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Dedicated to Clint_Rivers for the story idea...


She was a sweet girl, I was worried cause she was only 21, but my wife and I had to go out of town. My wife's family needed her. But after a week there I had to come back. I told my wife to stay longer, her family needed her. I would send the house sitter home and take care of our needs. To go back to work and wait for her to return. Reluctantly my wife agreed. She was torn between her family and me and I just made the choice easier for her.

The journey back home was long and dark, the clouds only adding to the dreary events. The rain splashing on my windshield as I drove home. I couldn't wait for a nice warm shower the softness of my own bed. Not the bumpy, oh my god how do you sleep on this thing, bed. I wanted to make sure I could get a day of rest before returning to work. I had called Sarah, our house sitter, I told her I would be back on Sunday night. I didn't mean to lie to the girl.

I knew the house sitter wasn't expecting me back until tomorrow morning so I killed the headlights as I pulled up to my house, I didn't want to scare her seeing the late hour. I get out of the car closing the door softly and head up towards the windows by the front door. Peeking in through my front windows, the rain drenching me, I could see her figure from the flashing of the movie she was watching, her sweet form stretched out on the couch. I just had to have a closer look.

I couldn't tell if she was awake but I was caught up in awe of her body. Her breast heaving lightly as she breathed, her skin softly glowing, her hair shining. It was as if she begged to be touched.

I snuck around the side door so she wouldn't hear me enter. I wanted more time to observe this beautiful creature without disturbing her. Her beautiful body spread out on the couch before me, the flickering of the light from the TV the only light in the room, cast an almost dreamlike setting as I crossed the room to her.

I reached down and caressed her cheek once, she was sleeping so soundly, but I couldn't resist the temptation. She moaned soft in her sleep from my touch. Her moan sending a pulse right through me as I feel my hardness pressing against my pants.

Reluctantly I head upstairs, being sure to step over the fifth step, it likes to creak, and headed upstairs to the shower. I needed a cold one just to relax the throbbing now more than apparent between my legs. I knew she wouldn't hear the shower but I dared not relieve any tension. I savored it. I hurried through my shower wanting to have as much time as I could to observe the slumbering angel named Sarah that lay downstairs on my couch.

Turning off the shower I grab a small towel. I glance in the mirror, the image of me looking back, I can see that even for my age I was not in that bad of shape. My chest was strong, I didn't have a six-pack but I didn't have a belly that bulged out. As the towel traced down my body, I even took note of my strong legs. I wondered if Sarah ever studied me. Would she like what she saw?

Carefully drying off my semi erect manhood and tossing the towel to the side, I slip on my robe. Tying it securely in the front I head down stairs, stepping over that step that creaks.

Lingering in the doorway a moment I look down at her form as she slumbers. Her shirt had ridden up, the flat belly of youth revealed. Slowly I made my way across the room. Standing behind the couch looking down upon her. I took a deep slow breath, afraid to disturb the angel.

My hand tracing along the back of the couch as I move around it, my eyes never leaving her, I make my way to the side of the couch. Before I know it I am tracing along her legs, my hand trailing lightly upon her silken skin, I can feel the throbbing between my legs growing as I reach her shorts, tracing up the rough denim to her hip.

I can't seem to resist her; I am caught in a spell. I kneel down beside the couch and place a kiss upon her exposed belly. My tongue tracing lightly over her belly, her scent filling my nostrils, her taste was so sweet. My hand slowly running up and down her shapely legs.

I freeze a moment as I feel her shifting under me, her legs opening for me. I dare not look up to see her face. I was too entranced and afraid that the spell would be broken. Letting my right hand trace her inner thighs slipping just under her denim shorts. The hidden treasure waiting to be discovered.

No, I would take my time if she would allow it. A soft moan escaped her lips. I froze, had I crossed a line, will she scream? What will she tell my wife? I waited until she settled again, my hand resting high on her inner thigh. Glad that she wore the baggy shorts my hand slid higher, fingers brushing by her smooth wet treasure. Aahh yes she is interested and more than likely faking sleep. I will go along with this masquerade.

Letting my now damp finger trail along the inner part of her thigh, I slide my hand out of her shorts. Standing above her I watch her. Her legs parted and inviting, her breasts heaving, her smooth tummy wanting more kisses. But I hungered for more. I wanted to taste the sweetness of her flower.

Leaning down I gently undo her shorts, first the button, then slowly unzipping her. Allowing the cooler air to slowly tease her body. I can't help but to smile seeing that this little angel is a naughty one. She is not wearing panties. Leaving her shorts open I lean down and place a kiss just above the triangle that points to the greater treasure.

She moans and her hips lean towards my mouth. I knew then I could. The silence still adding to the dreamlike state of everything I tug at her shorts and she lifts her hips releasing the shorts to me. I toss them to the side. Taking her right leg and opening her up slowly, I kneel once again beside the couch. I kiss up her thigh, her scent driving me wild.

My right hand tracing up her inner left thigh, then across her treasure. My fingers teasing the opening, the wetness growing as I slowly spread the flower. Leaning in I give this sweetness a lick. Her and I both moan. The throbbing between my legs knocking constantly at the back of my head. I would just love to slide into her tightness and have my manhood caressed with her juices.

My tongue begins to probe deeper and deeper into her tightness. Her hips thrusting to my mouth, her moans growing louder. My finger slipping into her heat, her wetness tantalizing as my tongue tastes her.

I bite back a groan fighting the urge to plunge deep into her core. Her eyes still closed tightly but her body arching to my mouth, begging for more. Sucking her engorged bud, she cries out in pleasure. Her release quick and wet, the sweetness flooding my tastebuds as her wave finally begins to subside.

Slowly I withdraw my fingers hearing a whimper of protest. Bringing my slick fingers to my mouth I savor her taste again. Her breathing is heavy and labored beneath me, her eyes open, scanning my form before meeting my gaze.

Standing beside the couch, watching her, waiting for her reaction of the situation. She sits up slowly, her head level with my waist as she looks up to me. Both of us too afraid to speak, afraid to break this enchantment that engulfs us.

I nod to her as her small hands untie my robe revealing my naked body beneath. A deep sigh of excitement escapes me as her nails trail down my sides and my thighs. Her long hair tickling close to my flesh, her warm breath teasing me with the possibility of those lips on me.

Her fingers grasping me gently around my shaft, they were so soft they almost reminded me of silk. I could feel the swelling again, the numbing throb that ached for more. Her hands moved delicately over my growing manhood, her stroke gentle. The head tingled and twitched in anticipation. Licking her lips she looks up to me looking for permission.

I can only nod to her as her tongue flicks the sensitive tip. The warmth quickly replaced with the cool air as her mouth moves from the tip and her hands begin to stroke. Lifting my hardness up she lowers, her tongue stroking up the shaft, her lips still teasing to take me.

A soft groan escapes the back of my throat as she slowly slides my throbbing manhood in her mouth. Her mouth was so warm and wet, her tongue playing along the shaft as she takes me deeper with each stroke.

Her hands grasping me, pumping me with each stroke of her mouth, pushing me closer and closer to edge. Her tongue laps at the edges of the tip, teasing forth my desire, my lust. Her mouth expertly claiming me. She hums softly and I can feel the tingle of sensation sweeping towards her as I erupt. The hot liquid coaxed free by her.

Yet her mouth remains, suckling each drop from me. Panting I pull from her grasp and that oh so delicious mouth and sit on the couch. The robe still open as she looks to me. Crawling to me she tries to sit on my lap. I smile and shake my head no, as the swelling already begins in anticipation.

Leaning towards her I place a soft kiss on her forehead, my hand resting lightly on the curve of her jaw, then tilting her to me I claim her mouth. That soft, warm lush mouth of hers. Our kiss is electrifying, our bodies re-ignited in desire. With a final lustful nip I break the kiss.

Scooping the panting girl in my arms I stand and kiss her deeply again. Then gently replacing her on the couch, the single small blanket covering her half naked form, I lean down and give her a tender kiss on her cheek only to whisper a soft message in her ear.

"I have all week." With that simple message I turn and leave her to her own desire and head to bed. The torment of wanting her all the more, but I would have her begging before the week was over...

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