tagLoving WivesHotel Dare Leads To Hot Night

Hotel Dare Leads To Hot Night

byNew England Writer©

Again, she shocked me with what she is capable of! My wife, Jen, is a very cute, 38 year old mother of four (5'3", 115", 34B, short brown hair, shaved), and never ceases to amaze me. She has been a hot wife for about two and half years now, but really doesn't play like many of the women here do. We tried the couple thing a few time, and she had one man she met on-line for a night of passion, but mostly she has had with a long-term "boyfriend." She and the boyfriend split up recently and I guess the hunger was stronger than she let on.

Anyway, we traveled to outside of NYC to visit with family over Thanksgiving. She and I decided to get a hotel nearby but the kids would be staying with family. This gave us a little room to ourselves – a rare occurrence. The hotel was very nice with an indoor pool and Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi and pool were in a glass-enclosed building connected to the main hotel and from our room I could see right down into the Jacuzzi.

One of my fantasies, other than seeing my wife with another man, is for her to do public flashing. On our first night, I dared her to go get ice in a thong and skimpy see through top. The ice machine was a short distance from the room and she took me up on the dare. She wasn't gone too long and said while she was getting ice, the elevator across from the ice machine opened up and she had to hide behind the soda machine. When then person turned to go the opposite way of our room, she walked out. She said it made her feel hot they could have turned around at any point and would have seen her nearly naked. This got her all worked up and we had a great round of sex.

That dare kept her hot all the next day and she seemed to want more. The hotel had a decent bar, so I suggested she get a little dolled up and go check it out. She didn't bring any hot clothing, but put on a pair of low-rise jeans with a thong that was visible from all angles, and a tight white halter-top. She looked casual, but totally fuckable. She looked like the hotwife MILF she was. I wished her well, sent her on her way, settled down for a PPV movie and waited for her to come back with something to tell.

It was only about 90 minutes when she came flying into the room and began to undress. She told me she met a nice looking man at the bar who and they talked and he bought her a few drinks. When she mentioned her back was a little sore he suggested she hit the Jacuzzi. He had plans to do the same a little later. She told him that seemed like a good idea, gave him a little kiss on the cheek, thanked him said she might see him later.

She brought a swimsuit but instead decided to put on the see through top from the other night and pair of loose shorts. She grabbed the hotel robe, kissed me, quickly rubbed my cock and said that maybe she will bring me back something wet later. I immediately got up and moved to the window where I could watch the Jacuzzi. She was there in minutes but was all alone. She sat next to the Jacuzzi in the robe and put her feet in. A man showed up in a few minutes and Jen got up to greet him with a kiss. This had to be him! She dropped the robe and I could see her try to cover herself. He took her hand and they walked down the stairs into the Jacuzzi.

At first, they were sitting opposite from each other and I could see him holding her foot and rubbing it. Soon, she moved to sit with her back to him and he started rubbing her shoulders. Every so often, she would lean back into him and turn her head so they could kiss. After a little while she was really nuzzling into him, her hands were pulling his head into hers, and they were kissing passionately. I could see his hands were all over the front of her and were working her breasts. I could only imagine he was feeling her pussy too, since occasionally I would see her knees pop up out of the water spread wide. Finally, I saw her lift her knees up and her feet came out of the water with her toes were clenched. They lifted higher in the air then her body began to convulse as he managed to make her cum.

They sat still for a few minutes, then she turned to face him. I saw her shorts, and his shorts come out of the water. The bubbles made it hard to see what was happening but when she climbed onto his lap facing him it became apparent – they were going to fuck! Here was my wife of 10 years fucking another man in a hotel Jacuzzi surrounded by windows. Lord knows how many people were watching and someone could have walked in at any minute. I nearly painted my window with my cum.

She began to move back and forth on him in slow steady movements, seeming like she didn't want to give away what they were doing. As if! This went on for only a few minutes when he pulled her close to him. He must have been cumming himself. The stayed that way for a few moments then she moved off. She grabbed his shorts from the edge of the Jacuzzi, handed them to him and began to get out. She was naked below the waist and her top was transparent. She quickly put on the robe and put her hand out to him. He got out and put his robe on and they left my view.

I figured they were heading to his room, but our door opened and she walked in alone. She was glowing and came right to me and started to tell me what she did. I cut her off and said I saw the whole thing. She said it was so hot and he made her cum so hard. I agreed it was hot and told her I wished I could have heard them too. I asked why she didn't go to his room. She said he invited her, but she explained she was married and her husband was waiting in her. She then said she told him she would like to be fucked hard all night by both of us, was he up for it? He said of course so she told him to go shower and come to our room. With that, she headed off to the shower herself.

About 20 minutes later there was knock on the door and Jen opened it stark naked. She pulled the guy in (I never got his name), and started to tear his clothes off. He mumbled a "hi" and a "your wife is hot" to me and started to kiss and fondle her. She pulled him to the other bed and started to kiss her way down his body. I was lying on the other bed watching her lick and kiss this man's cock like there was no tomorrow. I got up and started licking her pussy from behind. I could taste a little bit of him on her still. I got behind her and started to fuck her. This must have been the trigger for his as he started to cum in her mouth. Jen kept her mouth wrapped around his dick while he pumped into it, then in a surprise move, she turned around, grabbed my head and started kissing me deeply, shoving his cum into my mouth. In between she was saying, "you love this, don't you baby." And yes, I did!

She then fell back down on the bed, pulled him on top of her and began kissing. He wasn't hard, so she pushed him down on her and held his hand between her legs. As he was licking her, she was telling him to put two or three fingers in her. She said he made her cum so big with his fingers earlier and she wanted more. I kneeled beside her and put my dick at her mouth. She started sucking and licking but was distracted by his pussy licking. This guy must have been good since he had her writhing in minutes. She came hard and started demanding a dick inside her. He was hard again at this point and climbed back up on top of her. I watched as his dick entered her and she wrapped her legs around him pulling him tight. She was still cumming and was just going wild. She grabbed my dick and nearly pulled it off she was in such ecstasy.

He came again (this guy was good!), and rolled off. I immediately went down on her and licked his cum from her pussy. She had stopped cumming by now but wanted me in her. I hadn't cum yet, so I knew I wouldn't be long. Her pussy was wet and slick from him and little looser than normal. I lasted about four strokes when I let go a huge load. After crawling off her, I was shocked by what this guy did – he got between her legs and started licked MY cum from her pussy. Later he told me he found what I did was so hot, he had to try it.

We were all pretty exhausted at this point so Jen snuggled up between the two of us. She was holding my cock and I could feel his hand on her pussy. I don't know who fell asleep first, but I was woken a few hours later by the bed rocking. I rolled over to see her on top of him rocking back and forth while kissing him. When they realized I was awake, she leaned over to kiss me too and fell off him. He then got behind her and started fucking her from behind. The look on her face in the light of the TV was indescribable. It was combination of lust and pure joy. This got me hard in an instant and she started sucking me while she was getting fucked. Neither of us lasted long in this position and we all blew our loads. Jen, realizing what each of us was into, immediately spun and planted her pussy on my face and started kissing him.

It was probably close to 4AM at this time and he said he really had to go get some sleep back in his room. Jen thanked him and got up. She was still naked and started to press against her body and rub his cock some more. He reached down to kiss her and pull away, but she was persistent. She wanted more! It worked, as she was able to lead him back to the bed and started to blow him again to get him hard. While blowing him she started using her hand on me and soon had us both up and ready to go. She climbed off him and went into the bathroom for a second. When she came out, she climbed on me and handed him the tube of astroglide she brought with us. She told him she wanted him in her ass before he left and she never saw him again.

Now Jen has a great ass but rarely is into anal. She does seem to like double penetrations every so often and has had three of them with me. He didn't hesitate and after I entered her, he got behind her and started to drip the lube onto her asshole. I could feel him positioning himself and we held still as he started to work his dick into her ass. I could feel the ridge of his dick head rub against me through the membrane separating us. Once he was fully inside her, she pushed back into us to get the total depth. She just moaned she felt so full and it felt so good. We slowly worked into a rhythm, but there was no way I was going to last. I came in her pussy quickly and slipped out. When I moved away giving them more room, they really started to go at it. Here was this strange man, whose name I didn't know, pounding my wife's ass with everything he had. And she was pounding back the best she could shouting "more, more, harder!" Jen can cum anally, and boy did she, spasming and jerking all around as this guy's dick drove into her ass. When he came, he grabbed her hips and really pulled her back into him before dumping his load. Jen was satiated at this point and just collapsed in my arms mumbling "thank you, thank you, thank you. I needed a good fucking and I got it tonight. You can go now, I need to sleep."

He climbed off, seemed to stagger a minute and got dressed. He leaned down to kiss Jen good-bye, but she had passed out. He shook my hand, thanked me, and let himself out. The next morning Jen was still out of it. She woke up and said she felt sore, but great. She then asked what the next dare was.

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