Hot HOT Date


"So tell me, dear, how was your date? Tell me every delicious, naughty moment. Knowing you so well, I'm sure you were very, ummm, juicy!"

I dropped my purse and four small boxes on the table, slowly model-walked over to him with the tiniest hint of a smile, and dropped onto the armless sofa next to him. The hip-high slit on my wrinkled, knee-high, blue skirt split open and draped around my left thigh to his obvious delight. "Well, as you saw from the window, he pulled up in his flashy Jag and attempted to open my door. I told him firmly that I can open my own door. He stepped back and glared at me a second then, fortunately, smiled. 'OK' he said and 'I have this tradition for first dates that takes away the nervous tension and quickly answers the question 'kiss or no kiss' at the end of the date.' That's when he turned and dipped me then planted a long, moist kiss on me. When I put my arm behind his head and opened my mouth, he pulled away sharply.

"He gloated, 'Oh no you don't. No tongue until later, IF you earn it.' So I knew it would be a fun date no matter what. I wondered how to take back control and still indulge my exhibitionist fetish. As he walked around the front of the car, I caught him adjusting his slacks and knew the date could quickly spin out of control. I covered my thigh as he got in and waited a few minutes before letting the slit fall open. That was when I pointed out the obvious, that his car matched my skirt. He looked over at my exposed thigh and said 'Yes, I know. That's why I picked THIS one for tonight.' Ridiculous, but clever.

"When we got to the restaurant, I let him open my door and ever so slowly swivelled just one leg out, completely exposing one leg and certainly giving him a peek at my panty. I've gotten much better with teasing, yes? Well, when he took my hand, I let him pull me up and felt my white, sleeveless peasant blouse slide lower on my chest. His dick was at eye level, so it was easy to see it twitch as he tried to peek down my blouse. It felt so evil! I still didn't know how far I would let him go." I straightened my blouse. "You see how far above my navel the blouse is now and how I had it darted to shape and draw attention to my titty pouch and scant cleavage? It seemed to work ...and got even better at dinner.

"We sat at a booth against the far wall and had a nice repas. I slipped my shoe off and titillated his thigh with my toes ...several times. The group at the next table stared at my wholly bared leg, and I let them gawk. Once, or twice, I bumped and pressed his stiffness. The waiter came around a bit too often to stare. When he cleared the table and we ordered dessert, my date surprisingly sat next to me. And then the fun really began.

"He threw his arm around me and uncrossed my legs. We were both aware of the group at the next table getting quiet each time he stroked my bare leg. He pushed the table a few inches away and whispered some gibberish in my ear with his lips touching it. It gave me chills. When he licked my ear, I didn't even notice that he pulled my skirt off both legs and shifted it up a bit. My panty was exposed to the other table and to the waiter who came back to 'brush away crumbs.' Then I knew just how far I was willing to go; I thought of you watching us and nearly climaxed. Let me help you release your umm, couped up tension that's coiled up behind your fly. There, is mini-you happier now? Back to my date. As I twisted to kiss him, he slid his hand around my side and cupped my tit. His tongue is strong and agile, like yours. I felt an electrical shock race from my nipple to my clit and realized he was twisting it, though still over the thin blouse.

"His other hand nudged my thighs apart and slid up to the damp spot I felt chilling my clit. He scraped slowly up and down the center line of my panty and labia. When he felt my clit, he knew just how to energize it. Dessert arrived and I vaguely watched the waiter quietly watching us. Barely taking his tongue out of my mouth, my deft date ordered two more desserts and the check. I felt the thin side of my shear panty tear and fall away. His fingers rubbed and twirled my pubic curls as his other hand pushed my elastic top off my right tit. I felt my nipple spring over the top and heard the ruckus as the other table gasped and left quickly. I wish they'd stayed just a little longer to watch what happened next. He skillfully tore the other panty side while still cupping my bare tit and nipple and still sucking my tongue. Finally looking down, he stared at my tall, hard nipple and my pubis exposed to the room. I looked around and saw the nearest booth, with two couples, staring open-mouthed. Honey, I see your jolly roger has hoisted its flag. Let me salute it with this hand while I continue to relate my adventure.

"While these more accepting couples watched, he licked and bit my nipple as he pushed his finger and the damp panty inside me to mop up a bit of my bountiful wetness. Yes... I was very aroused as your leaking cock also is. The waiter was again standing quietly by the table watching us with an obvious bulge in his slacks. Not wanting to lose his pace or place, my hot date asked me to take a credit card from his breast pocket and drop it on the check. He asked the waiter to box up the desserts then pulled the torn, wet panty down to expose all my hair and my shaven lips to the five spectators. I lifted my hips even with the table top, spread my legs wider and thrust my pubes forward so even more tables could see my damp, slightly gaping pussy. You would have loved seeing me acting so slutty! Our waiter finally backed away with our check and a huge tent. I wished he'd pull his dick out for us until I noticed my date's huge bulge. He stripped away my shredded panty and sniffed it deeply while I attacked his zipper.

"While he stoked my bared ass and slid two fingers deep into my wet pussy, I unhooked his slacks. His tall, thick, stiff cock leapt out of his boxers and the next table nearly applauded his magnificent rod. At least four inches of bare cock extended over the table and I covered my mouth in surprise then looked directly at the next table. Both cocks were out and wrapped by pumping fingers, just l-i-k-e this. The men had their hands under the skirts or had pushed one aside and one woman was topless. Her big tits and thick nipples were impressive. I turned back to my date and carefully fished his apricot sized balls out of his slacks then slowly pumped his prick. A big, clear, thick drop of Cowper's was already crawling along the underside of his meat and my pumping added another drop to it. You know how much I love the sweet taste of that nectar. Though we were in a public space, I wanted to swallow his thick cock and all his juice. When I looked to the other table for just a little bit of encouragement, the women were lewdly licking and sucking their thumbs. Mmmmm, yes love, look at the bruising around my right nipple. The naughty man did that to me. Let me raise my skirt a little so you can see and feel what else he did to me. Ohh, yessssss! Explore my sticky snatch! Where was I? Oh, yes.

"I happily took the hint and stretched out on my side on the cushion. Just before licking his clear sweetness, I felt my skirt being pulled up above my waist and I didn't resist. My tit was still out and now my ass and pussy were exposed to the next table too. As I adjusted to line up my mouth with his throbbing dick, my blouse snagged on his leg and joined my skirt around my waist. Your naughty wife left it there. Essentially naked, I looked into the mirror at the end of the alcove and saw my date waving a questioning thumbs up at the other table and getting a unanimous big thumbs up from all four of them. It's so nice to be appreciated! As I felt the glob of sweetness coat my tongue, I also saw a camera flash. Maybe we can find THAT interesting photo on the internet on one of the 'slutty wife' sites? Just as I got that thick slab past my tongue, the waiter was back. He approached from behind me this time for a good look at my twat. Just to be helpful, my date lifted my upper knee and gave him a better look between my open legs. He peeked over the table edge at my tits then gawked at my mouth as it swallowed that big, thick dick. After teasingly stroking my bare ass, my date signed the check and slapped my panty remnants in the check wallet, saying 'You already got a giant tip, and I don't mean that pole trying to drill thru your pants, but these fragrant panties are yours too.'

"He grabbed the four dessert boxes and we got up to leave. When I starting adjusting my clothes, he stopped me from covering my tits and asked to allow the skirt to fall on its own. The rear fell and covered my ass, but the front stuck so I wasn't sure if my pussy was exposed. I enjoyed the risk and even left my blouse around my waist as we walked slowly to the exit. I had to hold up the back of his slacks since he too left his clothes to shift on their own. His dick swayed wildly and shrank then surged as we walked thru the shocked eatery. We left grinning and horny. When we got to his car, he stacked the boxes on the roof, pinched both my bared nipples and sucked my tongue as he unhooked my skirt. His strong cock surged again against me. Right out on the street, I stepped out of my skirt and pulled off my top. Wearing just heels and a smile, I spun slowly for him under the bright restaurant sign. He licked his lips and said 'You're too much! This is probably the best first date I've ever been on. I wonder if it's yours.' I didn't answer that. Instead, I pulled his open pants and boxers to the floor. As he stepped out of them, I took his jacket off then pulled his shirt over his head. I had him turn for me, naked, then ordered him to swing his big dick. We were lucky to avoid arrest.

"He unlocked the doors and we threw our clothes into the back seats. I said I wasn't ready to end it yet since we were both so horny and obviously exhibitionist addicts. He suggested dogging, but I said we'd have to save that for a future date; we both needed to cum. We drove off naked and found a place to park, under a street light. I guess we weren't done flaunting our risky behavior. The front seats on the Jag reclined fully, after folding the head stop back. Though I wanted to cum on his tongue, I knew I had to get him off first so he could do me slowly. I had him lay back on my seat and got on my knees. His dick was back to being a flagpole so I spread his legs and slowly licked and sucked him like a snow cone. When he came close, I squeezed his succulent balls and cut off his climax. By the third cycle, I had a finger in his ass and just as he was gasping for air, I milked his prostate and pushed his entire cock into my throat. You know how good that feels and how fast that makes you cum. He exploded into my throat just as quickly as you do. He pumped and jerked his tasty sperm into my mouth until he was drained. I licked his shrinking yet still thick cock until it was clean; used his tissues and sanitizer for me.

"I told him it was my turn next and pushed him out of the seat. He moved my arms over my head and started kissing my ears, neck, mouth, tits and licked down my abs to my nest and into my soaked pussy slit. I put my left leg onto the driver seat so my swollen cunt opened up wide for him. Finally seeing my pussy complete and open, he whistled at it. He thought it was a pretty sight too and kept rolling my lips open with his thumbs. I felt him split all four lips open and gently blow on them. It gave me chills. He immediately pushed two skillful fingers deep inside me and pressed his nose above them, thumping my clit gently. As his fingers fucked me and his nose pushed back my clit hood, his tongue licked and warmed my hungry cunt. He said my clit didn't need any more help since it was rigidly at attention and held my hood back. I told him to rethink that! He doesn't know your special 'rock & roll' trick, but he did very well anyway. He stared at my pussy as he reshaped it; angled his fingers so they rubbed my clit on the way in and out. He knew to slow down when I approached my peak and restart slowly. I felt him push a third finger, from his other hand, under the first two. When it was soaked, he slid it down my short taint and easily into my winking asshole. He fucked my ass with it and resumed bringing me toward my climax. I was aching to cum and grew impatient, though I understood his technique. Finger fucking both holes, nose nudging my clit, my breathing getting desperate, he suddenly applied the coup de gras and changed the angle of his pussy clad fingers. He angled them up inside me and quickly found my G-spot. I screamed thru my ragged breath and lost control of my hips. He said he saw a glowing red streak grow instantly from my flushed face, across my chest and abs and end as it entered my pussy. Several seconds later, I felt my hips slow down, though I still shuddered and twitched for several minutes. It was a great orgasm.

"When I calmed down, I saw his face was soaked and he confirmed that I had gushed all over him. Before I completely calmed down, he raised up and aimed his stiff again cock to my pussy. When I felt it touch my lips, I pushed it away. I had gone as far as I could go and told him we were done. He whimpered that he wanted to feel my hot cunt on his cock. I told him that I don't go bareback without a current health report and if we had a second date, he had to bring a glove or there'd be no love. He agreed and I told him the final condition- that you had to be there with us. He was shocked that I was married and screwing around like this with your consent. Just as I have needs, I said, you have needs too and I wanted them filled. We'll tell him together that though your legs are paralyzed, your cock still works fine. See how well it squirts? Mmmmmmmmmm. Delicious!


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gck - 9/1/13

seminal image: 8/31/13 lovers entwined in a booth, exposing each other; 2ndary - woman sat next to man in wheelchair, leaned in, jerking him and retelling her lewd date

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