Hotel Room


I'd be waiting for you when you arrived in the sweetest Lolita dress I own with adorable high heels and a devious smile. You'd be fumbling as usual but I would come over, take your coat and offer for you to sit down. I'd come up behind you and start kissing your neck, letting you relax and fully enjoy it. You would close your eyes and lean into my lips, groaning as I added my teeth in. They would graze your collarbone before biting your neck and you can hear me panting from behind you.

You grab my hair with force, pulling me hard against you and I come around, straddling you and sitting on your lap, going back to work on the other side of your neck, my fingers creeping up your shirt, my nails dragging down your back.

You're starting to lose your composure and I can feel it, my favorite part of this game and your hands travel my body. You feel the heavy weight of my tights in your hands, the curves of my body and finally, your hands cupping my ass and grinding me into your lap that much harder. Your eyes fly open and look at me with pure, carnal hunger. You need it, I can tell. Your nails dig into my ass and I bite my lip, waiting for you.

You snap, throwing me on the bed and pulling your shirt off in one motion. You climb on me and start pawing at my chest.Your hands are shaking as you unzip my dress, letting my tits fall free but something catches your eye and you back up a bit. My devious eyes and smile return to my face as I slip my dress off, revealing my black corset, thigh high stocking and no panties. You lick your lips and shake your head, barely believing this before diving back onto me.

You peel my lingerie down and lick at my tits, groaning with happiness to finally have them in your mouth. Your hands are still reaching for my ass and hips and my nails drag down your body once again, making you shiver and shake. I can feel you getting hard against my leg and I lean into it, letting you know I want it too.

I flip you on your back and get on top of you, directing your hands where I want them and you can barely contain yourself , hips bucking up to get at me. But I make you wait, you know how much I like to play. I dip my fingers in my sopping wet pussy and whimper at my own touch, forcing you to watch. Your eyes get so wide and I love it, moaning at my touch before shoving my fingers into your mouth. You suck greedily, finally getting to taste me and you nearly lose it right there. But no, I have other plans for that mouth; I want to sit on your face until I'm screaming and you have cum dripping down your cheeks. I demand that you get to work and you can get down there fast enough, your tongue shoved in me before I can say another word.

And it feels like fucking heaven.

You use your hands to grab my ass and rock me against your face until I'm literally riding you, moaning so loudly and dripping everywhere. You want it; need it, and without warning I cum impossibly hard, so much of it flooding your mouth and I'm grabbing your hair and pushing your face as hard against my pussy as I possibly can.

I can hear you groaning, muffled by my gushing pussy grinding against your lips, the taste driving you insane. I reach down and squeeze your cock just to tease you and you physically shudder, making my hips buck even harder. I finally dismount your face and reach immediately for the sipper on your jeans, shoving them to the floor and taking a step back to admire the view. Your body looks so delicious, inviting in the light and I look you up and down like dinner. I lean in, telling you that you get a reward for being such a good boy and making me cum like that, before kissing my way down your body. I see your eyes roll back in your head when you realize what's about to happen and right as my tongue makes contact with your dripping dick, you flinch and buck your hips forward, sliding it effortlessly into my mouth. I'm whimpering and moaning trying to take it all but I let you fuck my face in no time, your hands in my hair pushing and pulling me all the ways you like. But I don't want you to cum yet; I have bigger plans for you.

I let you pull my up by my hair and stare into your eyes, letting you know how ready I am for more. I can tell that you're beyond sanity at this point and you want release more than anything in the world. You're getting testy with all this pent up energy. You throw me on the bed, force me to my knees and hold my hands behind my back. "Now you'll be a good little girl for me" you growl, forcing my face down and holding my hands firmly above my ass. With your other hand you spank me as hard as you can and I moan, involuntarily backing my ass up closer to you. You can see my pussy glistening from here, dripping down my leg with how much the pain turned me on and you can't wait another goddamned moment. You slam your cock into me without any warning, feeling my unbelievably tight pussy contract around you. I can barely take all of you but you make it fit, shoving harder and farther than ever, before sliding back out and slamming into me with your entire weight.

I can't stifle my screams of ecstasy as my orgasm rages through my body and you feel me shudder and contract around you. You're picking up speed and force now, really fucking giving it to me. "You like that?" you yell, "You little slut. You fucking love it. Look at you." You're really getting into it, you've wanted this for so long and it is better than you ever thought it could be. You feel your orgasm building and you've never needed something so much in your life "Beg for it," you groan, "Beg for me to cum for you. Moan and tell me what a good girl you are". I whimper and buck my hips back against you. "I'm a good little slut, I'm all yours" I pant, needing to cum so badly, hearing your voice nearly sending me over the edge. You pull my hair back and bite my ear before releasing me and grabbing my ass one last time before your orgasm takes over your entire body. It starts in your toes and you feel it overtake you, washing waves and waves of pleasure over your body, relentless. Somewhere in the haze of your pleasure, you hear and feel me cumming too, the hot and sticky liquid pouring down your thighs as my moans grow louder and louder. Finally, we both collapse onto the bed, messy and panting but finally satisfied.

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