he watched the large purplish head poking through the top of his fist. Feeling the sensation roll down his cock, he moaned...

Suddenly the bathroom door burst open and his sister shouted, "Hey, back from... oh my, what have we here?"

"Damn it Jeanie," he growled, pulling up his knees as he tried to hide his erection. This had been a game of theirs since they figured out how to pick the bathroom lock. Through the years the fun had often led to some embarrassing moments as one of them screamed, "Get out," while the other just giggled.

"Okay, okay, you got me. You know this was funny back when we were kids but now..." Scott paused, noticing an odd look on his sister's face. He wasn't sure what she was thinking until she turned and locked the door. Suddenly he realized that the old fun and games were gone for good. "What are you doing, sis?"

"I think I should be asking you that, brother," she said, kneeling down beside the bathtub. "Come on, put your legs down and let me see."

Scott reluctantly lowered his legs, fully exposing his cock as it slowly began to soften. "Is that okay now?" he asked.

She didn't say a word, she simply reached out, grabbed the soap, lathered up her hand and took a firm hold of him. Working her hand up and down the length of him, she smiled as his cock quickly hardened again. While she continued stroking his cock with her right hand, she ran the fingers of her left up his chest to his nipples.

Scott felt her gently pinch his nipples as he watched her expertly continue to jack him off. It seemed so odd to see her long, thin fingers wrapped around him. Slowly he looked up to her face and he noticed her staring right at him, watching his every expression as she continued manipulating him. Completely blown away by the situation Scott simply gave in to the sensations rushing through his body. Before long he felt a pressure building in his balls he began to pump his hips up and down, fucking his sister's hand.

Just as he was getting close, she pulled her hand away and quickly splashed water on him, rinsing the soap off his cock and balls. Then she leaned forward and took the head into her mouth as she started stroking the shaft again with one hand and carefully caressed his balls with the other.

Seeing his cock slip in and out of his sister's mouth was all he could take and in just a few moments he lifted his hips and came, spurting his hot cum into her mouth. He could see her swallow once without moving her head and then she continued sucking as she milked the last of the cum from his cock. Only then did she release him and swallow once again.

She then grabbed his beer and took a long swig. "You know Scott, if I'm going to do that again, you're going to have to do something about that bitter taste. I'll tell you later what you need to do to sweet up your cum," she said as she stood up and walked to the door.

As the door opened Scott said, "That's all, you do that and just leave?"

"Mom should be getting home in just a few minutes, I'm not sure she would approve. Her and dad are going out tonight, so I think I'll take my bath around eight or so." She smiled and then slipped through the door, closing it behind her.

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