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Hot Wife Scenarios in Mainstream Movies


Mechanics of Desire -- One of the best! Husband can't get it up, so he encourages his wife to fuck other men, while he watches. The wife doesn't want to, but she agrees to save her marriage. The best scene is in the bar. They show the wife's face as she realizes this is really going to happen. Another great scene is just before the end of the movie, where the husband tries to set up the wife in the dirty bathroom of a gas station. I wish the last scene was longer.

Bitter Moon -- Leggy wife forces her paralyzed husband to watch as she seduces a black man. I wish they showed the man fucking the wife!

Depraved -- The only way a man gets off is by watching his fiancée with other men. The girl doesn't seem to mind.

End of Days -- A too short scene of an aggressive man (the devil!) kissing and fondling a woman right in front of her husband.

Tough Guys don't dance -- A man fucks a woman in front of her husband. The man likes it so much he convinces his wife to swap with another couple. There's a scene of the man with the other woman, and he hears his wife moaning from the fucking she's getting from the other man. The woman laughs, and says "I guess your wife really likes my BIG husband."

Unfaithful -- Pretty good, many scenes of a wife cheating on her husband.

Erosion -- A naughty wife fucks another man while watching her husband through the window. Later, she lets him fuck her again, saying "You like fucking another man's wife in the ass, don't you?"

Internal Affairs -- Two great scenes. In the first, Richard Gere is fingering a man's wife while talking to him across the table (the husband doesn't know what Gere is doing to his wife). In the second, Gere is fucking another man's wife while she talks to her husband on the phone.

Postman Always Rings Twice -- Jessica Lange cheats on her husband in this great scene. Jessica is wearing a garter belt and stockings, and you can see the man fingering her panty-clad pussy.

Sex and Consequences -- An older but very sexy Joan Severance (can you say cougar!) cheats on her husband with a much younger man. In one great scene, Joan encourages her lover to finger her to orgasm in a car. They should have made the scene longer, no way she cums that fast.

Husbands and Lovers -- A wife spends weekends with her lover. Great stocking scenes.

Intimate Obsession -- Jodie Fisher, a very pretty blonde wife, gets picked up in a bar

Damage -- Juliette Binoche (great legs) repeatedly cheats on her fiancée, with her fiancee's father

Survival Island -- Kelly Brook (very pretty face and a nice body) is stranded on an island with a muscular, handsome stranger (not her husband). She eventually succumbs to the stranger's advances, and lets him fuck her brains out. Later, she's reunited with her hubby, but you can tell she's addicted to the stud's hard body (and probably much larger cock).

Ken Park -- Wife (a cougar) cheats on her husband with her son's best friend. She tells her lover his cock is bigger than hubby's.

Door in the Floor -- Kim Basinger cheats on her husband with a much younger man. Kim isn't as pretty as she used to be, but her body is still very fuckable.

Les Valseuses -- a new mom lets two strangers fondle her in a train

Maria's Lovers -- Wife needs more than what her husband can give her. She's seduced on the ferry by a stranger (He pushes her skirt up to reveal her stocking tops. Then he pins her against the door and rubs her pussy over her dress. As he presses his cock against her, he says "You like the feel of that?). Later she lets the stranger fuck her.

Married People Single Sex -- Wives cheat on their husbands

Dead Calm -- Nicole Kidman and her husband are on their boat. A stranger takes over the boat, and sends hubby away on a damaged boat. Nicole lets the stranger fuck her, and even cum inside her! (What a slut! But she's got an incredible ass and legs.)

Eyes Wide Shut -- Nicole Kidman fantasizes about fucking a blonde sailor. A great dream scene of Nicole pulling off her panties as the sailor fondles her tits. Nicole admits to her husband that she would have fucked the sailor if he had asked her. Nicole has great legs!

Normal -- Camille Sullivan, a very pretty blonde with small perfect tits, lets a young stud fuck her. Just as they finish, her husband comes home early. Husband goes to the bedroom to find his sweet, pretty wife naked in bed (her lover is hiding behind the door). Husband fucks wife. What's great is you can tell from Camille's pretty face that she isn't enjoying her husband near as much as she enjoyed her young hard lover.

Price of Passion -- A good movie about a husband who likes to watch his wife flirt and make out with other men. A little like "Indecent Proposal." This movie would be better if the wife's sex scenes were longer.

Killer Looks -- One of the best wife watching movies. The husband encourages his wife to seduce other men. He likes to watch. The wife goes along with it, admitting that variety is exciting, but she's reluctant about it. Sara Suzanne Brown plays the wife with an alluring, southern accent. She has long blonde hair, a very pretty face, large shapely breasts and a flat stomach. Her legs are okay, especially in stiletto heels, but they're not long enough to qualify as killer legs. Does anyone know if Sara ever made any adult movies? Her face is so pretty, I'd love to see her lips around a big hard cock.

Scorned -- A great scene where the husband urges the wife (Shannon Tweed) to let another man fuck her to close a business deal. The agony on the wife's face as the man pulls up her dress and penetrates her is exquisite. I wish the scene was longer. (There's another great scene in this movie where a young blonde coed seduces her professor.)

Straw Dogs -- A great, long scene where a man forces himself on a wife while her husband is on a hunting trip. The wife initially resists but then enjoys it, lovingly stroking the man's chest and kissing him. Then, after they cum, another man (who was hiding and saw it all) fucks the wife in the ass.

Forbidden -- The wife fucks a young man in the car. You can see her wedding ring while her lover pounds her. Tracy Smith (aka Tracy Ryan) plays the wife. She's blonde with a very pretty face, and an incredible body. She's also done x-rated movies. In my book, Tracy is second only to Sara Suzanne Brown in hotness. (Sara has the prettier face and sexier voice, Tracy has better legs).

Tryst -- Great movie where the husband and wife go on vacation. The wife is clearly attracted to the French inn keeper, and the husband gives his permission for the French guy to dance with and then kiss his wife. The wife then goes down on the French guy. Later the wife urges her husband to take her from behind, to prove to him she still loves him. Very hot, I wish it had ended differently (with the French guy between the wife's legs.)

Voyeur Confessions -- Great scene where the boyfriend urges his hot girl friend to fuck another man. The girl friend is clearly reluctant, but she agrees and goes into a bar to pick up a guy. She brings him back to the hotel room and fucks him, while the boyfriend watches from the next room. Very hot, but too short.

Young Adam -- Wife fucks a young guy in the cabin of a boat, while her husband is upstairs steering the boat. This would be hotter if the wife was prettier and had a better body (she's too skinny with sagging breasts). This movie just proves that young handsome men like to fuck married women, even if they're dogs.

Zebra Lounge -- A couple decides to swap to make their sex life more exciting.

Trapped -- Charlize Theron plays the wife. She's so fucking sexy! She guides a stranger's hand up her shirt, so he can fondle her nipples. He says "your husband doesn't know how to handle you." "So you know how to handle me?" Charlize answers in a sexy, sultry voice.

Crash -- Wife fucks a man in the back seat of a car while hubby watches. Sexy stockings!

Cruel Intentions 3 -- A guy forces a girl to call up her boyfriend as he eats her out. A wicked scene!

Leo -- Elisabeth Shue lets a painter fuck her. You can see her wedding ring as she gets pounded by her new lover. Very hot! Elisabeth has made so many kinky, hot movies, you just know she's a horny slut in real life!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous06/23/18


I also LIKED Zandalee very much (EROTIC).
* The English Patient (1996) - IMDb

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by Anonymous05/08/18


1.Jag Mundhra movies have wife fucking others theme, like Wild Cactus.

2.Hard time 1996 : Protagonist dream sequences have it.

3.House of Pleasures 1994 (Joe D'Amato direction): Old hubby like watchingmore...

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by Anonymous04/11/18

Movie Newness

Another one!

Watch the movie Newness. It's about a couple who are very much in love with each other, but addicted to sex with others. They agree to let each other have sex with other people. Laia Costamore...

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by Anonymous04/11/18

New TV Series

This new TV Series "Easy" while it's worth watching all of it, has two notable episodes. In season 1, "Controlada" has the very gorgeous and sexy Aislinn Derbez playing the wife who fucks an ex-boyfriendmore...

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by Anonymous02/28/18

Close to hotwife theme

Teach Me (1998) : Shy wife transformation. Similar to hotwife making theme, till last few minutes of the movie.

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