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Housesitter Sunday


I awoke disoriented. I was not in my room. I then recalled I was house-sitting. I rolled over and looked at the clock. I was not tired and it was as good a time as any to get up. It was going to be a quiet day for me. I was sluggish from an extra hard work out last night. I stood and stretched, cracking my neck a few times, boy I had beaten myself up. I opened the door and Mary nearly walked right into me. I was house sitting and baby sitting. She was actually a few months older than I, but her parents felt she needed watching. Not unreasonably, she was a wild child. I did not know the specifics, just rumors, but they were bad enough. The lady in question had apparently been showering and was still wet. Her brown hair was still damp and hung down flat around her neck. She was only partially dry, little beads of water peppered her skin. She had not dressed either. She had only a towel wrapped around her, which gave me a good at her long, thin legs.

“Oh, hi. I didn’t know you were here.” She blushed and crossed her arms over her small chest.

“I have finished for the week, so I elected to sleep in today.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that.”

“My apologies,” I gestured to the bathroom, “if you will excuse me, I have just awoken.”

“Oh, right. Sorry.” She got out of the way and scurried into her room.

I watched her cute little ass until she closed the door.


As I walked back to my room I thought I heard a soft moan come from Mary’s room. I paused and heard it again. I was supposed to be keeping an eye on her, so I did not want her overdosing. I went up to her door and put my ear against it. Occasionally I would hear her moan.

I was debating whether to knock when I noticed the door was part way open. I placed my hand on it and gently swung it open. What I saw took my breath away.

Mary was sitting on her bed, naked. Her towel dropped on the floor. That, however, was not what blew me away. She was pumping two fingers in and out of her pussy. With her other hand she was strumming her clit. Her head was tilted back and her eyes were closed. She was biting her lip to keep silent, but every so often she would give a soft moan. I was amazed as I watched her tan, toned body writhe in pleasure. I noticed the glimmer of a belly button ring from her flat stomach. Best of all she had her legs spread wide giving me a perfect view of what she was doing to herself. As I watched her finger fuck herself I got hard in a hurry.

I pushed the door open more, and sat down, no longer bothering to hide myself.

She kept working herself over. Her two fingers kept pumping in and out of her pussy, continually get wetter. With her other hand she slid a finger inside herself, and then brought it up to mouth and tasted it. She sucked on her finger as though it were a miniature cock. Then she spit in her hand and rubbed it over her clit before bringing her had back up to pinch one of her small nipples. She was moaning louder and more regularly now. She was thrusting her hips to meet her hand, and her body was covered in a soft film of sweat.

Then she said my name.

At first I thought she had seen me, but then I realized the glorious truth. She started to chant my name. I could tell she was getting close. Her hand was flying in and out of her hole.

She was practically humping her hand when I walked over to stand right in front of her. I waited for her to say my name once more before I answered, “Yes?”

She stopped in mid pump and opened her deep brown eyes. She looked at me for a second before they went wide in fear. She bent over to cover herself, grabbed the towel and retreated to a corner of the room.

“What the hell are you doing in here!?” She demanded. “Get out!”

I just smiled at her and crossed the room towards her. She backed away in panic, but bumped into the wall and was pinned. I was not touching her, but the situation had overwhelmed her, mentally she could not take it.

I slipped a hand down and ran a finger along her slopping wet slit. She grabbed my hand with one of her own. This caused her towel to drop some that it hung down the center of her body, covering little. I brought my other hand down. She tried to stop me again, but I held her hand out of the way. She closed her legs. “No.”

I laughed and slid my hand up her trembling thighs. She pressed against the wall to get away, but I kept her still. I pushed a finger into her. Despite her best efforts her soaked folds opened to me immediately upon contact. She groaned and unwillingly spread her legs. She whimpered when I rubbed her pert little clit. “Please.” She sobbed.

“Please what?” I asked as I suddenly popped three fingers into her tight snatch, filling her completely.

She doubled over, knocking into me. She regained her feet and stood on her toes to get away from my probing hand, but I just pushed deeper inside her. “Please stop.”

She squealed when I started to pump my hand inside her and swirl my thumb around her clit. “You don’t really want me to stop do you?”

“Yes-” I pinched her clit and she cried out. “Oh god!!”

Her whole body was shaking now, and she was leaning against the wall for support. I laughed lightly and withdrew my hand. I then used one finger to trace the edge of her hole.

She moaned and bent down to try to get my hand again.

I withdrew farther, now just rubbing her around her mound.

She whimpered and put her head on my shoulder. “Please.” She asked breathlessly.

I stopped rubbing and put my hand on her thigh. “Please what?”

“Please finish me.” She begged.

I gave a little yank on her clit. She cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. She let go of my hand and wrapped her arm around me.

“What is in it for me?” I asked as I brought my other hand down her back and cupped her firm ass.

She jumped in surprise and pressed her whole body to mine. “Anything, please.”

“Anything? What is anything?” I slowly worked a finger into her.

She squeezed herself tightly to me. “Anything you want. I’ll be you slave.”

I started to slip another finger into her. “You’ll be my slave?”

“Yes!! I swear I am your slave for life! You own me! I am yours to command! You can do anything you want to me! Please Master finish me!!” She begged.

“Deal.” I started pumping my hand. She began to pant and cry. I waited until she was on the brink, and with my other hand grabbed and twisted her clit. She screamed as the pain mixed with the pleasure of her orgasm. She grabbed me with all the strength she had while the feelings ripped through her hard little body. Once she was spent, she collapsed on the floor, sobbing quietly.

I reached down and picked up her naked, trembling form and put her in her bed. I drew the covers up over her over sweat soaked body. I brushed her hair back with her hand and she looked up at me. “Go to sleep now. I will come and wake you up later.” I brushed my lips across hers.

“Yes Master.” She said in a very small voice.

I closed her door, went to the bathroom to wash my hands, and went downstairs to get myself a spot of breakfast.


It was an hour before I finished flipping through the paper. I had planned to keep my day quiet so I did not have any pressing engagements. By now I felt I had let Mary rest enough.

I went upstairs. I paused at her door about to knock when I remembered the situation. I did not need my slave’s permission to enter.

She was curled up in the fetal position facing the wall when I entered. I walked over to her. She rolled over at the sound of my approach. She had been crying, a lot, if her red eyes and tear stained face were any indication.

“Did you manage to get a little sleep?” She averted her eyes and shook her head once. I sat on the edge of her bed; she shied away from me and looked miserable. I used my thumb to wipe away the remains of her tears and cupped her cheek. She shook at little at the contact and pulled the sheet tight over her body. I bent down and kissed her. I ran my tongue over her lips to gain entry, but she pulled back and sat up holding her sheet over her tits.

“You rapped me!!” She screamed.

I laughed at her. “Nonsense.”

“I told you to stop and you ignored me. Y-you-you handled me.” Tears again welled up in her eyes.

“You loved it. You were begging me to continue. You became my slave to have me finish you off.”

“You raped me!” She said again.

I looked at her and changed my strategy. “Okay Mary, if you feel I raped you, I will apologize, but I will never touch with you again. Is that what you want, never to feel my touch a second time?” She looked chagrined at that, and I mentally laughed. “Now, did you like it?

She looked down and spoke so softly I could barely hear. “Yes.”

“You loved it you little slut.”

Her head whipped around. “I’m not a slut!!!”

“Yes you are. Look at yourself with that little belly button ring. I was watching you for a while before you knew I was there.” She blushed and turned away. “You wanted me didn’t you?”

“Not like that!”

“You certainly seemed to enjoy it.” She turned away blushing. I noticed a tell tale wet spot on the sheets was starting to form. “It was great for you wasn’t it?”

She did not turn around, but I still heard her say, “It was incredible.”

“You are getting wet right now thinking about it aren’t you?” She looked down at the sheets and paled. She tried to cover herself, but I casually rested my hand there. She gasped. I could feel her pussy throbbing through the sheet. I rubbed it gentle and she tossed back her head in a moan. “You are a slut aren’t you?”

She spun at me in anger, but I leisurely rubbed her crotch. “Yes.” She choked out.

“Say it.”

“I’m a slut.” She barely spoke.

“Say it louder.”

“I’m a slut.” She started to cry.

I rubbed her pussy again. “Convince me that you truly know it.”

She choked a little. Then she dropped her sheet and took my other hand and put it on her tit, her rock hard nipple pressed into my palm. “I, Mary Kilbee, am nothing but slut.”

I smiled and gave her pussy a hard rub to prove it to her, which brought another gasp. “You are such a slut you want me to fuck you again don’t you?”

She swallowed. “Oh god yes.”

I withdrew my hands. “Yes what?”

She blanched and averted her gaze. “Yes Master.” She said breathlessly.

I leaned in for a kiss again and this time she came to me, parting her lips before we even met. She did not hesitate to stick her tongue down my throat once they did either. I placed my hands on her hips and she tensed as I slowly brought them up her sides. She gave a squeak when I palmed her tits. They were small, but her firm nipples felt great in my hands. I ran my finger around the edges of one and she kissed me even harder. When we broke off, I rolled one of her pouting nipples between my fingers. “Gahh!” She thrust her chest forward.

“I take it you like that?”

“Yes Master!” She said, her face flushed.

I leaned in and rolled the tip of my tongue around her nipple. She grabbed my shoulders and I started to suck on it. She writhed at the feeling.

I paused to remove my shirt. “Oh god, don’t stop!” I took her erect nipple between two of my fingers and rubbed the tip with my thumb. She surged to her knees, the sheet falling away. She clenched her fists and bit her lip to keep quiet. I ran my nail over her tip, she cried out, and caught herself on me as she started to fall. She dug her nails into my shoulders, now only partly aware of her surroundings. I twisted her nipple lightly, and she shouted in pain. She pulled back and looked at me in alarm. I reached for her again, and she tried to block my hand. I took her hand and placed it on the bed, looking at her severely to make my wishes clear. I reached for her nipple again. She braced herself, but stayed still. I twisted it lightly again and she cried out, bucking, but not pulling away. I reached for her other nipple. “Please no Master.” I held her nipple and looked into her eyes. “Please Master,” she begged. I twisted it harder, pulling on it slightly and she followed where I pulled, screaming. She crossed her arms over her tits and curled up on the bed.

“Get up.”

She looked at me fearfully, but got to her knees.

“Put your arms down.”

She paled. I glowered when she hesitated and she dropped her arms.

“Did you like that?”

She knew what I wanted. “Yes Master.” She said very softly.

“Would you like another?”

She looked at me in horror, but found no sympathy on my face. A few tears made their way down her cheeks. “Yes Master.”

I grabbed her nipple and she flinched. “Are you positive?”

“Yes Master. Please Master, I need another.” I twisted lighter this time. She cried out and pulled away, but quickly resumed her place. I stared at her. She trembled but got the message. “Thank you Master, c-can I have another?” Another twist. She took a little longer to get back into position. “T-thank you Master. M-may a please have another?” She begged. I twisted her super hard nipple again. She was crying aloud when she brought her tit back up. “P-please m-Master, a-another.” I twisted her protruding nipple once more. She obediently bought her tit back, but I put my hand down. I lowered my head and blew on it little. She gasped when it stung her sensitive nipple. I lowered my lips and began to suck on it. She groaned and pushed her tit farther into my mouth. She whimpered at the mix of sensuality and hurt when I started to swirl it with my tongue. Then I nipped her little bud, lightly. She shrieked and pulled back to the wall, covering herself. She was sobbing by now.

“Get back up.” She looked up at me in terror, but shakily rose to her knees. “Lower your arms.” Her eyes got huge and she shook her head. “I said lower your arms slave.” Slowly she lowered her arms. “You are such a slut that you enjoyed that didn’t you Mary?”

“Yes Master.” She stopped crying and averted her gaze.

Without warning I pushed a finger into her pussy. She gasped, more in surprise than pain. She was very slick. I brought my hand up and put it on her lips. “Taste yourself you little slut.” She began to blow my finger, sucking off her juices, never breaking eye contact with me. “Enough.” She slowly drew her lips back over my finger, darting her tongue out to hit the tip as she pulled clear. I reached down and seized her other nipple. She gasped and started to cry again. “Do you want another?”

“Y-yes, please Master.” I looked her over: Two, bright red, throbbing pebbles. Her eyes closed and her lower lip trembling. I bent down and kissed her sore nipple. She flinched and her eyes flew open. She watched as I kissed her other nipple, and only gasped slightly at the pain. I moved up to her lips, which parted instantly. I cupped her tight ass and she slid her arms around me in return. When she came up for air I pulled her into my chest. I held her there until she figured out to start kissing my chest. She shortly moved on to licks. Once she had licked my entire chest I stopped her. It does not do much for me, but women seem to enjoy doing it.

“Remove my pants.” She lowered my shorts and looked up at me in surprise when she saw the impressive girth of my cock, big even for my lanky frame. “Lie down on your back.” She did so, keeping eye contact with me, but occasionally looking at my cock. “You are just a little slut aren’t you?”

“Yes Master.” She answered breathlessly.

“You aren’t anything more than my personal fuck-toy.”

“Of course not Master.”

“All you are is a hot little body made to please my cock.”

She lay spread eagle on her back, looking up at me in lust. “I am just a slut-bunny. My only purpose it to service you Master.”

I knelt down between her legs and put the tip of my cock on her folds, which happily opened for me.

“Master please.” I looked up to her face. “You are too big for me Master, please let me get myself wetter first.” She pleaded.

“I will go slowly.” I very slowly pushed my head through her lips. She watched me intently, beseeching me to go slowly with her eyes. She moaned as my entire head entered her, with a soft pop. She twisted on her back to stretch herself farther then she ever had before.

Then I rammed my full length into her. She howled and bucked widely underneath me, trying to pull away, but I easily kept her small body pinned to the bed. When she finally regained some self control she looked up at me. “Please Master!” She begged. I started to pump slowly, while she adjusted to being stretched so wide. She was wonderfully tight, her cunt squeezing my massive throbbing cock. I gradually picked up my pace. Soon her whole body was arching against me as she cried out in passion. I knew she was going cum soon so I slid a hand down and gave her clit a little tug and drove home with all my force at once. She yowled in ecstasy. She fell back to the bed when she was done.

“Oh god Master!! Thank you!”

I was still buried deep inside her and slowly began to pull out. She moaned as I began to do so. She squeezed her eyes shut tightly and balled the sheet up in her fists. “Oh god, oh god, oh god.” She chanted. She was almost there when I finished pulling out. She whimpered at being denied. I pinched her clit and yanked it up, away from her body. She screamed and pushed her hips in to ease the pain before she was over come in another orgasm. “Oh yes Master!! I’m cumming!!!”

After about five minutes, she tried to sit up. “Lick me clean.” She started when she saw I was still hard. She struggled over to me, smiling in anticipation. She held me in one hand and started licking. Once I was clean I had her lick and suck my balls. “Blow me, slave.” She immediately took me into her mouth. She was not getting much of me into her mouth. “Deep throat me.”

She looked up mildly alarmed. “I can’t, you’re too big.”

“Get down on your knees and open your mouth.” She did as I told her and I pushed my meat into her mouth, holding her head in place. She started gagging when I hit her throat, but positioned herself to take me whole. Her eyes never leaving mine, she worked her way up until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. She blew me for a while this way, increasing her speed, but taking my full length ever time. When I felt myself come to the edge, I pulled out. “I am going to cum soon. Do you want to taste it?”

She swallowed in fear and distaste. “Yes Master.”

“Have you ever tasted a man’s seed before slut?”

“Yes Master, but only a few times, I did not like it.”

“You are made to please me; you will like it this time.”

“Yes Master.”

“Stay still.” I put my head to her lips and slowly pushed my cock into her mouth. Then I started to face fuck her, wrapping my fingers in her dirty blonde hair. I came in a fury, my cock leaping in her mouth, filling it with my cum. “Hold it in there. I want you to taste it.” She blanched, but complied. Her eyes started to tear. “Okay swallow.” Her eyes got wide and she shook her head, moving to spit it out. I grabbed her and forced her mouth closed. “I said swallow slave!!” She started to cry, but could not get free herself of my grasp. She tried to swallow once, gagged, and finally choked it down. “Good girl.” I released her and she started crying hysterically. “Did you like that?”

She held back her tears long enough to say, “Yes Master. Thank you Master.”

“Clean me off.” She did not react. “I said clean me off slave!!” She looked up and at my scowl took me in her mouth again. She sucked me dry, but never stopped crying. “Now dry me off.”

“H-ho-h-how m-Master?”

“Use your face.” She cried but rubbed my cock against her face. “Now your tits slut.” She cried even harder, but complied without comment. “That is good slave.” She stopped and stayed kneeing before me. I pinched her nipple. She screeched, and collapsed, her body shaking in racking sobs. I laughed and sat down on her bed to watch her.

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