House Party


As Becca turned back to listen to something that Danny was saying, her mind and heart finally began to settle again and the sexy girlfriend quickly put any thought of what had happened behind her. Sean was just being a guy after all. Sure he, and the others, often made comments about her and any other girls they saw; it was just that she was around them more than most other women because of Danny, he and the others were just being guys. And so Becca let herself forget about it all, which was simple to do when Danny leant down to kiss her as they entered the kitchen. Oh yes, any thought disappeared as his lips met hers and her arms entwined around his neck while his strong hands held her slender waist firmly, pulling her flat stomach against his toned body. As he did, Becca's boyfriend looked down at her with his handsome face and once more the beautiful, sexy brunette suddenly felt her desire to rip his clothes off returning with avengeance. Damn, but she wished that she had him alone right then!

"Mmm, wow!" She purred contentedly as she finally felt her feet rest on the ground again when Danny finally pulled away; though her head was still somewhere in the clouds.

"My thoughts exactly" Her boyfriend replied as he brushed her hair behind her ears and smiled down at her in a way that made Becca's heart beat stronger with love...and her pussy pulse hotter with lust.

For a moment that latter sent the blood racing through the hot girlfriend's veins and this time when her cheeks coloured it wasn't from embarrassment, and for that one moment Rebecca Vaughn stood in her boyfriend's strong, loving arms, with her eyes sparkling with the lust that beat hotly within her, and desperately...oh so desperately...had to fight back from digging her nails into Danny's neck and...

"I need that drink." She finally said, forcing herself to look away from her handsome, HOT, boyfriend, and, hearing Danny chuckle gently as they walked over towards the nearest counter that had bottles and plastic cups on it.

Pouring herself a small shot of rum, Becca mixed some cola with it and was about to taste to see if it was balanced enough when Danny picked up the rum bottle and added at least another two shots worth to her cup.

"Oi!" Becca exclaimed with a laugh, nudging the bottle back and sniffing the now only cola-coloured rum. "I told you I was being careful from now on!"

"You looked like you needed a stiff one." Danny shrugged and replied amusedly as he put the bottle down and grabbed himself a can of beer that seemed twice the size of what it should have been.

Becca didn't let her boyfriend know just how much she did need 'a stiff one' right then, and instead reached for the cola, though after thinking about how true her boyfriend's words were, she left the bottle where it was before slapping Danny's arm in response.

"That's your fault." She replied to him insinuatingly before she once more sniffed at her potent drink. Damn this was strong rum. Glancing at the bottle only widened her eyes slightly as she saw the 'sixty-five percent vol.' on the side; Rach did like her White Jamaican.

Shying back from her slap, Danny chuckled to himself as he opened his can and took a deep swig, letting out a contented sigh after his first taste.

"That's alright." He said finally, smiling warmly down at her. "You'll soon use up all of that energy later. It'll be fun." He added with a dirty raise of his eyebrows.

Of course, the loving boyfriend had no idea just how true his words were, or just how much 'fun' his girlfriend would be having later that night...

Becca just slapped his arm again, this time just for good measure, before she took a deep sip of her own drink and almost gagged at the strength of it. Still, the heat and potency of it was exactly what she needed, and so with a smile that was only a little contorted from the flavour, the hot girlfriend turned from the counter.

"Come on, let's see who else is here." She said, grabbing Danny's hand and leading him into the rest of the house.

And so the party began for the stunning brunette girlfriend. With how many people were there it didn't take long before she and Danny were talking and laughing with this group or that group, and despite the initial taste it didn't take long for Becca to get used to her drink, and as the alcohol began to flow through her veins, and the pure relaxed atmosphere of the party soaked into her, a slow buzz of happiness began to fill the hot brunette that pulsed in time with the ever-present electricity that gently hummed inside her pussy -- though most of the time Becca wasn't really aware of the latter; at least until Danny kissed her or let his hand gently caress the back of her neck beneath her long hair.

And so the conversations continued, as did the jokes and the laughs...especially when Rachel found them again and the two of them made fun of Danny and his two other team mates that had found him. In fact, that conversation had been so funny that Becca hadn't realized that she'd finished her drink until Danny tried to get her back by knocking her cup into her face when she raised it to her lips. Bobbing her tongue out at him before she kissed him on the head, Becca asked whether he would like another before she ruffled his hair and left her friend to insult the three of them until she got back.

Of course, getting to the kitchen again wasn't that easy as the beautiful brunette got caught up talking to some of her friends as she made her way through the lively house, but still, before long she was once more at the counter and had grabbed a beer for Danny and was about to pour herself another rum and cola when suddenly someone spoke next to her.

"On the weak stuff, ah?" The familiar male voice asked, and Becca turned to smile up at Sean Danton as he leaned against the counter beside her, holding a cup of...something...and smiling brightly down at her.

"I wouldn't call this stuff weak." The hot girlfriend replied as she held up the Jamaican White to show her boyfriend's friend the label. "Besides, it's nice"

Sean's smirk seemed half-amused and half-condescending, at least in a joking way, as he took a deep swig of whatever it was that he'd been drinking and turned towards the bottles.

"I'll make you something that'll put hairs on your chest" He said confidently as he began looking through the bottles, completely oblivious to the oddness of what he had just said.

"I don't need hairs on my chest, thanks" Becca replied, amused at the obvious tipsy state of her boyfriend's friend...especially when he looked at her for a moment confused before the sudden realization of what he had said made him laugh.

"No, you definitely don't." He said quickly as his eyes openly descended to take in the marvellous view of her bulging cleavage and succulently round, heavy tits.

Rolling her eyes as her boyfriend's friend finally looked up from almost falling down the top of her dress, Becca was about to reach for the rum bottle again when Sean said something else odd.

"That's nice" Her boyfriend's friend remarked, and when Becca turned to ask him what, she noticed that his eyes were once again staring at her half-exposed chest.

'Did he just blatantly compliment my breasts?' Becca wondered incredulously, remembering how forward he had been when she and Danny had walked in. What was with him tonight!?

Whatever it was, it was strange considering that she was his team mate's, and one of his best friend's at that, girlfriend. Becca was about to call him up on it and slap his arm when Sean, noticing the way that she looked at him, spoke again.

"I mean that" He clarified, pointing a finger at her chest that stopped only a mere inch and a half from touching her bare skin.

For a moment the sexy brunette was still confused, even as she glanced down, until suddenly it dawned on her what Sean was actually talking about, and when she did she finally broke out into a smile of embarrassment as she took hold of the delicate silver and pearl necklace that was hanging beautifully around her neck. Apparently this time it was her mind that had gone to the wrong place, she thought as she stopped herself from blushing by speaking.

"This? Yeah, Danny bought it for me for our two year anniversary." She replied, feeling a warm feeling of love as she thought about how sweet that had been. "And this too"

Sean smiled and nodded, surprisingly seeming genuinely interested as Becca lifted up her other hand to show off the matching silver-link bracelet. However, despite his interest, as Becca lowered her arm and turned to grab the rum bottle again, her boyfriend's team mate suddenly smirked amusedly.

"Did you think I was talking about something else?" He asked so smugly amused that Becca felt her cheeks starting to heat at having jumped to the wrong conclusion...even though she had had reason to. Again, however, she managed to appear perfectly calm and unperturbed.

"Hmm? I've no idea what you mean?" She replied as if that were true, though Sean's smirk growing deeper told her that even he saw through the obvious lie Thankfully, though, he didn't call her on it as he appreciatively glanced down once more at her half-covered, curvaceously-displayed breasts before he turned to select three bottles from the counter.

"They're very nice too" He said then, sending a flutter of embarrassment through the hot girlfriend. This time her cheeks did colour slightly and she half-turned to slap him hard on the shoulder.

"You're such a perv" Becca chastised him light-heartedly, shaking her head and trying to ignore the smile that he gave her as she glanced curiously at what he was mixing together...tequila and, what was that?

"Well, what's a guy to do when he sees a beautiful sight like that?" Sean replied honestly as he grinned, "Besides, you love it Bec."

The hot girlfriend's mouth dropped open at that and she once more went to slap his arm, however this time Sean dodged out of the way just in time, laughing at her reaction. What was she to say to that? While Sean was most definitely attractive, with his shortish brown-blonde hair, toned body, and confident, 'who cares' attitude, Becca most certainly didn't find him attractive, nor 'love' him looking at her.

A part of Becca questioned that last bit, as part of her did feel a little pleased that a guy as good-looking as Sean Danton would not only find her attractive but also give her so much attention and appreciation, but that was just normal, and it definitely didn't mean that she wanted him to act like that, or that she 'loved it'...she just, felt flattered by it. That and his attention stirred up how she was feeling because of what Danny had done to her. And so, the attractive girlfriend dismissed the questioning thought as she eyed her boyfriend's team mate calmly.

"You do know I'm your friend's girlfriend, right?" She asked in a light-hearted, but still reprimanding, tone. "So you shouldn't be looking, or commenting."

Sean once more grinned to himself at that as he began adding another type of alcohol to that mix before adding some lemonade.

"No harm in looking Bec. Or in telling things as they are." He replied nonchalantly before he looked over at her with a not-so-hidden smirk and adding conspiratorially, "Besides, what Danny doesn't know he won't mind, right?"

Becca didn't know what to say to that, and so instead she decided to change the subject, which came quite naturally as she really was getting bemused by the cocktail of drinks that Sean was mixing together.

"What is that?" She asked with a mix of confusion and startlement.

"This..." Sean answered proudly, as he lifted the drink up and tasted a bit, nodding to himself in satisfaction before he offered it to her. " what's going to make your night fun"

Eyeing the cup warily, the brunette girlfriend took it and cautiously took a sip. Oddly, despite the odd mix of drinks that Sean had put together the concoction actually tasted quite nice, however after a moment of swallowing the strange liquid the potency of it suddenly hit Becca's head like a rush of adrenaline. With eyes widening, the hot girlfriend of two years stared at the cup in surprise.

"This is..." She began, and then words failed her.

"I know" Was all Sean replied with a self-satisfied grin and a nod. "I know"

Taking another, less cautious, sip, Becca enjoyed the feeling that coursed through her head and veins this time as Sean began to make another for himself. For a moment, all the beautiful brunette could do was savour the taste and ass-kicking potency of the drink in her hand, and so it was Sean who spoke first.

"Are you coming to the game on Saturday?" He asked as he began adding whatever the second liquid had been.

"Probably" Becca answered after a moment of trying to remember what game he was talking about. "Danny said it's just you guys having fun though, nothing serious, so I'll see"

Sean nodded as he added the third bottle's contents to his cup and reached for the lemonade.

"You should, it'd be good to see you on the sidelines" He said calmly as he mixed the drink, adding "I'd definitely play better" in the same nonchalant way that he had commented on how she looked earlier.

Both comments suddenly snapped Becca's attention to him and just like earlier a strange feeling shivered softly through her, as if Sean's compliments had been more seductive than simply praising, just as his eyes had earlier seemed more intense than usual. His words seemed to convey the feeling that he wanted to slip the thin straps of Becca's dress from her shoulders.

The feelings that Danny had sparked within her resonated in time with her confusion at Sean's flirting, stirring a soft pulsing within Becca's body that the strength of the drink only heightened. As she stood there unsure of what to say, as she didn't want to seem to flirt, the hot brunette girlfriend increasingly felt the desire to wrap her arms, and legs, around Danny and...

...That thought not only didn't help the already steady humming within her horny body, which suddenly seemed to ignite a notch higher, but also abruptly reminded the sexy girlfriend that Danny was still waiting for his drink. That, at least, gave Becca the words that she needed.

"I'm sure you'll do just fine" She finally replied noncommittally, and before Sean could respond, Becca added "I better find Danny, he'll be wondering where his drink is. Thanks for mine."

With a friendly smile as she grabbed her boyfriend's can of beer, Becca turned and began to walk away as Sean happily said that he'd 'see her later' before he too turned to head back into the lounge as if that had been what he had intended all along.

Trying to settle herself down as she made her way back to the others Becca suddenly felt the feelings within her intensify as her eyes fell on Danny again, so much so that she had to stop and take a deep breath before heading over. 'Get a hold of yourself girl', she thought as she walked, 'just take deep breaths and save all of what you're feeling for later'. The promise of what would happen later only served to send a jolt of horniness through Becca's pussy, however the thought did seem to calm her somewhat after that.

And so Rebecca Vaughn returned to sit beside Rachel, handing her sweet boyfriend his can of beer as she crossed her smooth, slender legs and took a sip of her own drink, trying hard to ignore the oh-so-slowly fading pulsing within her veins, and to forget Sean's flirting, which worked for a little while...

...but the night was about to turn hotter, and inevitably towards where she would wake up...

Sean Danton smiled to himself as he enjoyed the view down the very low-cut tops that the two women were wearing who were talking to him, well, flirting with him, about how 'impressed' they were at how good he was on the field. One wore tight jeans and the other a very short, tight skirt, showing off their shapely legs perfectly yet in different ways, and Sean enjoyed looking at both as much as they obviously enjoyed flaunting themselves in front of him. Oh, he had no illusions that these two wanted anything but to sleep with a football player, but hey, he was fine with just screwing them, especially as both of these attractive women were more than hinting that they would both sleep with him at the same time.

Sean was just enjoying that prospect when Marcus clapped him on the shoulder and smiled at the two ladies, who then quickly decided that as there were two football player's smiling at them they could have one each.

"Sean-y, you haven't introduced me to your fine friends" Marcus said suavely as he came to stand beside Sean and leaned casually on his shoulder.

"I was just getting to know them...'both'...when you came" Sean replied, trying to hint at what his friend had suddenly spoiled.

The grin that Marcus gave told Sean that he knew exactly what he'd done and found it amusing, which was confirmed by the slight shrug of his shoulders that seemed to say 'hey buddy, if I can't have both, you can't'. Thinking that he would punch Marcus' arm until it was dead later, Sean turned back to the two women and put on his best smile as if nothing bothered him; after all, the one thing a woman hated was a petulant man.

That was when he saw Danny come in to the lounge with Becca, and for a moment Sean's eyes remained on his friend's ridiculously hot girlfriend and whatever the two women and Marcus were saying was lost as Sean let his eyes drink in every fine curve of Rebecca Vaughn's stunningly sexy body. Damn but she was by far the hottest woman there tonight! He had always had a thing for her, ever since Danny had introduced them a couple of years back, and man had he had more fantasies about her and how incredible she would be in bed than he could count. He was sure he'd go blind just from those fantasies alone!

Not that he needed fantasies, he had more women under him than anyone else he knew, except maybe Marcus -- that was something they both competed over. But still, Rebecca Vaughn was not like any of the other attractive women he had screwed; she was on fire. Her slender legs, showed off so tantalizingly in that short dress with those delicate heels, her tight ass that begged to be pulled hard against his ragingly hard cock, her slim waist that cried out to be held in a tight grip as he watched her ride up and down his thick shaft, those amazingly big tits that oh-so-desperately needed his hands to squeeze them roughly as his lips and teeth devoured the succulent flesh, her slender neck that seemed perfect to kiss and bite, and her absolutely gorgeous face with those large hazel eyes and soft, perfect lips that yearned to be mashed firmly against his or wrapped tightly around his pulsing cock as she sucked the cum right out of his balls and deep down her throat...damn, but she was the hottest thing he had ever seen in his life.

Lost in his lust-filled thoughts about his friend's knockout girlfriend, Sean hadn't realized that one of the girls had asked him a question when Marcus punched his arm. Only then did he recall, after a moment of wracking his brain, what they had said.

"Yeah, sure, sounds like a plan" He said almost absently to their question about whether he wanted to do something later with them.

Marcus eyed him as if he had suddenly grown another head, or at least said 'no' to their offer -- a look that the two women shared -- however Sean was already glancing back over at Becca -- who had just managed to find a seat on the sofa for Danny and had promptly sat, well, half-lay, across his lap -- and so Marcus, figuring he had an opening quickly began to chat both women up.

Sean, though, kept only half of his attention on what the three were saying. The rest of the time he was stealing glances at his friend's girlfriend, especially at how her legs were so perfectly displayed with how she was sitting in that dress. Damn but he would have loved to get inside her! Not that Becca would ever let him while she was with Danny, but fuck, Sean could fantasize. Danny was a lucky fucking bastard getting to nail that hot piece of ass every night. Sean bet that she was hot as hell in bed, and probably a sexy slut too...that suddenly made him wonder if Danny ever took pictures of Becca naked, or in her underwear at least, or if they ever videoed themselves having sex...finding those would be hot! Sean thought that next time he went over to Danny's he would try to find out. Fuck but that thought made his dick hard. He was going to have to get laid tonight.

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