tagSci-Fi & FantasyHot House Crustacea Ch. 01.1

Hot House Crustacea Ch. 01.1


(Inspired by Seduced on the Bridge by Little White Mouse)


The Sagitarian Extragalactic Xenobiological Entertainment Syndicate was the oldest expeditionary conglomerate in the galaxy. Its ships trolled the galaxy for thousands of years, collecting exotic creatures for display. The Syndicate controlled hundreds of thousands of xenobiological gardens across the civilized systems.

Recently S.E.X.E.S. began expeditions to lesser known systems. To save expenses on personnel (and cut out the Unions) the administrative committee decided to use type model PRN cargo ships with capture/hold tech and state of the art stasis chambers. Piloted by HNT A.I. navigators, the ships represented the cutting edge in intergalactic robotics and transport.

The Intergalactic Union of Cargo Transport Navigators protested of course (violation of contract and all that) but a generous donation to the Union's representatives (bribes) along with the assistance of certain criminal syndicates (broken limbs, appendages, tentacles, etc) cleared the matter with little fuss.

The Galactic Standard Rules forbade the abduction and display of sentient xenobiologicals for entertainment and/or science. However among the civilized races, sentient was a subjective term....and mistakes were known to happen.

SEXES cargo ship No. 4782 was trolling the outer rim when the accident occurred: just a stray meteor, not much damage; only the A.I.'s memory and cognitive functions, some of the stasis chambers, and environmental controls. Navigation, propulsion, and teleportation were intact. Its basic mission was still viable: capture xenos for display; albeit for whom, the ship didn't quite know.

The accident caused a huge mess. Creatures had escaped from their cages; major repairs were in order. 4782 decided to defer the matter while it worked on its memory. The animals couldn't be expected to do much damage; 4782 was well built...it just wished it knew by whom. Meanwhile there was a small planet up ahead, known to have some xeno-primates who might be of interest to....whoever.


Tandy Brooks and Susan Collins were by the pool. It was summer break in their old neighborhood (i.e. high priced exclusive Malibu suburb). The two girls were languorously sunbathing, minds and senses dulled by sunshine and easy living.

Their parents were away. The leering boys were leering elsewhere, and Tandy and Sue were a pair of BFF's catching a few rays and some quiet girl time. The boys were missing a show. In Tandy and Sue's case, there was plenty to leer at (especially since both were wearing skimpy bikinis and slathered in suntan oil).

The girls, to cut to the chase, were hot. Tandy was 23, Sue was 24. Tandy had straight, neck length, dark brown hair, light blue eyes, an athletically trim 35C-24-34 body, a model's face with a straight nose, wide mouth and full lips. Susan stood 5'6" to Tandy's 5'8". She was curvier, with wavy, shoulder length, honey colored hair. Her body was cheesecake, 36DD-27-36. Her face was classic: wide hazel eyes, a straight narrow nose like her friend, a smaller mouth but with bee stung lips. As mentioned before, the girls were hot.

Boys fell over themselves in high school and college. The girls left a string of broken hearts stretching back to junior high. The pool was a brief interlude from their heartbreaking activities. Tomorrow it was off to the beach. Was it mentioned the girls were hot?

The girls were keeping their hotness to themselves for the moment, taking the opportunity to brown themselves for the beach. Tandy, the more mischievous of the two, was the one to suggest the idea.

"Sue, let's take the bikinis off."

"Mmm?" Susan asked.

"Go nude. Get rid of the tan lines."

"Tandy, quit fooling."

"No, I mean it. Tan lines aren't the rage anymore and we're going to the beach."

"People might see, Tandy."

"Who? Everyone's gone Sue and we have high hedges. It's not as if someone's going to get a step ladder and a camera. Who's to know?"

"Well...." Sue said, "Well ok."

The girls stripped. They rubbed oil onto their beautifully shaped breasts. Tandy noted how Sue's nipples swelled slightly. "Tandy, our nipples are hard," Sue giggled. She oiled her bald pussy, her hand lingered a bit longer than she intended.

"Sue, can you get my back?" Tandy asked. Sue oiled Tandy from the base of her neck to her fantastically shaped buttocks. Her hands lingered on those glutes a tad longer than what seemed necessary. Tandy ignored it.

"My turn," Sue said. Tandy oiled Sue the same way; albeit it seemed she leaned a little too close and her hands rubbed a little hard on Sue's curvy hips. Sue ignored it.

The well-oiled girls, now hotter than ever, resumed their positions; Tandy to her towel, Sue to her recliner. An hour or so of front and back baking got rid of the tan lines. Just in time, it seemed. The girls were nearly done when a shadow passed overhead. "A cloud," Sue thought.

4782 was quietly hovering over a jungle watering hole when it spotted the two xeno primates lying nearby. "How opportune," it thought and flashed its teleport beam. The primates were deposited in a stasis cage. 4782 immediately resumed orbit (not quite understanding that it was sheer, blind, stupid luck that no one on the planet noticed and screamed "UFO!").

Seconds later, it activated its warp drive...and Tandy Brooks and Susan Collins officially became the first humans to leave the solar system (not quite true, but true for the purposes of this story). 4782 decided to delay examination of the primates. There were some personal issues to resolve first.

Tandy and Sue were on the floor. Well, a floor; it certainly wasn't the pool. They were in the same positions as by the pool, Sue supine, Tandy prone. Their sunglasses had fallen off their faces. The girls weren't feeling very well. It is difficult to feel well when one second you're by a pool, the next you're...some place else.

It was a white featureless room, lit bright by a fluorescent ceiling. The room seemed to be missing a wall. The girls were too shocked to notice. Complicating matters; the only things the girls were wearing were suntan oil and gap-mouthed fish-eyed shock.

"Uh, Tandy," Sue very, very quietly asked, "What the fuck just happened?"

Tandy very, very slowly turned over on her back, looked around and very, very quietly answered, "The fuck I know."

"Do you think we should panic?" asked a borderline Sue.

"Not yet. We have to figure this out first," replied a teetering on the brink Tandy. She crept to the back wall and placed her hand against it. The wall felt like foam rubber; the deeper she pressed, the firmer it felt.

"Tandy look!" Sue was on, or rather, in the wall, which seemed to indent and remould to her contours. "It's like a beanbag!"

"Sue stop playing. We have to find out where we are."

Sue was reluctant. Tempting as it was to retreat into a childlike state, common sense reasserted itself. "She's right, I've got to get a hold of myself."

"Sue, look!" Tandy was peering out of the cell. There was a corridor, unlike anything the girls had ever seen. The floor and ceiling were made of transparent glass. The girls could see through the glass to find they were in a multilevel complex. White cubes were everywhere, floating seemingly in space, but actually in glass niches. The walls of the cubes were translucent; shadows moved inside them. The girls shuddered to think of the things within. They shuddered even more when they saw some of the cubes were missing walls.

"Oh God, Tandy! Where in the fuck are we?!"

"I don't know, Sue. Definitely not Malibu."

The cube opposite the girls had its wall. They didn't like the shadows within. Tandy noticed that despite the cold, sterile look of the place, the temperature was quite warm, even humid. Tandy and Sue felt very vulnerable at the moment. The girls retreated into the cube to discuss their options; there weren't many.

"We can stay or go, Sue. Those are the only two. One is just as safe as the other."

Sue hugged herself, pressing her ample breasts against her body. "I don't know, Tandy. There are things out there. What if we run into one of them?"

"What if they come in here? At least out there we can run."

"And if we run into people? I mean, look at us."

"I don't care," Tandy said, "If we run into someone, she might have clothes...or he might. You want to stay like this?"

The girls stepped gingerly into the corridor. The corridor was wide enough for two to walk side by side. It was as long as a football field either way. Cubes lined both sides, some open, others sealed with ominous shadows behind them.

The girls looked in both directions. "Heads or tails?" Sue giggled. Tandy heard the faint hysteria behind the giggle and ignored it. "Let's go that way," she said, pointing to their right.

They padded down the passage way for several minutes, before coming to a dead end. The wall was made of opaque glass. There were no doors or stairs. The girls felt the wall for panels or switches.

"Well this is dumb," Sue said. "How are we supposed to get out of here?"

"I don't know. I mean, there has to be a door or elevator or something. Damn! We need to go up!"

The girls went up. Tandy and Sue shrieked simultaneously and clutched each other. They were rising at high speed though the floor. The wall didn't move. The girls saw that they were standing on a glass platform. The platform carried the girls through the levels.

"Dammit! What did you say Tandy?!"

"I just said we need to go up!"

"That might have done it. Maybe it's voice activated."

"Uh, Sue, um..."


The girls noticed they were hugging each other. They also noticed they were very naked and very oiled. While they had hugged many times before, in friendship, the current context created a strong feeling of self-consciousness.

However, the girls also remembered that they were in a strange place, on a strange platform, speeding towards the unknown, with unnamed horrors around them.

"Um, Tandy. Maybe we should hold each other until this thing stops moving."

"Uh, okay," Tandy said, feeling very conscious of her nipples pressed against Sue's breasts. The skin to skin contact made her feel very warm. "Are my nipples perking up?" she thought. Sue felt warm as well. "I think I'm blushing," she thought.

The trip through the levels was an awkward, uncomfortable journey. The journey turned dangerous as the girls got a view of the horrors residing on the upper levels.

One level contained a monster out of a Tim Burton movie. A purple and pink reptilian, sinuous, all claws and teeth, that aspirated a hissing snarl as the girls approached its level. It slithered at lightning speed towards the two potential meals. The platform rushed past its level with seconds to spare. Sue would remember its frustrated roar the rest of her life.

Another level had cobwebs. The cobwebs weren't disturbing; the things trapped in them were a different matter. One of the creatures, a cute panda-like animal bellowed in fear and pain. The girls thought of giant spiders, until they noticed that the cobweb itself was moving. The creature's cries were abruptly cut off as the "web" covered it completely. The girls were happy to move past that level.

A thing that looked like a melted lump of butter, studded with eyeballs. A giant scorpion fighting the plant from Little Shop of Horrors. A giant rhinoceros with too many eyes, teeth, and limbs. These images, and others, assaulted the girls eyes before the platform came to a level that, ominously, had no cubes.

It came to a stop. A few seconds later it slid down the passage, carrying the girls until it came to another wall. After a few seconds, a square appeared on the wall. It slid back to reveal a large room. The girls stepped inside. When they saw the interior, Tandy said, "Well of course. It makes perfect sense."

To Be Continued...

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