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Hot Legs


The thought of my sexy little wife, Brenda, fucking another man had never entered my mind until this past Saturday.

Floyd and his friend, Jack had stopped by as I was mowing the lawn. They were both members of our local VFW club. After a little small talk, I invited them in for a beer.

We were sitting at the kitchen counter joking and telling each other's war stories when my pretty little wife walked in wearing nothing but a bra and panties and thigh high stockings.

"Oh, my goodness!", she exclaimed. "I didn't know you guys were here!"

Even though she backed away and headed back to our bedroom, I knew the guys had got a good look. I don't know how to explain it, but I felt my dick rising in my pants. The fact that some other men had seen my wife almost naked was turning me on.

And for some reason, I couldn't get if off my mind. Later that night in bed, I reached over and rubbed Brenda's pussy.

"Uhmm, that feels good, are you telling me you're horny?"

"Could be", I answered, "I'll bet old Floyd and Jack would like to be feeling this hot pussy."

I expected some kind of anger but instead she pulled my head down next to her and whispered "I'll bet they would, too." We fucked long and hard for about the next thirty minutes.

I was 23 and Brenda was 19 when we decided to tie the knot. She still had "peach fuzz" just above her sweet little pussy but she knew how to use it and made me cum way before I wanted to.

With the image of her walking in almost naked to the delight of my buddies, I walked around in a constant kind of arousal. Tuesday presented an opportunity I hadn't expected.

"Damn it", Brenda exclaimed, "This sink is stopped up again!"

"I'll call Floyd and have him come over and take a look", I answered as I was walking out the front door.

Floyd was not only a friend and fellow member of the VFW, he was also a plumber by trade. But my evil mind started working as I started the car and pulled away from the house.

I called Floyd and he agreed to come over Wednesday morning and take a look at the problem. I told Brenda he would be coming about 9 or 10 am. I found myself secretly wishing he would be "coming" in her hot pussy. I don't know when or where, I just know that I wanted Brenda to fuck another man.

The next morning after breakfast, I wanted to fuck her so bad but I didn't, thinking to myself that she would be horny when Floyd came. When I got to my office, I called Floyd to make sure he was coming over.

"You better be careful, man", I joked, "she loves a big dick!" When I hung up, I thought...why did I say that? But I knew why. I wanted him to fuck her and fuck her hard.

My dick stayed hard that morning thinking about what might be taking place. That evening, after supper, I asked about the sink.

"Oh, Floyd fixed it." she told me. "But, please don't ever hire him again. He made passes at me all morning."

Poof! Just like that, all the mental images of her getting fucked went up in the air. But I pressed a little harder.

"What kind of 'passes', " I asked.

"You know, telling me how pretty my legs are and trying to run his hand under my robe. I didn't have time to get dressed so I was naked. I wasn't about to let him run his hand up my leg."

That night in bed as we were fucking, I asked her if she thought old Floyd would like to feel her pussy. "Uhm," she sighed, "I think he'd like to put his big dick in me."

Again, the next day, my dick was hard all day long. How did she know Floyd had a "big" dick? I mentally envisioned her sucking and jacking his cock all day.

Saturday, the kitchen sink stopped up again. When I suggested getting someone else, Brenda surprised me by saying, "Just call Floyd, he probably won't charge us."

Monday morning was tough. I knew Floyd was at the house because he came up right before I left for work. And I knew Brenda was wearing a short nightie gown and bikini panties. You could see her pretty tits right through the top. And...I knew Floyd would try because I had told him how much Brenda loved big dicks. My plan was in place.

That night, as we lay in bed, I asked her about Floyd and if he had fixed the sink.

"Yeah, he fixed it," she replied. "And he fucked me twice. Is that what you wanted to hear?"

My cock jumped to attention and we fucked for about an hour. I'm busy right now, stopping up the bathroom sink. Old Floyd will have to "come" back tomorrow.

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