tagIncest/TabooHousesitting Ch. 09

Housesitting Ch. 09


Henry thought Kirstin might join him in the shower, but his stepsister left him alone this time while he cleaned himself up from fucking her in the ass.

Once clean, he dried off and left the bathroom to find Kirstin waiting in the hall. "My turn," she said.

"You could have conserved water and joined me again," Henry pointed out.

"Yes, but I thought we could use a little break. Speaking of which, a couple of my friends are coming over to work on an econ assignment that's due Monday, so we're going to have to put our little fuckfest on hold for a couple hours. You don't mind, do you?"

"Do I get to watch?"

Kirstin giggled. "If watching three college freshmen do an assignment makes you hot, go for it. This is legit, Henry. Though I have to admit, Carlene's kind of cute. I wouldn't mind getting a piece of her."

"Getting a piece? You've been practicing talking like a guy?"

"It makes some of the men I know pretty hot to hear a woman talking like that about another woman. Anyway, go get some clothes on, big brother. I don't want my friends to see what they're missing. I'll be out of the shower in a few."

"You don't have any clothes with you."

"I figured I'd flash you one last time after I clean up."

She went into the bathroom and shut the door. Henry found the clothes he'd taken off the night before and put them on. While Kirstin was with her friends, he would probably go back to his apartment and change. The night before, he hadn't brought any extra clothes with him. He hadn't planned on spending the night at his dad and stepmom's house; he'd been asked to keep an eye on the place while they were away for the weekend, but had figured he would just do a quick stop and then go home. His sexy stepsister had changed his plans.

Kirstin was still in the shower when the doorbell rang. Henry opened the door to reveal two girls, one blonde, one brunette, neither as hot as Kirstin. "Who are you?" the brunette asked.

"I'm Henry, Kirstin's stepbrother," Henry replied. "Who are you?"

"I'm Una, and this is Carlene."

Henry studied the blonde. Kirstin was right, she was pretty cute. A brief image of Kirstin and these two girls in bed with him flashed through Henry's mind, but he pushed it aside before his cock could get hard. "Come on in," he said. "Kirstin's in the shower."

"No, I'm not." Kirstin came down the hall wearing a pair of short shorts and a tight, cropped tank top. "Okay, girls, ready for some exciting econ?"

"I'm going to go back to my place for a little while," Henry said. "I'll be back."

"Thanks for the warning, big brother." Kirstin licked her lips. The sight gave Henry the hard-on he'd tried not to get.

At his apartment, after he changed his clothes, Henry did some cleaning and checked his email. After about an hour, he returned to his dad and stepmom's house. From the giggles coming down the hall, it was easy to figure out where Kirstin and her friends were.

He went to the family room and peeked around the doorway. Kirstin was topless; Una was in a bra and the shorts she'd arrived in, and Carlene was completely nude. They appeared to be working on their assignment; at least, they had textbooks open in front of them. But their lack of clothes made Henry instantly hard.

He coughed, and the girls turned toward him. Carlene gasped and grabbed at the blanket that was draped over the back of the couch. Una seemed stunned. Kirstin grinned and pushed her C-cup boobs up with her hands. "What do you think, big brother? Like what you see?"

"I have to admit, they're pretty hot." Henry went over to her and tweaked a nipple. "So this is how you do homework?"

"We're done, right girls?" Kirstin said.

"Wait a minute. Did your brother just grope you?" Carlene asked.

"Stepbrother," Kirstin corrected. "We aren't actually related. So yes, he did."

"Damn!" Una said. "How long have you been keeping this little secret, Kirstin?"

"Just since last night."

"Are you going to fuck him after we leave?" Carlene wanted to know.

"Maybe, maybe not." Kirstin closed her textbook. "You'll never know. See you guys Monday in class."

"Oh, come on, you're not going to let us watch?" Una said.

"Not this time." Kirstin winked at Henry. "I don't think he's ready to put on shows quite yet. Have a good afternoon, ladies."

Grumbling, her friends packed up their books and left. As soon as they were gone, Kirstin grabbed Henry and shoved her tongue into his mouth. They kissed and groped each other by the front door until Henry couldn't stand it any more. He pushed Kirstin's shorts down, undid his pants, and lifted her up against the door. "Ever been fucked like this?" he asked.

"Once or twice."

"Why doesn't that surprise me?" Henry lined his cock up with her opening. "Well, you're about to be again."

"Go for it."

Henry thrust into her. It wasn't easy for him to keep his balance while he held her up against the door, but he managed, fucking her harder and faster until she finally cried out, "Henry, I'm cumming!"

"Good girl." He thrust even harder and felt her cunt squeeze his dick as her orgasm hit.

When she recovered, he lowered her to the floor and said, "On your hands and knees."

"You aren't going to cum with me against the door?"

"I'm afraid I'd drop you," Henry admitted.

Laughing, Kirstin got down on the floor. Henry knelt behind her and pushed his cock back into her pussy. "You could fuck my ass again," Kirstin suggested.

"Not this time."

It took only a few strokes before Henry shot inside her. He pulled out and kissed her deeply. "That was hot. It turned you on to hear your friends talk about watching us, didn't it?"

"Hell yeah. I like to be watched. But maybe some other time."


Kirstin stood up and pulled her shorts back up. "By the way, Mom and your dad called while you were gone. Mom's not feeling well, so they cut the trip short. They'll be back around eight tonight."

"They will?"

"Uh huh. So if there's anything you've always wanted to do, we'd better get to it. Wouldn't want them to catch us."

"No, we wouldn't."

A mischievous twinkle came into Kirstin's eyes. "I know one thing I've always wanted to do. Follow me." She skipped off down the hall.

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