tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHousesitter Gets Unexpected Guests

Housesitter Gets Unexpected Guests


We’ve been naked for exactly three hours and 15 minutes.

There’s a Grandfather clock in the house that’s absurdly accurate. With its oh-so-polite chimes, it let me know that I’d been enjoying sucking on Glenn’s cock for 15 minutes exactly.

I took small licks at first, twirling my tongue around the mushroom tip of his cock and pretending to flick it away. I’d rest it on the tip of my tongue, then just as my lips were about to swallow it, I’d lick the length of his shaft up and down, around, and then right back to the tip again. I did this twice, taking longer licks each time. The third time around, I took a moment to nibble his thighs and suck one of his balls, which made him tremble, and got a good, long moan out of him. I lingered a little longer, relishing the sensation of tasting him, but smelling me all over his balls and thighs.

I dragged my tongue from his crotch to his shaft, all the way up to the tip. Looking up at him, I saw Glenn roll his eyes skyward. Right at that moment, I opened my mouth wide and gulped him all the way into my mouth. Bingo! My blond boy’s head went back, and I heard him gasp loudly. “Oooohhh, damn, Sami! What took you so long? Your mouth feels SO good, babe!”

Slowly, I drew back so that only my lips & tongue encircled the very tip of his cock. Then I licked it all over from all sides, which allowed me to wet my own lips again so they were moist & slick. It was so weird at first, like trying to gulp down a hot dog all at once. Quickly, I began to enjoy the feel of his hardness against my tongue and mouth. Now I was the all powerful one going while HE was doing the coming! Glenn moaned again, so I knew I was getting the “job” done. Now it was time for the finishing move that would have him at my mercy!

Placing firm grips on his shaft and balls, I gulped him into my mouth all the way to the back of my throat and began devouring him like he was my last meal on earth. He felt so good in my mouth, I almost forgot to breathe! But I stayed in control and kept up the pressure, licking and sucking on him harder and faster. My own saliva gathered in the corners of my mouth, and damn it, my hand was starting to get tired, but I couldn’t stop now! From the corner of my eye, I saw his hand clench at the carpet, and I knew he was close…so close!

“Sami, wait! I’m going to…to…uuuUUUHHH!” Suddenly, his hips came alive and bucked against my face. I had to take one hand off of his balls to steady myself, but I still held on to him as a warm, sticky fluid began to flood my mouth. “Holy shit! I actually made him come!” I thought excitedly, but then I realized I hadn’t prepared myself for spitting or swallowing! Having my juices on the carpet was one thing, but the Docs would definitely notice a huge cum-stain from my blond-boy! Thinking (and gulping) quickly, I swallowed his jism until his thrusts died down. His cock finally pulsed and grew limp on my tongue just as his liquid joined with my saliva. Giving him one last lick, I released him as he and his cock relaxed into the floor with a contented sigh.

Taking in his fine form, I wiped my mouth with my fingertips and sucked on them, taking in his flavor again. “Hmm, he doesn’t taste too bad…kinda warm and salty…like myself.” I mused while licking my lips. Glancing at his somewhat still form, I congratulated myself on making sure our little party didn’t become public knowledge, and decided to get another drink while he rested up. As I started to rise, suddenly I was grabbed by the arm as Glenn yanked me on top of him, then rolled over and kissed me hard on the mouth. “You weren’t going anywhere, were you? Not after we just got this party started…you and your wonderful, hot mouth…” And then his lips were on me again, our tongues tasting each other, getting my pussy lips all moist again, ready for action! We began to roll back and forth on the carpet. One second, I’d be on top of him, and then he’d be on top of me. All the while, our bare bodies generated a warmth between them that couldn’t be described, only enjoyed. There were no worries about keeping a friendship; just the thrill of all these fabulous naked body feelings of the moment! We began giggling and laughing all over again, but just as he rolled on top of me once more, from out of nowhere, a light blew out right in front of us.

“Get down!” Glenn hissed, immediately putting his body in front of mine as a shield. I was pretty spooked myself, but I tried to reassure him.

“It’s all right. It’s probably just the rent-a-cops making rounds.”

“No wait…look!” Glenn pointed in the direction of the picture window where a streetlamp was sputtering back to life. “They have weird-ass streetlights like the ones we have on campus!” When the light finally came back on, I heaved a sigh of relief. And Glenn picked that moment to jump right into the light’s beams and present his naked glory to the neighborhood!

“Woo hoooo! Hello neighbors!” Glenn shouted. “What’cha got to say to me now?!” I stared open-mouthed at him as I literally watched the nightmare I’d wished to avoid prance around with a semi-erect prick pointing next door looking even more pink-skinned in the lamplight. I had to get him away from there, but I couldn’t help getting a look at Glenn’s moves. He certainly enjoyed shaking what his mama gave him, fine as he was, and because of that, I found both my pairs of lips drooling for him all over again.

“Aw man!” Glenn crowed. “I knew this place would be cool! Come on, Bru! Come over here and let’s really show these old folks what they’re missing!”

Show them what?! “Oh HELL no, blond-boy! You wanted to shake your money-maker, that’s fine. But you can just leave me out of your little private dance!”

“But Samantha! Your body’s beautiful! Anyway, check this out. The streetlight doesn’t shine on your face; just the good parts!” Glenn thrust his hips forward so that his prick waved hello to me, and I just couldn’t stop myself from laughing aloud. But if I was going to get him away from there, I had to stand firm.

“Yeah, well you can show ‘em your “good parts” all you want. I’m not going up there!”

Glenn looked at me, his face dissolving into a pout, then his shoulders slumped and he sighed. “All right, Sami; let’s just get some drinks and we’ll do something else, okay?”

“Now that sounds like a plan!” Relieved, I held out my hand to him.

“So you get the drinks…”Suddenly he pulled my body to his in a tight grip and grinned at me with that same evil grin from this afternoon. “Oh shit, he wouldn’t!” My mind screamed. My eyes widened and my whole body went on full alert, struggling to free myself from his grasp.

“Oh no you don’t, blond-boy! Don’t you DARE! Let me GO!”

“…and I’ll get to do this!”

“Glenn, NOOOO!” I screamed in terror as he whirled me in front of the window and ducked behind me. Laughing with evil glee, he grasped my wrists and held my arms around him so I couldn’t cover up or run away. I couldn’t believe it! I was buck naked in front of the whole damn neighborhood for all I knew, and it was all Glenn’s fault! My mind was scrambling to find a way to free myself, to keep my job, to explain to the police, and oh my GOD! I caught sight of my reflection in the window, and Glenn was right. My face was bathed in shadow, but you could sure see everything else I had to offer! My round breasts, my chocolate nipples, from my pubic hair and pussy to my belly, hips and thighs, ALL my brown curves were right out there! And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I heard Glenn moan from behind me and slowly but surely, I felt his cock begin to stiffen and grow as he pressed against the cleft of my lush, bare ass.

“Glenn, you let go of me right now!” I hissed angrily. For a moment, I felt his body stop moving, so I knew he heard me. But he didn’t answer. Instead, I felt his tongue dragging across my bare shoulder to my neck. His hot breath was poised right by my ear. When his mouth clamped down to bite and suckle my ear & earlobe, my body jolted with an energy I couldn’t control. I just stood there, tingling, watching my reflection’s nipples grow harder and larger. My hips jutted forward thanks to Glenn’s insistent cock still rubbing against my ass. Desperately holding my chin over the almost blistering beams of the streetlight, I could hear my heart pounding in my bare chest. One of Glenn’s hands crept up my body to give my full breast a squeeze. I gasped as my body seemed to melt right into his hand, and I moaned softly.

“Ooohhh, Glenn, why are you doing this to me?” Pressed together as we were, I couldn’t get a grip on anything to stop him. I watched as his long fingers glided down my body, over my belly and slid between my thighs, and when he pressed against my clit, I almost lost it! Watching my reflected image react to all that was happening, I heard myself gasp loudly, feeling so naked, so warm and so good. It was like watching a porno flick, but it felt so hot, and much more real. My desire to cover myself disappeared as I felt my body relax against his. In return, he released my hands and kissed me, hugging me close to him.

“Ohhh, yeah, Sami.” He sighed. “Please don’t be mad at me. I just wanted to make you feel as beautiful as you look.”

“Okay, Glenn, I admit it. This is pretty wild, and your fingers feel so good! But please, before someone sees us, can’t we go now?”

“Not yet, Sami. We’ll go later. But I want you to come now!” Swiftly, he came from behind, switching spots so that he faced me, and his tight ass faced the window. “Don’t move!” he whispered. “Stay in front of me. Now slowly, look over my shoulder at the house across the street.” I did as he asked, and my eyes widened again. I saw what looked like an old man at the window, and he was holding binoculars!…and they were aimed right at us!

“Oh my…Holy shit, Glenn! He’s watching us!”

“He sure is. Poor guy probably hasn’t had any action in years! What do you say we finish what we started, just for him?”

“Boy, I say you’re crazy…” Then I smiled and slid my hands to his ass, giving them another squeeze. “The kind of crazy I just can’t resist. So what do we do?”

“Get me hard, but don’t get me off. I want to save it for you. Just keep your hair in front of your face and let him see you work that pretty mouth of yours. I’ll take care of the rest!”

“I think I’d rather let him watch me take care of this!” Going down on my knees, I quickly gulped one of his balls into my mouth. I saw his abs tighten as I suckled one, then the other, slowly rolling them over my tongue while rubbing my hands over his little ass. I heard him moan and his hips began to thrust towards me again when I got a wicked idea. Slowly, I turned Glenn around to give our old friend a better view of the goods. Following Glenn’s advice, I pulled my hair across my cheeks so it hung in front of my face. Releasing his balls, I nibbled my way up his torso, licking his thighs and leaving juicy love bites on his strong stomach. His dick was throbbing so hard, it felt like it was vibrating as I took it into my hand. I licked up one side, then the other while taking a peek at our audience across the street. The old man had a grin on him that a brick to the face couldn’t wipe off! “Well,” I thought, “Let’s see if he likes THIS part of the show!”

“Sami, don’t stop,” I heard Glenn pleading. “Let me feel your mouth again, babe. Let me put it in you!”

“Just what I had in mind!” With one hand holding his dick firmly, I sucked on the middle finger of my other hand and slid it down the crack of his ass to stop right at the puckered opening of his anus. Glenn stood fully upright and froze; his little hole clenched my finger as he looked down at me in shock.

“Holy shit, Samantha! What the fuck are you doing!?”

“Looks like I’m gonna get going while YOU do the coming! Remember when you were having me on the stairs? Well, now it’s my turn, and you’re going to tell me right now if you used your finger, your tongue, or both on me, or I’m gonna let that old man see you at my mercy!”

“Aw shit! Sami, you wouldn’t!”

“Look at the window, Glenn,” I intoned mysteriously. “Look at your hard cock, the finger in your ass. How does it feel to see yourself frozen to the spot, surrounded by so much hot desire?” Damn, I had to admit I was really getting into this. It looked like the old man was, too. From the window, I could see he was holding the binoculars with only one hand! No, wait, he’s pointing, but what’s he pointing at?

Out of nowhere, Glenn backed away from me, and I lost my balance. In that split second, he yanked me to my feet, kissed me hard, then dropped to his knees in front of me. Pressing his face to my pussy in a tight grip, I realized that he had me facing the window again. This time, I had to throw my head back so my face wouldn’t be seen. When I did, I clasped my hands over my breasts and screamed in frustration.

“Damn it, Glenn! Let me GO! Please! You’re supposed to be up here, not ME! At least get my face away from the street light! Please?”

“Sorry, Bru, but you look hotter up there than I ever would! Good try getting even, though.” Once again, he buried his face in my bush. Glancing out the window, I saw the man shrug his shoulders at me. Then one of his hands disappeared to his crotch. That old sweetie was trying to warn me. Too bad I didn’t understand in time. Now Glenn was in charge again, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop him from taking me straight over the edge. But as I braced myself, I heard Glenn say, “Take two steps back.” I did, and to my relief, the light came just below my neck. “That’s all the mercy you’ll get from me, Bru. Now it’s grand finale time for Gramps over there!”

“I know, I know,” I sighed. “You get going…”

“And you keep coming. Oh, and just so you know…” He licked his finger and blew me a kiss. “I used both on you.”

“You did WHA..?!” I heard myself gasping in mid-sentence as the tip of his tongue once again made contact with my clit. My head went back again, and I grasped my breasts harder, alerting my body more to the sensations surging through me. Bringing my head up, I looked at my reflection once again. I barely recognized the woman staring back at me. Her body was as beautiful and sexy as my own, and when I cupped my breasts, my nipples crinkled and hardened underneath my palms, just as hers did. Truly immersed in the sensations of the moment, I saw myself smiling to this woman I was becoming, and so was our old friend across the street. Slyly, I dragged a finger between my breasts and beckoned to him. Then I squeezed my tits as if offering them to him. Glenn continued his work on my pussy, working two fingers inside me and one more right into my ass. My body jerked again, filling with energy from this new sensation. Both holes were being worked over now as Glenn still suckled my little clit with his lips and teeth. My hips bucked forward into his face as my hands roamed all over my curves. I wanted my whole body to come alive, and now I wanted so much for the old man to see me, to enjoy the sight of me. “The sight of me?” I thought. “Holy shit, he can see me…he’s going to see me come! He’s going to...Oh God, Glenn, I’m cumming!”

I grabbed my breasts hard as my orgasm exploded through my body. My head hung back loosely and I heard myself howl in ecstasy as all the energy I felt before seemed to drain down from the still-pulsating walls of my satisfied pussy. Dimly, I sensed that Glenn removed his fingers and was now lapping the juices that seemed to pour down my thighs. When my orgasm finally died down, Glenn hugged me close to him again. I sighed, and glanced over to our audience to blow him a kiss. He blew one back to me, but just as he did, something moved towards him, making him drop his binoculars. “Glenn, something’s wrong over there!” Glenn looked up, and we saw a woman hold the binoculars to her face and her mouth dropped. Fortunately for us, the streetlight picked that moment to go out again.

“Let’s go! Move!” Glenn shouted. We bolted from the living room and ran downstairs, squealing and laughing. “Holy shit! Did you see her face? We must’ve looked really hot up there!”

“Yeah, but you know what? I bet we could get even hotter right here…” Draping myself across the couch, I spread my legs wide and rubbed my wet pussy, hoping he’d get the message. Electric tingles washed over me once again as Glenn leapt across the room to land on the couch right between my legs. His cock was brick hard and aimed right at me, ready for the plunge.

“Just like I promised, Bru. I saved it all just for you.” Grabbing hold of my hips, his cock thrust right into me. My wetness from our performance allowed him to quickly slide deeper inside. My legs surrounded his hips as we ground together at breakneck speed, thrusting harder and harder against each other. Pressing his lips to mine, we kissed each other hard as our orgasms suddenly roared through us both. Our bodies pulsed and trembled as one. His jism seemed to pour into me, almost to overflowing, when my pussy finally gushed, and I felt myself sigh, shivering with satisfied exhaustion and relief.

The next thing I remember was being kissed, softly this time. I blinked my eyes and saw Glenn smiling down at me. “Good morning, Sleeping Bru. I should’ve let you rest, but I just couldn’t resist.”

“Sleep? Oh my God; you stayed the night…and we got away with it!”

“And we’re gonna get away with more tonight! I’ve just got two more classes today, and then I’ll come back with more supplies. Maybe I’ll get some whipped cream for your chocolate nipples!”

“Save some for your long, slick dick, you horny-boy, you!” Sitting up, I planted one on him as the blanket slid down my body. I felt Glenn cop one more feel before breaking away to kiss my forehead. Then with a look that said “I don’t want to leave”, Glenn started for the side door. “Hey Blond-boy! What am I supposed to do until you get back?”

He turned and flashed me his trademark wink and wicked grin. “Come on, Bru. Beautiful butt-naked you in this big ass house? I’m sure you’ll think of something…”

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