tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHour Glass Ch. 02

Hour Glass Ch. 02


I hammer home my Appletini, rummage through my purse and rise up from the table.

The girls are all in my face, "Where are you going off to? We didn't even get have our fried calamari yet!"

I simply wave bye. I was hoping the meal that soon may be with in my grasp will be much more tasty and satisfying.

As I make my way to the door, I see this luxurious stretch limo pull up along side the curb.

Dave slides out of the back in a smooth and precise manner and meets me, opening the door. Our lips brush together as he grabs my left hand and leads me in the direction of the limo. We slide in and there is so much I want to say but I just loose myself in his gaze. The only thought in my mind is "Our worlds did collide".

The driver gingerly merges the car into the traffic as Dave pops a lovely bottle of champagne and pours two glasses. His hand spans the short distance between us as he holds the glass in front of me.

As we clink our glasses together he says "I can feel my soul on fire" the sweetness of the bubbly and my surroundings make me smile.

I settle back into the leather and try to relax. Always a gentleman I knew I had nothing to fear. I follow his gaze to the bare flesh that is exposed of my thigh. Reaching for me, guiding our bodies into a lovely proximity he leans over and sweetly tastes my lips.

I have to remember to breathe as my mouth opens ever so slightly and he gently probes his tongue in and out. The flood gates open up, I am melting into his arms unable to resist the tenderness and hungrily, eagerly return the passion that has been unleashed.

I feel him ever so lightly run a finger up the exposed portion of my inner thigh. I unconscientiously gasp, at which he stops himself suddenly and pulls his hand away. I find his hand again and place it back where it had last been burning a trail up to my aching pulsating woman hood. His fingers, slowly and deliberately, inching their way, savoring every moment of the journey. Creeping up ever so enticingly and finally they come to a rest, just with in a finger tip of my forbidden fruits.

I open my eyes again to feel the burning of his soul simmering though his eyes. It is so much more than a dream. I want to be lost in his arms forever. Our breathing is rhythmic. Never before had either one of us encountered these overwhelming feelings.

With an all knowing smirk, Dave straightens up my glass of champagne that was on a serious tilt, close to spilling over the edge. I was just as close to falling over the edge of my senses.

We pull up at the Four Seasons hotel, cross the extensive lobby and quickly board the elevator. Dave slides the room card into the slot to grant access to the penthouse. No conversation passes between us but it is not an uncomfortable silence as we are glowing in the heightened awareness of each other.

The doors open to a gorgeous room, the perimeter surrounded with plush white sofas and the center of attraction being a brass pole. As we make our way in, he picks up the tiny wooden mallet and strikes a single note on the zenergy chime that is by the door. I am taken by the fact that he actually has one and not that it is just a part of "enjoy the silence". It calms me for the moment.

I can smell the aroma of Nag Champa lingering in the air. He pops a new bottle of Champagne and offers me a glass. He moves over to the sofa but I am loitering by the bar area, unsure of what I should do next. He hasn't taken his eyes off of me for a moment. I am quite in a state of delirium. He pats the sofa next to him and picks up a remote and the music starts playing softly, yet all around us.

Dave is doing his best to make me comfortable as I'm sure that neither one of us has ever been so daring as to act on impulse as we have.

"I was wondering if we should order up room service?", He asks. "I know that I just took you away from your meal at Carmine's".

My response being, "I'm not the slightest bit hungry for food" and once again the spark of desire is ignited in his eyes, the most soulful eyes that I ever drowned in.

I ask him, "Would you mind if I played my favorite Disc for you? I just happen to have it with me and the ink is just nearly dried with a lovely note from the musician."

He smiles and takes it from my hands once again and slides it into the player. I ask him to "raise the volume, please" and he reclines on the sofa. Let the performance begin...

I make my way over to the center of the room and with my left hand grab onto the pole and do a little test swing, laughing to myself because this is a fantasy that I have played out in my mind hundreds of times.

I am taking stock of what I am wearing and put a plan together. I have never actually done a pole dance but I am practiced at the art of undressing. I wrap my long sensuous leg around the pole and unzip the boot, first one then the other and kick them off to the side. In my stocking feet I am absorbed into the music and forget about who I am performing for and all of the moves fall into place.

Hour Glass is on a random play selection and my most favorite comes on next – "Use You" reverberates though out the room.

Grateful for the selection of under garments that I had made this morning, I start to unbutton my blouse to expose a lovely, red, lacey, Victoria's Secret bra. The blouse slides to the floor. Shimmying out of the little black skirt, I glance up seductively to see how I'm doing.

Dave is smiling appreciatively. I remain in the tiny little matching
g-string and thigh high stockings with my "Sexy" lower back tattoo fully exposed and continue my dance of desire. I am thrilled with the fact that 13 years of dance lessons have not gone to waste after all!

No longer able to contain himself he meets me at the pole and lifts me into his arms and carries me over to the couch. Smothering me in kisses, stroking my hair and tenderly holds my face in his hands. He traces his fingers down my neck and runs them over the cresting mounds of my heaving breasts. He slides his hand in and cups and caresses and then slightly pinches my already perky nipple.

He continues the caressing and traces the same pattern with his smoldering lips. I don't know how I will be able to contain the emotions I am experiencing. Never could you imagine what an amazing kisser he is.

He unleashes the little puppies with one easy snap of the front clasp and licks and sucks at my nipples until I am ready to explode. Then the progression started to move in a southerly direction, savoring every morsel on the way. Kissing my flower through the panties he deeply inhales the musky aroma of my femininity. He takes a little nip and is surprised at the little "clink" he feels with his teeth. The devil-do-tell smile appears on his adorable face. I can't help but smile also as he says – "well, you really are full of surprises aren't you!"

He practically tears the under garment off and his tongue goes into a magical dance of his own, swirling around and around the bejeweled hood ornament on a bare beaver and as I am swept away into ecstasy, I hear Dave's recording of deeper and deeper fading away into back ground.

After countless climatic eruptions I manage to regain my senses and I am pulling him up towards me. We kiss for an unimaginable amount of time. Lost in our kisses, I begin to take inventory of the package I have before me. He has already removed his tailored black jacket and I slowly work my way down the buttons of the jet black shirt and linger just for a moment at the buckle of his belt and turn my attention to the buttons on the sleeves.

The shirt is off and his rippling chest is inviting me to snuggle in. I listen to his heart beating and I recall the beating heart in "Somebody". I am running my fingers across his broad chest and his smooth belly. I rise up just enough to straddle his legs and start to unleash the demon..... Unfastening the belt from its notches, unbuttoning the button and lifting his black suit trousers just a bit (wouldn't want to damage the goods) unzip them as he raises his hips and we shimmy them off.

I can see his man hood through the boxer briefs. I am pleased to see that it is much larger than I had anticipated and I am caressing his loins. He raises his hips once again as a signal to remove the boxers that were separating us from full contact.

With skillful hands I start to manipulate his man hood, my hot breath skimming over it as I slide it into my anxious mouth. He moans with pleasure and I have never been so excited to bring him to climax and end the torture that has been his for the past hour or two. When the release finally comes it is with shuddering, complete abandonment. We rest together taking in the comfort from the sheer bliss of contentment. I have never felt so complete.

(to be continued)

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