tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHot Spots Ch. 01

Hot Spots Ch. 01


Mumbai is the commercial capital of India and like all big cities; it has its share of Hot Spots.

In Mumbai, these spots have mushroomed not only for those young unmarried teens; rather, it is a necessity. With tiny apartments and the concept of joint families still prevalent in almost 75 to 80% of the population, it becomes extremely difficult for a married couple to make love at their tiny two-room apartments.

I should know. When my cousin sister, Shaila got married at a very young age to a guy who also was a maternal uncle (a doctor) fourteen years her senior, they had to spend their first night at a tiny two-room apartment. I was a very young kid, and along with another young cousin maternal sister and a cousin brother, the general idea had been to allow us to sleep in the tiny kitchen while the rest of the elders stayed at another apartment owned by my late grandfather.

I was a year older than my maternal cousin sister and my cousin brother a year older than me. But little did the elders suspect that my cousin brother and me already knew a lot about sex. We had once watched one of my uncle and aunt doing it and like many innocent kids, had read the porno books then available in India. In retrospect, these books were almost comedy.

Sample this and you will agree: (Almost all books focused on incest, particularly the boy and aunt or the girl and uncle variety; in extreme cases, there were some books about sibling sex and mother-son or father-daughter sex)

My aunt was looking very hot in her silk sari and I could see her petticoat under it. Her blouse showed the top of her HUGE GOLDEN BALLS. My Lund (slang for prick) was already standing up inside my pajama.

When her pallu (the border of the sari) kept slipping over her magnificent shoulders, I could see that her large nipples were erect and pressing against her blouse. I knew that aunt was hot for my Lund and me.

I was sleeping in the balcony and playing with my ten-inch Lund when suddenly, I saw her standing at the door, her eyes on my erect Lund.

She smiled and I saw her perfect white teeth.

“Don’t you know that playing with yourself is bad for health?” she asked, walking to where I was lying down on the mattress. Her pallu had slipped off her shoulders and she did not put it back across her shoulders.

I was embarrassed and excited at the sight of her GOLDEN BALLS with their erect nipples. She sat by my side on the mattress.

“What are you thinking of?” she smiled saucily.

“Of your big golden balls!” I blurted out.

“Do you want to see them?”

“Yes,” I agreed enthusiastically.

Slowly, she removed her blouse. She was wearing a white bra that was too small for her balls.

Smiling, she removed her bra too and I got sight of her glorious balls.

They were big and soft and her nipples were about two inches.

“Go ahead and touch them,” she leaned to me.

My hands shot out and grabbed her balls. She screamed in excitement and took my Lund in her hand, jerking it.

Those were the kind of stories. They make me laugh today since I have now read a lot of erotic stories, written rather well, and in a more sophisticated manner.

But I am getting away from the point.

That night, the three of us had turned out the lights and my cousin brother whispered to me, “Just pretend you are sleeping and make no noise. Give them fifteen minutes and we could watch them fuck. It’s their first night and they will be horny as hell.”

“What are you whispering about?” my maternal cousin sis asked.

“Quiet, Nanda,” I told her. “If you promise to be quiet Raj and me will show you something exciting.”

She clammed up. Sure enough, hardly ten minutes later, we heard whispers and moans coming from the adjacent room.

Raj rose quietly and gently slid the window open. I realized he must have unlatched it before we had entered the kitchen.

The house was a two-room apartment and there was a window in the walls that separated them. The hall, which the newly married couple was using, was quite small and had just one medium sized bed besides a couple of chairs. We were asked to sleep on a mattress on the floor of the kitchen.

I followed Raj and we peered through the window.

They must have started quite earlier, because both were already naked and she was sitting on his face and leaning forward was sucking on his cock.

Nanda joined us and the three of us proceeded to have a free show. Later, after they had finished fucking (incidentally, it didn’t last very long; I suppose they were excited as hell), we made Nanda lie between us and there was a lot of caressing and fondling. Because we were too young, we didn’t fuck, but we did make Nanda suck our cocks and in turn, we sucked her cunt and her tiny budding tits. We were careful not to make any noise when each of us climaxed.

But that is not what I want to relate here. As I said, there are a number of Hot Spots in Mumbai. One such is located beside the M. G. swimming pool at Dadar and is called “Narali Baugh”, which literally translated means “Coconut Garden”. It is a large area with plenty of coconut and palm trees and large bushes between the rows. This offers the couple considerable privacy.

Sandwiched between the swimming pool and the garden, is a restaurant. The owner’s son was a very good friend of Raj and he offered to accommodate us in a small little room on the first floor that overlooked the garden. Raj and me would sit there, sipping cold drinks (A drink called Sosyo was a rage during those days). We would sit by the window watching the amorous activities in the park.

The lovers would normally start pouring in after 5.30 PM. I remember the first time I had gazed lustfully down at the liaisons with a throbbing dick, my throat parched and dry despite of sipping on the cold drink.

My first view was of a young couple totally lost in each other. They were kissing passionately; one of his hands was under her sari and the other inside her blouse. She had unzipped his pants and I could clearly see the billowing movements that meant she was playing with his lover’s dick.

From time to time, they would break off their kiss and talk to each other; and then, their kisses would become more passionate.

Just behind them, on the other side of the bush, there was another pair, which had progressed even further. She was lying on his lap and had covered it with the border of her sari. It was obvious by the rhythmic up and down movements under the sari that she was sucking his dick. He had unbuttoned her blouse and without unhooking her bra, had lifted it up over her tits and was kneading them. At times, he would push her back, lean down and suck on her tits.

“Just wait a little longer when it gets slightly darker. Then you will see the real thing,” Raj had smirked.

Sure enough, we saw a couple actually fucking. They didn’t undress of course, but were lying down on their sides facing each other. We could clearly see his hips thrusting to and fro; her skirt was bunched up, panties pushed aside. He had merely taken out his cock from his zipper. He had pushed up her t-shirt and was suckling on her tits.

This was my first view of real fucking and though the couple was not naked, it turned me on so much I came in my pants.

The other hot spot in Mumbai is called the Bandra Bandstand. It is located off the seashore and boy! This place is even hotter.

The same cousin sister whom we had watched fucking had her apartment right by the side of this spot and when Raj told me about it, I made certain that whenever I was to visit Mumbai, I would stay at her place. This apartment was bigger. My maternal uncle was a doctor and quite well off. They had three bedrooms in addition to a study and it was the study room that faced the Bandstand.

When I visited her, I had turned eighteen and had obtained the rights of owning a high-powered binocular that my Dad purchased for me from his brother. The brother was an officer in the Indian Army and the binocular was damned good. It had an extremely high resolution and was equipped with Zeiss lens and facility for night vision.

I arrived on a Friday at my cousin sister’s place and she was delighted to meet me. It had been seven years since she had got married and she was now barely twenty-five. When she hugged me, I could feel her soft tits digging into my chest and it was difficult not to get hard. But I managed to cool my emotions down because my uncle came in and fondly tousled my hair.

“My, my, Nikhil, you have grown tall and why! You are beginning to have a moustache too. Welcome, buddy and I hope you have a long stay. Shaila, where are you going to put up my buddy?”

“In the special bedroom next to the study of course,” she replied.

“Hey buddy, there’s a 14 inch TV and a VCR at the study and I have got a lot of old English classic films. Use the study whenever you feel like it. It’s also got a coffee maker. I won’t require the room as long as you stay, ok?”

I tried to protest but both couldn’t hear about my insistent protests. Shaila had just last year given birth to a boy and she was looking gorgeous. Her face was radiant and I guess every new mother looks like she looked now.

But Shaila had always been a beautiful girl. By a quirk of fate, her mom and my mom were sisters and her dad was my dad’s elder brother.

She wasn’t very tall; barely five-two and now, I guessed she would be around a hundred and thirty pounds or so. Her weight had no doubt increased because of the baby because as far as I can recall, she always weighed barely a hundred and five or ten.

Uncle went to his office (he was a Professor of Pharmacology and Forensic Science at the J. J. Medical College) at eight in the morning and returned only after nine at night. I had arrived at six-thirty and I had just finished my shower when he left.

Shaila and me sat talking about the good old times and the new life she was enjoying so much.

An extremely embarrassing event occurred on the first day I had arrived at their place. When the baby started crying, Shaila merely sat cross-legged on the chair, laid the baby on her lap and without any hint of embarrassment had just pulled up her blouse and allowed her heavy milky breast to tumble out. When she adjusted the baby so he could commence suckling, I looked away at some other spot in the room.

When she realized my predicament, she laughed gaily and teased me. “My, my, you have also become a gentleman!”

Maybe she wouldn’t have laughed and made that comment if she had noticed that under the table, there was a prominent bulge between my legs.

I rested in the afternoon and woke up drenched with sweat when I realized that I was dreaming of Shaila sitting on my face and leaning over to suck my cock. I realized then, that I had become obsessed with her because I had actually watched her do this with her husband.

In the evening, Shaila asked me if she wanted to accompany me in the garden (the apartment was on the fourth floor) with the baby, but I politely declined.

“I guess I am tired, Shaila. The bus journey was horrible. Maybe tomorrow I will. I guess I would like to take it easy, ok?”

“Sure thing, Nikki, no problems. I’ll take a set of keys so you don’t have to open the door for me.”

After she had left with the baby, I latched the door so she would have to ring the bell. I didn’t want her to come in unexpectedly because I was going to do some bird watching. I pulled out my binocular and made my way to the study. I pulled a chair and sat in front of the window.

It was not yet five-thirty and the few couples that had arrived were just making out lightly. Most were seated with their arms around each other’s shoulders.

The binocular was amazing. When I watched each of the couples there, it was as if they were seated a foot away from me.

Besides the wall along the beach, another favorite place for these lovers were the rocks that extended into the sea. These isolated rocks were a sort of a reef and gave the couples excellent privacy from other people walking along the beach.

Let me hasten to say that this place is not just for lovers. A lot of families also took their evening stroll here. There are a lot of stalls dotted along the beach offering the standard Mumbai cuisine of shev puree, pani puree and the bhel.

It was around six that I first spotted an extremely passionate couple. They were seated on a rock and were well hidden from the prying eyes of the general public. But the binocular I had didn’t offer them any privacy; in fact, it was as if they were in the same room as mine.

The girl was pretty young, about nineteen or twenty. The guy was in his mid-thirties. I guess he was her boss or something like that and she was maybe his secretary at his office.

The girl had brownish hair that was quite long. It reached almost down to her lower back. She was a pretty thing, with a small upturned nose; almond shaped dark eyes, dimpled cheeks and a soft yet full mouth. I focused on her body. She was wearing a blouse buttoned in front and a knee length skirt. She had great tits beneath that blouse and her legs were long and shapely. The expanse of bare flesh between the blouse and skirt revealed her navel and a very flat tummy.

The guy was quite handsome. His jet-black hair fell to his collars behind and covered half of his forehead. His rather long nose was like a Greek’s and his moustache covered his upper lip. He had a square jaw. He was pretty tall, around six feet but quite lean and slim. He was dressed in a white shirt with the tails tucked inside a gray trouser.

They were seated close together with their legs stretched out in front of them. Already, I could see the bulge between his legs.

He first began by kissing her ear making her giggle and then he started to lick it. Her arm went round his shoulder and held him tight as she shivered when he did this. (I could actually see her shiver; the binocular was that good).

His arm went around her shoulder as well. I saw his palms cup her right tit (she was seated to his right) and her legs actually stiffened when he did this.

She turned towards him and opened her mouth. He didn’t hesitate to put his mouth down over hers. They kissed for very long. I could actually see her cheeks hollowing and sucking and I knew that he had thrust his tongue inside her mouth.

As they kissed, his hands expertly pulled her blouse down over her shoulders and I gasped when I realized that she was wearing no bra. Her big tit just tumbled out and when he cupped her naked tit, she clung to him harder. She was one horny girl, all right.

He pulled his mouth away from hers and said something to her. Obviously, he had told her to pull his cock out because she reached down with her free hand and unzipped him. He said something and she smiled, unbuckling his belt as well. He lifted his ass up to allow her to tug his pants down over his hips. She pulled down his underwear as well and his large erect cock sprang out. It was glistening with pre cum and when her hand wrapped around it, he leaned down and put his mouth over her nipple.

Her face contorted and she began jerking his cock up and down as he continued sucking and licking her big tit. He pulled down the other side of her blouse to free her other tit and began kneading it. Her blouse had now slipped down to her midriff, baring both her huge tits.

Through the binocular, I could see her nearly two-inch nipples (I am not joking), erect and jutting out. The areolas were just as large, almost three and a half inches.

It was hot! I pulled the drawstring of my pajama and fished out my throbbing cock with one hand while continuing to watch the action unfolding through the binocular.

I watched one of his hands leave the tit he was kneading and run up her legs, pushing the skirt up her thighs. She raised her hips to allow him to lift the skirt exposing her white panties. Thank god she was wearing panties!

Her legs spread apart when his hand pushed the panties to one side.

She fondled his balls when he began to run his fingers over her cunt lips. He began to suck on the other tit and she squared up to allow him to do this.

Meanwhile, she commenced jerking his cock again. Her mouth was open and nostrils flared. Her legs bucked up when he thrust a finger in her cunt.

She uttered something to him and he slipped his head down till he was lying on her lap. He pulled her panties down over her hips and I could see her cunt now, her bush neatly trimmed. With his fingers he opened her cunt lips and began to lick her cunt.

Her grip on his shaft had tightened considerably and she was now wanking him off till her fingers were a blur.

She said something to him and proceeded to lie on her back. For the life of me I couldn’t understand how she could do this on the hard rocky surface upon which they were making out.

I quickly understood what she had said, because he reversed his position till he was lying on his side, his face buried between her legs. She too turned on her side to face him and opening her mouth, took his pulsating cock inside her mouth.

They began to thrust their hips and it was like her mouth was a cunt, which he was fucking, and his tongue was a cock with which he was fucking her cunt.

Since I was on the fourth floor, I had a perfect view of his cock fucking her face. I could also clearly see his tongue licking her cunt. He now held those lips open and thrust his tongue inside her cunt adding a couple of fingers.

He drew back his hips so that his cock flopped out of her mouth, raised his head and said something to her before resuming his licking.

The girl curled up till his cock was now brushing her enormous tits. She pulled apart those glorious orbs and thrust her chest forward till his prick was nestled between them. Then, she pushed her tits together, trapping his cock between them and he recommenced to rock his hips to and fro.

This was the first time I was watching a tit-fuck. I was so excited by the sight of his shaft gliding in her cleavage that without realizing it, I shot off a wad of come. It splashed my legs, wetting my underwear. I ignored this, continuing to watch this sex crazed couple.

She raised one leg and wrapped it around his head, he body writhing and sliding up and down, as she continued to tit-fuck him.

I saw her mouth open and in my mind I could hear her cry out with passion. Her legs stiffened and her toes arched down. Her hands, holding her tits wrapped around his cock went rigid and tightened their hold on the mountainous flesh.

I was just watching a girl/woman reaching her orgasm and it was an awesome sight. The binocular ensured that it was like watching her come when they were lying a foot away from me.

Suddenly, her hands left her tits and reached down so that she could clasp the back of his head and press her cunt harder against his face. Her tits separated and his erect dick flopped out. He still hadn’t come.

Finally, after a considerable amount of time, he raised his head up from between her legs. She crawled up his body and they kissed long and hard. I suppose she wanted to taste herself on his mouth.

When she drew back, he said something to her.

She smiled. It was a cute and sexy smile and I watched her tongue snake out of her mouth and lick her lips. He sat up, his back against the wall, his legs spread out. His erect dick was poking straight up to the sky.

She slithered down his lap, facing him. She had pulled her panties up her legs and her skirt down her knees. Her large tits were still naked.

She made herself comfortable by lying over his hips. Her tits were mashed against his thighs when she took his cock in her hands and gently masturbated him. Looking up at him, she lowered her mouth, taking his cock inside her. I was astonished to see that she had managed to take the whole length of his cock in her mouth till her nose was brushing his pubic hairs.

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