tagMind ControlHousewife Bimbo Ch. 02

Housewife Bimbo Ch. 02


Chapter 02

Florence is in desperate trouble

(Florence has been hypnotised to be a dumb bimbo called Candy. Florence has lost control of the bimbo personality, and can only observe what is happening to her. She hasn't given up trying to guide the bimbo out of trouble, though it has become increasingly difficult.)


Tommy was pleased with their reaction. The four guys were looking at his conquest, with obvious admiring looks, though the intensity of the stares was unsettling. They totally ignored him, which is not what he wanted. He wanted them to know this beautiful girl was his, with the expectation of his credit rising.

It was probably better not to tell them she was hypnotised. It was more of a boost to his credibility to let them think she was stuck on him. It would spoil the effect if they found out he had tricked her into it. He was feeling full of confidence, after screwing her in the office, though it was disappointing they weren't praising him for having such an attractive girlfriend.

"Bring the slut over here, Tommy. We'll take care of her for you," they laughed. "We've got big sticks, not like you're wiener," they joked, while waving the pool cue's.

Florence was terrified. The stupid kid, Tommy, was showing her off to these tough gang members. He wouldn't be able to protect her if they decided to take her away from him. The way she was dressed announced she was a stupid blonde slut, and they'd got the message.

"Nice tits, girl," one of them commented. The others joined in, describing her body, in crude terms.

"Nice ass, can I have it?"

"Don't listen to him, I'll fill your cunt with red hot cum," another said, with appropriate pool cue actions.

Their remarks were getting more bawdy when neither of them objected. They obviously didn't think much of Tommy.

Florence desperately tried to get through the hypnotic influence, securely binding her into playing what was supposed to be, just a naughty silly game. Her role was to play at being a dumb bimbo, only it had all gone horribly wrong. Instead of being under her husbands protection, she had ended up here, in a rough pool hall.

The stupid bimbo personality didn't help the dangerous situation. Candy stood there wiggling her hips, thinking they were complimenting her. Candy was too stupid to understand that being called a slut was an insult.

'Don't go over to those naughty boys, they have big sticks and might smack you,' Florence urgently told the bimbo. 'You belong to Tommy, stay with him, you must go with Tommy," she encouraged.

Florence had lost control of the Candy personality, so had to try and persuade her into getting away. It was terrible losing control of her own body. She had been reduced to nothing more than an inner voice, and Candy had been told to ignore it. The bimbo personality had become dominant, leaving her as an observer of what was going on around her.

At last the bimbo seemed to get the message. "Tommy? Like, when you did me, what was it? Oh, yea, an orgasm. I mean, you took me and kinda, well, that made me yours?" Bimbo quietly asked.

"Err, yea, I guess so," Tommy answered. He didn't like what they were saying about her. He felt jealous, even though he had been contemplating getting rid of her.

"So, like, I belong to you now," Bimbo spoke, with the usual girly voice, only less bubbly. She was trying to make sense of that inner voice she heard, not understanding it was Florence, the woman she usually was. It was just too confusing for her. She tugged on his shirt, trying to get his attention.

"I should go with you then. I don't like those naughty boys," she moaned. "I want to go home with you, please. Take me home!" she complained.

Florence sighed with relief. In a twisted way, Candy had responded to her insistent guidance. Once released from the hypnotic influence she would never, ever, play this game again. It had become too strong, from playing it so often. With her husband around to guide her, she hadn't notice how out of control she was.

"We'll take you home, girl," they laughed. "Do you want us to take you one at a time, or all at once?" they laughed, though it sounded threatening. "We'll make you our gang slut, what do you say?" the leader asked, with a nasty leer.

"Go away, your naughty boys," Candy told them.

They creased up with laughter. Tommy made a quick exit, pulling her with him.

"So where do you live?" Tommy asked.

He knew she was hypnotised, but who she really was, was a mystery. Having taken advantage of her, he figured he was in trouble when she came round. The best bet was to get rid of her, while still hypnotised, with the hope she wouldn't remember him.

Florence hadn't thought about this. She certainly wanted to go home, with the safety that would bring. Having him take her there, would mean him discovering who she was. He would find out she wasn't a young nineteen year old, but a married woman.

If it got out what had happened, that they had sex, it would be devastating. A young guy like this would be sure to brag to his friends, and that would be the end of her reputation, and marriage. The humiliation of letting him take her, shook her once more, now the danger of the pool hall was over.

Again she tried to get through to Candy, needing to prevent another disaster. Don't let him take her home, was the message she tried to get through to the bimbo. She then needed the stupid one to get a taxi home, and safety.

"Candy don't want to go home, like, Candy wants you to look after her," Bimbo whined.

"What about your parents, won't they expect you home?" Tommy asked.

"Don't live with parents, don't have any," Bimbo told him.

"What about a boyfriend?" he asked.

"Didn't have one. You're my boyfriend, I belong to you now," Bimbo pouted. "Like, you made Candy orgasm, I liked that," Candy giggled.

Damn! The bimbo was still following the previous instructions. Florence wondered how to get her to follow another track. She had pushed for a taxi, only to have that part of the message ignored.

Tommy had already worked out no-one could be that stupid. It was part of the hypnotic suggestion. What he couldn't understand, was why someone would want to subject themselves to such an idiotic role. Surely she would have shrugged it off, if she wanted to.

He arrived home, and just sat in the car, wondering what to do with her. His father was back Monday from the conference. He suspected it was a dirty weekend rather than business. That was exactly why his mother had left them some years ago. The house looked lonely, even more than usual.

Florence was still working hard to get Candy sent home in a taxi. The simple idea, to just get him to send her home, wasn't getting through. The bimbo seemed fixed on the idea that she belonged to Tommy, after he made her his.

"You can stay the weekend, then I'll have to send you home," Tommy explained.

"Oh! For sure, great, like, Candy will love staying with her Tommy," Candy gushed, and wrapped her arms around him, for a sloppy smooch.

Florence was half way there, for he had said he would send her home. However, the idea of staying a weekend with this kid was terrible. The damn bimbo was all over him, though she noticed he was more reluctant than before. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad after all.

Then it dawned on her. In the morning she would wake up free! Just avoid anything nasty happening this evening, and tomorrow she would be home and safe. For a moment she thought of joining her husband, at the weekend resort they had booked. How could she? After what she had done, it would be impossible. She left the bimbo to get on with it, while she dealt with a sharp pain of guilt.

"Candy, are you finished in there?" Tommy asked.

"Yes, sir!" Candy chirpily answered. There was a crash of crockery hitting the floor, with the whirring noise of a spinning plate slowing down. "Nearly, sir," Candy nervously added.

"Damn! What's the stupid bitch broken now?" Tommy wondered, with an ever growing annoyance.

Florence kept telling Candy, Tommy would be pleased with her, if she cleaned up the kitchen. It was a way of keeping away from him, and it seemed to be working. The breakages couldn't be helped, and it amused Florence, even if it made the clumsy bimbo more anxious.

Candy walked into the lounge with a coffee. "Sorry it took so long, sir. Candy just had to do the kitchen. Like, it was so messy," she smiled.

When he gruffly answered, while playing a computer game, Candy felt hurt. She wanted Tommy to take an interest in her, as he had before. She had enjoyed it when he did nice things to her. Perhaps he was annoyed with her for breaking things.

She began to tidy up the lounge, putting away magazines and stacking up games in a rack. She bent at the waist, just as he had showed her, to pick up a magazine. Looking over her shoulder at him, with a big smile on her face brought disappointment. He was ignoring her, despite showing off her cute bottom.

Florence was appalled. The stupid girl was showing off her bottom in the short skirt, and the guy still had her panties. The lewd way she was bent over was embarrassing. As a mature woman, with a devastating figure, it was humiliating to be flaunting her body to a young guy.

'Stop that right now! He's more interested in that game than you!' Florence shouted at Candy.

Florence realised this was the wrong approach. She needed to encourage the poor thing in the right direction, rather than reproach the silly thing. The heavier she pushed, the more she was ignored.

Candy wanted to feel young and good about herself. Tommy could make her feel so alive and sexy. It made her feel so good, when he wanted her, and paid her attention. She accidently dropped the magazines and got down on her knees to pick them up. One fell open to a picture of a naked woman, with legs spread wide.

With a glint in her eyes she crawled over to Tommy, gripping the magazine in her teeth. Dropping the magazine in his lap, she was pleased to gain his attention.

"Can Tommy teach Candy to do this?" Candy asked. She looked up at him through long eyelashes, opening her eyes as wide as possible, trying to look cute.

Florence winced from mental pain. She had tried to tell Candy he wasn't interested in her, and that she should get a taxi home. It wasn't working. This was a disgusting result, far worse than she could have imagined.

When playing the bimbo game with her husband, men had tried it on with her. She had giggled and encouraged them, by being too stupid to realise what they were up to. It had been embarrassing, sometimes humiliating, to be treated like a dumb blonde. It had also been a huge turn on. Without the hypnosis it would have been impossible to behave like that.

On an adventure, as they called them, a stranger had asked if her breasts were real, or implants. After much encouragement, and a lot of giggling, she let him feel her breasts. He still wouldn't believe her, so the stupid bimbo was preparing to show them to him. As usual her husband came to the rescue just in time, and spirited her away.

The expression of disappointment on the strangers face had her panting for it. Florence had been so turned on by being treated like a stupid bimbo, and being tricked into nearly showing off her breasts, she was deeply aroused. They had hardly got out of the car park before she began grabbing at her husband's pants. She remembered they pulled into a lonely spot off the road, and fucked like crazy.

The danger was that the Candy personality was now in control, without her husband to save her.

Tommy looked at the dirty magazine, which had been hidden among the gaming ones. The centre fold was certainly athletic. The model was a blonde like Candy, only she was unable to prove it, from being shaved bare. He stared at the picture, with a little embarrassment, having always kept them a secret.

"Please, sir. You teached me good before. Like, Candy could do that, if you showed me how," Candy pleaded.

It was obvious she didn't like being ignored. In the pool hall she had loved the attention of those guys, despite how rude they were. He tried not to get excited, needing to keep his head and not get carried away. Well, perhaps he could show her. Damn! How could he refuse.

"To the bathroom, you need to do something first," Tommy firmly stated.

When she came round out of the hypnotic influence, she would have something to puzzle over. He still assumed she wouldn't remember anything, and was completely oblivious of what was happening. He smiled to himself, with the image of this girl showering, and wondering how it had happened. He wondered if she would scream on finding her pubes had been so completely shaved off, without a recollection of how or when.

Holding her hand he led her to the family bathroom, where there was room to manoeuvre. He didn't notice how shabby it was, as it hadn't been used or cleaned up since his mother left. There were no towels or anything for her to lay on, so he grabbed what was needed and led her to his bedroom.

"Pull the skirt up around your waist," he gruffly told her.

"Ooo! Like, wow, am I going to have another scrummy orgasm?" Candy asked, in an excited voice.

Florence felt as though she had been shoved into a corner. Candy was so excited, her head was full of giggles and gasps of excitement. It left little room for Florence to think of a defence.

"Lay back on the bed," he said, and watched her eagerly hitch up the skirt. She was chuckling and yelping with pleasure. She lifted her hips for him to push a pillow under them. She wriggled with exaggerated movements to position herself, lifting her hips up at him.

The wetness of her pussy glinted under the lights, on the fluffy golden hairs. This was the first time being under good lighting, and it was obvious she was no teenager. He didn't notice, as he was concentrating on her crotch.

He sprayed foam between her legs.

"Whoa! That tickles!" Candy laughed.

Florence cringed from shame over the indignity of what was about to happen. This young guy had her in the palm of his hand, literally. Candy was being worked up, though it was her body, so she too felt the rush of chemicals. Florence was being fired up along with Candy, and there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it.

While working the foam over her pussy he explored it, feeling it open up, discovering her clit. Her legs spread out with every press of a sensitive button. They flexed and shook. Her head was pushed back, with mouth wide open, gasping air, moaning sounds of encouragement.

He stopped fingering her, instead he ran the cold razor up a thigh. This too elicited a whimper of pleasure. Pulling on a lip, he carefully ran the blade over it. There wasn't much hair to start with, and soon there wasn't anything at all. She was completely bald, from back to front, her crotch was naked.

"Push them apart, a little more," he encouraged, with a hand to her ankles. Surely that must hurt, he thought. Her legs were straight out sideways, pulling her pussy lips wide open.

"Is your Candy like in the picture?" she asked. Her breathing was rapid, leaving her speaking between gasps.

"Yep," he announced.

"Can sir, like, give Candy another orgasm, please!" she whined.

Florence was whining with her. Cowering in a corner of her mind, no longer able to resist the overpowering arousal, she joined in the pathetic pleading. Florence needed this young guy to fuck her. She didn't have to do anything, she just handed over what little control there was to Candy.

He dropped his jeans, only losing sight of her gaping pussy while pulling off the t-shirt. He crawled onto the bed, between her outstretched thighs. He glanced either side of him, at her wriggling feet. They were uncontrollably twitching and flexing.

There was no need to hold back, he just guided his cock into her waiting pussy. With legs stretched out sideways she couldn't move. He felt her vagina grip him tight. He slowly moved in a rocking motion, back and forth. His breathing rasped as he got closer to an orgasm. He yelled something, meaning he was about to cum. He didn't hear her similar announcement.

"Push it in, shove your cock into Candy. Do me, real hard and deep, please, sir," she yelped. The girly voice now had a harsh, deeper tone.

He felt as though it was going on forever, and wanted it to last, though suddenly he cum. He pumped sperm deep inside her, feeling the twitches of his cock and her inner spasms.

They fell apart and Tommy fell into an instant sleep.

Candy snuggled up to him, feeling satisfied from an orgasm and having a boyfriend to look after her. The inner voice told her she needed someone to look after her, and she focused the idea on Tommy. The confusing proposal of getting a taxi, and the feeling of belonging to him was resolved, she would stay there, and do as she was told like a good girl.

Florence shrank deeper into the recesses of her mind. Letting this young guy fuck her was so very bad. The physical arousal had overwhelmed her, flooding her mind with desire, so there had been no chance of fighting it. She had chosen to invoke the bimbo personality, so couldn't blame anyone else for what happened.


Next morning Florence became aware of the morning light slanting into her eyes. She couldn't see anything, for moment. Flickering them rapidly to focus, she became aware of the young man's back.

Hell! This was the most embarrassing situation of her life. She would have to face this young man, pretending to be Candy, until escaping the horrendous situation. She was trapped between him and the bedroom wall, so couldn't sneak off without waking him. She just hoped he wouldn't insist on taking her home.

Putting off the moment of truth, she lay there waiting for him to wake. Peering over his snoring head, she looked around for her panties. Where had he put them? She was a mature, married woman, behaving like a stupid little slut, and would have to carry out the ruse for a while longer.

At last he stirred, yawned, and turned over.

"Hi Tommy," Candy gushed, and lavished his face with kisses.

Florence cringed inside. The damn hypnosis was still active! The bimbo personality had been in place for so long yesterday, it was continuing to hold her. It should have been broken while she slept.

'No! Pease let me go! Please Candy take me home. Don't let this young guy fuck me again, please!' Florence begged.

She fell deeper into a dark place, as though down a deep well. Having to suffer a whole weekend of humiliation that Candy would bring upon her, was too horrendous to face. She didn't want to experience it and the only way was to shut herself off from Candy, letting the bimbo get on with it.

In her imagination, her murmurings echoed. 'Please don't disgrace me. Please don't let him fuck you Candy. It's my body he will be using. Hell! Don't let him find out who I am,' Florence whimpered in her hideaway.

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