tagIncest/TabooHot Spots Ch. 04

Hot Spots Ch. 04


It was worth the wait.

Have you ever imagined two large breasted women, stark naked, kneeling on the floor, kissing each other and letting their tits rub together?

Their melons pushed against each other forming a delightful opening between them. I sat on the chair, fondling my erect cock as I watched the pair of hot women work themselves into frenzy.

Words were of no use. Nina was gorgeous. High forehead, almond eyes, full lips, aquiline jaw and boy! What a drop dead gorgeous body! Wide at the shoulders, perhaps to accommodate that stupendous rack! Amazingly, her waist was tiny in stark contrast to her flaring buttocks. Her skin was clear and smooth, oh yes, very smooth!

Shaila's tits were oozing with milk, staining Nina's chest as they kissed. Mouths wide open, I could imagine one of them sucking on the other's tongue and I was pretty sure that it was Shaila who was doing the sucking by the way her head bobbed back and forth.

Nina had appeared shortly after uncle had left. I had felt acutely embarrassed when Shaila introduced us. More so, because I found it extremely difficult to pull my eyes away from those awesome tits bulging inside her top.

She was wearing a simple pleated skirt beneath the top and it revealed her long and shapely legs right up to the middle of her gorgeous thighs.

Uncle Salil had invited me over to his office in the afternoon and reluctantly, I had promised him that I would drop by. Nina's husband too was due to return for his lunch in the afternoon. So, I guessed we didn't have much time.

Which is why, much to my embarrassment, within five minutes of Nina's arrival, Shaila said, "My new buddy saw Sushil poke your tits and boy, was he turned on! He fucked the shit out of me!"

I turned red in my face, but Nina merely gave me a dazzling smile.

We were seated in the living room. The women used the couch and I occupied the chair by the side of the TV.

"Really?" her voice was low and husky; the type that makes you sport a hard on the moment you hear it.

"He's got a nice cock, Nina," Shaila could have been describing the vegetables she purchased from the market. "More importantly, he uses it damn well."

Very casually, Shaila had thrown her arm around Nina's shoulders and was cuddling up to her.

"Don't I get to see it?" Nina whispered coyly, dropping one hand onto my cousin's thighs and holding Shaila's arm that was around her shoulders with the other.

Shaila's eyes twinkled and there was a grin on her lips when she looked at me. "Well, Nikki?"

I was having a tough time. Nina had crossed her legs and her skirt had ridden up to expose her creamy thighs. The top she was wearing had been pushed down by the weight of her tits; she was leaning down slightly, and I could see the deep cleavage there.

Naturally, my cock was at full mast inside my shorts.

"Show us your cock, Nikki," Shaila repeated.

I smiled, my confidence soaring when Nina gently guided my cousin's palms to her tit straining inside the top. I saw Shaila gently squeezing the rounded flesh.

"Uh huh," I said, spreading my legs, no longer concerned about hiding my bulge. "Not so fast. I don't expose my cock at the drop of a hat. You have got to get it so hard that the pressure has to be released and the only way would be for me to pull it out!"

Nina giggled. "Attaboy! You are my kind of guy."

"So how do you want us to help you to increase that pressure?" Shaila was now sliding her hand inside Nina's top and I saw Nina pull her shoulders together so that my cousin could grasp her tit. The billowing movements began, and I knew that Shaila was kneading Nina's super huge tit.

Nina sighed and spread her legs apart. Shaila was wearing the same one-piece frock and Nina's palms glided up one leg till my cousin moaned audibly.

"By continuing what you two are doing," I rasped out.

"You mean you want to watch us go at each other?" Nina asked, pushing her hand further up till Shaila's frock was up around her waist.

As Shaila too spread her legs apart, Nina's hand grabbed at her crotch. Shaila let out a soft thigh.

"Yeah," I croaked, my throat dry.

They turned to each other and kissed. And it wasn't a sisterly kind of a kiss. I watched Nina open her mouth wide, perhaps to accept Shaila's tongue inside it.

My cousin was impatient, for even as they kissed she had pulled down Nina's top. My cock jerked in the confines of my shorts when I saw the swell of Nina's wondrous tits.

"Not fair," Nina murmured, drawing her head back and pulling Shaila's frock down over her shoulders. As usual, my cousin wasn't wearing her bra and her tits spilled out.

"Oh god, Shaila, they are so beautiful!" her friend sighed, spreading her palms over the heaving orbs.

Shaila had unhooked Nina's tiny bra and it slipped down her body. My cock jumped again as Nina's tits sprang out.

My god! Watching them up close, they seemed to be bigger than the view I had through the binoculars yesterday. Big and firm, enormous nipples within the large areolas capping them.

"I like yours better," Shaila said, pushing her friend back and bending down to put her mouth on one of them.

Nina arched her back to thrust her tit forward, crushing it against Shaila's face. Her hands clasped my cousin's tits tighter because I saw the milk seeping out of those milk-laden tits.

Shaila drew away and parted Nina's tits to bend down and bury her face between the monsters. They were so big; almost half of Shaila's face was hidden between them.

Shaila pulled Nina's skirt down her thighs and Nina raised her hips to allow them to slide to the floor. The panties followed and what I saw, made my eyes bulge. Nina was completely shaven there and I could clearly see her juices around the pussy lips.

"Oh god, wait, wait," Nina gasped as my cousin cupped her friend's crotch.

Shaila drew back and looked up enquiringly.

"On the floor, darling," Nina said huskily and as the women rose from the couch, Nina whipped out my cousin's frock. Shaila wore no panties.

"Wow!" Nina said, "You have shaved it!"

"It was that horny guy who did it," Shaila told her looking impishly at me.

As they dropped onto their knees on the floor, Nina glanced at me.

"I wish I hadn't shaved mine. That way I could have had the same pleasure."

They closed the gap between them and kissed again. When I saw their tits crushing together, it was impossible for me not to shuck off my shorts.

I sat back on the chair and slowly began to fondle my cock as I watched the women kiss each other.

Nina pulled back and instinctively the two women gripped each other's tits.

"At last," Nina breathed, looking at me. Or more, specifically, she looked at my cock. "The pressure's released, huh? That is magnificent!"

"I told you so," Shaila told her.

"Just do what you were doing," I commanded, rising off the chair and circling them, looking at them from every angle.

They did.

First, they kissed each other thoroughly, caressing each other's tits. Shaila's tits were leaking milk and Nina used it to wet those tits. Then, she leaned forward to rub her tits against Shaila's, letting the milk smear over her own flesh.

"Ahhhhh…It feels so good, that milk, honey, please, make my tits wet," Nina murmured.

I took them in from every angle. As they kissed and rubbed tits, their hands were between each other's legs, busy fondling their pussies.

Wet! That gave me an idea. I glanced at my watch. There was still time enough for us before I had to leave to uncle's office to keep my appointment with him.

"I got an idea," I croaked. "Why don't the two of you get into the bathroom? I'd love to see the two of you getting into that sunken tub."

They looked at me and then at each other. Shaila's milk was dripping down her friend's tits as they smiled.

"Horny bastard, your cousin!" Nina remarked.

"Let's go!" Shaila replied enthusiastically.

"Dress up in your underclothes," I said. "I want to see you undress before you begin!"

Shaila had to fetch her bra and panties because she hadn't been wearing any. As she walked to the bedroom with us following, I couldn't help, but watch with wide eyes when Nina slipped into her tiny panties and the flimsy bra.

The sunken bath was almost the size of a small pool. I opened both the taps and as we waited for the tub to fill up, I grabbed Nina and kissed her mouth. She tasted divine. I kneaded her bra-encased tits, letting my palms get wet with Shaila's milk dribbling at the top of the melons. I rubbed the milk over her chin, fucking her mouth with my tongue.

"Break it up," Shaila said, entering the bathroom. She had worn her large half-bra and those delightful little panties, which left very little to the imagination.

"Get the bath oil, Nikki," Shaila told me.

I turned to the dressing table as she gingerly stepped into the bathtub.

"Wow!" she giggled. "Let's make it a bit lukewarm," she continued, leaning forward to make the adjustments with the taps.

"Hurry, baby, and get that dress off. I'm so horny!"

"I just got into these," Shaila replied, nevertheless looking at me for my approval. I nodded.

There is something erotic watching a woman with a ripe body undress.

With a teasing smile, Shaila reached down to unfasten the clasp that held the bra together. Her tits jiggled when she turned to toss the garment onto the dressing table.

"A bath at this time!" she said, "It's so crazy and so sexy!"

Nina knelt down beside the tub, her round buttocks jutting out behind her. Shaila's nylon-covered cunt was scant inches away from her face.

"No, it isn't crazy at all, and yes, your cousin is sexy," she murmured, taking hold of Shaila's thighs and yanking them towards her, trailing her fingertips down the flesh. Shaila responded by spreading her legs, her panty-covered cunt now centimeters away from her friend's face.

"This is awesome!" breathed Nina, leaning forward to bury her head between Shaila's fleshy thighs. Her tongue darted out to lick my cousin's sopping panties.

Shaila moaned, her hips wriggling and rotating as she grabbed Nina's head with both hands.

Nina pushed her head deeper into the recess between Shaila's legs, licking at the panties, running her hands up and down Shaila's thighs and across the taut buttocks. She did not as yet make any attempt to take off the panties. Shaila continued grinding her crotch against Nina's face, almost losing her balance in the tub. Nina crouched down as much as she could, putting her head completely under my cousin's cunt. She licked the panties underneath and then trailed her tongue up to where the elastic bands held them at the waist.

"I am going to cum if you keep on with that!" Shaila groaned.

"Go on."

"I want you to bathe me, baby," Shaila muttered huskily.

"Come on then, pull off those panties and I'll get in," Nina replied, rising to her feet.

Shaila bent down, her tits hanging down when she pulled off her panties. "The water's hot, Nikki!" she complained.

"No matter," I responded, leaning against the sink and gently fondling my dick. "Just sit down in it. Your clit will like it even it the rest of you might be uncomfortable."

"You are better than I thought," Nina giggled, watching Shaila slowly lowering herself down till the hot oily water covered her body almost up to her neck and the white bubbles floated around her. With a long sigh, she stretched her gorgeous body completely, arching her back as she did so.

"All right," she told Nina. "Bathe me now. I think I am comfortable enough and I like it."

Nina rose, removing her panties and tossing it over to me. Even as I caught it in midair, she had quickly unhooked her bra. Now unfettered by the bra, her tits swung loose, the large pinkish nipples looking like two grapes on top of the mammoth melons.

Daintily, she stepped into the tub to join Shaila, kneeling down next to her and then bending forward to kiss my cousin's mouth.

As their mouths fused together in a wet, passionate french kiss, Shaila sat up in the tub so that they could encircle each other with their arms. Their hot kiss lingered, increasing in passion. From where I was standing, I could see that neither of them had closed their eyes and they were staring at each other.

Nina pulled Shaila into a kneeling position, and the two kissed and clutched each other, their tits rubbing, pelvises grinding.

"Sit down, baby," Nina murmured. "Back up like that so I can wash you."

Shaila caressed her friend's cheek, tracing her fingers to her mouth. Nina gently sucked on one finger as my cousin obeyed the instructions.

"Give me the soap," Nina told me, looking amused as I watched them, jerking my cock a bit faster now. "And are you sure you don't want to join us?"

"Not yet," I replied, handing over the bar of scented soap to her.

I took the opportunity of leaning down and kissing Nina first, and then Shaila. For a change, I sucked on their tongues and then hastily, before I could change my mind, walked back to the dresser.

Nina lathered up Shaila's back and neck. Both of them had tied their hair up in buns on top of their heads. Her hands moved over Shaila's creamy flesh as she massaged my cousin's back with the perfumed soap.

"Lift your arms, honey," Nina instructed her friend huskily.

Shaila lifted her arms and shivered as she felt the soapy hands running up her sides, over the ribcage and around her armpits. Nina carefully washed my cousin's entire torso, coating the body with the rich lather. Her fingers moved in slow small circles, massaging, tickling, while the palms of her hands pressed against Shaila's flesh.

Shaila was moaning and her body writhed under the ministrations of Nina's cunning fingers.

I looked on, slowing down the masturbatory movements of my fist, afraid that I would lose it all.

"Sit down again and raise one leg," I heard Nina say.

Shaila sat down, leaning back on her elbows, her heaving tits just about breaking the bubbly surface of the steaming water in the tub. She raised her right legs out of the water, her eyes fixed on her friend.

Kneeling between Shaila's legs, Nina slid the soap back and forth over the foot and the calf. As she did so, Nina leaned down to kiss my cousin's toes before trailing her tongue up the robust thighs, which were immersed in the water.

I suspected that Nina must have fleetingly kissed Shaila's pussy by the way I saw Shaila shudder and heard her long drawn out groan.

"Now the other leg," Nina whispered, glancing mischievously at me, or rather at my straining cock.

Nina repeated the whole process on Shaila's other leg, right to momentarily bobbing her head down into the water to make Shaila shudder again.

"Do I stand up now?" Shaila moaned.

"Yes. Now!"

Shaila stood up in the tub, the lather dribbling down over her soapy body. Kneeling, Nina crawled closer to her friend who had opened her legs now. She looked up at Shaila's rising and heaving milky tits and slowly reached up to cup them.

"Ahhhhh…" Shaila sighed, her hands covering her friend's to assist the kneading motions.

Nina quickly rubbed the soap over Shaila's buttocks, pulling my cousin closer till her lips were scant inches away from the inflamed cunt.

"Now, I'm going to soap my body off yours," Nina muttered, rising to her feet.

My mouth opened in astonishment as I watched the two women rub their body against each other's. They continued with the writhing and rubbing, occasionally kissing each other and I gaped when I realized that Nina indeed had the lather all over her body.

Nina turned on the shower and they gasped as the cold water ran down their bodies, washing the lather off.

It was at this point of time that I joined them. They didn't know I was in the tub till, standing behind Shaila, I wrapped my hands to encircle my arms around both the women.

They broke off the kiss and I pushed my face between theirs, kissing whichever mouth was more easily accessible. Rather than thrusting tongues inside mouths, we were content running lips over lips, lips over cheeks and lips over the other parts of the faces.

"Let's get back to the couch," I murmured when Nina grabbed hold of my dick to jerk it to and fro.

We stumbled out and Shaila grabbed a pair of Turkish towels on the way. The two women insisted on drying me up, no doubt, devoting most of their attention to my cock, though it was relatively drier than the rest of my body.

I sat back on the chair and watched the two women toweling each other off on the couch. The job done, the towels were thrown to the floor and their hands began to explore each other's bodies.

They wriggled around till they were lying on their sides in the sixty-nine. I almost shot my wad when I watched them lean into each other. Heads buried between thighs and then began to move up and down as the women licked each other's pussies.

Nina's tongue was quick and expert. She toyed with Shaila's clitoris, encircling it and then stabbing it repeatedly and directly. She drew the bud between her teeth and gently massaged it. Shaila writhed hotly, rolling around so that she was lying on her back on the couch. She thrust her naked hips high up the couch now and Nina moved with her. A rhythm was developing between the two women and I watched Shaila's face contort with desire.

"Go inside me, Nina! Go deep inside my cunt!" she cried out to her friend.

I peered at them from my position. I was close enough to see Nina's thick tongue penetrating my cousin's pussy. I could actually see her pussy lips close around Nina's tongue.

Shaila bucked wildly now, raising herself high off the couch and remained suspended for what seemed to be an eternity.

I glanced at Nina's cunt now. Shaila was touching it now, lightly tracing the molded perfection of Nina's swollen labia. Using her forefinger, Shaila gently massaged Nina's stiff clit till the tiny bud grew erect. Shaila took it between her thumb and forefinger, obviously squeezing it, because the action elicited a moan from her.

I fondled my cock, which was rapidly growing bigger. I could not hold back and so, I walked up to them and bending down, I grasped Nina's cheeks, turned her head up and away from Shaila's cunt, and kissed her.

Nina went wild. She accepted my tongue in her mouth gleefully and sucked on it as if it were my cock. Shaila looked up from between her friend's legs, smiled and went back to licking Nina's pussy.

Nina tasted of Shaila. I should know it because too often have I sampled my cousin's wares.

Even though Nina was doing an excellent job kissing me, I couldn't keep away from her heaving and heavy tits.

I grabbed them and she moaned when I twisted her nipples cruelly.

"Suck his cock," Shaila said.

"I would, if he could give it to me," answered Nina.

Shaila giggled. "Hey Nikki, what say you fuck her mouth and my cunt alternately?"

"All in good time," I replied, mauling those magnificent tits, pinching the erect nipples. She bent down to glance at my hands, her brown hair falling down to cover the sight. Impatiently, I pulled back her hair to watch my hands fondling her tits.

"Impressed?" Shaila asked coyly, her hands caressing Nina's thighs and brushing against her bush. My cousin shuddered and she slid her hand between her thighs and then between her legs, probing her slit.

I pulled back and walked over to the couch, deciding that I wanted to watch them.

My heart was pounding as I watched them. In spite of my nakedness, I felt the heat in the room. The two women pressed against each other, murmuring something her couldn't hear. Their mouths fused into a french kiss and they slipped their arms around each other's waists. Once again, their tits pushed against each other even as their hands explored the smooth satiny flesh.

Nina's larger tits pushed against Shaila's milky ones; hips ground against hips and their bellies collided. They turned around and now Shaila had all of her back facing me and I could hardly see Nina's vital parts. They moved closer towards each other, a slow practiced grinding as Shaila's hands now slid down Nina's back to grasp her buttocks. Nina contrived to moan without interrupting their wet kisses.

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