tagIncest/TabooHot Bath Ch. 03

Hot Bath Ch. 03


Scott walked into the kitchen pulling off his gloves, opened the ice chest on the floor and pulled out a bottle of water. He screwed off the top and took a long drink feeling the soft plastic actually draw inward as he sucked the water into his mouth. He finally set the empty bottle down on the counter and said, "It's hot as hell out there."

"It's not much better in here. It wasn't bad until today, but now, well just look at me, I'm covered in sweat," his sister Jeanie replied.

"Yeah, kind of sexy."

"Me covered in sweat?"

"You know there's nothing like the scent of a woman who has been working out. Covered with a light sheen of perspiration they get kind of an earthy sweet scent to them that is simply incredible," he said, leaning his head down near his sister's neck.

Pushing him back, "Don't you go sniffing me. Damn what I wouldn't give for a hot bath."

"Where's mom and dad?"

"There out again, trying to meet with the FEMA people and then the insurance people. Most likely in an air conditioned building," Jeanie answered.

"A cold shower would cool me off, what about you sis?"

"I said hot bath, not cold shower."

"After this weekend we go back to school and mom and dad will be standing in line for a long time. This may be our best and last chance to solve your virginity problem, if you still want me to do it."

"But I'm so dirty and I stink."

"We'll take a shower."

"It will be freezing," she replied.

"Look as hot as it is, the water in the pipes will be warm for a minute or so. Why don't we jump in, get wet and turn off the water. We can then lather up and rinse off. If we are quick enough it won't get too cold."

"What if they come home, I mean they almost caught us last time."

"You know those lines will take hours. Come on," Scott said, grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the stairs.

As they ran up the stairs they both started pulling off their tee shirts so by the time they reached the master bathroom they were both naked. Scott looked over at his sister, reached a hand out to her breast, but she turned away, "No, not until we shower."

She moved into the bathroom, opened the glass shower door and stepped inside. Scott followed her so when she stopped, he let his erection poke her in the ass. Jeanie reached around and grabbed it, pulling him closer. Still holding his cock, she whispered, "Now turn on the water."

The water splashed down on them and they moved quickly, sliding around each other to get completely wet. Scott then turned it off and said, "See, that's wasn't so bad."

"It was freezing," Jeanie cried out, "just look at this."

Scott looked at her and saw she was pointing to her nipples, which were erect and enormous. He grabbed the bar of soap, lathered up his hands and reached out to palm her breasts. His soapy hands circled around her breasts, then down her stomach and around to her ass, where he cupped her cheeks and kneaded them while pulling her toward him. His cock slid up against her stomach as then came together.

Jeanie had soaped her hands by then and reached around to Scott's ass where she squeezed him. After a moment or two, she moved her hands around to the front and began scrubbing his cock. He pushed his hips forward, letting her work his cock and balls.

Finally snapping to his senses, Scott said, "We better not get too lathered up or it will take too long to rinse off."

They pulled apart and individually finished cleaning themselves. Finally Scott turned the water back on and they both rinsed off, screaming as the cold water cover them. They both grabbed towels and dried off before moving into the master bedroom. Not wanting to mess up the bed, Scott tossed a towel onto the floor and kneeled, holding his hand out in invitation to his sister.

As Jeanie sat down, Scott leaned forward and began kissing her, letting his tongue slip in and out of her mouth. She leaned back as he moved his mouth down her body, first to her breasts and then to her nipples, sucking the hard knobs into his mouth and then running his face over them.

He continued kissing down her body, sliding his tongue down her stomach, through the pool of water in her belly button and then down through her damp curly hair. The tip of his tongue slid over her clit and then continued down her slit until it pierced her, sliding into her pussy. Scott fucked her with his tongue until she was very wet, then he slipped one finger and then a second into her. He moved them slowly in and out of her pressing upward trying to stretch the hymen without hurting her.

He then moved in between her legs but then paused. Looking into her eyes he asked, "Are you ready?"

She nodded.

"Are you sure you want it this way? I mean with me."

She nodded again.

"Okay, this will probably hurt some," he said, moving himself forward. He guided his cock down toward her, but she reached out and took hold of him, pulling him. Scott watched as she opened her lips with her fingers and then guided him into her wet opening.

Scott immediately felt the resistance and pushed gently as the head compressed and eased into her. He could feel her gasp a bit and then relax. Leaning down onto her, he slowly pushed his cock into her centimeter by centimeter. Feeling her tremble beneath him he whispered, "Are you okay? Should I stop?"

"No don't stop," she gasped.

He pushed his hips toward her in a quick thrust and it felt as if something gave way as he slid into the hilt. As his cock moved into her, he heard her whimper so once again he stopped.

"Please don't stop Scott, I want you to fuck me."

"But if it hurts..."

"It hurt, but it also feels good."

Hearing that, he slowly withdrew and then thrust back into her. As he continued moving in and out of her, she began to respond to him and was soon lifting her hips to meet his thrust. Glancing down, he could see his cock moving in and out of her, her pussy lips opening to him, pursing outward as he withdrew. His cock glistened in her juices. There was a slight hint of red, but it didn't look like she was bleeding.

The sight of his cock disappearing into his sister and the feel of her raising up to meet him soon became too much for him and he felt his balls begin to tighten. He wanted to hold off so she could come, but wasn't sure if she would do it this time. Rather than make this a long encounter, he let himself go and simply enjoyed the sensation of his sister's pussy on his cock.

After a few more thrusts he felt his balls tighten and a jolt of pleasure shot through his cock. He arched his back and came, spurting his cum deep into his sister's pussy. His original plan was to pull out as he came, but the way she felt all he wanted to do was push as deep as he could into her body. Pushing his cock to the hilt, he felt it twitch again and again as he pumped more cum into her.

"Are you okay?" he whispered.

"Yes, it hurts some, but feels nice too," she replied.

Scott remained on top of her as his cock began to shrink. He wondered what it would feel like...

"What the hell?"

Scott heard his father scream and pulled his cock out of his sister. He looked behind him and saw his mother and father standing at the door into the bedroom. Rolling over onto his ass, Scott saw his sister grab the towel and holding it over her pussy she stood up and rushed toward her room. Jumping up, Scott slipped past his parents and ran into his room, locking the door behind him.

As he stood in his room, still completely naked he leaned against the door and slid his hands down over his face. "What will happen now?" he asked himself. Suddenly there was a bright light shining on him and as his eyes quickly adjusted, he realized the power had just come back on. Sliding down his door he sat on the floor and began laughing.

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