tagIncest/TabooHotel Mom Ch. 02

Hotel Mom Ch. 02


We fell to the bed momentarily exhausted. But after resting for a few minutes we resumed our love making until about6:30 when we decided it was time to sneak back into our regular rooms. As we walked to the elevators I realized that all three women I was with were bisexual. I hadn't thought of it before because of the incest taboo.

But, now with me having incredible sex with my own mother and my wife wanting a threesome it all seemed like a natural thing to bring the subject up to mom. By the time we had waited for the elevator, rode the ten floors, and walked to our rooms I had my mother seriously considering having a threesome with her grand daughter or daughter in law or maybe even a foursome.

"You know that you have about an hour and a half before we meet for breakfast which might be enough time to seduce your grand daughter if you feel like it," I whispered as we kissed before entering the rooms. She just smiled impishly at me and opened the door. I had a feeling that another taboo was about to be broken.

Later mom told me that it could not have been much easier. She walked into the room just before the alarm went off her grand daughter, Debbie, was sprawled out on top of the covers in a short nightie and silky panties. Debbie looked over at my mom and said, "Good morning grandma; could you tell mom and dad I'm gonna sleep in this morning. I don't feel so well."

"What is wrong honey?" her grandmother asked forgetting momentarily about seducing the 25 year old girl.

"My back hurts like hell. I must have twisted it somehow yesterday," Debbie replied.

"Before we disappoint your parents why not let old granny give you a massage?" Hope had returned as my mother sat on the edge of the bed after softly caressing Debbie's stomach my mother rolled the girl over. While Debbie got comfortable mom got out her vibrator and laid it unseen near her grand daughter's waist.

Grandma Betty pulled her shirt and blouse off as Debbie lifted up her nightie to allow access to her back. The massage started out very therapeutic as her grandmother worked out all of my daughter's kinks. Debbie thought nothing of it when Betty worked her panties down and off of her ass as it was her lower back that hurt.

The older woman gulped loudly at the vision of her granddaughter's meaty ass. She managed to get Debbie's panties down halfway on her thighs and could see the pubic hair leading down into her crotch. Turning on the vibrator she placed it on the girl's lower back causing Debbie to ask, "Grandma, what are you doing with that?"

"My arms were getting worn out so I am using a little help so that I can make you feel good," my mother whispered. Debbie sighed and appeared to relax. Within a minute Betty was running the vibe all over Debbie's ass working ever closer to her ass crack.

"That feels nice," Debbie moaned enjoying the sensation still not quite figuring it out.

"I bet you have no trouble finding sex partners with a sexy body like yours. This sexy ass is a traffic stopper. Gawd you are beautiful." Betty let the vibe slip into the girl's crack. It felt so great that Debbie couldn't seem to move or object. Betty tickled Debbie's asshole with the tip of her toy while she gently spread her legs and pulled the panties the rest of the way off.

A tingling went through Debbie's entire body as feelings of desire began to course through her. Betty was surprised how easily she was able to move the vibrator to Debbie's wet cunt lips. Within seconds she had pushed the vibrator about three inches into her granddaughter's pussy.

"Awe, Fuck, grandma you're fucking trying to seduce me; that is incest. I love it! Ram that son of a bitch home and let me see your pussy!" As Debbie spoke she pushed her ass up in the air causing the toy to burrow deeper into her womanhood. Betty gave it shove until all ten inches of the vibe were inside of her granddaughter.

With Debbie's pussy impaled on the tool Betty scooted off the bed long enough to remove the rest of her clothing. Debbie rolled over and watched Betty expose herself. She licked her lips when everything came into view. The fifty year age difference melted as Betty lay down beside her granddaughter and kissed her passionately.

Debbie's hands explored the older woman's body as her partner fucked her pussy in and out with the vibrator. Their kisses were deep and passionate. Furiously they made love for the next hour until Debbie demanded, "Grandma let me eat your pussy!"

Betty lay back with her head on the pillow and lifted her knees as she spread her legs far apart. Debbie's mouth worked magic on her grandmother's cunt; licking and sucking every millimeter. Betty was soon grinding her pussy roughly in Debbie's face gushing copious amounts of honey into Debbie's mouth. Debbie lapped up the juice as if she were starving.

Just as Debbie finished eating her treat my wife knocked on the adjoining door to see if they were ready to go. Catching her breath my mother called back that they would be ready in ten minutes. They scurried around the room hurriedly putting on clothes and wiping away the juices from their bodies. They looked surprisingly put together when they came into our room and mom gave me a thumbs up.

While my mother was busily seducing my daughter I was having my own fun with my wife. By the time she was finished with me I was glad that we would be touring for several hours so that I could recover. As we got dressed I made a suggestion after asking if she were really interested in a three way with Betty or Debbie.

"That is all I have thought about since yesterday. But, there is no way to make it happen is there?" I was glad she asked. I was not sure about our daughter but knew my mother would be up for it. I walked over and put my arms around her.

"Well Julie, we could test the waters while we eat. You could sit next to one of them in the booth at breakfast and flirt with them; you know caress their thigh or whatever you can get away with. Then at lunch try it with the other one. Understand that I will be doing the same with whoever I sit next too. How about it?"

A thoughtful look came to her face then she kissed me passionately. It was then that she ran over to the adjoining door and knocked. She was anxious to get started. She decided to try her mother in law first as she thought it would seem more natural to Debbie to have her dad make the first parental pass.

I wasted no time placing a hand on my daughter's knee as soon as we got our food from the buffet. Debbie totally ignored my hand as we both scooped food into our mouths. After a few bites I began rubbing my palm back and forth and met no resistance. So, I slid my hand up a couple inches to which she responded by pushing her knee against me.

All conversation stopped as our hands were doing the talking under the table. My heart fluttered as my hand was allowed under the hem of Debbie's short sundress. My fingertips grazed her silky panties and I nearly jumped when she squeezed my upper thigh. Then smiling over at me my daughter reached a bit higher and ran her fingers up and down the bulge in my trousers before squeezing my member through the material.

It was very unusual for my wife and mother to eat in silence. I could assume that the action was just as erotic on their side of the booth. Since both of them thought they were making the first move things took off in a hurry. Julie told me that she was shocked to find my mother not wearing panties when she reached up her skirt.

My mother was glad the tablecloth was as long as it was since Julie had pulled her skirt nearly up around her waist. At one point Julie accidentally kicked me under the table as she repositioned herself as Betty played with her ass and thighs.

Luckily we were able to be just discrete enough that no one saw what we were up to. After breakfast we spent the next four hours doing the normal tourist stuff. At lunch Debbie invited me to sit beside her and was disappointed when her mom slid into the booth instead. But, Julie wasted no time as I saw Debbie squirming all around in the booth. Betty and my play was more subdued as we had just had sex a few hours earlier. As Betty stroked my rod through my pants I looked into my daughter's eyes and saw nothing but lust. She licked her lips several times and was breathing heavily.

It was the best lunch experience I had ever had. It was quiet and enjoyable for all of us. While Betty and Debbie were in the bathroom my wife had me look in her purse. There were Debbie's wet panties. No wonder she squirmed so much. After sight seeing a bit more we got back to the hotel about 4:00.

Betty explained that she was exhausted so wanted to take a couple hour nap. It was no wonder as she got up at four in the morning. Our daughter went into their room to read. After smooching a bit my wife and I realized we were missing a perfect opportunity and Julie went in and whispered for our daughter to come to our room.

Julie sat on the bed and asked what we wanted. "I don't care if you are 25 you are still my daughter and that man is my husband. Where do you get off playing with my husband's cock in public? Don't deny it he told me what you did. You must be a little tramp. I bet you're not even wearing any panties."

With that statement Julie flipped up Debbie's skirt revealing my daughter's furry mound to me. Debbie was frozen in place in virtual shock. Julie was at full speed as she calmly pushed apart her daughter's legs showing off the girl's dripping snatch. I asked, "So do you want to see the cock you were playing with at breakfast?"

Hearing no reply I unzipped my pants and dropped both them and my underwear to the floor. I reached under my wife's blouse and unfastened her bra and then we both removed our tops moving closer I reached behind my daughter and unzipped her dress and pushed the straps from her shoulders.

As my hands worked the material off of Debbie's titties her mother lifted her head up and gave her a passionate kiss. Debbie's dress was now bunched up around her waist. Meanwhile my cock was only a couple of inches from those glorious tits of hers. Seeing this Julie reached over and rubbed my cockhead against Debbie's nipples while kissing her daughter again. Catching herself Debbie blurted out, "What is this all about? You're my parents!"

"No shit, and now we're going to have sex with you," I spat back. Julie pushed our daughter back on the bed. I walked behind my wife and gently pulled off the remainder of her clothing. For the next couple of minutes all I could do was watch as Julie kissed down Debbie's body until she was buried face first in the girl's pussy.

Once Julie was in place I straddled Debbie's upper chest and fed my cock into my daughter's mouth. In mere seconds Debbie's mouth was bobbing up and down on my prick. I could feel her tongue swirling all around my member. Debbie's waist was bucking up to grind my wife's face.

Knowing what a workout my cock had already been receiving I yelled out to Julie to trade places. I didn't want to waste my spunk on Debbie's mouth when her pussy was available. Julie sat her plump ass right on Debbie's face as my cock easily slid into Debbie's silky smooth pussy.

My daughter wrapped her legs around my waist as I relentlessly pounded her twat. My hands busily played with both women's boobs; torturing and teasing them. Before long the room was filled with the sweet smell of cunt honey and I exploded my seed in my own daughter's pussy. Debbie cried out loud as she had her own thunderous orgasm.

Julie's juices were leaking down our daughter's neck as she finished grinding the girl's face. It was an amazing sight as we lay back on the bed. Debbie thought we were done until her mother reached in the nightstand and pulled out her strap-on. Handing Debbie the toy she purred, "I want you to fuck my pussy while dad takes my backdoor."

This was not a surprise to me. I had long known Julie's desire to have both holes filled at the same time. Our daughter was silent for a few seconds and just stared at the large dildo. Then shrugging her shoulders and smiling she put it on. We had Debbie lay down on the bed and Julie mounted her big pole.

Once they were settled in together I caressed Julie's back and found her asshole with my spongy head. Progression into my wife's bowels was slow but steady. It was an extra tight fit with a dildo already in her pussy. My wife squealed and moaned in pure delight as Debbie and I pounded her holes relentlessly.

The two women kissed voraciously as more and more animalistic noises emitted from Julie. My hands were smashed into Julie's tits flattening them to her chest as she hollered, "Awe shit! Ah mother fucking shit! Don't stop, give it to me, oh fucking gawd, make me cum, damn it assholes!"

It is no surprise that it was only seconds later that I shot a thick rope of cum into her poop shoot. Where our bodies came together was saturated in our combined sticky sex fluids. This time when we fell apart the action was over as we soon needed to meet Betty and we were all worn out.

We enjoyed a very gracious and platonic dinner together that evening. Afterward we took a short walk to the White House and took the tourist type pictures before heading back to the hotel. During the walk I talk quietly to my wife explaining how all this got started, including my mother's secret hotel room. There were a couple of tense moments but we ended up smiling and holding hands.

We hadn't been back to the hotel 10 minutes when Debbie said she was going to the pool and hot tub to relax so that maybe she wouldn't wake up with a sore back the next morning. Betty immediately pulled me aside and asked if I could get away and meet her in her special room. I asked, "What's wrong? Do you need someone to eat your pussy?"

"To be blunt, fuck yes," she whispered back. I told her to give me 15 to 20 minutes. I found Julie repacking our stuff for what seemed like the one hundredth time. Pulling no punches I told her that mom was up in her secret room waiting to have her cunt eaten. As I Squeezed my wife's ass I asked her if she felt like a threesome with her mother in law.

Agreement came almost instantaneously from Julie. We spent the next five minutes discussing how to make it happen. Finally we decided on the simple straight forward approach. We knew we had to hurry as Debbie would come back and wonder where we had gone. We almost ran to the elevator.

This time when mom opened the door she was in matching black bra and panties. Julie had stood against the wall just out of sight. I reached out and pulled Betty into my arms right there in the doorway and kissed her passionately. Excitedly I moaned, "Mom you are so fucking sexy! I want your body. But, I brought someone else who wants you too!"

"What, who, who wants me; oh my gawd," she said as Julie came into view. It wasn't a protest as much as it was a surprise. She made no move to cover her body up or pull away from the scene.

"Mom, I've been watching your ass sway for three days now! I'm fucking tired of watching. Give me your fucking ass," Julie demanded. Julie walked up to her mother in law and grabbed two fistfuls of Betty's ass and passionately kissed her. They backed into the room and I slammed the door behind us.

As they made their way to the bed I stripped off my clothing. I lay beside them and unfastened my mother's bra. She turned toward me and kissed me passionately allowing Julie time to remove her own clothing. My hands quickly slid to mom's panties and peeled them off. Seeing the naked ass Julie grabbed both cheeks and began kissing them.

As I nursed on my mother's titties Julie worked her tongue into her rectum. Mom threw her leg around my thigh as she grabbed my cock and gave it a hard yank. With Betty's legs separated Julie took advantage and caressed the dripping pussy in front of her face. Mom was grinding her tits in my face as she cooed, "Yes, oh yes, a threesome was a great idea! My gawd I'm already cumming!"

Over the next 90 minutes I managed to fuck both ladies while they pleased one another in every way they could think of. The kissing was soulful and passionate. We were so entangled at times that I didn't know whose body I was grabbing. As we got dressed I suggested that mom check out of this room in the morning as she wouldn't need it for the rest of the trip.

At first she protested worrying about Debbie. Then she realized that we both knew that her and Debbie had been playing and she could come over to our room anytime she wanted to have fun with us. We arrived back at our regular rooms just as Debbie came back from her trip to the pool.

We were just in time to get to the comedy show that Debbie had heard of. We laughed our asses off for nearly two hours. It gave me a chance to recover a bit but I figured our sexual fun was over for the night anyway. My mom and daughter went to their room as Julie and I went to ours. Julie quickly changed into her sexy shortie nightie.

"I wonder what would happen if we went next door right now and offered to play. After all, you have always wanted a foursome," Julie purred. Usually when I brought up foursomes it was two guys and two gals which Julie knew. The fact was that we had unleashed her inner nymphomaniac. I smile broadly at her.

"That is true and I suspect that we won't be turned away. Let's find out," I replied as I shed all of my clothing except my briefs. Calmly I walked to the connecting door and gave a knock. It was quiet for a few seconds. I knocked again harder this time.

"Just a minute," I heard Debbie call back. She sounded winded. Could it be that her and Betty were already getting busy. Finally Betty opened the door peaking her head out and saw how we were dressed.

"Can we come in for a few minutes," I asked. I heard Debbie sigh in disappointment in the background. Betty swung open the door and let us in. Both of them were in their own slinky nighties. Debbie gasped in surprise at my attire. You could almost hear the wheels turn in everyone's head as the full realization of what was about to happen came to us.

"We didn't really come in to talk. We thought we would share our bodies with you guys if you wanted," Julie bluntly put it out there. I was surprised at her bluntness. She had always read other people very well and this time was no exception. Debbie was standing almost next to me so she reached over and yanked my undies down.

Julie, I see what you mean about the other hotel room," she moaned as she cupped my wife's tits in her hand. All of the ladies were nude in less than a minute. Debbie's mouth was quickly wrapped around my cock. My mother sat her big ass on my face while Julie sucked on Betty's tits. My face was totally engulfed in mom's ass flesh.

Mom reached over and fingered her daughter in law's cunt. After licking her fingers clean of Julie's cum her ass disappeared from my face and the two of them were rolling around on the other bed. My face wasn't uncovered for long as Debbie moved her twat right over my mouth and we had a great sixty nine.

We spent the entire night together. Before it was all over we had tried everything that we could think of. Betty brought out her vibrator and Julie went next door and got out her strap-on. There were times when one or two of us rested but there was some kind of activity going on non-stop throughout the night.

At one point my mom decided she needed a rest and laid on her bed for a half hour nap. My cock was temporarily useless so I joined her. I snuggled against her with my hips against her shoulders and my face against her beautiful plump ass. She leaned back against me causing my nose to end up in her ass crack. Inhaling deeply I drifted off to sleep thinking that I was in heaven.

We were awaken 45 minutes later by Debbie sucking on Betty's orbs and Julie licking my ass and purring, it is time to get back into action you lazy people."

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