tagSci-Fi & FantasyHot House Crustacea Ch. 01.4

Hot House Crustacea Ch. 01.4


(Inspired by Seduced On The Bridge by Little White Mouse)

Sue and Tandy slept on a bed of alien crustaceans. Sue woke first, disoriented. The rest did the girls some good. The effects of the venom had ebbed. Sue looked down her body to Tandy. She saw past her friend's swollen belly to her breasts.

Tandy was still asleep. The girls were entwined, pussies glued together. Sue moved her pelvis. "Maybe I can work myself free," she thought. Instead she only succeeded in grinding her clit against Tandy's.

"Oh!" she gasped as moisture flooded her canal. Tandy stirred, vaguely aware of a growing heat between her thighs. Sue continued to wiggle her pelvis. "I shouldn't be doing this," she thought. Sue was familiar with experimentation as an idea but never thought of trying it herself (Tandy was more adventurous).

Tandy's bush brushed against the bare skin around Sue's flower. The pussy grind created electric flashes in Sue's crotch. Tandy's sensitive clit jolted her awake. She propped herself, gasping, to see her friend grinding away.

"Uh, Sue wha-what are you doing?"

"I'm-mmmm!- I'm trying to free ourselves. Um, I-um!-I don't think it's working."

"Well 'gasp!' It's doing s-so-something," Tandy responded, "I'll-ughn!-I'll work on my end."

The two young women rubbed and ground their cunts together. Their bodies wriggled in sinuous waves, flowing over the creatures below. Tandy moaned, Sue purred, and white heat grew between them. Seconds later both women exploded into climax. Their cum, sealed in by the mucus, flowed back and forth, mingling with each convulsion. The girls, shiny with sex and sweat, lay back for a few moments, gasping.

They gazed at the ceiling, eyes wide, gulping for breath. The seismic change in their relationship went unspoken. They lay, staring until rested.

"Do you want to try again?" Tandy asked, a soft quiet tone to her voice.

"Can you sit up? It might work better this way," Sue replied.

The girls maneuvered themselves into sitting positions and faced each other. Tandy and Sue were slick with sweat, tanned skin blushing light pink, nipples swollen with lust. Their hair was damp, cascading in brown and honey curlets down their respective shoulders.

Tandy's warm, round belly pressed against Sue's flat stomach, popped out navel brushing against Sue's innie. The girls' boobs were smooshed together, nipples touching, the sensitive skin adding to the electricity. Tandy began to rub her body against Sue. Sue brought her hands to Tandy's belly and tickled. Tandy giggled.

"I never thought I'd do something like this, certainly not with you," Sue murmured softly.

"I never thought I'd make it with a girl either, but somehow this feels right. You being my first."

"Don't you think it's kind of weird? Doing this, with all these things around? After what happened?"

"Yeah, it is, but I don't want to stop. Do you?"


The girls kissed, rasping their tongues together, mingling their spit, before moving their lips down each other's bodies. They sucked the sweat on each other's skin, slid tongues across the other's breasts, placed mouths on nipples, ran tongues across tits, sucked and licked areolas.

Their hands glided across sweat-slick skin, stroked the curves of their buttocks, played along their spines. The girls clits moved together, flooding each other's wombs with juice, sharing their heat. The girls' hips and pelvises clenched, relaxed, and pumped. Sue's belly rippled against Tandy; moist skin made soft, silky sounds as the girls slid together. The soft sounds were accompanied by the quiet gasps and moans of the close friends turned lovers.

"Oh no! Oh God! Sue!" Tandy moaned.

"Oooo! Mmmm! Tandy!" Sue murmured.

The young women spent uncounted hours fucking and sucking each other into one climax after the other. Tandy and Sue's faces flashed yearning, heated looks with each orgasm. Finally, exhaustion forced them to stop. They lay back on their strange bed, joined in so many ways.

"Tandy, we can't stay like this forever."

"I think they're keeping us like this until the eggs hatch, Sue."

"Do you think it'll hurt?"

"That's kind of dumb, Sue."

"Oh. Yeah. You're right."

The girls drifted off to sleep, lulled by post coitus and the warm, humid atmosphere of the bridge. Sometime later, Sue was awakened by something probing at her mouth. She opened her eyes to see a chitinous face glaring back. Her startled gasp provided an opportunity for the crustazoid to thrust one of its tongues into her open mouth.

Sue flailed her arms before grabbing hold of the creature. "Thandy!" she lisped. The creature wrapped its appendages around her chest and held fast. "Thandy!" Sue lisped again, before her mouth filled with a thick syrupy liquid. The taste was bittersweet with a hint of ginger.

Sue's mouth filled rapidly, forcing her to gulp down the fluid. A soft nova exploded in her belly. Euphoria spread through her body. "Mmmm, yum," she purred as her struggles ebbed.

Sue's panicked struggles had resulted in more pussy rubbing, awakening Tandy. Tandy, orgasmed to wakefulness, gasped, and an unnoticed creature rushed in to fill her mouth. The feeding went on for half an hour, as the crustazoids filled the girls' bellies with alien proteins and soporifics.

When the creatures finished, the girls were in a quiet daze. The crustazoids began the next phase. Two creatures positioned themselves against the girls' ass cheeks. Tandy moaned as alien tongues entered her rectum. Sue purred as her alien did the same.

A creature scuttled to the area where the girls' pussies met. Tandy and Sue felt the creature spray fluid on the bonding mucus. The mucus dissolved and alien tongues slithered against the wet, pink tunnels.

The girls were acquainted with anal sex through previous boyfriends. The aliens' probes had a different purpose, however. The purpose came to Tandy when she realized something about her body.

"Sue, I think they want us to go."

"We can't leave, Tandy. We can barely move, much less stand."

"Not that kind of go, Sue."

"What do you me...oh!"

Tandy realized, as the girls did their business, "That's why they fed us that stuff. To keep us docile so we wouldn't try to escape."

When the girls were finished, the crustazoids cleaned and groomed them, using their secretions and appendages to clean body fluids and waste. The girls were massaged before being brought together and rebonded.

"So this is what being treated like a baby feels like," Sue said languorously.

"I think they're treating us like queens," Tandy replied.

The following time was spent in a cycle of feeding, cleaning, and grooming. The girls had no way to tell how many days passed. They passed the time between cleanings, fucking each other. Sue came up with the idea of counting time by counting the cycles. After the fifth cleaning, sixth fucking, the larvae hatched.

The girls were asleep when Tandy's belly twitched. Tandy woke, her belly quaking and spasming. "Sue!" she gasped, "It's happening! They're coming!" Sue woke and saw Tandy's roiling belly. "Oh no!"

"It...ugh!...It doesn't hurt Sue. It feels strange. They're bumping...uhng!...they're bumping around inside me. Ooohh! I just felt something on my clit!"

Sue also felt something. "Oh! It's on my clit too, Tandy. What's happening?"

"I don't know! I feel them inside me! Aaaah! They're brushing against me! Oooh! I'm feeling more of them on my clit!"

"I'm feeling them too! Ooohhh! I'm going to cum!"

"Oh! Ugh! Aaahh! I'm cumming too!" Tandy moaned.

The purpose of the crustazoids' fusing was revealed. The larvae were not interested in the hosts, only their cum. The close proximity of the girls' clits allowed the larvae to stimulate them both.

The girls' pussies flooded, providing lubricant and protein. Tandy and Sue lay back on the crustazoid bed, spasming in erotic waves. The orgasmic tide would begin at the head of one girl, travel down her body, cross over to the other, and end at her head.

Tandy was back to her customary howls and ululations. Sue gasped and purred, softly. The girls' hands travelled the lengths of their bodies, from their spasming pelvises, to their rolling bellies, to their heaving breasts, where they fondled, squeezed, and massaged.

The girls were experiencing an unprecedented erotic event, sweat slick and lust hot; fluids, larvae, and cum began to flow from Tandy into Sue. Sue's belly bloated while Tandy's shrank.

Sue and Tandy, locked in their orgasms, barely noticed. When they did, the girls didn't care. It was just one strange event among many.

The larvae shared the girls' bodies, flowing back and forth, in cycles that had them cumming for hours on end. Tandy and Sue were fed and groomed as usual. The crustazoids made sure the larvae were in one or the other.

The larvae grew, feeding on the girls' cum. The larvae separated into two groups, each residing in one of the girls. When the crustazoids were satisfied that each girl had her share, Tandy and Sue were finally separated.

To Be Continued.

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