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HotWife Donna


Perhaps you've seen my Donna at the clubs on a Friday or Saturday night. She's the beautiful blonde woman, mature, in control, and dressed to kill in provocative dresses and stiletto heels. She's the classy lady wearing the "little black dress" revealing most of her shapely legs and her ample breasts. You see her, the one that's sitting on the bar stool revealing her panty-less crotch and exposing her shaved vagina. Her unrestrained nipples are swollen under the thin black material making you want to fondle her breasts. You notice that her flirting has made her the center of attention, and she is completely un-intimidated by any group of guys who are taking a strong interest in her or looking down her cleavage for a glimpse of her nipples or areola.

You then realize that her left hand, which is rubbing the crotch of one of her admirers, wears a wedding band and a large engagement ring. Her right ankle, which is softly rubbing against the leg of another man, wears a single ankle bracelet. If you could examine it closely, you would read the engraving, "HotWife". She is your dream girl, a goddess, a movie star, and the "girl next door" all in one and your erection begins to rise in your trousers. You make your way through the other admirers and run your hand along her smooth silky leg, across her thigh, easing up until your finger comes to rest on her silky slit. She stares into your lustful eyes and allows you to probe further into her channel. You have just met my "HotWife" Donna.

As she makes her way out of the lounge, escorted by a new friend or two, you notice that she smiles knowingly to a handsome gentleman who had been watching the whole scene from afar...her husband. The hot wife lifestyle is one in which the husband enjoys having a wife who freely engages in sexual encounters with other men. The husband's complete trust in his wife is fundamental for him to accept a hot wife arrangement. It is understandable that this arrangement can appeal to women with a polygamous nature, but it is far from obvious why so many husbands are genuinely into this seemingly unfair arrangement.

The husband is turned on by his wife's adultery, whether this happens as part of a heterosexual threesome where she first has sex with her lover and then her husband, or if the husband is not present during her adventure, waits impatiently for his wife to come home from her date so that he can make love to her. You are forgiven if you wrongly believe that the husband is hoping for his wife to reaffirm to him that only he can truly satisfy her sexually. No, her husband gets more excited the more the wife enjoys her extramarital lovers! The more fulfilled his wife is sexually, the more gratification the husband receives.

When my hot wife, Donna, is back in my arms, she will often graphically describe the intensity of the orgasms she has just experienced with you or the other men, or scene by scene tell me about her encounter, detail by detail, during our lovemaking or petting at home. I become excited and aroused by my wife's details, which we may use as foreplay to our own lovemaking later.

Scott's Perspective

I've been "sharing" my wife, Donna, for over 15 years. We've been doing this with a high school friend of mine who has remained a dear friend of ours. He's been divorced from his wife for over 10 years now. Not only is our friend a great guy friend of mine, he and I love the NFL, hunting, camping, etc. He has a deep and caring relationship with my wife. Donna was a borderline nymphomaniac 15 years ago and he was a key part of her recovery to a normal swinging sex life. He did it with no motive besides worrying about her well being in becoming a sex addict. Does my wife and our friend love each other? Without question! But not as in marital love. They love each other as dear friends. Hell, I love the guy too! So why do I share my wife with him? Because they make each other feel good. I like the fact that someone else finds my wife attractive and sexy (which she is).

It adds a difficult-to-describe spice to the sex I have with my wife. I am not threatened by any of this. In fact I encourage it. My wife and I make love four times a week on average, and it's always fantastic! Both my wife and I like the fact that her body has responded sexually with others. There are times I am inside of her and I get a surge of passion with the thought that just last week someone else was inside of her, his shaft sliding in and out of her vaginal passage. It must have felt so good! My wife and our male friends actually make love. They don't just "fuck" her. They care for each other far too much to do that. Does she want them instead of me? No way! Do they want to steal her from me? No way! Most of them have their own wife or girlfriend. Do they want to give each other intimate sexual pleasure? Hell yes! The sexual pleasure they experience with each other heightens the sex Donna and I have with each other.

Over the last 18 years I'd say I was NOT witness to my wife's sex 75% of the time. Yes, I've watched them. Many times I've even taken part. But it's too raw and distracting for everyone. When I've watched them, the two of them make love just like she and I do. They don't restrict themselves to simple, pussy pounding intercourse, I've actually watched him on top of her, holding her hips, kissing her face and mouth, whispering to her, telling her how good she feels - she wordlessly gasping back to him. I've watched the two of them cum together at the same instant, both of them simultaneously pumping out their orgasms on each other, kissing passionately, thrusting their hips towards each other, and then quietly laying on top of each other for 5 minutes afterwards, the two of them gently kissing and hugging, he lightly touching and fondling her breasts in their orgasmic aftermath.

What does this sex do for my wife and me? We want each other even more. It makes our sex even better. I cum inside of her with explicit thoughts of him ejaculating inside her vagina into the same exact spot I will be. When I feel her pussy contract during its orgasm, I think at how he felt the exact same sensations. I feel lust with the thought the he made Donna cum. I feel lust with the thought that her vaginal passage made her fuck-buddy cum. Perhaps the biggest turn on is that she makes love to me in exactly the same way I've seen the two of them make love. Does this mean I am getting short changed? No way! If you saw how she made love to me and enjoyed letting out her most primitive, instinctive sexual responses, you'd know that she was giving me everything. I watch them very occasionally, but most times I let them do their thing together.

On one weekend getaway the three of us took, they proudly and admittedly made love for five solid hours while I sat on the sofa and watched television. They told me they actually napped between orgasms, the two of them falling asleep after one set of orgasms with him still inside of her vagina. This made me love and want her even more, knowing she gave and received so much pleasure. Even though I wasn't there with them every time, I knew exactly what they did. I even knew exactly how her vagina contracted and pumped on his shaft when she came. I knew exactly how he felt when he ejaculated inside of her cervix. When they are done, do I then go in and have sex with her? Not necessarily, because she's already been sexually relieved and satisfied. But that night or the next day after? Hell yes! We make love; me getting everything she is emotionally and physically capable, which is one hell of a lot. I hope this at least partially explains my feelings on the matter. It is a very complex issue! I could write many more pages on the subtleties of this situation and why it works for us.

Many of Donna's Literotica fans have sent e-mails expressing a desire to meet her and become a partner or fuck-buddy. When we first started the lifestyle in 1991, Donna obtained a few select partners and several acquaintances. After a while, I got into the idea of encouraging her to let guys give her all the sex she could handle. She settled on several guys she liked and she got it from at least one of them almost every day. I didn't mind her going off with a guy for a few hours; I didn't feel like I had to take her out on the town; they did that. In fact, I have to admit, I sort of got off on knowing [when she goes out with a guy] that he will soon have her clothes off and be inside her. I can kind of get of on visualizing them going at it. The husband has to adjust to his wife not being sexually exclusive to him. He will have to deal with meeting men who have had or want to have sex with her.

At first to compensate for any suspected loss of my virility, I would remind others of my own previous sexual escapades with Donna or about her escapades with her first husband. At the same time to prove my lack of jealousy, I freely admitted to friends and acquaintances that my wife regularly enjoyed sex with different men, and I even subtly offered her to some of those select men. I liked to set things in motion like that just to see what happened. Over the last 18 years, Donna has had so many encounters with others that she might only couple with her regular guys every four to six months now. 18 years ago, she was fucking them every couple weeks! With raising three children, a full-time career, side-jobs, and just everyday life, Donna no longer has the time to routinely date her regular fuck-buddies, let alone meet new people.

So, sorry guys, if you don't happen to run into us during one of our personal weekends away from family and our regular friends when we're looking for a one night partner for her, then you will probably never get to meet my extraordinary hot wife. However, as long as we remain in this lifestyle, I will make sure that we continue to share Donna's sexual escapades with her fans!

Donna's Perspective

I have been asked by others what I feel when I am having sex with another man in front of my husband. That is a complex question actually! The feeling varies with the situation and the person involved, but mainly it is one of my desires to show my husband that I can be very good, and please not just him, but all men of varied tastes and desires. In reality, Scott and I enjoy different scenarios with our individual moods. If I have spontaneous sex with a stranger in front of my husband, I'll take it fast and rough and walk away sporting my conquest's cum in my pussy. If we have planned an outing with one of my male regulars, I liked to take all day or night and take it slow. I prefer to have Scott in bed with my other partner if we are entertaining.

My biggest thrill is to have two hard men available for me in whatever position I am in. I love to be on my belly/side with one leg pulled up to my chest and have one man entering me from behind and the other kneeling in front. The experience of having two cocks at one time is the ultimate thrill and satisfaction. Personally, I prefer double vaginal penetration over vaginal/anal. While I have had anal on several occasions or during gangbangs (usually after too much alcohol), I prefer it taken slow with a small cock. I know the stories sensationalize huge cocks in my ass; however, I usually will take a regular who has a six inch or less sized penis. It's just more comfortable that way.

I also like to have the men exchange positions often, especially when they are inside me. The contrast of having two totally different cocks in and out of my pussy is the biggest thrill imaginable. It is especially good if the men are different size lengths or girths. When one pulls out and the other enters, it "confuses" my pussy in a very erotic way, then my pussy adjusts to the new cock; and no sooner then it gets used to it, they exchange once again. The culmination of the experience is when the first man cums inside me. I love the feeling of it flowing into me, and whether it is my imagination or not, I feel each and every spurt. When the second man enters me after the first one cums, (this is usually my husband), then the sensation is enhanced even more. I can feel him better in me. It is like the cum provides additional feeling, not unlike a massage oil does when a masseuse applied it to your muscles.

For my husband, he prefers to watch me completely from beginning to end. He has always been a voyeur, and I tend to put on a little show for him as I do this. How I do this varies with the mood and the other man. I prefer to take charge of the sex. That means I like to be on the top giving the appearance that I am in control. My two favored positions are woman on top or doggie-style, so that I have some control over the action depth of my penetration. I will use my motions to satisfy the man. I always enjoy making sure that my husband is part of it. I will motion to him to lean forward and give me a brief kiss. This is highly erotic kissing my husband while another man's cock is deep inside me.

This is especially true when the man cums inside me while we are kissing, because my mouth and moans will convey each thrust, spurt, or climax to my husband through touch. With our personal male friends that often come to our house to party, my husband will hold my hand or cradle my head while our friend fucks me. As I fuck the other man, I like to turn to my husband and purse my lips or blow him a kiss or mouth words to him like, "I love you". This again is highly erotic. Not only can my husband observe the action, my penetration, and my orgasms, but I convey these sensations to him through my hand and fingers, or my head twisting in his cradled hands or lap as I am being pumped.

Through these sensations, his brain registers the actions through relating them to when he is actually part of the scene physically engaged in double-penetrating me with the other man. Because he has actually felt the sensations from the other man's penis rubbing his in my vagina as the man thrusts or ejaculates in my cervix, his mind correlates these feelings from his touch with mine when he is not actually participating in the act. Sensing my lover's final warm spurt, my husband grips my hand and bends over and whispers in to my ear, asking me if my pussy is now quenched, always minding my needs and desires over his own.

I also enjoy sometimes ignoring him or teasing him, treating him as if he is not there watching me, yet still exaggerating my motions a little as he watches. I like to do this if I am fucking the man in the missionary style, or being taken over the counter or back of the sofa when my hubby walks in the door after work. It is very intimate, and lends itself to a little sense of privacy between the other man and me; plus it sometimes plays out the role of the slut housewife being caught fucking another man by the husband. I typically am one for the "wild" type of sex; fast, furious, or whatever. I like slow lovemaking style sex with every man I am fuck-buddies with.

There are of course exceptions to prove the rule. I should let my husband share those stories, as he seems to enjoy putting his perspective into the stories. He recalls them much better than I do, because I am usually drunk, or suddenly taken by a stranger when those wild scenarios happen.

There have been many times that we have done the sleazy type of sex or games. One childhood friend of his thought I was an escort at a seminar. He and Scott shared my "service fee". Later when we told him we were married, he was even more thrilled that he had fucked his long time buddy's wife. He didn't even want his money back, but instead, wanted to do it again sometime. We have no serious disagreements about styles or even what kind of men we choose. Most of these men are one evening or one time sex flings. Provided you are cautious and use good judgment, these are safe and fun.

Contrary to some of our stories, these unplanned activities with strangers are usually completed using condoms. However, I always prefer bareback with our male friends and my fuck-buddies because I crave the warm feeling of semen in my pussy. My husband has allowed me to fuck several of his long time friends. This again is safe; provided we are careful and make sure they understand the nature of the sex. It is always easy for me to find other lovers. Without sounding conceited, what man of any race or age would not want to have sex with a 39 year old blonde hot wife and mother of three who sported a pair of 36DD's and long tanned legs, centered with a smooth shaved pussy and swollen clit?

I have pulled a train with nine guys in the missionary position and was all slippery inside with cum. One of the men asked me if I was willing to try a double vaginal. I was a little frightened but intrigued. It was like, is that even possible? He had me sit on top of him in a reverse position so that I was facing away from him. Once his penis was inside of me another guy approached me to penetrate me in the missionary position. Like I said, I was really slippery inside from taking each guy, one at a time. It took some work to get his penis started into me, but we managed. It hurt a little but I wanted to see if I could take all of it. I did, and although I felt some twinges of pain, if he changed angles of penetration or thrust too hard, I found it was exciting, especially since so many other guys were watching and enjoying it, including my husband.

A couple of other pairs of guys took turns doing the same to me, and soon all the men wanted to try it. My little pussy could barely take the abuse, and I felt a little stretched and sore when it was over. I was vaguely aware of someone putting my mini-dress back on and kissing me in a familiar gentle way. It was of course my husband. He too was sated, and according to him, he had the pleasure of me during this episode without me realizing he was one of the double-partners. We have plenty of memories now to fuel our sex life for some time to come, but I wonder if having tasted and enjoying the seedy side of sex, we will be able to keep it going the rest of our life.

The main feeling I get when I have sex in front of Scott is pride. Proud that my husband thinks I am so sexy and beautiful; proud that he is secure enough to allow this without jealousy (even when my partner's cock is bigger; and Scott's is between nine and ten inches); and proud that I can satisfy many men of varied tastes, race, and age. I suspect that he is also proud of himself that I always prefer him to others; and that no matter how many men I have sex with, I always think that he is my only true lover I have ever had. Scott truly is my soul-mate!


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