tagIncest/TabooHot Times With Daughter Then Mom

Hot Times With Daughter Then Mom


I met Brenda at a nightclub I frequent. She was 23 and a real easy person to talk to. We hit it off almost immediately. We talked about work; she hated her job, and asked me where I worked. I told her I worked in a warehouse and she told me that she knew someone that worked there also. I should have asked who, but didn't. We would meet and talk for hours about everything. Brenda was 5'6" maybe 110 pounds with long blonde hair and a great body. Her tits were on the small size, an A cup, but her ass made up for that. She loved to wear thongs or nothing at all and her tight jeans held her ass wonderfully. I got to know her slowly over time, other guys would walk up to her, I knew they were trying to get into those tight jeans, but she blew them all off and would return to talking to me.

We were good friends and one night at closing I offered her a ride home. She accepted and before I knew it we were kissing deeply as soon as we got into the car. I drove her home, her hand stroking my thigh as I drove. We pulled into her drive at 1:30 and Brenda leaned in and kissed me again deeply. Our tongues fought and my cock rose tighter against my jeans. She squeezed my cock and told me that I could come in, but had to be quiet, she lived with her Mom and she had to work early in the morning. I nodded and she took my hand and led me into the dark house.

The kitchen and hallway were dimly lit by the street light and Brenda led me to her bedroom and quietly closed the door behind us. Once the door closed we kissed deeply and I ran my hand over her still covered breasts. I could feel her nipples straining against the material of her bra and wanted to see them. I pulled at her top and she stood back and peeled her T-shirt over her head. Her nipples poked at her silky bra and in no time I had it unclasped and sliding off her shoulders. Her small breasts were as perky as I hoped they would be, and her nipples almost pointed up. Her hard nipples were almost a half-inch long and hard as rocks. I reached up and rolled one between my thumb and finger. Brenda threw her head back and moaned softly. I reached down and held her tight ass in my hands as I moved my mouth to her nipple. Brenda moaned again softly and held my head to her tit. I sucked hungrily and moved my mouth from one nipple to the other, my hands squeezing her ass.

Brenda broke away from me and smiling told me that I was over dressed. I just nodded and stood there watching her hands work. She unbuttoned my shirt and slid it off my shoulders. Her hands played with my own hard nipples, causing a moan to escape my mouth. She smiled and moved her hands down to my jeans; unbuttoning them she tugged at them, desperate to reveal my cock. I slid them down my legs leaving me in just my boxers. My cock tented them and Brenda's eyes almost seemed to glaze over at the sight. I smiled at her and gently pushed her down. She quickly moved to her knees and pulled my shorts down to reveal my cock. I stepped out of them as my hard cock bounced right in front of her face. She moved closer and I placed my hand on her head, bringing my cock closer to her warm mouth. Brenda looked me in the eyes as she took my meat into her mouth. I stroked slowly into her mouth, letting her get used to its size. Her mouth seemed to open more and soon she was sucking most of my meat into her mouth.

Brenda continued to give me an incredible blowjob for what seemed like hours. My knees began to tremble from standing and the intense sensations of her hot mouth on my hard cock. Brenda sucked my cock once more deeply into her warm mouth then released me and smiled at me. She stood up and unsnapped her jeans and slid them and her thong down her silky legs. She stepped out of them and moved to the bed, lying back and spreading her legs. I knew what she wanted and wasted mo time moving to the bed and positioning myself between her toned thighs. Her pussy smelled wonderfully and her wetness glistened on her shaved pussy lips. I moved my mouth to her and licked at her slowly, she moaned and thrust her hips up to meet my lips and tongue. I ran my tongue along her wet slit and avoided her clit for now; I wanted to drive her wild then take her over the top. Brenda placed her hands on my head and tried to force my tongue to her clit but I resisted, laughing. I licked at her pussy for 10 minutes until I finally gave in and flicked my tongue across her engorged clit. She tightened her legs against my head and moaned again, a little louder then before. I focused on her clit and knew she was close to cumming by the way she was thrashing and moaning. Taking pride in my work I flicked her clit hard and repeatedly with my tongue until Brenda jumped on the bed and then became motionless. Her pussy flooded my mouth with sweet juice and I slowly lapped it all up, wasting none.

I moved up on the bed to lie beside her and we kissed deeply. Her tongue tasting her juices from my lips and mouth. Brenda slid her hand down my chest and stroked my still hard cock. We kissed deeply again and she moved on top of me. I held her by her hips and slowly lowered her onto my throbbing cock. Her pussy felt wonderful on my cock and tightened around it. I moved slowly into her tight pussy, stroking easy at first. Brenda clawed at my chest with her fingernails, letting me know she wanted fucked roughly. I picked up my pace and soon I was pounding her tight pussy. I held her waist tightly and almost threw her at my cock as I thrust up into her. Her pussy was so wet that I could hear squishing and feel her juice running down my legs as I fucked her. I slowed my pace to tease her and stroked my whole length into her and then slowly back out. Her eyes rolled back into her head when I held he high and just used my engorged cock head and slowly fucked her with just it, stroking short to just penetrate past her pussy lips then back, almost out. I fucked her way for a few minutes then thrust into her deeply, impaling her on my cock. I held her with my cock fully inside her and flexed my cock, causing the head to swell inside her. Brenda moaned again and begged me to finish her off, she was so close to cumming.

I rolled her off me and got up, standing at the bed edge. Brenda knew what I wanted and moved to her knees and backed up to my cock. I held her hips and slid my cock head along her soaking slit, she made little mm and aahh sounds when my cock pressed against her hard clit and finally she turned toward me and hissed to quit teasing and fuck me! I was happy to oblige and thrust my cock into her with one motion. The quickness of it took her by surprise and she moaned louder. I banged at her pussy like a man on death row. Brenda was made to fuck doggy-style and my balls were slapping against her pussy mound, Brenda moaned louder and louder until she realized where she was and then buried her head in a pillow to muffle her own cries of passion. I was fucking her with all I had and she was moaning for more. Brenda's pussy clamped down around my cock and I knew she was cumming. I felt the familiar feeling of cum rushing to the tip and thrust deeply into her once more. Brenda's juices covered my cock and she recovered from her orgasm in time to turn around and take my cock in her mouth as cum shot from the tip. She swallowed it all and smiled at me, licking her lips. I held her tight to me and we kissed gently, then I noticed that it was 3 am on the clock by her bed.

Brenda smiled at me and said that I should go, her Mom would be up soon and didn't want me to get caught here with her. She said that she didn't think her Mom would approve of us seeing how I was almost ten years older then her. I nodded and asked sheepishly if we could play again soon. Brenda just nodded and said that I was the best pussy licker she ever had and she wasn't going to give that up.

Brenda and I became closer friends and great lovers. I tried to date her but she would use the age thing to back out every time. She continued to love my cock and tongue, sometimes we would meet just so she could suck me, other times we met and she begged me to finger her to orgasm, which I was more then happy to do. We fucked a couple times a week, but every time was late at night at her Mom's house. Brenda then took a job at my work place, I was hoping for the same shift, so we could play more often, but they put her on third shift, midnight to 8 am. We talked nightly, she said she enjoyed the job but third shift took some getting used to. She said she had trouble getting to sleep after working and I offered to stop by her house some morning to help her. She shrugged me off at first but I began to pressure her, telling her I wanted more. I even told her that it would work out great, seeing how her Mom would be gone by the time she got home anyway. She didn't seem to care about my feelings until I told her that it would be my way or nothing. She had grown attached to my wonderful tongue and cock and finally caved in to my demands.

I was on second shift, 4 to midnight, when I got her to agree to let me stop by the next morning after she got off work at 8am. My cock was rock hard all night thinking about fucking her the next morning. When I left work she was talking to the boss so I didn't get the chance to talk to her, but know she looked and smiled at me as I walked past and winked at her. I went home and slept happily, thinking of fucking her the next morning.

I woke at 7 am and jumped in the shower and cleaned up before heading to her house. I pulled into her drive and waited a few minutes before heading to the door. I walked up the sidewalk and knocked on the door, my cock straining at my jeans. My desire faded to surprise when her 45-year-old Mom opened the door. I don't know why I didn't put it together before; Brenda's Mom worked in the office at the warehouse. I had definitely noticed her before, now I knew where Brenda got here great looks, she and her Mom could be twins. They both shared the same hot body, both had small tits but wonderful asses, both had long blonde hair and beautiful blue, piercing eyes. The worst part was that she knew who I was.

"Well hello," Debbie smirked, "so you are the guy driving my little girl wild. You two started seeing each other, what, 4 months ago? That was about the time she started acting differently. Before then she never really wore make up now she takes an hour to get ready to go anywhere."

"Hi Debbie," I responded, holding my head down, I wasn't sure what she would do or say.

"Well don't stand out there all morning, come inside." She said sweeping her hand in a welcoming gesture.

I walked into the house and took a seat on the couch. Debbie walked over to me and sat close beside me.

"Brenda called and said you were stopping by this morning and asked if I would entertain you until she got home around noon" Debbie added smiling.

I looked at my watch and saw that it was only 8:45. Why would she want me to stay here that long I thought to myself as I settled into the couch further.

"Brenda says that I need to get out more, it has been 3 years since I got divorced," Debbie began, "I know she wants me to be happy, but I'm not sure that I'm ready. I know she has talked about you to me, didn't tell me who you were, we just talked about you and her and believe it or not told me about your sex lives. That was the surprising part, she never used to talk to me about any of that, and it was you that brought out that change in her."

"And to be upfront with you," Debbie continued, moving closer to me " I think that is why she decided to work overtime this morning, so we could talk and get to know each other."

I could feel my face turning red, here was this hot, sexy woman whose daughter I was fucking every chance I got and it sounded to me that Brenda had set it up so I could be with her Mom. I really doubted the whole thing when Debbie settled my mind by placing her hand on my leg. Her hand was warm and she slowly began to stroke my leg. My cock responded and in no time it was on it's way to full hardness. I was thinking of fucking Brenda when I dressed this morning and hadn't worn any underwear so my cock was fully visible through my jeans as it stretched and came to life.

Debbie moved closer to me and her hand moved higher up my leg until her hand rested directly on my hard cock.

"My, my," Debbie cooed, "Brenda said you had a nice cock and I can tell from the bulge that you have a very nice cock."

I looked Debbie in the eyes and saw a look of both desire and uncertainty. I moved closer to her and kissed her lightly. She pulled back at first then began to kiss me more feverently and wantingly. My hand now wandered across her lap and I could feel the heat from her pussy mound. She moaned when I began to run my hands along her sides. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples rose and pointed through her shirt. I unbuttoned her top and reached in while kissing her to play and caress her tits. Her nipples soon were rock hard and I played with them much like I played with her daughters. Debbie pulled at my shirt and I took it off, pulling it over my head. She ran her hands over my chest, playing with my nipples briefly then moving them to my lap. We continued to kiss softly while Debbie stroked my hard cock through my jeans. My cock was straining for release so much that it almost hurt; I broke our kiss and stood up to remove my jeans. Debbie had a wondering look on her face until I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down. My cock sprang out and hit her gently on the cheek as I lowered my jeans. I smiled at Debbie and moved my cock closer to her and watched in wonder as she deep throated my cock in one motion. Debbie continued to suck my meat for several minutes, her oral skills rivaled her daughters and I soon found myself close to cumming. I tried to pull away, I didn't want to cum yet but Debbie forced the issue by reaching out and grabbing my hips and holding me steady. I placed my hands on her head, grabbed her hair and began to face fuck her. Debbie moaned around my cock as it slid in her hot mouth and her tongue flicked across the head with every outstroke. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and shot my load into her wet mouth. I moaned loudly and cum blasted into her mouth and down her throat. Debbie swallowed my load and smiled around my cock, impressed by her own oral skills.

My climax finally subsided and Debbie took my softening shaft from her mouth and licked my sensitive cock head like a little girl licking a lollypop. The sexiest part was that she was looking right into my eyes while she did it. My cock finally grew limp and I stumbled from the climax. Debbie pulled me to the couch and kissed me deeply, then asked me if she gave as good head as her daughter.

I looked down at her and smiled, "You can't compare apples and oranges," I told her, "you both give great head, just you both do it differently."

"Well sometime you will have to tell me the difference," she said standing and taking my hand, "but now let's go to my bed and see what else I have in common with Brenda."

Debbie led me down the familiar hall way and I quickly understood why Brenda only took me there at night when it was dark, on the walls hung several family pictures, several of her and Debbie at family outings.

We entered Debbie's room and she pulled me to the bed. I sat down and reached for her, just to have my hand slapped away by a laughing Debbie.

"Look at you, do you get this handsy with my daughter? Maybe you do, I have heard her moaning and grunting when you are here fucking her. The walls aren't that thick and I have laid in be listening to you two fuck."

"And im sure that you just listen, right?" I added, "Of course you never touch yourself wishing I was in your room do you?"

Debbie placed her hands on her hips, smiled and said, "I have a couple times, I tried not to, but as you know Brenda isn't quiet and the moaning and other noises really got me turned on. I even bought a small viberator and used it a couple times listening to you fuck her."

Her face got a weird smile on it and I knew she was thinking about her last session, last week I assumed. I smiled at her and pulled her to me, taking a nipple into my mouth. Debbie moaned and pulled my head closer to her, wanting me to take all her tit into my mouth. I sucked at one then the other, Debbie moaning all the time. I placed my hands on her hips and tugged at her sweat pants, pulling them down. She was wearing a sexy, silky thong. I smiled to myself, like Mother like daughter I thought. I ran my hand along the inside of her thigh and as my hand got closer Debbie open her legs a little, allowing me access to her pussy. I pulled the thong to one side and slid a finger into her, Debbie moaned louder and bucked her hips, driving my finger deeply into her. Her pussy contracted around my finger and I knew she was having a little orgasm. I fingered her roughly and added another finger to her tight slit. Debbie moaned louder and threw her head back as another orgasm hit her quickly. Her moaning slowed and she quivered slightly when I removed my soaked fingers slowly. I hooked my thumbs and slid her now soaked thong down her long shapely legs.

Her pussy was completely shaved except for a little strip at the top. She told me that was her landing strip in case guys couldn't find her pussy. I laughed and pulled her to the bed, lying beside her. I stroked her tits lightly and moved to my knees. Debbie knew what was coming and moved higher on the bed, spreading her legs as she moved. I lowered between her legs and inhaled her musty, sexy scent. I flicked my tongue against her clit and Debbie jumped. I began to run my tongue along her wet slit and avoided her clit for the most part; I wanted to bring her to a huge orgasm and wanted to tease her. I licked at her and Debbie moaned more and more as my tongue worked her pussy slit over. I continued to lick at her until she begged to cum; I flicked my tongue across her clit again then focused my attention on it. I was relentless working her clitty and Debbie let me know how she loved it. She was screaming and moaning loud as her climax grew and finally hit. Her legs tightened around my head but I continued to lick and lap at her clit. Her body suddenly became rigid and her orgasm hit hard. Her pussy shot juice into my waiting mouth and I lapped and swallowed it all as best I could.

Debbie's climax finally subsided and her legs loosened their grip on my head. I lifted my head and smiled at her, my face glistening from her cum. Debbie smiled at me and asked me it I enjoyed myself. I could only nod and smile bigger.

I moved beside her on the bed and we kissed deeply. My cock was bouncing against my leg and Debbie stroked it slowly. I smiled from her touch and asked her what she wanted. She responded by squeezing my cock and saying this would work. I smiled and added that I meant did she have a favorite position. Once again she squeezed my cock and anything involving this.

I moved between her thighs and slowly slid my cock into her missionary style. I held her legs high over my shoulders and proceeded to fuck her with slow strokes. Her pussy griped my cock and felt wonderful wrapped around it. We fucked in this position for twenty minutes; I varied my strokes, sometimes fast and hard, other times slow and easy. Debbie was in heaven the entire time, the smile never left her face and she made wonderful sounds as I fucked her.

Finally I pulled out of her and told her to get to her knees. Debbie turned over to her knees and I took my cock and rubbed it along her wet slit. Every time my cock came close to her hungry hole she would thrust back trying to impale her wet hole on my cock. I finally stopped teasing her and slid my cock into her slowly. Debbie tossed her head back and forth and the sight of her hair flying around really turned me on. I began to fuck her harder and faster. Debbie moaned louder in appreciation of the fucking I was giving her so I pounded her for all I was worth. I lasted only 5 minutes until I felt my cum rising to the cock tip. I thrust into her once more deeply and shot my load into her. My cock spasmed as it unloaded a huge load into her wet hole. Her pussy tightened and milked my cock, trying to get every bit of cum I had to give.

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