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Housekeeper Disciplined


*This story was previously posted by ME on another website. If you read it there and enjoyed it, great. If not, I hope you like it this time. I have modified it slightly for the Literotica audience. It is intended for readers over 18 years of age who enjoy erotic stories. If you are not over 18 or you don't enjoy erotica, please leave now! Thank you!

My name is Vanessa and my life suddenly changed last week when I found my husband and our housekeeper..umm, let's say, playing house. I have decided to share my story with Literotica readers in the hopes that someone might benefit from my experience in some small way.

I came home early from work one day last week to find my sexy husband with our hot young housekeeper in the office. Out of sheer curiosity, I stood by the door to see if I could hear anything.

"Rachel, why do you think you're being punished this time?", he asks.

"Sir, I am being punished because I displeased you in some way," she answers.

Being punished? What is this about? Since he thought they were alone in the house, the door had been left partially ajar. I peeked into my husband's home office and I saw our housekeeper splayed over his lap with her panties down around her knees. My husband also has his pants pushed down low enough so that his cock was out and it was very, very big and hard. He had it in his hand and was gently rubbing his cock against her side. She has a few hand marks on her bare ass.

"That's right, slut. You displeased your Master again!" he hissed.

My husband's huge hand reigned down on that poor girl's tiny little ass over and over again. I could hear her whimper. I knew I should enter the room and put a stop to this insanity, but, for some reason, I did not. I just watched. I then realized that I was very, very wet. This discipline was exciting me a lot. I continued to watch and then my mind drifted back over the past few weeks.

My husband is employed as a professor at the local college and, I should probably add, I am a therapist. He came home one day about a month ago stating that we needed a housekeeper because things just 'weren't being kept up in the house'. I didn't really offer up much of an argument. Between the long hours we work and our social life, we didn't have time to do a deep cleaning and the cleaning service we had been using just wasn't that great.

Hiring a private housekeeper seemed a good idea at the time. He completed the hiring process by himself, rather quickly I might add. He selected Rachel, a 24 year old girl with auburn hair and a great figure. She did her job and seemed perfect for the job. I truly had no issue with this young girl.

He had her wear a uniform, stating that it would be easier than having to correct her wardrobe all the time. I didn't argue with him; why would I? She looked great in the short black skirts and matching white tops he purchased for her. I though that the heels and the fishnet stockings were a bit much; but, as long as she did her job, I was not complaining.

My husband was always very horny and, for some reason, he became even hornier lately. I figured having a young girl in the house would be good for us sexually. I mean, the eye candy couldn't hurt...right? We were having a lot more sex since Rachel's arrival. Oh, did I mention that she was a live-in? She was around all the time. She did everything around the house and that left us more time for the things we loved.

She also acted as a personal assistant for Maxwell as he is also working on his second novel. She helped him in the office when he needed her. She was very attentive toward her boss. So the fact that they began spending more time behind closed doors didn't concern me at all. I also trust and love (still do, believe it or not) my husband very much.

Back to the present time, I continue to listen. Rachel is moaning, but I hear more than just pain in her cries. She sounds like she's getting off on this, too. Obviously, Max is enjoying it. I decided to wait it out. She wasn't in any real danger.

He continued to spank her and then I watched him rub his fingers over her pussy lips. When he brought his fingers up to his lips and licked her juices off, I felt my head spin. Why was I so aroused by this sight? I should be outraged. I should run in there and put a stop to this immediately. I should save that poor girl. But, what would I be saving her from? I knew how much fun it could be to be spanked and disciplined by Max. He often spanked me. I adored it. Maybe Rachel was like me and actually enjoyed the discipline?

As I watched her thrust her hips up toward his hand, I knew that she was getting off on this as much as he was.

"I am sorry, Master. I didn't mean to displease you. Tell me what to do to make you happy. I will do whatever it takes to please you. I am a naughty slut and I will do as you ask," cried Rachel.

"Of course you will, Slut. I can feel how much this is turning you on. I want you to get down on the floor right now and prepare to suck my cock the way I like it sucked," said Max.

I watched the girl slide to the floor and open up the top of her uniform. She then pulled first the left side of her breast free from her bra and then the right. She sat back on her knees and looked up at him, waiting, it seemed for a signal.

"Very good, slut. You are doing well....redeeming yourself a bit. You know the routine. Well, you should by now. You've assumed the service position several times a day for six months now. Haven't you, my nasty slut? Funny how my wife has no idea that we've been fucking around for all this time, isn't it?" said my husband.

"Sir, it is as it should be. You should have whatever you wish. Your wife only wants you to be happy, as do I. You are the boss and the Master of this house and of your women,' answered Rachel as she looked up at him with true worship in her pretty green eyes.

I was shocked, but I guess I shouldn't have been. It should have been obvious, even to a woman as obsessed with her career as I've been. My husband had planned to bring his mistress/submissive into our home under the guise of a housekeeper and I didn't even notice! And I wasn't even upset. It just seemed fine. Nothing had changed in our relationship. He still loved me and was as attentive as ever. She was obviously just his slut and nothing more. I was his wife. They'd been at it for six months and he was still treating her like a slut. I slept in his bed each night. If this made my husband happy, I realize, I was fine with Rachel being here and servicing him.

He then took her by the back of the neck and shoved her mouth down on his very hard and throbbing cock. She sucked it like the slut that she is and he controlled the action. When he was nearing his completion, he pulled her head off his cock and aimed it toward her face. He came all over her face and hair. She opened her mouth as if trying to catch some of it.

He slapped her face with his cock and told her that she wasn't allowed to swallow any of it or to take it in her pussy as she is only his slut. His wife is the only one allowed to swallow or accept his cum in her pussy.

As I backed away, I ran to our bedroom and grabbed my vibrator. I laid down on our king sized bed and replayed the hot scene I had just witnessed as I frantically pushed the vibrator inside of my panties. I turned it on and came immediately. After I came down from the initial high, I allowed the vibrator to slowly hum on my clit as I thought about all the times Max had played with his new toy in my house. For some reason, this turned me on.....a lot.

Max and I had played with other girls a few times and it always turned me on when he would fuck them in front of me. He has had permission all of our marriage to take other lovers, but he has never taken me upon it....until now! This is something I've fantasized about for years and now it was coming true.

I had some decisions to make now. Should I tell him that I know about him and his little slut or simply allow this to continue in private? I wasn't sure which way I would play it, but I knew it was going to be fun either way and that our life had changed a lot. I came hard, over and over again. I jumped up and cleaned myself off and decided to head out again. I wanted time to think this through. Besides, it seemed that Max had just started to play with his newest lover today and I wanted to give them plenty of time to explore one another. I had some serious decisions to make!

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