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Hot Night out


I have to share this story. It is about my sexy wife and I and a very hot night out. I wanted to take my wife out for a drink. She is about 5'3", brown hair, and brown eyes, with a very athletic body. She looks rather innocent but when she puts on a nice dress she looks very provocative to say the least.

This night I told her to dress nice because I love to show her off. She did so by putting on a sexy bodice with garters and black nylons with black g-string panties accompanied by a sexy pair of high heels. Yummy, She also put on my favorite dress; a one piece short skirt that fits her shape perfectly. She looked very classy but not slutty. It was very hot.

We entered the bar and she immediately sat down at the bar. A black man was sitting there playing KENO so she sat right next to him and I sat on the other side. I immediately had some naughty thoughts but didn't read too much into it not wanting to get my hopes up. We ordered drinks and I went to play some music on the jukebox. I noticed they were talking and didn't think much about it. When I got back to my seat she continued to talk to him about the game. He was explaining how it worked and she was very interested in learning so he continued to show her. They were laughing and he introduced himself to me. His name was David.

She seemed very comfortable. She picked his numbers and sure enough he won five bucks and then twenty bucks. It was pretty cool. He told her she had to keep playing because she definitely was good luck. She laughed and said she didn't mind being his good luck charm. I acted like I didn't hear that and went to play some more music. Looking over at the two we though if he only knew what she was wearing under that dress, his dick would stand at attention. Mine was getting hard thinking about it while she sat there flirting with him.

After a while I asked if he wanted to play some pool with us and he agreed. We went to a table way in the back. We played cutthroat in which the last person with their balls on the table wins. He was admiring my sexy wife, as she would bend that sweet ass over the table to take her shot. You could just see the tops of her garters and I knew he saw them too. I said isn't she beautiful and he said, no offense but yes she is.

She came back to the table and asked what we were talking about. I said we should bet on the game. She agreed and asked what we should bet. I then said the winner has to feel the losers up under the table unless but not if us guys had to feel each other up. But one way or the other we got to feel her up or she would have to feel us up. Everyone agreed. Needless to say Cindy won so she had to feel us up. She sat right next to David and we all started talking about how it was going to work but I knew she was already rubbing his cock under the table. I could tell by the look on his face. She asked how long did she have to do it for. I said as long as you want. She said to me, you don't mind if I rub David's cock first. I said no that's o.k. He smiled and I got up to go to the bathroom and look back. I could see her hand in his lap as they continued talking. It was very erotic. I couldn't help being turned on by her aggressiveness.

When I got back she was still sitting next to him. I asked her if she was still rubbing his dick and she smiled and said yes and asked if she could keep doing it. I asked her how it felt and she said it is very big. He was grinning from ear to ear. I asked him if she was doing a good job and he said oh yeah! She then asked if we could get a hotel room adding that David said he would pay. I agreed. So we finished our drinks and got the hell out of there as quickly as possible

On the way to the hotel room, she could not stop talking about sucking his big black cock. She said his cock had to be at least 12 to 13 inches long and very thick from what she could tell while rubbing it in the bar.

When we got there she said that she only wanted me to watch so he could have his way with her all night. I agreed. We got the room and she made me go get some sodas. I tried to hurry but it seemed like forever by the time I got back. I came into the room only to see my sexy wife in her high heels, stockings, and bodice, dancing seductively in front of him while he sat on the bed. She then got down on her knees and started to unbuckle his pants.

Her eyes stared deeply into his as she pulled his black monster out of his pants. Her eyes lit up as she stared at it and wrapped her tiny hands around it. She then lowered her head and started to suck on it looking directly up into his eyes. She was very happy and proceeded to spoil this black man with her eager lips. All I could do was watch in disbelief as she devoured his big chocolate cock. She was slobbering and slurping loudly and the longer she sucked on it the more excited she got.

She tried to shove more than half of his big black velvet down her throat until she gagged. She loved his cock being stuffed in her mouth. She stopped and asked him if she was doing good and said please don't stop. That made her suck it even harder. All I could do was watch her loving this man's cock in her mouth stroking my cock she was giving him something special.

Taking her time she started rubbing her pussy which was freshly shaven. I had asked her to shave it for me not knowing he was going to get first dibs but knew one thing was for sure. He was going to get first, seconds, and thirds.

After a good ten minutes passed by she climbed up his body and starting making out with him, grabbing his horse cock and rubbing it up and down her glistening pussy. She had to have it inside her. She pushed down on it getting half of it in her wet pussy and started to moan as her pink pussy stretched around his enormous erection. She slowly slid down on it until his balls were shoving up against her sweet ass.

She then started to ride him with reckless abandon, kissing him as he stroked it deeper and deeper. She couldn't turn back now and told him to fuck her like that! Oh yeah, don't stop Fuck me. Uh, Uh, Don't stop. I love your big black cock. She started to shake. I could tell she was cumming and cumming over and over again as she pounded it deeper and harder.

I could tell there was no faking her ecstasy. She was riding her black lover for all she was worth; telling him it was his pussy now. I think he liked that because he told her to get his dick. She planted her lips hard against his as he stretched her pink folds around his cock. She was getting all of it now. I was amazed at how hot she looked cumming all over this man's huge dick. He was grabbing her lovely ass with his big hands as he shot his load deep inside her.

As she raised up from his cock I could see cum dripping from her stretched out pussy. She then told me to get over there and clean David's pussy out for him so he could fuck her again. I was a little hesitant at first but as I tasted the sweet combination of their juices I couldn't help but do what she told me. She called me her black cum sucking little bitch. I was very aroused and I could tell that David was too.

As I licked and sucked the sweet nectar from my wife's beautiful well-fucked pussy she proceeded to cum again and again in my mouth. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that David was stroking his cock ready to take my wife all over again.

She was staring into his eyes and I asked him if he wanted some more of his pussy now that it was cleaned up for him. He didn't say a word he just stroked his once again hard cock to my wife's satisfaction.

After the evening was over my wife and I couldn't help but replay the many scenes of him taking her places she had never been or never thought she would be. We were both very excited and very amazed at this experience and we will definitely try it again and again.

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