tagIncest/TabooHot Flashes Ch. 01

Hot Flashes Ch. 01


This is Chapter 1 of a three part story.


Keri lay restless in her bed. Her eyes were wide open and staring at the ceiling. Her feet danced from side to side under the blankets.

Her husband Dan slept soundly next to her, and Keri felt a pang of jealousy. She wished that her hyperactive brain would calm itself and allow her to fall asleep. But she had things on her mind that would keep most people stirring.

To keep herself occupied, she looked all the way to the right. Keeping her head still, she only moved her eyeballs. Then she looked all the way to the left. She glanced around from the confines of her eye sockets, all the way back in her skull and then all the way down. She did this several times in hopes that the constant eye motion would make her brain tired, and hence, fall asleep.

No good. She was as jittery as ever.

She glanced over at Dan. He was spread out underneath the bedspread like a corpse ready to have the chalk outline drawn around him. The only thing that seemed alive about him was the nasal-like snoring.

Keri inched herself up on her elbows. She leaned over her husband and looked at his face.

'So cute' she thought. After all these years, he was still an attractive man.

As she looked down at him, her hyperactive imagination kicked into high gear.

It was like a flash. A picture suddenly appeared in her head. Keri saw herself on her belly, naked and sweaty. Dan was crouched over top of her, his feet on either side of her creamy thighs. His knees bent and his body leaning into hers. His strong hands clasped her sweaty waist as he drills her ass with his massive cock. His thrusts shoving her hips into the sheets, all the while she cries deliciously for her Papa.

Keri suddenly comes to. She shakes her head and the image vanishes from her mind. She's back lying next to her sleeping husband.

'Whoa!' she thought to herself. 'What the hell's the matter with me?'

She flopped back down on her back and stared wild-eyed at the ceiling fan. The blades turned slowly, making a soft whooshing sound.

Keri blinked a few times and tried to steady her breathing. She tried to focus on one blade spinning and attempted to match her breaths with each passage.

This had been happening to her all day. Completely at random, fucked up sex images would jump into her head at the oddest of times, and in the oddest of places.

At the office this morning, Keri's boss--Mr. Hendricks walked into her office and shut the door. He had only come in to tell her about Miranda Becker's surprise birthday party, which was taking place in a few hours. But for some reason, when Mr. Hendricks shut the door behind him, something deep inside of Keri got triggered.

She had a flash right then and there. The image was of Mr. Hendricks and herself shoved together in the leg cubby of her desk. He was sitting with his back to the front of the desk. She straddled him impaled on his cock. Her slender legs squeezed his lap as she awkwardly fucked up and down on him. Her head rested on his shoulder and his lightly bit him. Their heads lightly rapped up against the drawer with each bounce. She was whimpering like a schoolgirl.

After the flash was over, Keri found it difficult to listen to her boss. He continued to drone on about the party, but all she could think about was the moisture between her legs. This was strange to her. She didn't understand at all. Keri had never found her boss that attractive before this moment.

Back in her bed at home, Keri reached up and rubbed her eyes. She wasn't sleepy at all now. And that's when she suddenly heard the front door open.

"Who in the hell?" She said quietly to herself. She glanced over at the alarm clock. It was 2:30 in the morning.

At first Keri thought it might be her son Mikey. But then she thought, nah. He wouldn't dare sneak out of the house on a school night. He knew better than that. Plus, a senior in high school would be more covert about it. If Mikey weren't the worrier-shy type, he'd more than likely go out the window. He's never done anything like that in the past, so Keri found it very unlikely that it was him.

Keri heard creaking footsteps step softly down the hall towards her bedroom. She moved to the side of the bed and swung her legs off. The footsteps got a little louder as they came closer. Keri felt a chill when she realized she was only wearing her underwear and a tee shirt.

She was about to reach over and wake up Dan. Her hand hovered over his chest in anxious anticipation. Whoever it was, they were almost to her open doorway.

Just then, the intruder walked by her door, the soft moonlit hallway exposed the source of the footsteps.

Keri felt a relief course through her body. She sighed heavily.

It was only Holly, Keri and Dan's twenty-year-old daughter. Holly was carrying a laundry basket full of clothes, and was heading for the basement stairs.

Holly was a sophomore at Avery-Spencer University. She lived in a dorm room there on campus. That's why Keri wasn't expecting it to be her. Holly hadn't told Keri of any plans to drive home this weekend. So needless to say, Keri was a little surprised. And rightly so, it is being 2:33 in the morning.

Keri let her heart pounding relax a little bit. She took several deep breaths and let them out slowly by making a small 'o' with her lips.

Finally, Keri stood up from the bed. She slipped on her robe and quietly slipped out of the bedroom, shutting the door behind her.

The basement door was at the end of the hallway. A flight of stairs took you down to the washer and dryer.

Keri's bare feet chilled slightly when they touched down on the cold cement of the basement floor. She pulled her robe closed and tightened the strings, although this did nothing to warm her toes. Regardless, she put her hands in the pockets and continued on her way.

The basement is constructed with a center hallway with five separate rooms. Two rooms are used for storage and two are used for entertainment purposes, like ping-pong, pool, weights, etc. The fifth room at the end is the laundry room. Keri could see the light peeking out from the door. She walked through the door and stopped.

There in front of her was her daughter Holly. She was bent over in front of the washer. Her little round bottom was staring Keri directly in the face. Holly's tight jeans clung to every curve of her daughter's rear like spray paint.

Keri gulped. Her heart began to race again, but now she wasn't sure why. She began to feel nervous and sick all over. Her skin tingled and she started to feel light headed. Much like the feeling you get when you haven't eaten all day.

Keri had never been interested in the same sex before. Not ever. But for some strange reason, when Keri gazed upon Holly's petite little behind, another tingling sensation shot all through her zoomed down right between her legs.

Holly, meanwhile, lifted her clothes from the basket and dropped them into the washer. Her red-pony tailed-hair flipped up like a flame then fell against her back. Her cropped baby-tee showed off the tanned, flawless skin of her lower back.

Keri could feel heat radiating from her daughter from all the way across the room. Holly bent over again to retrieve more of her dirty clothes. Keri watched as Holly's curvy leg muscles flexed through the tight denim. Her calves were small and firm. And her ass was heart shaped. It was perfect. Keri's lips began to tremble. She felt afraid for herself, but more afraid for her daughter. She had such conflictions running through her mind.

'What the fuck am I thinking? This is my daughter! My child!' Keri yelled at herself without uttering a word. The warmth coming from between her legs was dampening her red cotton panties.

Suddenly, Holly turned around. Holly gasped.

"Oh Shit!"

Keri flinched and her eyes jutted upwards to her daughter's face.

Holly placed her hand on her chest.

Keri noticed that it rested between the two small globes poking out of her tee shirt.

Holly said, "Mom, you scared the sh---the crap outta me."

Keri tried to compose herself. She said, "I scared you?! You're the one coming into my house at 2:30 in the freaking morning!" Keri half laughed. On the outside she looked like Holly's mother. She sounded like Holly's mother. But on the inside was a burning pressure that she was both ashamed and afraid of.

Holly relaxed, "Sorry Mom. I decided kind of late in the day to drive home and do laundry."

Keri replied, "Don't you have class in the morning?"

"Just one, but I'm pretty ahead so I thought it'd be okay to skip it." She saw the questioning look in her mother's eyes. "Just this once."

"I hope so."

"I just wanted to hang out with you guys tomorrow. Is that okay?"

"I suppose so. But your Dad has to work tomorrow and your brother is going to school. I'm the only one who'll be here."

Holly said, "That's fine. I can see them afterwards. Maybe we can go shopping or something."

Keri started to say, "Fine, alright..." Then Keri had another flash.

The image slowly phased into view. It was of Holly sitting atop the washing machine wearing only her panties. Only the panties were pulled down and stretched between her thighs and her legs were spread apart. Her legs hung off the side and her bare butt and pussy were pressed down hard into the metal lid. Holly's back was arched and her head was flung back in ecstasy. Both of her hands came straight down in front of her between her legs clutching the washer for support. The washer was on the Spin Cycle and the gyrations sent thrills of electricity to her pussy. She was whining like a puppy wanting to go out.

Again Holly said, "Is that okay? Mom?"

Keri blinked twice as the image faded away and was replaced with the reality. Holly stood before the washer looking curiously at her mother.

Keri smiled warmly at her and said, "Absolutely honey."

"Great!" Holly said and giggled.

Keri gazed upon her daughter's body greedily, taking in every curve, bend, and crevice. Her tits were not big, nor were they tiny. They were like two halves of a grapefruit pushing out of the baby-tee with little pencil erasers sticking out from each center.

"Why are you looking at me like that, Mom?"

Keri's throat developed a lump and her heart slid down into her feet. The lightheaded feeling returned to her now, stronger than ever.

"Like what, baby?"

Holly looked puzzled. Keri was having difficulty reading her daughter's expression.

Holly said, "I don't know exactly. You were just looking at me...funny. That's all. Is everything all right? Is there anything you wanna talk about?"

Keri's insides were on fire. She could feel the sweat forming on her brow and her knees were becoming shaky. She did want to talk about it. Only she wanted to talk about it with no clothes on.

'What am I thinking?! STOP IT! THIS IS MY LITTLE GIRL!" Her body and mind were in turmoil. Then she thought, 'Wait a second! She is my little girl. Mine. I gave birth to her. If she's mine, then I should be able to do anything I want to her. To use her in any way I want. Even if that means eating her out.'

'AHH! STOP THINKING LIKE THIS! I CAN'T HELP IT! DAMN IT! I CAN'T TAKE THIS!' Keri's pussy was aching for release.

Keri said shakily, "I...I'm just tired is all. I was...just checking on you. I'm going back to bed now."

Holly smiled and bounded over to her mother. "Good night Mom," She said and wrapped her arms around her.

Keri looked down Holly's back and smelled the sweet aroma coming from her red hair. Keri's own arms tentatively went around her daughter's smooth back and rested on her skin.

'Oh God, oh God, oh God..." was all Keri could think at this moment. Her fingertips dipped under the edges of her daughter's tee and rubbed her back in little circles. Keri was keenly aware of Holly's nipples pressed into her own.

Holly looked up and leaned in to lightly kiss her mother goodnight.

Keri couldn't help herself. She pulled her little girl into her and pushed Holly's lips open with her tongue.

"Hmph?!" Was all Holly was able to utter. Her eyes shot open in fear.

Keri didn't stop there. Her lips opened and closed on Holly's lips in a frantic sucking gesture. In a flash, Keri sucked Holly's tongue into her own mouth and sucked on it hard. Her wet lips devoured her daughter's mouth in an avalanche of lust and frustration.

"Hmm? Hmm? Hmm?" Holly whimpered into her Mom's invading mouth.

Keri walked forward pushing Holly against the washing machine. Holly's butt hit it forcing her to lean back slightly as her mother's tongue assault increased in intensity. Keri's hands reached around sliding under her tee shirt and cupping Holly's grapefruits. Holly's nipples slid in and out between her mom's fingers as she grasped them. Holly's chest shimmered with goose bumps as Keri squeezed and rolled her nipples between her fingertips.

Holly's only way to fight back was to push her pelvis against her mother's trying to break free. But to no avail. Her lips were moving in sync with her mom's and her tongue was constantly running in and out of her mouth, all the while moaning her objections.

Keri couldn't believe what she was doing. She was heatedly sucking face with her only daughter. Not just another woman, but her own kid. She was quenching a thirst that could only be doused by Holly's sweet little mouth. The moisture coming from between her legs was dripping now. Keri opened her thighs slightly and pushed into one of Holly's thighs. There she reached down and opened her robe exposing her panties. They were damp in the center. Keri began humping her pussy against her daughter's leg like a dog in heat.

Their mouths swallowed each other's tongues for several minutes. Keri's eyes were closed and whimpering like a sex kitten. Holly's eyes were open and she cried like a lost kitten.

Finally the kiss broke.

Holly began balling. Tears streaked down her cheeks as she stared up into the lust-crazed face of her mother.

"Mom...please! Please! I don't wanna..."

Keri interrupted her by again slipping her tongue back into her mouth. Keri furiously made out with her daughter again for several minutes.

It was only after Holly became weak in the knees that Keri pulled away.

Keri said, "Oh baby girl. You taste like mint candy." Her voice was sexy and husky.

Holly's lower lip quivered and her teeth chattered as if she were cold. Keri noticed this.

"Awe, poor baby girl. Here, lets turn the dryer on. It will produce some heat so you won't be cold anymore. How's that?"

Holly didn't say anything. She just turned her head to the side and leaned against the washer. She sobbed softly.

Keri ran her hand down the side of Holly's face. Then she said, "The dryer will also muffle the sounds of your moans." The lusting mother had a glint in her eye.

Holly gasped, "My...what?"

Keri stroked her hair lightly. Holly shivered under the touch. "There, there now honey. You're gonna love this next part."

Holly shook her head defiantly. She pursed her lips together tightly like a kid who refused to eat her vegetables.

"Nooo..." She sobbed, "Please don't."

Keri's heartbeat was going the speed of a high-powered propeller now. It was so erratic that she thought she might have a heart attack at any moment. This was all happening so fast. She couldn't believe she was going to go through with this. If there was a point of no return, this was it. The intensity of the hot make-out session was so unbelievable; Keri felt there was little choice but to fuck her vixen daughter in every conceivable way. She may never have another chance.

Holly was so confused and frightened by what was transpiring. One minute she's saying goodnight to her mother, and the next, that same mother is telling her she's going to make her moan. And by the feel of the hands on her tits, that can only mean in the sexual sense. Holly didn't know what to do. So she cried.

Keri reached for the bottom of her daughter's baby-tee and pulled it up. Holly had no choice but to lift her arms and allow her mother to remove the top.

Once the cool basement air touched her bare nipples, a sense of surreal ness rippled up Holly's spine.

Keri took Holly's nipples and started twisting and pulling them. They were as hard as could be. Keri also again started rubbing her panties against Holly's thigh.

Holly's mouth dropped open and her eyes glazed over as her mom played with her nipples. The room started to spin, as she felt transported to La-La-Land.

Keri asked, "Do you like this Holly? Your Mommy twisting your nipples?"

Holly gasped and shook her head.

Keri asked, "How about this then?" She pinched them.

Holly gasped louder and squirmed.

Keri shrugged the robe off and it fell to the floor. Then she removed her own tee shirt and both mother and daughter stood together topless. Keri's tits were less like grapefruits and more like medium sized pumpkins. They protruded proudly from her chest; her own nipples sticking straight up and out.

She pressed into her daughter and rubbed their bare nipples together. The sensation was exhilarating.

Keri looked into the dazed expression of her daughter and said, "Holly? Be a dear and hit the Start button on the dryer." There was a pause and Holly didn't move. Keri reached up and pulled again on Holly's nipples, "Now...Holly. Don't make me tell you again."

As if in a trance, Holly reached back, turned the dryer on high, and then hit the Start button.

The dryer hummed to life filling the room with a soft-dull noise.

Keri reached down and grabbed Holly behind the knees. She lifted her up and Holly's hands fell back onto the washer. Holly wasn't quite sure what her mother was doing.

She was lifted into a sitting position, her legs dangling off the side. Keri wasted no time. She unbuttoned her little girl's jeans and slid them down off her legs.

Holly trembled as her mom undressed her. It was like some warped alternate reality. Her mom yanked her tennis shoes off and threw them to the side. She whined, "Mommy? Please? This is making me feel really...weird. I feel uncomfortable."

Keri said, "It's supposed to." Then Keri slid her hands up Holly's naked thighs to the edges of her white cotton panties. She held the sides and slowly pulled them down. Holly was made to push her bottom up so her panties could be stripped off.

Keri gasped when she looked down between Holly's legs, "Oh wow. Holly. You're pussy is so tiny. God, I bet you're a tight fuck."

"Mom! You're language! What are you saying? I can't believe this is happening!" Holly shook as Keri began caressing her thighs. Her mother was practically drooling over her pussy lips. Keri squeezed and ran her hands up and down Holly's legs.

Keri leaned over and sucked one of Holly's nipples into her mouth.

"Oh God, Mommy!" Holly was helpless.

Keri's hands ran down behind Holly's knees as she knelt down onto her own in front of the washer. She lifted Holly's legs up over her shoulders on either side of her head. Lightly, Keri blew onto Holly's razor smooth mound.

Holly gasped loudly.

Keri leaned in and licked from the bottom of her pussy lips and the way up to her clit. Then she covered her entire pussy with her open mouth. Her tongue came out and shoved into her warm, wet hole.

"Hmmm..." Keri hummed into it. She sucked on it and tongued it like a deep French kiss. She held Holly's thighs tightly.

Holly called out, "AH! OH! UH, GOD! PLEASE, MOM!" She was shaking all over.

'I'm doing it! Holy shit! I'm going down on my kid! My daughter!' Keri reached down and probed her own pussy. She continued to lap away at her daughter's cunt without any regard for what the consequences might bring.

Then Keri stopped momentarily to look at Holly.

The girl was looking down with sweat and tears pouring down her face. She had just come home for the weekend to do laundry, that's all. Never in her wildest imagination did she think that one day she would look down between her legs and see her mom ravenously working her clit with her tongue.

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