tagRomanceHot for Teacher Ch. 01

Hot for Teacher Ch. 01


NOTE: There are many songs included in the story, none of which I own. The inspiration came from the Rocky Horror Glee Show's rendition of "Toucha Toucha"


Jess tapped her pencil on her desk, lazily. She didn't usually space out in class, but she'd been having some difficulties lately. Mostly because of her teacher. Mr. Wales was already known at Denton High for being a great teacher. He was funny, engaging, and managed to stay on everyone's good side somehow. Oh, and he was incredibly hot. He was rumored to be dating someone outside of school, but that didn't stop most of the female students from crushing on him. Still, over the four years of teaching, girls had realized he just wasn't interested and had backed off.

It wasn't that Jess lusted after him.... she just.... liked him. She looked up to him. She'd had conversations with him way deeper than just her grade point average or what was on TV the night before. She managed to tease him about things and not get in trouble (mostly cause she kept it out of class). She was one of the best students in his classes, if not book-wise than in terms of involvement. She asked questions, she made connections, and she really discussed things. And that was starting to wear on her.

She'd told herself when she was first assigned to his class that she wouldn't crush on him. At the time she'd had a boyfriend, anyway. But as time went on, he was just so nice, and funny, and considerate, and smart, and.... damn sexy. She tried to look at her feelings objectively: he was an attractive twenty-something, she was a hormonal 18 year old. Of course she would be attracted to him, and of course she could never be with him. Besides school rules it was also socially outlawed. And he was seeing someone, supposedly. But despite the strong argument against it, Jess couldn't help the way her lips automatically curled to a smile when she saw him. She couldn't help but share knowing looks with him when certain questions were asked. And she couldn't help but space out in class when he wasn't there.

It was Monday, and while Charles Wales was busy teaching his senior class about the importances of understanding the effects of Transcendentalism on American Literature, he was silently hoping that the bell would just ring. Sure, he loved his students, and teaching them was what he lived for, but today was just not a good day for him.

Although he tried to occupy his thoughts with Emerson and Thoreau, the upcoming exam, and what he needed to pick up on his way home, his mind was wandering, mostly to his girlfri- ex, girlfriend Rachelle. They had a heated argument on Friday, and had agreed to take some time off. It wasn't what Charles had wanted, but he had to do it anyway for at least a chance at saving their relationship.

The loud ring of the bell brought his thoughts back into line, and, to the great enjoyment of his students, he was able to give them their homework assignment before they got out of the door. He went to his desk, and began to collect his things, when he noticed that not all of his students and left. As Chris From The Back Row left without a sideways glance, Charles noticed Jess Langley still sat at her desk. This wasn't odd, seeing as how Jess was always so involved and inquisitive in his class. She stayed after the bell on numerous occasions this year for questions, critiques on her writing, or just to wish him a good weekend. He enjoyed her company, and she helped to get him through last period on days like today. "Hello Jess. Do you need anything?"

Jess's eyes narrowed as the bell rung, and she tried to regain the last fleeting thought, scowling in concentration. At Mr. Wales words, she turned her narrowed eyes on him, contemplating. It took a moment for his words to register, and she blushed slightly, blinking a couple of times. "Sorry Mr. Wales...." She cocked her head to the side. He seemed.... different. "Hey... are you okay?" she asked, a look of concern coming over her face.

Now that she saw him alone, he looked pale. Tired. And when she thought about it, he'd been pretty apathetic about class today - of course, the smile was on, but his lack of interest in class had been part of what caused her to space. "Do you want to talk or something?"

Although Charles appreciated the concern, he really just wanted to dismiss the question and get home. The sooner he could get lost in grading homework the better. "No, no. I'm alright, just a little tired is all. Long weekend. Also, quick bit of advice for the future: stop after the third shot." Jess was the only person in the whole school he could get away with saying things like that to, and he knew that she knew it too. Aside from that, the humor did make him feel a bit better, if at least for now, and hopefully would satisfy Jess' concern. "But yeah, thanks for asking. I just need to get home and take care of this." He gestured towards the large stack of papers on his desk, along with the many already in his bag.

Jess smiled at his comment, still a little concerned for him. She rolled her eyes teasingly at the joke, but they came to rest on his, following his gaze. "Oh....." She bit her lip, hesitating barely a moment, "Actually, Mr. Wales, I kind of needed some hours for English Honors Society..... do you maybe want some help?" Before he could decline, she continued, "I'm probably going to TA next semester anyway, it can't hurt. I can come in to school tomorrow if you'd like - I don't know, where do you do grading?"

"I hope by TA you mean for some other class, Jess. I couldn't stand loosing the only person besides me in this class that actually cares about what I say." He smiled a little, but it vanished quickly. "But yeah, I do my grading at home mostly, except when I decide to stay after and get some done. And, if you're interested in getting those hours in soon, then I guess that today could be one of those days. Sound good?"

The idea of some company did sound good, especially hers. With any other student, "staying after" meant sitting silently while babysitting some kid while he takes a test or does some review work. Boring, painful, and dragging on forever. But.... Jess's company might be just what Charles needed.

Jess's face split into a wide smile. "Sure!" She grinned and checked her watch, "Want me to go pick up some Starbucks or something before the buses block traffic? Or I can bring in my speakers or something," she suggested, brightly.

Charles smiled. Perhaps he would be able to get his mind off of his ex and have a little enjoyment at the same time. "Sure, go pick up some coffee. Just get anything for me, and I'll be happy. Don't worry about the speakers though, we've got the sound system in the classroom to take care of that." Although he had hesitated to admit it, Charles was grateful for Jess and her Honors Society hours. "Hurry back!"

"Will do," Jess smiled, leaving her bag in the room as she took her purse with her to go grab a couple of caramel macchiatos.

Charles waited until she had disappeared out of the doorframe before getting up. He retrieved the other swivel chair from the back of the room, and pulled it up next to his desk. After settling into his own chair, he pulled the papers out of his bag and placed them on top of the stack already on his desk. He then began sorting out the assignments into the three piles: homework, essays, and classwork. He had already started to get lost in the meticulous sorting process, and decided to start grading some of the easy assignments himself while waiting for Jess to return.

Jess knocked on the door, macchiatos in hand. "Hey Charlie," she teased him, laughing as she walked in, placing the drinks down. She glanced around. "My seat?" She asked, pointing to the chair.

Charles cocked his head slightly at her teasing. "That's Mr. Wales to you Jess. And yes, your throne awaits." He tapped the back of the chair and made a small come hither motion with his hand. "Now, get the coffee over here and start helping to grade this stuff. Unless, you don't want the hours that is."

Jess smiled. "Alas, I have been scolded." She put a hand to her forehead melodramatically, but laughed, bringing over the coffee. "Caramel macchiato okay?" She took her seat, taking her iPod out of her purse. "Tunes?"

Charles took the iPod from her, and connected it to his laptop. A few clicks later a teenage anthem was playing over the speakers in the ceiling. He then reclined in his seat, and handed Jess a large stack of homework from his sophomore class. "Welcome to the glorious life as a teacher. You'll find it quite dull at times, but, in the end, it's really quite worth it."

He gave her a sarcastic smirk, and got out the infamous red grading pens. He handed one to Jess, and kept one for himself to go over the essays with. "So, all you have to do is just check off who turned in their assignment, and then look for any errors. You're smart enough to find them, and it's a vocab exercise anyway, so there's no gray area. Also, thanks for offering to come in and help. It's been a hard day, and you're always good company."

Jess smiled. She felt a little burgeoning warmth in her chest and quickly shot it down. No more crushing. None of that. Instead she held up the red pen. "I swear to uphold the honor of the Red Pen." She told him, solemnly, cracking a smile. She took up the papers he'd pointed at and was soon hard at work, enjoying the simple task. Soon she was humming along to the music absentmindedly, tapping the end of the pen on her open lips as she read the pages.

Charles should have been engrossed in the grading, but he could help hearing the music. Even if it wasn't exactly his style, it was catchy enough, and the lyrics were.... intriguing. Also, they drew his attention to Jess, acting like a teacher's apprentice, deftly striking down those who would forsake his precious vocab sheets, and justly rewarding those who were smart enough to get all the questions correct.... or just use a freaking dictionary. Either way, it was amusing how she could be so involved in such a meticulous and tedious task. He also decided that a conversation would make the session even more enjoyable, so he started some small talk. "So, how's your first Monday back after the break? Fun enough being back in school."

Jess looked up from her work. She shrugged. "I'm a little tired, sure, but it's not too bad. And in this class, yeah, it is fun." She smiled at him, almost sheepish. "You look like you're the one who had a bad break." Her concern was back, though she didn't realize the double entendre in her words.

Charles tensed a little at her statement, but was careful to not show just how true her words were. "Yeah, I mean, like I said... it was, busy. A lot of bad decisions made..." He mumbled something before writing the A- on the paper in his hand and giving his full attention to Jess. "I've just had a bunch of things on my plate so to speak, and It's been hard getting them all sorted out."

He paused, then quickly picked up another paper. "But hey, you're not here to listen to me ramble, right? Besides, it's not the happiest topic, and, I mean, it's Monday, so how much more depressed do we need to get?" .......... "But yeah, thanks for being here. It helps."

Jess cracked a smile. "Gladly." She turned back to her own work, and soon was lost in a mix of vocabulary and inner thoughts, zoning out enough to be singing under her breath. "....you make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream, the way you turn me on, I can't sleep... let's run away and don't ever look back...." she hummed a bit again, nodding her head a little back and forth with the music.

Charles had just begun to read again, when his phone vibrated in his pocket. He answered it, and saw with a melancholy relief that it was his ex, Rachelle. "Hello? Yes, hey, thanks for calli- What?" There was a long pause. "I-I don't.... No, I'm not saying-- Ok, for one sec- no, you listen to me. This needs to stop... I don't care! Just- no, please, I, hello? Hel- fuck." He snapped the phone closed, and threw it onto the desk. He then put his hands in a bridge and rested his face on them. Don't you just love Mondays?

Jess couldn't help but hear the argument. She turned her chair silently to face him. And scooted closer. She leaned in a bit, trying to meet his eyes. "Girlfriend?" She asked, cautiously.

He didn't remove his hands from his face, but rather just talked through his fingers. "Apparently not anymore." His voice had none of the enthusiasm that it normally had, and his eyes were vacant. "We had a fight, and she didn't really want to continue on with the relationship anyway, so I just got dumped." He dropped one of his hands flat onto the table, and put the other one through his hair. "I just don't know how I can keep handling this, you know?"

Jess was surprised. She'd never seen him so... vulnerable. She half wanted to kiss him right there. But no, that wasn't quite so doable. But what was..... Jess leaned forward, out of her chair, and grabbed his hand. "Get up." She ordered, "We're going to dance. Press shuffle." She held out her iPod to him.

Charles looked up at his student, and then down at his hand. "Dance, huh?" He shook his head a little. "You know what? Sure, I'd love to." He set the iPod to shuffle songs, and let Jess pull him to his feet.

"Here's how this works. You make up the stupidest possible dance moves - bring back all the oldies - and completely make a fool of yourself." She smiled at him. "No matter what comes up, we dance, got it?"

"Hey, I'm not that old. My dancing is still fresh and current." He then wished he could take back those stupid words as Feel Good Inc. came on. 'Well, I hope that the white-boy hustle is still acceptable...'

Trying to help him feel at ease, Jess busted out the good old sprinkler, grooving like a fool. "Windmill, Windmill for the land. Turn forever hand in hand, take it all there on your stride. It is sinking, falling down..." "C'mon, Mr. Wales, confidence is sexy."

Charles looked at this girl, this beautiful and confident girl dancing her heart out. She filled him with spirit, and he decided, the hell with it, you'll get over the girlfriend thing. Just live for right now. "Alright, I'll show a little confidence." Oh, she'll be sorry after she sees this. And with that, Charles showed just how white he was.

Jess laughed, lipsyncing to the song as she "snorkeled" and "peace waved" left and right, pausing only to "ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!" maniacally.

Charles was really getting into it now that Jess was upstaging his bad dancing. He had lost all abandon, and was actually unaware of any of his past problems. That is, until his missed a step too many, and went stumbling backwards. He reached out to grab the nearest object to steady himself... which at that moment, was Jess.

He fell into his chair, and she fell promptly on top of him. He stared at her in embarrassed shock, before finally being able to say something to diffuse the awkwardness. "Well.... I told you that I was a bad dancer...."

Jess blushed but laughed. She'd never been so close to him and - while incredibly exciting - it was beginning to feel less awkward. "No worries," she grinned, tapping his nose teasingly as she popped up. "In fact-" she took her own seat. "I challenge you to a seated dance off." She smirked. "One round seated and one round standing and using the chair. What do you say?" Her hand hovered above the next button.

Charles didn't see the harm in it. "Haha, sure. Why not? It's not like this is awkward or anything." He chucked a little, and broke out into a full laugh when the song "Push It" came on. "I'll let you go first on this one, ok?"

"Oh puh-lease," Jess presented him with her palm, rolling her eyes and laughing. Keeping her feet planted on the floor, she shifted the chair side to side with the beat, her hand in the classic "club stance" for girls. She put on a melodramatic "sexy face" as she did the little arm pumping at her chest, in classic "push it" fashion, lipsyncing to the music for this as well, hissing with the music.

Charles watched, and couldn't help the amusement he felt. Or, for that matter, the—arousal? No, that was wrong. She had to be nearly ten years younger than him. No, just excitement. And then, the song was over, just as quick as it had begun... And it was his turn. And what better song to show off his dancing skills with, than a little "Rag Doll"? He put on his best 'playa' face, and proceeded to make sweet sweet love to the chair. He swayed back and forth to the song, putting on his best moves. It was now pretty obvious that he had practiced this before, seeing as how he was lipsyncing perfectly. "Rag doll, baby won't you do me, baby won't you do me, baby won't you do me like you done before! Woo! Woo!"

Jess laughed out loud. "Well done, Charlie, well done." She smirked, clapping exaggeratedly. "And since I went first for this round, I think I'm gonna have to ask for an encore performance."

Charles got up from his seat, selected a new song on the iPod, and put his hands on the back of the chair. With the first acoustic guitar, he began to swivel the chair around, and by the time Roger Daltrey was singing, "Momma's got a squeeze box she wears on her chest...", he was into it. He grabbed the meter stick from next to his desk (they insisted on putting them in every room, like he would ever need to measure the length of Shakespeare), and proceeded to Jess how creative he could be. One last "In and out, and in, and out...", and he sat back down triumphantly, with a cocked brow and a smirk on his lips. "Your turn, Jess."

Jess smirked. "Well, I'll just have to top that, won't I?" She raised an eyebrow, approaching the iPod. When she saw the song, she bit her lip. It was a good song, just.... well, what the hell. "...You gotta discount the lyrics, ok?" she prefaced, "It's Rocky Horror."

Jess turned her chair to face her and began proclaiming her innocence to it, her hands behind her back and her head down. Melodramatically she caressed its curved back, sitting on it like a lap and getting more and more upright until the chorus. "Touch-a touch-a touch-a touch me!" She didn't really care that she was singing along - she did that a lot. She undid her ponytail, shaking her hair out as she did a little shoulder shimmy here and there.

But the next verse needed a little change. She turned to face the back of the chair, stroking her hand along it as she spoke of "oiling up" and "rubbing down." With each orgasmic "oh" she got wilder, tossing her hair and jiving along to the music. At the key change she stood up, unable to remain seated with such an upbeat tune.

Charles watched with unbroken concentration at the amazing thing taking place in front of him. Sure, he had noticed that Jess was hot before, but he hadn't ever thought about it until now, with her chest and ass shaking in front of him. This is so wrong that I'm getting turned on. She's just barely over age! "Touch-a touch-a touch-a touch me..." Yeah, she sang that part. "I wanna be dirty..." Yeah, she sang that too. But, it's just a song to dance to. It's fun. 'Yeah, but you know what you were thinking about when your songs were on...' he reminded himself, face flushing.

Jess felt her already mischievous smile growing wider. Was his jaw actually going slack? This was so priceless. Never had she thought this would actually happen, and now that it was she didn't want it to stop. But what if she came on too strong? 'Well, better too strong than try to get him to come on to you - he'd never risk his job like that.' So she had to make her attraction known. She just didn't know how.

By the key change she decided not to stay there. Going around behind him, she felt her heart jump into her throat as she let her hands run down past his shoulders over his chest and back up, raking her nails softly against his shirt. She let her little "oh" noises tickle his neck before moving back around to take her seat to finish, letting her final gasp coincide with a dramatic dip backwards off the side of the chair.

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