House Guest


"I know you're wantin' it Marisa. Can see that fuckin' lust in your blue eyes. An your nipples are fuckin' hard too, see them through your shirt!" Darnell told me as he pulled his shirt off exposing his muscles. "Ain't gonna lie Mrs. J., been wantin' to do this with you for a long fuckin' time ... Shit ... You got to be the whitest white girl I've ever seen!" he said as he looked down at me on the bed. "It makes this shit even hotter to me!"

Darnell climbed onto the bed quickly moving next to me. My chest was heaving heavily up and down from a mix of excitement and nerves. Kissing me deeply again Darnell immediately moved a hand under my shirt and up to my breasts, touching them over my bra. 'What is wrong with me?' I thought to myself. How could I let this man do this so willingly and be so turned on by it too. Didn't realize how desperate I really was for attention, including attention of a sexual nature until now. Letting go of my chest Darnell soon grabbed the hem of my shirt with both hands pulling it upwards. Breaking the kiss once more he told me to lift my arms up as he pulled my shirt up and over my head. Once off he tossed it across the room then started kissing my neck again. Again asking myself what I was thinking I felt both his hands move to my upper back as he began to unhook my bra. Reaching up he pushed the straps off my shoulders exposing my breasts to him. Lifting his head from my neck he looked down with a big grin on his face.

"Damn, now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout! Always knew you got some nice big lilly white titties Marisa! Nice little pink nipples too. Have long wanted to touch an play with them. How 'bout you move up on the bed and lay down girl, get yourself comfortable" he ordered. Sliding up into the middle Darnell guiding me the entire way, I laid down resting my head on the pillows. Darnell was literally on top of my the whole time moving me to where he wanted. Kissing me on the lips first then slowly kissing down my neck then to my upper chest before cupping my left breast in his hand. Looking up at me with a smile he leaned over running the tip of his tongue around my pale pink nipple just before sucking it hard into his waiting mouth. I gasped in pleasure as he did this, sucking on it several times then moving to the right one doing the same. 'Fuck, what am I doing?' I asked again as I watching this large good looking black guy playing with my breasts. His dark skin against my pale white was making for an erotic sight though which only added to me getting turned on even more. For the first time I could see why some people got off to interracial porn, it was a hot sight to see. More so since I am so pale white. After several minutes of this Darnell moved his right hand down to my right thigh rubbing it as he glided it higher up under my skirt.

"Open your legs a little baby" Darnell told me. Doing as he asked Darnell moved his hand all of the way up to my crotch, running a finger up and down it over my panties. My legs actually jumped slightly when he touched me there. So very new for me to be touched by another man and a black one to boot.

"Damn Mrs. J. you're fuckin' pussy's puttin' off a lot of fuckin' heat an there's a little wet spot on your panties already! You really must be needin' it girl!" he said. What could I say I was beyond turned on at this point yet kept trying to convince myself to stop. Darnell moved his finger away from my crotch up to the waistband of my panties. Pulling it up he guided his hand under and back down towards my vagina, brushing his fingers softly over my outer lips.

"Nice and smooth, no hair at all. Now that's fuckin' hot girl" he told me. Sliding two fingers in he spread my vagina lips apart and without being asked or even thinking about it I found myself parting my legs open a little wider to give him easier access. He then slowly slid a finger into me causing me to moan. Sliding it in and out a few times before moving it to my clit, rubbing it in a circular motion. At the same time he leaned back down sucking on my nipples. Again asking myself why I was doing this, cheating on my husband with a black guy? I couldn't seem to get myself to actually open my mouth though or to stop what was happening. It didn't help that Darnell was really good at what he was doing to me either. Continuing to suck on my nipples as he fingered me. Imagine my shock as I could feel an orgasm building within me in less than three minutes into it. Telling Darnell not to stop my legs began to shake slightly just before I came, screaming out as the orgasm coursed through my body. He didn't stop though. He continued playing with me the whole time and quickly brought me to a second than a third orgasm, one literally right after the other like waves crashing against a beach making me scream loader each time. Finally he stopped after the third one, pulling both his hand from between my thighs and his head from my breasts. I just laid there with my eyes closed trying to catch my breath as I could feel Darnell moving down the bed as he held onto the waist band of my skirt with his hands.

"Lift you hips up for me Marisa" he said. Without thinking I did as he asked not realizing what he was doing. In one swift motion he pulled both my skirt and panties down off my waist to my upper thighs fully exposing myself to him. Pulling them down my legs he slipped both off and tossed them away as well.

"Damn you've got on pretty little white pussy girl! Only dreamed of seein' it before" he said. Opening my eyes I looked down as Darnell moved off the bed, staring at me the whole time. Fuck! What was I doing? I'm married and now here I am completely naked in my house except for a pair of ankle high socks with a black man ... a well built, good looking black man who is turning me on. Damn, what is wrong with me? As I battled with myself Darnell undid his pants, pushing them down quickly followed by his underwear. No sooner had I decided to end this now before it went any further I saw him do this.

"Holy shit!" I blurted out loud. There he was, Darnell fully nude, well built, good looking, and had one really big, really, really big black dick pointing straight out. I had heard of the stereotype about black men but figured it was just a lie. Darnell certainly lived up to what I've been told. Darnell laughed at my reaction.

"Take it Mr. J's dick ain't this big?" he asked. I just nodded my head no. "It's my almost 8 1/2 inch long, 5 inches thick black snake an it's been dyin' to get up inside your little pink pussy. Make you feel things your hubby never could." He was 2 3/4 inches longer than William's and 1 1/2 inches thicker as well. It was fucking massive! Darnell climbed back onto the bed as his large black penis bobbed up and down as he moved.

"Spread them nice pale white legs of yours girl so I can get up in between them" he told me.

"Wait What about a condom? Aren't you going to put one on first?" I asked. Darnell seemed taken aback by that.

"Condoms? I ain't got any condoms girl. Shit if I had any money to buy some I would have been laid by now. Besides what's the problem, you're on the pill ain't you? Not like I can get you knocked up" he replied.

"Yes, I'm on birth control but still ... I think we have some old ones William used to use upstairs. I can go up and get one" I said.

"Shit, with his small dick? No fuckin' way those will fit me girl! We don't need no fuckin' rubbers with you on the pill. I'm wantin' to get in you bareback anyway. Both my first white and married pussy, betta believe I'm wantin' it raw. An again I ain't gunna knock you up or nothin' and I'm clean too since I haven't had any since before going to jail" Darnell said. I really wasn't sure how to proceed with this but Darnell fully knew what he wanted to do. He right away grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs up as he moved on his knees up the bed until both of my legs were resting on his chest with my feet pointing towards the ceiling; one resting on either shoulder. I couldn't believe what a hot sight it made to see my pale white legs against his strong black chest. Was like in a trace before snapping myself out of it reminding Darnell once again that I could run upstairs to the bedroom and grab a condom for him to wear.

"Are you still thinkin' 'bout that? Shit, just relax girl and go with it. I ain't lying when I say this is gunna feel real good for both of us" he said looking down at me before trailing his eyes to my crotch. "Damn you got one nice lookin' pussy! Wanna do it like this, at least to start since I wanna watch my black snake slide into your pale pink pussy."

Darnell positioned himself to get comfortable on his knees and adjusted my legs on his chest. Once he was ready he reached down grabbing his dick in his hand. With a big smile on his face he stared down as he ran the large head of his equally large penis up and down my vagina and my clit. Watching myself I had a slightly obscured view but from what I could see it was hot none the less. Finally he lined it up with my hole and letting out a deep sigh he proceeded to place some pressure against it as he tried to gain access into my body. Once more I considered stopping it as some regret came over me for ever considering cheating on my husband. The light pressure he was using wasn't working well so he started pushing harder which paid off. Slowly my body began to open for him and the head of his big dick started spreading me open. A little at a time he worked his big member into me. Never felt so stretched in my life during sex and stopped the thoughts of me ending this dead in their tracks.

"Fuck Marisa, you've got one tight white pussy! Feels so fuckin' nice too! Mr. J's one lucky man!" he exclaimed. "Always told by some of my niggas in jail that white girls were tight, they weren't lying as far as you go. Gunna open this shit up girl an when I'm done with you sex with hubby ain't never gunna feel the same. His small little dick's gunna feel even smaller after me."

I guess I couldn't deny that he was a lot bigger and it did feel a lot different than William's. It was also a bit uncomfortable as he worked it deeper into me. More and more disappeared into my body as Darnell grunted while trying to fit it inside my small hole. He was now deeper than my husband gets and still had a couple of inches to go. Honestly wasn't too sure how much he would be able to fit in me. I just wanted to discomfort to go away. Not that it didn't feel good but it was a 50 / 50 mix of both. I just laid there biting my lip as he went further and further into my body. Until finally I felt the head bump slightly against my cervix causing Darnell to stop.

"Damn girl!" he sound loudly. "You took it all! Didn't think you would but my fuckin' dick's buried balls deep in your hot little pussy." Sticking my head up I asked him if he was joking but he said he wasn't. He was right I could feel his two large testicles resting against my body. Holy crap! How did he fit it all in?

"I can't believe how fuckin' tight you are Marisa. So soft and wet too which is why I didn't wanna wear a rubber, wanted to feel every inch of you in ways only your hubby has before. How's it feel girl?" he asked. I told him a little uncomfortable and very full, more than I ever felt before. Darnell just grinned as he grabbed my thighs in both hands before pulling a little out of me then sliding it slowly back in. I can't lie it did feel good yet still uncomfortable at the same time. Darnell kept it up at a slow pace allowing me time to adjust.

"Relax girl. Breath, relax, and enjoy it" he whispered to me. I tried to do as he said and gradually it felt better and better until it was nothing but pleasure. I started to moan and Darnell got the clue as he started to pull more out before driving in back in and started to pick up his pace. This only caused me to moan louder and more often. Darnell spent most of the time staring down at my crotch watching is dick sink into me. I couldn't see as much as he could yet it was hot none the less. Could see his large black dick appear when he pulled out, shinning slightly in the light from the wetness of my body that coated his shaft. His big, thick black shaft. He stayed like that for a couple of minutes before pushing my legs off his chest and spreading them open wide as he lowered his torso just about mine.

"Get ready girl 'cause I'm going to fuck your brains out!" he told me. Giving me a deep kiss he was as good as his word as he began to thrust more than half his oversized dick in and out of me in the missionary position we were in now. God forgive me, it was so wrong but it felt so good. Felt like I was in heaven as he fucked me hard making me moan and scream in extreme pleasure. His dick acting like an engine piston in and out of me. Gripping hard onto his shoulder I wrapped my legs around his back as the room loudly echoed with sounds of ecstasy, mostly coming from me. Never made so much noise during sex before though I hate to admit it but it never felt this good before either. My eyes even rolled back in my head more than once and my toes were curled tightly in pleasure. My fingers were digging hard into his shoulders as he drilled me.

Darnell - "Fuck yeah take that big black dick baby! Take it deep up in that pussy white girl! Too fuckin' long I've wanted to do this to you."

Me - *moaning*

Darnell - "My little married white slut! Hubby's dick doesn't get this deep does it?"

Me - "No it doesn't."

Darnell - "That's what I fuckin' thought. Bet I feel better in you too don't I? ... huh? ... Tell me baby ... Does my big black dick feel better than hubby's?"

Me - "Yes! ... forgive me but it feels better than his!"

Darnell - "That's my good little white girl! ... take that black dick!"

Me - "Fuck ... me! ... Fuck me! ... God yes! Feels so good! ... Don't stop!"

And that he did fucking me hard. Couch beds are not really know for having the best springs and the bed was making almost as much noise as I was. Darnell wasn't kidding about his plans to "fuck my brains out." The unbelievable pleasure he was giving me truly was mind blowing. Felt so good I never wanted it to end. Darnell was not only big but used it like a pro. He also lasted longer than William who would have been finished long ago. Which was even more impressive since it has been nearly nine months since the last time he has had sex. We were almost ten minutes into it when I could feel his pace change.

"Shit baby I'm gettin' close!" he moaned as his thrusts become faster and shorter. "Oh fuck 'bout to cum soon. Can't hold back much longer ... gonna bust my nut deep up in you tight white cunt! ... Fuck! ... yeah! ... ahhhh fuck!" Darnell yelled out as he shoved his entire dick into me, all 8 plus inches, and held himself hard against me. His body went stiff as his dick began to twitch inside of me.

"... Take it baby ... take that hot black seed deep in your tight married white pussy!" he said moaning. In the end it's not like I had a choice. Again as good as his word I instantly felt stream after stream of his hot semen shooting deeply inside of my body. He had one big orgasm, heavily coating my cervix and vaginal walls with his "hot black seed." Could feel it when he started coming down as his penis became more relaxed in me. Darnell let out a deep sigh as he finished. Taking a minute as he caught his breath he slowly pulled out of me until only the head was still buried. Reaching between us I watched as he wrapped his hand around the thick black shaft hard. He than made several forward strokes from the base up to what was still in me, only relaxing his grip to move his hand back to the shaft's base before stroking forwards again. He could tell that I was watching him.

"Just makin' sure I got all my cum out of me before I pull my dick out of you" he explained with an almost evil grin. "Ain't wantin' to waste any, gotta make sure I give all of it to you. I like being thorough an wanna make sure you take all my cum in your white pussy!"

What could I say to that? When he did pull out the rest of the way I sat amazed that even semi hard his dick was still fucking huge! Climbing off of me Darnell collapsed on the bed beside of me as I laid there trying to take it all in. I just cheated on my husband ... with a black guy! And worst of all I enjoyed every second of it too. I was so beat when we were finished I could have gladly fallen asleep except for two reasons. First being how would I explain to William when he got home why I was sleeping naked downstairs with Darnell? The second reason being that massive amount of cum Darnell had left inside of me was finding it's way back out, slowly leaking from my hole and running down my butt cheek. Getting up I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up. When I came back out Darnell was already asleep laying there still totally naked. Holy crap! I actually had sex with this black man! Throwing a sheet over him I was still shocked to find his penis was still large looking and very impressive. Picking up my clothes I went upstairs to the bedroom and quickly passed out myself for the night. Had three separate dreams that night, all sexual, all with Darnell, and had to be the best sex dreams I have ever had.

When I came to later that morning the sun was peeking through the window and William was asleep in bed beside of me. I laid there for a moment collecting my thoughts about last night knowing full well what I had done and that I had enjoyed myself while doing it. Could still feel a little bit of the alcohol I had the night before. Most of all I could feel both a light soreness and emptiness in my body between my legs. Amazed at what I had done with Darnell and how good it held felt. I also knew it was wrong, very wrong. Never once cheated before last night and wasn't sure what to think about it. I didn't think I ever could again.

Softly slipping out of bed so not to wake up my husband I put on a pair of pajamas and quietly walked downstairs to have breakfast. The house was silent, couldn't have said the same last night with all my moaning, screaming, and bed creaking. Sitting down for a small meal in the living room as I clicked on the TV I wondering what this would mean for my relationship with William. I mean, I wasn't going to tell him I had sex with the black guy living in our house, I just had to do my best to act like it never happened. As for Darnell what would I do with him? Did things I have never before with another man. How will what we did effect our relationship and where would we take it from here?

Darnell came upstairs less than an hour later and I decided to explain to him what we had done last night we never could again. Even though it felt so very, very good! Of course I didn't add that part. Surprisingly he was really cool about it. Almost a week went by and everything was fairly normal again, except for the fact that William and I were arguing pretty much every day. William was going to be off work tomorrow night and thought maybe it would be a good time to spend sometime together. Oh, how wrong I was on that. The following day I cleaned up around the house. Darnell had left in the early afternoon for a job interview and said he was going to meet up with some old friends at the part to play some basketball leaving me and William home alone. After eating dinner I asked William if he wanted to go out to a movie or something tonight. He looked surprised telling me he had made plans to go out with some buddies tonight after dinner and he must have forgotten to tell me. I got a little angry over this explaining that we never get to spend much time together anymore and thought that since he would be off work we could do something. This lead to another argument, a bit more heated than most until William said he was leaving and would see my later before storming out of the house.

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