Hot in a Dress


This is a work of my twisted little imagination and is just for fun It is intended for adults only and is about adults only. This story is loosely based on another story I wrote "Hot in a Speedo." I love to hear from readers so please let me know if you enjoyed my work.


I had been out of town for the past two weeks and it had given me time to think. Before I went on my business trip Brad and I had spent a lot of time together. Our involvement had become more comfortable and I was getting in touch with my bisexuality. I was truly enjoying the attention that I received from Brad, a hot young man of 24 with a killer body, and an awesome uncut 8" cock. At the age of 38 I did not think that after children and a divorce that I would find sex with another man so incredible.

As I sat in the restaurant waiting for Brad something in the back of my head kept telling me that what I was doing was wrong. Perhaps it was societal-pressure, perhaps it was the fact that he was younger than I was, I did not know. So it was with some apprehension that I sat sipping my beer at the trendy downtown bistro as I waited for Brad to arrive.

We had arranged to meet at this restaurant and Brad had told me that a friend from college was visiting and that he would be joining us. I thought that this could be a potentially awkward situation or perhaps it was Brad's way of letting me know our "thing" together was over. I sat nervously at a table in the restaurant and waited.

The table where I sat had a good view of the entrance and as I watched for Brad, a couple entered. She was tall and had a thick mane of auburn hair that fell around her neck and shoulders. She was very tan and she wore a dress that was made of an aqua-colored material like silk. The dress was a mini showing a lot of her curvy legs. It was also sleeveless and I would find out later it plunged all the way to her waist in back. She had perky little breast and a nice round ass...she was stunning.

Her escort was a dark haired young man about 6'2" with broad shoulders and a muscular build. He was handsome and I'd say he was in his mid twenties. He was dressed casually but with style.

The couple spoke to the hostess. The hostesses turned and to my amazement she pointed directly at me! The couple, all smiles, strode over to my table. Before I could react the woman bent down and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. Shocked I pulled back and looking at the woman close up I realized that this woman was Brad!

"Brad!" I stammered in amazement!

Brad said, "Tonight baby you can call me Brandi."

She gave me a sexy wink and introduced her friend Joe. He was a college "buddy" of Brad's, I mean Brandi's, and they told me that they often went clubbing together. It was clear from Brandi's actions that she was very friendly with Joe but her attention appeared to be mostly focused on me. That made me feel good and I was more amazed by the minute how attractive and feminine Brad/Brandi was.

When the waiter came to our table Brandi insisted that she order. She ordered raw oysters and salads for the three of us and a bottle of Champagne.

After the waiter took our order Brandi said:

"I want my studs sexually energized for tonight and oysters are the "purrrr...fect" thing to keep those sweet cocks rock hard."

She had a hand on my thigh and squeezed as she gazed at me. I was becoming aroused and I knew I was in for a long night of teasing ahead of me before I would be able to get into Brandi's panties. Dinner was fun and I could feel the chemistry between the three of us building. Around 10:00 we left the Bistro and headed to a near by club for a little dancing.

The club was small and being a week night it was not difficult to get in. I was amused at the attention that Brandi received from all the men. The bouncer at the club virtually escorted us inside saying to Brandi, "right this way beautiful." As we entered, passing the bar, all male eyes were on Brandi as she strutted by on her 4" high heels, ass swaying and big dazzling smile. Little did they know.

Brandi wanted to dance and she dragged both Joe and I to the dance floor. She was a great dancer and she alternated her attention between the two of us. Shaking her groove-thing and occasionally flirting with whatever guy she was dancing next to. At one point she danced up to me and slipped her arms around my waist. We were doing a sort of dirty dance and grind. I had one leg between Brandi's and we were moving to the rhythm. She leaned in to me and gave me a long tongue-filled kiss.

The kiss was one of the most erotic experiences of my life. I was kissing a crossdresser in public. The energy and adrenaline raced through my body I was on fire for Brandi. However to my disappointment after the kiss ended Brandi winked at me and with a little giggle danced over to Joe assuming the same close "dirty-dancing" position.

I thought that I'd take the opportunity to settle down a bit as I was ready to jump Brandi right there in the club.

"Hey you guys want a drink?" I asked Brandi and Joe.

They said "yes," and I went to the bar and ordered a bottle of champagne. I found a small couch in a dark corner and I waited for the two of them. They stumbled toward me arm in arm laughing. The little leather couch was shaped like a semi-circle and there was a low table in front of it. Brandi slid in next to me and Joe sat next to her. I pored the Champagne and we toasted Brandi.

Brandi gave us both a peck on the cheek and said, "I want to make a toast. To a couple of hot studs... I guarantee that tonight I am going to make your sweet delicious cocks very, very, happy. And now this little slut is going to powder her nose."

Joe and I gazed at Brandi as she strutted to the ladies room. We even saw one guy grab her ass as she walked by. She just looked over her shoulder at us and smiled as she disappeared into the crowd.

Joe slid next to me. We were very close and he turned to me and said, "Brandi told me about the thing that you two have together, and I hope you are cool with me being here tonight. I think that this could be a lot of fun and you are an attractive man that I would like to get to know better."

Joe put his hand on my thigh and I could feel my cock stirring. I knew that this wild night was going to get crazy. I was face to face with Joe. His dark eyes sparkled with mischief and I said, "Yeah I'm cool with the situation, in fact I think that you are almost as hot as Brandi."

We both chuckled and knocked back our drinks.

As we finished the bottle Brandi returned and said, "Should we go to my place and let the 'real' party get started?"

We didn't need to be asked twice. The three of us hustled out of the club and into a cab. On the ride home Brandi was seated between us and she alternated between making out with the two of us. She also stroked our growing cocks as we kissed, she was so hot. The cab driver kept stealing glances in the rear view mirror as she was putting on quiet a show. I admit that the kinkiness of our threesome was driving me crazy with lust.

I think the cabby was surprised when we arrived at the suburban home of Brandi's parents. I paid him and we all hurried inside, grabbing, petting and kissing as we stumbled into the doorway of the empty house. As Brandi searched in her purse for the keys Joe pushed me up against the doorway and kissed me deeply. I wrapped my arms around him and grabbed his tight butt as we made-out. I could feel his hard cock pressing against mine and I could tell this young stud was hung.

Brandi opened the front door and broke us out of our lustful embrace by whispering at us, "come on you horny bastards get in here before the neighbors see and think this is some kind of bi-orgy den!"

Inside she took our hands and led us into the living room. She playfully pushed us down onto the sofa and said, "You two sexy men wait right here, I need to get into something a little more right back."

As she left the room she picked up the remote and turned on the TV. The black screen came to life with a beautiful dark-haired transsexual sandwiched between two hot studs. One of the men had his substantial cock between the transexuals ass cheeks and the other was on his knees sucking her rigid cock.

Joe looked at me and grinned as he pulled down his jeans. He was wearing boxers and and impressive tent erected itself as his trousers fell to his ankles. I reached over and stroked his massive cock through his boxers. Joe closed his eyes as I freed his cock. It was at least 9" and thick. I stroked it and unbuttoned his shirt. I drooled with cock lust as I felt-up this incredible stud. I loved the feeling of his warm cock in my hand so fat and long. The skin of his cock shaft was as soft and smooth as velvet.

A crystalline bead of pre-cum formed on the tip of Joe's cock and I instinctively brought my mouth to his fat mushroom. His pre-cum was salty and delightful and I swirled my long tongue around his cock head giving extra attention to the slit. Joe moaned with pleasure as I unbuckled my pants to release my own 7" fatty. My mouth never lost contact with his amazing tool.

As I took more and more of him into my mouth my saliva ran down to his shaved round balls and I rubbed them making his entire cock and balls wet with my spit. I was now making loud sucking sounds which Joe appeared to enjoy.

In a panting whisper he said, "Fuck yeah man get me all wet... mmmmm suck my cock...fuck yes that's good."

Joe told me to strip. I stood in front of him and stepped out of my pants and pulled my shirt over my head. My toned 5'11" frame trembled with sexual energy, my cock erect and pointing up at a 40 degree angle. Joe also removed his pants and shirt and he sat forward on the couch. He took my cock in his right hand and placing his left hand on my ass. He pulled me toward him. He sucked my cock head into his mouth and proceeded to give me an incredible tongue massage. The feeling was amazing.

Our oral session was interrupted by Brandi as she made a grand entrance into the room. She was wearing a shear see-through white robe with white feather trim. Under the robe she wore a matching white bra, lace boy-short panties, and white thigh-high stockings. The white accentuated her dark tan. She was slender with long legs perched on incredibly high and slutty clear acrylic platform sandals. I could see the sexy bulge of her formidable "clitty" in her panties. The icing on this delicious cake was a thick platinum blond wig of long wavy hair and a fresh application of make-up, false eyelashes and pink lipstick.

Brandi allowed the robe to slide off over her shoulders as she said, "I see you have been naughty little cock suckers, letting the party start without Brandi. Well anyway, what do you think boys, do you like my little outfit?"

She said this as she gave a turn in the room in front of us. Her hairless body was flawless and she licked her sexy lips as she stared down at our erect cocks.

Brandi said, "Why don't you two follow me upstairs to the bedroom and let's get this party going."

With that she turned and we followed her sexy lace-clad ass up the stairs. As we entered the second floor master bedroom we were greeted by the soft glow of candlelight. The king size bed was made with white satin sheets and a bottle of champagne was waiting.

Brandi turned and held out her arms, "You like?"

Joe showed his approval by taking Brandi by the waist and kissing her passionately on the mouth. He had one hand on her back and the other on her ass. He pushed up against her and I could see his big hard cock squeezed between them. As they exchanged a long wet kiss I poured three glasses of champagne. When they came up for air I handed them a glass and raised mine to make a toast.

Naked and with a raging hard-on I toasted, "To Brandi one beautiful lady!"

Before drinking her wine Brandi said, "Can we make that 'one horny little slut?'"

We all laughed and downed the drinks. It was now my turn take a go at Brandi. I stepped behind her and kissed her shoulders and neck. I pressed up against her close from behind. My hard cock nestled between her ass cheeks rubbing against the ruff lace of her panties. My left hand caressed her midriff and my right touched the bulge of her clitty. She purred when I touched her.

Joe moved behind me and I could feel his big tool between my legs rubbing against my balls. He was nibbling and biting on my neck and then I felt an electric jolt as his wet tongue snaked into my ear. His hard cock was now rubbing against my hole.

Brandi broke from our "group-grope" and instructed us to sit on the edge of the bed. She then commanded Joe and I to kiss each other and stroke each other's cock. We gladly did as we were told.

Brandi pressed a button on the stereo in the room and proceeded to do a sexy dance for us. She gave us both a little lap dance in turn and then still moving to the music she dropped to her knees in front of us. On all fours she crawled over first to me and started to stroke my cock.

In between licks, sucks and strokes she would look up at me and tell me what she wanted me to do to her. She said, " I want you to fuck me baby... I want you to fuck me so good and hard baby.... Then I want all your cum... I want the biggest fucking load of man juice that you have ever shot... can you do that for your sexy slut baby...can you?"

All I could do was give a dumb nod. She looked at me and grinned knowing that she had complete control. She then moved over to Joe and proceeded to do the same to him. Sucking and stroking his cock as she demanded a hard fuck and ALL his cum.

Brandi then backed away from us on all fours. She stood legs slightly spread and hands on her hips. She tossed her mane of hair back over her shoulders. Her once bulge of a "clitty" was now a defined cock. It looked spectacular in her lace panties. She continued her show by rubbing it through the material and moaning in pleasure as she brought herself from ¾ to fully erect.

At this point she turned around to give us a view of her sensational ass. She pulled he boy-shorts up high on her hips so they disappeared between her round ass cheeks. She looked over her shoulder at us and wrinkling up her nose in a cute sexy way said,

"You wanna fuck this tight, hot ass boys... ya?"

She then turned around and began to slowly push down her panties. Her crotch was at our eye level. Her cock was uncut and about 8" long it was not as thick as mine but it looked so tasty. She took it in her hand and just inches away from our faces she slowly stoked it. As she stroked the foreskin moved seductively over the shiny round cock head. She was dripping pre-cum and it made the tip of her cock glisten in the candlelight.

Touching her long finger to the tip of her cock she rubbed some of the pre-cum around the head. She brought the finger up to her mouth and sucked on it for a moment. She removed the finger while she sucked with a little "pop" and she said,

"You boys have made me all creamy."

Brandi then giggled, continuing her tease, and turned around. Her legs were spread about two feet apart and she arched her back. Joe needed no formal invitation and he began to squeeze and lick her ass. I got between her legs and started to work on her cock. I completely enjoyed sucking and playing with her uncut cock. Her pre-cum was flowing and I happily licked up every pearl that came out.

After several minutes of our oral attention Brandi stepped forward and she pushed her hard cock and balls back between her legs. She bent over crossing her legs at the ankles. She propped herself against the night stand her mane of blond hair cascading down her arched back, her cock and balls red, hard and swollen between her legs. It was an incredible site.

She said, "Alright boys get me ready for some good fucking."

We didn't need a second invitation. Joe continued working on her rosebud. He now had her ass spread and was driving his tongue into her hole. I was alternating between sucking her cock and licking her balls. I would also occasionally give Joes cock a stroke and a suck as he was standing and bending over to ravage Brandi's ass.

Brandi was moaning as Joe worked a finger into her. He turned to me and said, "I think she's ready for fucking. Come on man you go first."

I stood and positioned myself behind her. Because of her heels I actually had to get on tip toe so my cock was at her ass level. I spit on her hole then pressed my throbbing cock head into her. Brandi pushed back quickly and my cock head went into her as she gave a gasp. Joe had moved behind me and was giving me a rim job.

Brandi said, "Hold still baby and let me do the fucking."

She began to slowly move back and forth, fucking my cock. Occasionally she would rotate her hips in a circular motion which felt incredible. Her pace was increasing as more and more of my fuck stick disappeared into her. Joe was no longer rimming me but had lubed up a finger and was banging me good. The sensation had all my pleasure centers firing at once.

Brandi was moaning loudly. Between moans she uttered a stream of continuous chant of "do-me baby, fuck me good baby, I love your fucking hard cock babe give it all to your nasty slut..."

I wanted to cum but now was not the time. I slapped Brandi's ass as I pulled out. I knew that Joe was more than ready to fuck her. I turned her around and lay her down on her back on the bed. She must have liked the idea because she pointed her legs toward the ceiling, FMPs still on. Joe crawled between her legs and proceeded to push his cock into her.

Brandi gave a squeal as Joe's huge cock stretched her to her limit. Soon he was pumping away as Brandi's hard cock bounced on her stomach. I straddled her face at her request so she could suck my cock. I also leaned forward and kissed Joe as he pounded away.

Brandi then said, "Suck me baby.. suck me now.. I'm going to cum!"

I took her into my mouth with Joe still fucking her. He was now driving all the way into Brandi and pulling his cock almost completely out then repeating the stroke. He was holding her legs in the air by the ankles. After giving Brandi a deep long kiss I went to work on her cock. Stroking and sucking her lovely "clitty" it didn't take long before she tensed and shot a big long rope of sticky cum into my mouth. I tightened my fist around her cock shaft and pushed down, she shot more cum. My mouth filled and some ran out of the corner of my mouth.

I sat up and taking Joe, my hand behind his head I kissed him. I opened my mouth and as I inserted my tongue into Joe's mouth he received Brandi's sticky stream of cum. Joe didn't pull away, instead his tongue swirled with mine sharing Brandi's creamy load. I pulled a way and a sticky strand of saliva and cum remained between us. It was so nasty and sexy.

Brandi placed a hand on Joe's stomach and pushed him back. Joe's cock popped out of Brandi and she said, looking him in the eye.

"I know what you need Joe. You need to be fucked."

Joe grinned and got on all fours. Brandi immediately went to work on his ass, she eagerly tongued his hole and then with a good spit she said to me,

"Come on babe fuck this stud with that sweet cock."

I pushed into Joe. He was tight and hot and I knew that neither one of us would last long. As I increased my pace Brandi slapped Joe's ass and urged me on. She alternated her attentions between sucking my nipples and crawling under Joe to suck his cock.

Brandi's cock was coming back to life and she positioned herself in front of Joe so he could suck on her as I fucked his ass.

Brandi said, "Do it studs cum on me, this slut wants a hot mouth full of cum."

That's all it took for me. I pulled out of Joe and quickly moved around to Brandi's mouth. With a couple of more strokes of my hand I released perhaps the largest load of cum in my life into the waiting mouth of Brandi. Her open mouth filled to her pink lips with my pearly seed. My body tensed for a second time shooting a load across the bridge of her nose, one more glob dribbling out onto her tongue. Brandi gulped down the large mouthful and grinned as the rest ran down her chin and out the corners of her mouth.

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