tagIncest/TabooHot Day, Hotter Mom Ch. 02

Hot Day, Hotter Mom Ch. 02


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“This has to be a dream.” Brad thought as he dried off his wet body and watched his sexy mother do the same, “It’s just to good to be true.”

Monica dried her hair briskly as if she was in a rush to do something. With her arms rose high in the air her breasts stuck out from her chest and jiggled delightfully with every movement she made. She eyed her son from behind her towel gawking at her curvy, toned, and smooth body. Giggling as she rolled her eyes in the back of her head she dropped the towel and grabbed Brads hand, leading him towards her bedroom. She felt like she was nineteen again and that she had the whole house to herself for the weekend with her boyfriend. She’d never felt this alive sexually in years. Goose bumps rose on her skin from the excitement.

Brad wasn’t even in control of his body He obediently followed his mother as she guided him by the hand. His stiff dick slapped loudly against his abs as he looked down at his mothers heart-shaped ass sway back and forth with her hips.

Coming towards Monica’s bed, she brought her son around and pushed hip hard onto the bed. “Mmmmmm”, she moaned as she crawled on the bed seductively. Every move she made was feminine and graceful, yet full of lust.

Brad inched up so his head was lying just below his mother’s pillows. Words didn’t need to be exchanged between either mother or son at this point. Both knew instinctively how to compliment each other’s movements.

Monica traveled further up the soft sheets before turning around, swinging a leg over her son’s head, and straddling his face. She leaned forward, squashing her tits against her son’s hard stomach, and wrapped her little hands around Brads’ huge cock. Smiling eagerly with a gleam in her eyes she bent the tip towards her wet lips and kissed the head ever so gently.

Brad shivered at the gentle contact as his hands glided up and down his mothers sexy hips. He squeezed, rubbed, and ran his nails over the soft smooth flesh. His lips lightly grazed the inside of her thighs as he worked his way upwards. He could see that the lips of his mothers shaved pussy were still wet and sensitive. Lapping away at her engorged lips with the rough top part of his tongue Brad felt his mothers legs quiver around his head.

“Mmmmmmm…God!..” Monica moaned around the head of her sons cock before releasing it with a loud, wet pop to look over her shoulder and watch her son work. Panting she watched him for a few moments before turning her head to look at the column of silky flesh pointing at her lips. The corner of her mouth rose in a confident sneer before she pressed her soft, plump lips against his head again. He tongue came out and massaged the bottom of his cock while she slid her mouth down his length very, very slowly.

“Uuugghhh..” Brad moaned as he felt his mother envelope his cock. Her lips felt like two moist pillows gliding up and down his length. Trying to concentrate he went back to work on the inside of her lips again. Exploring greedily, Brad soon found her stiff clit just inside the inner folds. He alternately pinched it between his lips before circling it with the sandy upper part of his tongue and the smooth underside.

Monica squealed and moaned around her sons’ hard cock as she drove her pussy further into her sons face with her hips. Her whole body felt like tiny bolts of electricity where coursing through her. Already sheens of sweat were beginning to cover her body as she felt a fire inside her along with the hot summer heat caressing her body along with her sons touch. Her hard nipples grazed against his stomach as she moved back and forth slightly. She brought one of her hands around and gently cupped and massaged his balls as she enveloped about six inches of him.

Brad pinched his eyes shut as he felt the vacuum seal around his shaft and his mothers soft hands rub his balls. He groped and squeezed her ass as he thrust his tongue into her pussy and swiveled it quickly in small circles.

Monica couldn’t take anymore of this; she’d never felt this horny in her life. “Oh god…..I n-need you…..ugh!….inside me again!” She swung around and this time straddled Brads’ pelvis. The inside of her smooth thighs rubbed against his muscular legs as she reached down between them to grasp his firm cock in her hand to guide it in. She rubbed her clit a few times, forcing her to bite her lip and moan, before she pushed down and forced the head inside of her. Her small pink nailed hands rested on her son’s muscular chest as she slid down his full length and stared into his blue-gray eyes.

Brad loved the sight of his sexy mother, her body glistening with sweat, forcing herself down around him. Her pussy felt tight and wet around his manhood. He moaned as he thrust his hips upward slightly gripping her hips in his strong hands.

Monica finally enveloped all nine inches of her sons cock. Shutting her eyes tight she arched her back, grinding her clit into her sons pelvis. With her arms together, as her hands lay on her son’s chest, her large tits stuck out from her body proudly. The fan in the corner of the room blew her reddish-brown hair around her shoulders while she slowly rose up and down a few inches at a time. “Oh……oh……oh…..y-yes!…..oh god…”

Brad reached around and groped her soft ass, kneading the flesh in his hands. “Mom, you feel so good.” He brought his hands up, caressing her stomach before cupping her large tits in his hands. Teasing her nipples with his thumbs, he began to thrust upward faster, relishing in the tight wet heat inside of her.

Monica squealed as she felt her son move beneath her. Taking that as a cue to move a little faster, she leaned forward she looked behind herself as she rotated her hips in quick circles, matching Brad’s tempo. “Oh…..fuck……me…….Ugh!……Oh god…..s-so good!” She exhaled as she felt every inch of him grind inside and stretch her to the limit.

Grabbing another pillow to place under his head Brad eagerly reached up and caught one of his mothers nipples in his mouth. He sealed her nipple with his lips as he swirled his tongue around the hard tip. “Mmmmm…” he moaned around the mouthful of tit-flesh. His strong hands gripped her waist tightly as he bent his legs and pulled out all the way except for his head of his cock. Releasing her wet nipple he looked up confidently into his mothers dark almond eyes as he held her firmly, preventing her from moving.

Monica was gulping for breath as she looked at her son pleadingly. She whimpered, trying to move, but she couldn’t budge in his powerful grip. “D-Don’t stop!…..Oh god…d-don’t stop!”

Brad smiled up at his mother before looking down between her lushes breasts. His shaft was glistening with his mother’s wetness. He could feel his cock jump to the rhythm of his heartbeats, he was so excited. Then unexpectedly, he flexed his powerful legs and began to jackhammer into her.

Monica’s eyes bulged as her son began to thrust all nine-inches into her again and again. Three or four times a second she felt him enter her with such force that she felt his heavy balls slap against her lower ass. “AAAAAAEEEEEEEE!!!” she screamed as she lowered her head onto her son’s hard shoulder. She curled her toes and gripped his upper arms as her vision blurred for a moment. Her nipples rubbed into his chest as her hips and ass jiggled with each powerful thrust.

With his mothers screaming and the head-board of the bed slamming against the wall, Brad wouldn’t have been surprised if the neighbors could hear them fucking. His nose filled with the smells of his mother’s sex along with the vanilla smell of the shampoo in her wet hair as it fell across his face. Grunting, he bit down on his mothers shoulder slightly as his pelvis slapped loudly against her.

She’d never imagined that sex could be this good. Her whole body was alive. Her skin tickled, itched, shocked, and burned in all the best ways. She’d never been this wet and eager in her life. Regaining some composure she brought her face around, nuzzling her sons neck, before grazing his lips with hers. Closing her eyes, moist lips pressed urgently against his as her tongue darted into his mouth. “Mmmmmfffff….” She moaned around the kiss.

Surprised by his mothers kiss, Brad lost tempo for a moment. He returned the kiss soon enough however, before returning to his relentless pounding. His hands moved up to caress the smooth skin her ass and lower back.

Monica released the kiss, flinging her wet hair over her shoulders, and began to moan and scream again, “Oh!….F-Fuck mommy!…..Your such….ugh!…..a g-good boy!…..Oh…..AAAA!”

Brad relaxed suddenly, panting as he was out of breath. Monica giggled as he rolled her over onto her back suddenly and gripped her ankles in his hands spreading her legs wide. “Hold your legs.” He commanded as he thrust hard into her.

Monica obediently held her legs apart so her son could grip her waist as he got on his knees. Both of them were out of breath and the sheets stuck to their sweaty bodies but they didn’t care. This was a complete fulfillment of sexuality. Monica was completely satisfied with this young muscular, well-hung, stud. And Brad had never been with a fully stacked mature woman, plus she seemed more eager and excited then any of the teenage girls he’d been with.

Monica smiled up at her handsome son as he began to thrust into her pussy again. “Mmmmmmm…” she moaned as she bit her lower lip, “Yeah baby…….don’t s-stop…”. Her tits jiggled and swung in small circles as her sons body slapped against her. She continued to purr at her son as she pursed her lips, urging him on.

Brad loved the sight of his mother toned smooth legs spread wide. His fingers caressed the lines of her thigh muscles as he looked at his mother’s sexy face. His eyes trailed down to her perfect round tits as they moved uncontrollably, before continuing his view to her shaved pussy as it enveloped him in its tight wetness. He gripped her by the waist again as he rotated his hips in small circles, grinding his body against her clit.

The sudden surge of pleasure filled her body as she felt an unbelievable orgasm approaching. “Oh God!…..R-Right there!…..Ugh!……M-Mommies going t-to…..Ugh! Cum!” She pulled her knees toward her, squashing her tits against her chest as she chewed on her lower lip.

This gave Brad a sudden leap in his pride as he wanted to please his mother as much as she was pleasing him. Moving just a little faster and pushing against her a little harder, Brad hopped to make her scream. He didn’t even care about the neighbors anymore. Grabbing her soft sweaty tits, he pinched the nipples as he gave her short quick thrust.

Monica’s eyes became huge as she arched her back, forcing her breasts into her son’s hands. She released her knees wrapping her sexy legs around Brads’ waist and squeezing him between her milky thighs as she curled her toes. Her entire body convulsed beneath him as her orgasm shook her body to the core. Her screaming and moaning echoed off the ceiling and walls.

Brad felt the walls of his mother’s pussy tighten and quiver around his cock as he gave her his full length and let his balls rest on her ass. Her thighs squeezed around him almost painfully but he loved it.

Relaxing after a good minute of tightened muscles and quivering flesh, Monica released her son from the vise grip of her legs. Gasping for breath she smiled and stretched as she yawned. “That was the most incredible orgasm of my life!” she thought to herself, “I can’t stop. I don’t want to stop!”

Brad was far from finished however. “Get on your hands and knees mom. I want to do you doggie style.” He smiled down at her as he squeezed her little waist.

She gave a small whimper of protest as he pulled out of her. Taking a couple more breaths she purred as she tuned onto her stomach and stuck her ass into the air. He was so tall that she needed to put a couple of pillows under her knees to raise herself up. She lifted herself on her hands and looked back to see her son grip her left thigh with one hand as he guided himself in with the other. Again she felt that column of hard flesh slide into her wet folds and bottom out as his balls pressed against her clit.

Running his nails over her hips a couple of times he soon gripped them and began to pound into her hard. He looked down to see his large wet shaft slide in and out of his mother’s pussy. He loved watching his mother squirm and quiver in his grasp. Her ass jiggled each time he slapped against her body hard.

“AAAAGGHHH!!……Oh!……G-God!…..Ugh!….” Monica grunted and moaned before biting on her lower lip to stifle her cries. She squeezed her eyes shut and pursed her lips as she cooed from the pleasure. Gripping the sheets tightly in her hands she looked under herself to see her sons balls swing against her again and again. Her large tits bounced into her facing making her giggle as she looked back up to stare at the head board slamming against the wall.

Brads hands moved over his movers back, massaging the muscles and smooth skin before sliding them down to squeeze her ass with each thrust. He’d never felt this alive before in his life he relished as felt the smooth tight walls of his mother’s pussy around him.

Monica wanted her son to play with her breasts again so rising up she spooned against him and grabbed his ass behind her. “P-Play with my tits sweetie…..Ugh!….” She pleaded as she squeezed his tight ass cheeks in her hands.

Reaching around her curvy body, Brad brought his hands to her chest and cupped her tits in his hands. The stiff nipples rubbed against his palms as the flesh overflowed between his fingers. It was a little tricky to continue his movement into her as she was spooned up against him but he soon got the angle right and began to giver her quick little stokes upward. He kissed and nibbled along her shoulder, neck, and ear as he continued his movements.

Monica squealed in surprise as her son nibbled on her ear but she enjoyed the playfulness of it immensely. She loved the feeling of her son’s strong hands squeezing her tits and exploring her body. His body felt warm and hard against her skin as she rubbed her entire body against him.

His mother’s smooth warm smooth skin caressed his body as he thrust into quickly. He loved the feeling of her ass pressed against him as moved into her. Suddenly he got an idea. He pushed his mom back down on the bed gently as he pushed all the way into her gripping her waist and making her gasp in surprise. “Mom?” he asked as pulled out slowly, “Can I fuck you in the ass? I’ve always wanted to try.”

This question surprised her as she looked back at her son. “I don’t know baby. I haven’t done it in awhile and your…” she paused looking down at his swollen manhood pointing at the ceiling, “…pretty big!”

Lifting up on his feet with his knees still bent, he pushed on his mother back gently forcing her head towards the pillow. “It’s OK, I’ll be gentle at first.” He said as he rubbed the underside of his wet cock between her soft warm cheeks. He pressed them together around himself as he grinded the underside his cock against her. Their combined juices made for a pretty good lubricant to he could go in easier.

Monica shuttered at the contact of her sons massive shaft between her ass cheeks, rubbing its length against her hole. She soon felt him stop and pull back before placing the head at the entrance between her butt cheeks. She gripped the sheets tightly as she flexed her thighs to get ready for the intrusion. Again the lines of the muscles in her smooth sexy legs were visible as her body tensed.

Brad guided the head at her puckered anus and pushed in gently until the head popped in. Her ass gripped his mushroom-like head impossibly tight as he gritted his teeth from the pleasure. He was afraid he was going to cum right then. Soon enough he recovered and gripped his mother’s tiny waist in his strong hands again. Slowly he pushed himself in inch by inch.

Monica moaned into the pillow as she felt the first three inches of her son penetrate into her anal canal. He paused giving her a second to get used to it, which she was very grateful for, before pulling back a little bit then pushing in another three inches. The sheets were balled in her sweated sweaty hands as her son penetrated deep onto her bowels. After a few moments he shoved all nine inches into her. She sucked in air through clenched teeth as her son aloud her to get used to his full girth.

He’d never felt anything this tight and hot before. Brad threw his head back and moaned in pleaser as he gripped his mothers ass and pulled back half of his length and shoved it back inside. Her butt cheeks felt like two fleshy pillows as his cock was squeezed between them. What a taboo sight that was too see. A tall handsome muscular teenage crouching behind his sexy curvaceous mother as he gripped her waist in his powerful hands and slid his manhood between her ass cheeks again and again. Both moaning in ecstasy.

Monica flexed her ass around her son as she soon found the pleasure of his intrusion. Her nipples rubbed into the sweaty sheets as her breasts were squashed into the mattress. “Oh baby……Ugh!…..Y-Your…..f-fucking..Ugh!..my ass!” She exhaled as she pushed back against him slightly.

Brad had finally reached the tempo of truly fucking as he pounded against his mother. His balls swung against her pussy lips as he gripped her waist tightly. He could feel her ass flex around him as he moved in and out of her again and again. Sweat dripped off of his chin and onto her back as he breathed hard.

“I-I can’t….Ugh!…..believe we’re…..d-doing this!…” Monica yelled in ecstasy as she tightened herself around her son even more. “Yeah….pound my ass!….Ugh!..”

Brad couldn’t take anymore. He was surprised he’d lasted this long. Not saying a word he pulled his mother back against him as his balls tightened around the base of his cock. “AAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!” He expelled as he came inside of her bowels.

Monica’s eyes became huge as she felt her sons cock swell inside of her then jerk around as it sprayed inside of her again and again. “Yes!….Cum for m-mommy!…”

His mother ass made an impossibly tight seal around him as his shaft jerked around uncontrollably inside of her. “Oh god!” He said as he looked down at his shaft buried into her ass with her cheeks squashed against him. After a few moments he stopped convulsing and he lay down on his mother laying his full weight on top of her. Both were gasping for breath as they reveled in their monster orgasms.

Monica sucked on one of her son’s fingers greedily as she moaned and giggled to herself. “Well, we better get cleaned up before your father gets home.” She said as she rolled away from her son, “We certainly don’t want him to see us like this huh?” She smiled as she rose up walked towards the bathroom again. She paused at the doorway leaning against it frame as she looked back at her son lying on the bed. She bent one knee to give her leg that sexy curve as she arched her back letting her nipples graze against the white doorframe. Her hair hung down and covered half of her face as she looked at him smiling. “Don’t forget, your fathers leaving for the east coast for a week on Monday. I hope you’ll be ‘up’ to it when he leaves!”

Brad had the biggest grin on his face as he watched his mother walk into the bathroom. He was definitely looking forward to next week.

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