Hot Girl Leaves The Trailerpark Ch. 02


As I knelt on my black high heels blowing my new step fathers huge hard on I could here the sounds of mothers and daughters fighting on the TV about how much they were going to fight for their toothless red neck trailer trash boyfriend. While they were pulling each others hair out the audience was chanting Jerry, Jerry. I was so caught up in blowing my step dad that I looked up and snarled, "So, am I blowing you better then Mommy does Earl …. Are you liking the way I suck your great big cock baby…… do you baby…..Am I suckin it better then Betsey and her mom and all the other sluts in this trailer park baby….Ohooooo such a big cock?" As I looked up at him with a devilish smirk on my face, I licked away at his huge shaft waiting for his response.

Earl pulled me up to him and our tongues flew out to kiss and he said in a authoritative tone, "Listen you sexy teenage bitch, not only do you got your mother or your friend Betsey beat with the way you give head, but you also got it over every other teenage slut, their moms, and Grand moms in this whole fucking trailer park."

Then came the remark that made this a real white trash party. Earl then hissed and said, "Fuck baby you is ginning me better head then my own momma and grandma used to!"

That told me exactly what I wanted to know. Suddenly I felt like I had so much power. I knew that any guy including Earl would easily choose me to fuck over any girl or wife they had. I had no competition and knew that I could go through life using this for my own advantage.

I then stood and we began kissing wildly. I then took his massive twelve inch hard on in my hands and said demandingly, "Now it's my turn to fuck your huge pussy pleaser baby." I then turned my back to my step daddy and faced the TV. I began rubbing his huge cock head against my scorching fuck lips. Once his huge cock head made contact with my pussy lips I began to moan unconsciously, "Oh fuuuuuck". I slowly began twisting my wild ass as his huge cock began passing the entrance of my pussy. "Oh FUCCCCK," I cried out as I came from this wild thrill of knowing that I was going to fuck such an enormous cock.

I continued to insert his big head between my overly sensitive fuck lips and slowly guided that twelve inch monster into my on fire pussy. I continued to move my gorgeous ass in small circles to help make room for Earl's gigantic cock. I could not believe that only having a few inches in me made me feel so stuffed!

As I ever so slowly dropped my pussy down each sex filled inch of my step fathers huge cock I kept uttering, "Ohhhhhh fuck….. You're so fucking big baby….. Your sexy cock is soooooo fucking huge…Its filling every inch of my teenage pussy better than any other cock I've ever fucked."

I came ten times just by inching his great big cock into me until he finally bottomed out. When I finally hit bottom my pussy felt so stuffed by Earls over sized cock that I shuddered and came all over his huge shaft for over a minute, as I tried desperately to adjust my tight young 18 year old pussy to its frightfully massive length and width!

My step daddy then pulled me back to him so that I was lying on his skinny stomach as his great big hard on began fucking into me slowly , but with an amazing sense of confidence. As he began fucking that giant twelve in pussy pleaser into me I anchored my black size 10 high heel pumps on the floor. As Earl fucked into me a little faster he pulled my pussy lips apart with his grimy hands. I then turned to face him and we began kissing madly. My pussy was being stretched in every direction from being so fucking full of cock.

Here we were a 55 year old scrawny redneck, fucking a gorgeous 18 year old high school teenager. All of this combined with the fact that he was my step-daddy and had a huge cock and that I had a models body, was making this scene that would have been looked at by some as disgusting and immoral so fucking hot. What made our fucking even more nasty was that deep down we really didn't like each other. Earl knew that I thought of him as being a real lowlife and he knew that I was really conceited because I had such a hot body. And here we were in spite of all this, getting into a great fuck, that's right not a passionate fuck, but a wild fuck between two people that loved fucking!

I continued to cum all over my step fathers' great big cock as he continued to fuck and pound into me until I was short of breath and gasping for air. Even though he knew I was gasping for air because of the sheer driving force of that angry twelve inch cock and the way it was hitting my tight over stuffed pussy, he didn't back off for a second. My 55 year old step daddy continued pounding into me so hard with that big cock as he kept repeating about how great my sexy young pussy felt wrapped around it and that he couldn't believe I could take so much of him. As Earl thrust into me mercilessly my firm 32D tits were flying around in lusty circles. I knew everyone in the trailer park must be listening to my step father and I fucking and all I could think of was how jealous they all were, knowing that I was fucking Earls legendary cock.

We fucked like this non stop through the next two commercials. I began to feel my step fathers big cock starting to pulse which caused me to cum again!

He then shouted, "Ohhhh fuck baby, your sexy young pussy is to good fuckin good for my big cock. Come and suck me off nowwww….Come and get it baby, come and get this big cock."

I immediately obeyed his command and stood which caused Earls big wet cock to flop out on his small skinny chest and bounce angrily. Before it could slap back a second time I had my hands on his huge pulsing shaft and began pumping it enthusiastically, as my burning mouth went to the crown of his cockhead flicking wildly as I moaned, anxiously waiting for his huge cock to explode and pop off. As I licked up and down Earl's wet shaft I was going fucking wild as I tasted my own pussy on my step fathers' sexy hung cock.

I went down on my high heels and put my mothers husbands huge cock head to my mouth as I licked and stroked the huge shaft with both hands. After a few minutes I said, "Oooooh baby, it's your turn baby….. Show me how bad you need to pop baby….Give me all that cum that's stored up in your big ass cock Earl....Let it cum for me baby…. Show me what a real big cock cums like …Oh baby let me see that big hot load."

I went on teasing him as my hands violently pumped off his huge cock saying, "Come on Daddy let your naughty step daughter taste your big hot load….. Shoot it for me Earl….. Drain that great big cock in my naughty young mouth Daddy. I want to taste your cum so fucking bad baby." That did it.

My step father began to shout, "Ohhhh fuck…Here it cuuuuuuummms baby."

Suddenly burst after burst of hot cum came flying out of the pulsing slit from the tip of my step fathers huge cock head, then into my anxious wide open mouth. After five powerful burst leapt from Earls throbbing cock I swallowed, then another five burst shot out. I could not believe how much my step father could cum. It was truly amazing. Earl came more then all the boys I fucked combined. After what seemed like two minutes he finally groaned and finished with another six long ropes that I eagerly swallowed.

After he came I continued to groan while I ran my tongue over his impressively hung oversized cock. We then got into a nice sexy kiss for the next hour. As we kissed I continued to pump Earl's huge cock seductively, amazed by its giant size, especially on such a scrawny short body. I knew we were just getting started and that we were going to fuck all day and if my mother wasn't coming home we could have easily fucked for all week without taking a break! That was something that did happen between us, but that is another story.

For the next hour we just kissed while my left hand eagerly massaged his huge hanging balls and my right hand teasingly pumped his great big cock which towered up is small skinny chest a foot in length. It didn't take him long to get another raging hard on. I then got an idea to drive Earl crazy for our next few hours of fucking. I remembered what Betsey said about how Earl liked her dressed in stockings and high heels and that it drove his big cock crazy when she was dressed like this. I ran my tongue against his and told him to finish his beer while I went to use the bathroom.

I went into my mothers' room and went into her drawer and put on her black thigh high stockings with a naughty black garter belt. I then put on her sexy white sheer lace bra. My mothers' tits are really small with small nipples. She is only a 32B. When I put the bra on my 32D tits were spilling over the lace tops of the open cups and my inch long brown nipples were sticking through the sheer white fabric of the bra which made me look so naughty and hot. Even though I just turned 18, I looked older and more sophisticated. I knew this sexy outfit of black thigh high stockings a sheer lace white half cup bra and black high heel pumps was going to blow Earl away. It was exactly what I wanted to do to keep my mothers' husband hot and turned on to fuck me.

After I put her sheer white lace bra on I stepped back into my black high heel pumps then did my make up like my mother does with a hot shade of red lipstick. When I came out there was so much lust in the room ;a sinful lust between a barley legal trailer park high school teenage slut and a 55 year old man who could care less about me being his new step daughter and that he was old enough to be my grandfather .

As I walked to my step daddy dressed in my mothers' sexy black thigh high stockings white lace bra and black high heels clicking on the hardwood floor told Earl I was there to fuck him, Earl immediately groaned in an almost sinister way as his eyes took in my naughty appearance.

"OH FUCK', he moaned as he beginning running his outstretched palm up and down the length of his enormous hardon that towered up his skinny chest nearly touching his chin.

As I stared with disbelief and lust at the freakish sight of his enormous angry looking cock I said confidently, "Every time you fuck that old naggin bitch, I want you to think about me Earl."

I smiled when he said slyly, "Baby when her and I fuck I always think about you." He added slyly, "I've been thinking about that sexy ass body of yours and playin with it and takin it the minute I came through the door with that bitch."

After he said that I groaned and said, "Kiss me baby… I need a kiss." As we went wild, tongue fucking each other in what some people would be repulsed by seeing because of the difference in our ages, we both laughed about fucking behind my mothers back.

Earl and I fucked all day as we brought each other off over and over. At one point we were both standing and as Earl was leaning against the table in the living room fucking me from behind and I looked and snarled, "Oh baby just stand still and let me use your great big cock…Let me fuck it for you baby…Oh yeah baby, let me use my pussy to jerk off that big ass cock of yours. Let this 18 year old pussy please that that huge fucking cock of yours baby."

Earl just moaned as I crossed one high heel over the other and began dropping my tight pussy down that huge wide shaft until it finally reached the base of his giant cock. When my pussy finally bottomed out I began slowly gyrating in small circles as I spiraled back to the rim of his huge bulbous cock head.

As Earl was groaning wildly, saying my pussy was the best he ever fucked and that he has never bottomed out so deep I was nearly going delirious from the over stuffed sensation of fucking his great big cock. I used his big fucking cock for over an hour as Earl stayed perfectly still enjoying the way my tight 18 year old pussy was literally sucking on it. As I fucked onto his huge cock I must have cum twenty times from the sheer size of his pulsating monster. While I slow fucked onto his great big cock Earls hands were running up and down my stocking covered legs then to my inch long nipples which made me even crazier.

I was going delirious from having a foot of cock impaled all the way to the bottom of my trembling teenage pussy. I and continued to moan, "OOOOOHHHHH GODDDD!" as my pussy clenched like a vise to his enormous pussy pleaser and convulsed over and over in an earth-shattering cum, as I coated Earls giant shaft in a wild cum bath.

As Earls dirty talented hands played with my nylons from the sides of my stockings to the lacy tops and then went up to my engorged inch long nipples and pinched them causing me to moan. I said hotly, "Oh baby that feels sooo fucking sexy…Your big ass cock is driving my 18 year old pussy crazy baby….I cant stop cumming all over that great big sexy cock of yours Earl."

As I bottomed out on his huge shaft I was gyrating my pussy in a hot teasing spiral motion then turned my head to the side and we immediately met in a wild tongue kiss. This was a sinful kiss as our lips never touched, just our wild tongues flicking at a frenzied rate. As we kissed heatedly, I said in a turned on voice, "Oh baby, I'm so glad I stayed home from school today."

Earl was moaning like crazy and I knew another big load of cum was on its way to my turned on 18 year old pussy ,and I was going wild waiting for it explode inside me. As I felt his giant cock pulsing rapidly inside me I grabbed it by the base and immediately turned and bent at the waist to suck on it a little. I said in a deranged voice, "Oh baby I need to blow your huge cock first….Let me suck on this big ass cock just a little…Oh fuck yeah its so fucking big…. I need to taste myself on it and blow it so bad baby…Let me blow it first, and then we'll get back into our sexy fuck."

I licked all over and under his massive pulsating shaft like a rabid dog. As I licked away at his huge cock I couldn't stop marveling at the sheer size of it as it dwarfed his small skinny body.

Earl began moaning and turning me on more by saying, "Oh yeah baby, that's it… taste that sexy 18 year old pussy on that big fucking cock baby….Oh yeah suck that sexy pussy of yours off my great big cock."

As I feverishly worshiped Earls huge twelve inch cock with my tongue, mouth and hands he was grunting louder and louder and began saying, "Oh fuck baby, your so fucking sexy….I cant hold this load back much longer baby."

I was truly lost in pleasing his giant cock. As his voice continued to drop he added, "Your sexy young 18 year old body dressed in those sexy stockings and high heels is driving my great big cock fucking crazy baby….I need to get back into that sexy pussy of yours again or I'm gonna blow this big fuckin load all over your hot 18 year old body baby."

For a second I began to think, Ummm…. maybe I want this great big sexy cock to cum all over me,' but I knew I wanted to feel his huge cock shoot off into my sex starved pussy. I would have gladly let Earl shoot that great big cock all over me with pleasure, but right now I wanted to feel that great big monster explode inside me. I was on the pill for years but this is the moment that made being on it all worth while!

I hungrily blew him for a few more precious seconds. I desperately wanted to keep sucking his huge turned on cock and would have loved to bring it off with my mouth and hands, but I needed to feel that giant cock explode inside my 18 year old pussy in the nastiest way.

Earl sensed this too and turned me around so that I was now leaning against the table then positioned himself behind me as I reached for his throbbing twelve inch monster cock and brought it to my on-fire pussy again.

As I guided that wild giant veined monster to my sizzling pussy, Earl snarled and said, "Baby you've got the hottest cunt I ever fucked.Your pussy is driving my big cock insane baby."

I moaned and began cumming instantly as soon as his big baseball sized cock head parted my smoldering fuck lips wide apart. I looked back and snarled, "Oh fuck yeah baby… give me every fucking inch of your big ass cock…Fuck it like a wild man Earl and drop that big hot load inside this horny, naughty 18 pussy."

The deeper he invaded my young 18 year old pussy; the more I was forced to except it. "OH God" I was loving the waves of lust that exploded through my body as his huge cock forced its way into me. I cried out in passion, "Ohhh fuuuuck I can't stop cumming over your big ass cock baby….Ohhh God, it's splitting me in half…..Soooo fucking big……soooo fucking good."

We were both going crazy as Earl's huge cock pistoned into my ultra tight pussy, stretching me beyond any limit I have ever imagined or experienced. As Earl's seedy hands gripped the tops of my thigh high stockings, he would pull me onto his huge twelve inch cock as he groaned in a rage-like way. This experience of being punished with each unrelenting stroke of his monster cock caused me to explode over every inch of it each time my turned on pussy made the long journey down the length of his enormous, throbbing, wild veined shaft.

As we fucked crazily, Earl ran his hand down my right stocking covered leg and pulled it back against the outside of his leg. He then held onto my black size 10 high heel pump and gripped it in his hand, then grabbed onto my shoulder and began hammering that huge cock into me from a different angle.

This sent an explosion through me and caused me to moan hungrily, "Ohhh fuck your so huge baby… I feel that great big cock everywhere lover... Oh I love your great big cock baby…I love the fuck that your huge cock is givin my tight 18 year old pussy Earl… Keep fucking me baby…. Ohhhh fuck yeah that big cock feels sooo fucking good baby….Sooooo fucking good." As he fucked into my tight wet pussy with a rage, I looked back and saw the twisted expression on his face.

As he savagely fucked into me he was proudly thinking to himself, 'Oh fuck…I've fucked hundreds of whores who wanted this big cock of mine but none as fucking sexy as this teenage slut is. Oh fuck if she only knew all the times I was given it to her mother and thinking it was her young pussy I was fuckin. This is one time where I'm real glad I have a huge cock. Fuck if I had an average dick this hot sexy slut wouldn't come within ten miles of someone like me. Oh fuck, now I'm gonna fill this hot 18 year old slut with the biggest bucket of cum her tight young teenage pussy ever felt. Oh fuck, look at this hot young slut take my big fuckin cock while she keeps cumin all over my big shaft. Look at this hot slut takin every inch of my great big cock right to the bottom of my shaft. Fuck, look at how hot she is all dressed in those hot stockings and high heels. This one has a real gift for fucking. Oh fuck her pussy is too much action for my big cock. Can't hold it back----her pussies to fucking good-I'm fucking gonna pop!'

Suddenly Earl shouted, "Uggggggggggg!" Earl's huge cock began to thrust into me which made me delirious and nearly pass out. As I stood balanced with my one size 10 high heel pump on the floor while he gripped the other high heel in his hand, Earl guided my over sexed 18 year old pussy along the endless length of his wide shaft just the way he liked. Even though I couldn't stop cumming from the way his great big cock was hitting my pussy, I knew that this fuck position was all about Earl's selfish pleasure, and I loved giving it to him. I loved knowing that my young teenage pussy and the look of my stockings and high heels were driving Earl insane to fuck me. It was the first time in my life I felt like pleasing someone else. Up until now it was always about what boys could do for me. If I felt they gave me what I wanted I would give them a once in a lifetime opportunity to fuck the sexiest hottest girl around. But Earl owned me and for the first time in my life all I cared about was pleasing every turned on inch of my new step-daddy's raging twelve in hardon!

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