tagMind ControlHousewife Bimbo Ch. 03

Housewife Bimbo Ch. 03


Chapter 03

Sent Home

Florence gave up trying to fight off the silly bimbo personality. Having been hypnotised all week the influence ran too deep. She was stuck with an air-head girl making all the decisions for her. The person she was hypnotised to be, was called Candy.

Playing at being a stupid bimbo for an hour or two with her husband was fun, but a whole week of it was dreadful. What made it so bad, was that Candy had a crush on Tommy, a young eighteen year old. As a mature married woman she was passed all that nonsense. She had responsibilities and a position in the community, yet she was behaving like a love sick puppy.

Tommy was looking after her in his father's house, while he was away on business. Candy was so wrapped up in pleasing Tommy, she was willing to do anything for him. Unfortunately it didn't mean just tidying up the house, it meant sleeping with him.

She was painfully aware of what was happening, and helpless to prevent it. Her mind was being used by Candy, and her body was being used by Tommy. He easily outwitted the stupid bimbo, and was teaching her lewd tricks.

Candy lay back on the floor, completely naked. She had lost her clothes while playing strip poker.

"Do I have too?" Candy complained. She screwed up her eyebrows and pouted her lips at him.

"You lost the hand, and don't have any clothes left. You have to pay a forfeit instead. Rules of the game," Tommy explained yet again.

"I'd rather have you!" she sweetly smiled at him.

"No, that wouldn't be a forfeit, would it," he pointed out.

Before she could ask again what a forfeit meant, he indicated she should get on with it. He watched her pick up the vibrator and rub it between her lips. She didn't show much enthusiasm.

He leaned forward, steadied her hand, and switched it on.

"Oooo! That tickles," she giggled.

A little more enthusiasm was shown as her lips parted. They were becoming slick with juices as she tickled her clit.

"Try to imagine it's me you have in your hand," Tommy encouraged.

"Eh?" Candy mumbled.

She closed her eyes, to concentrate on the sensations. She had no compunction in following Tommy's instructions, it was just that she found things so difficult to understand. He had made her his by taking her; making love to her. So now she had to do whatever he said, and she really wanted to please him. After all, she didn't want to be dumped, as that would be a disaster.

Florence felt waves of arousal overcoming her. It wasn't just Candy who felt the sensations. It was her body heating up, and that worked on her too. As humiliating as it was, the climax couldn't be resisted. She and her alter ego, Candy were close.

Candy threw her head back and wailed. Her whole body rocked. The dildo was worked hard up inside her, then back out over her clit. It fell from her hand, as the orgasm reached out to her limbs, leaving them weak.

Tommy watched her intently. He had never seen a girl masturbate before, so found it amazing. Her orgasm with him was impressive, as she would lose control, seemingly taken over by it. This too was worth watching. After awhile her eyes flickered open and she gave him a big smile.

"Oh Tommy! Like that was wonderful. You know how to please you're little Candy," she demurely said, with an expression of delight.

The phone rang a few times before he heard it. He rocked forward in the chair, almost dropping the phone. His father was giving him a warning that he would be back in an hour or two.

He looked around the place, only then noticing that everything was tidy for a change. Candy might be a stupid bimbo, but Florence was an experienced housewife. He hadn't noticed her cleaning the place. He would have to explain why it looked so good later, though right now he had to get rid of the reason.

"Get dressed, Candy," he firmly said. Fortunately she was satisfied and didn't argue. When he ushered her out to a cab, she seemed unusually confused.

Florence was jubilant. At last she was being sent home. She repeated the address to Candy again and again. She told Candy this was a good idea, and that she needed to get home. Candy didn't want to leave Tommy, but he was firm and had her in the cab before she knew what was happening.

Candy was shocked from being sent away by her boyfriend. In this state it gave Florence a chance to work on her. Once home she might regain some control. She just hoped her husband was there to break the damned hypnotic suggestion.

'Yes!' Florence silently yelled once the door was closed behind her.

Candy was in a sullen mood, almost going along with suggestions from Florence. In the bedroom Florence wanted to change out of the ridiculous clothes, but Candy just sat and moped. After all, the stupid one was a teenager.


Mathew came home from a week at a resort. He wondered why Florence hadn't turned up, and tried phoning home several times. At the point of returning home he reasoned that the vacation had been paid for, so why not enjoy it. He didn't want to face the repacking either.

Sitting at the bar looking concerned, a smiling face asked if he was alright. He found a distraction, a beautiful blonde distraction. During the day they walked in the park, chatted in the gym, and floated around in the pool. They flirted while drinking at the bar in the evenings. The third day found them drinking too much, ending with a steamy night in her cabin.

Catherine was lively and intelligent, and great fun to be with. Now he had to return home to face an unpleasant scene. On the drive home he felt so guilty, he forgot about why Florence hadn't joined him at the resort.

"Florence! You here?" he shouted, while heaving luggage through the door. He unpacked his clothes, dumping them in the utility room. Her case he took to their room.

"What's wrong? I've been worried about you!" he complained. Seeing her just sitting there ignoring him was a clue.

"Have you been here like this?" Matthew asked. He was worried that she might have been just sitting there all week. He looked her over, to realise it was a stupid notion.

Florence wanted to shout with happiness, now her husband was home and freedom was so close. She knew not to yell at the stupid girl, as she would just be ignored. Florence felt the tide of emotion pushing Candy into action.

"Oh! Wow! You're home!" Candy exclaimed, in a high pitched girly voice. She was a little confused about who this man was. For some reason she felt very happy he was home.

The reaction confirmed it. She had put herself under the influence of the bimbo personality. It couldn't have been all week, for that would be too much for anyone to withstand. She must have triggered it in anticipation of his homecoming.

He didn't want to ask what she had been up to, in case she asked him in return. If he left her like this he would have time to get over Catherine, and not reveal what happened.

Catherine was a beautiful sophisticated woman, closer to his age, and so they shared things in common. His wife was a few years younger yet right then she was acting like an air-head teen. The games had been fun, and the uninhibited sex was great. Though he wondered if marrying a younger woman had been the right thing to do.

"Err, this is your house, sir? OK. Does that mean I have to do as I'm told?" Candy sweetly asked.

He wondered what she was playing at now.

Florence had at least got something through to the stupid one. She had been urging Candy to behave herself, and to do as the man told her. The part about asking him to remove the hypnosis, didn't get through the girls confused thinking. She probably wouldn't be able to pronounce the word, 'hypnosis', anyway.

"Yes. While in my home you must do as I say," Matthew stated.

He decided to play along, until it was clear what she wanted to do. What he didn't want was to make love. He had a lot to think about. Mostly about a fun blonde, who made him feel good.

It was just possible to influence Candy, if she wasn't distracted by someone else. She didn't think it a good idea to say he was her husband. The girl was confused enough as it was.

Florence was becoming confused too. Why hadn't he used the phrase to bring her round? She was grounded! Sent to her room, or rather the spare room, she wondered why. From the sounds in the utility room and kitchen, he was obviously washing clothes and cooking.

She wished she could tell him it had been a whole week under the influence of the hypnosis. He would understand the danger she was in, and bring her round straight away. Having endured a whole week as Candy she would need some time to recover.

Anyway, at least she didn't have to explain away the past week with Tommy. That would be so painful, she would have to keep it a dark secret.

They ate together, while her husband treated her like a stupid adolescent. It was frustrating watching the two of them interacting without being able to speak her mind. Candy babbled stupidly as expected, but at least she didn't blurt out anything about Tommy.

Florence figured he was punishing her for missing the week of vacation time together. After doing those bad things with Tommy, she deserved what-ever he put her through. Sent to her room after dinner suited her too. She felt too dirty to sleep in the same bed as her husband.

Next morning Matthew expected to face Florence and a thorough questioning. He set the answers straight in his mind. Walking, exercising, a couple of drinks, and an early night. A pleasant week, but he had missed her.

When she walked into the kitchen as Candy, he was both relieved and puzzled. Surely the hypnosis should have cleared after a full night of sleep. Quietly fixing breakfast he shut out the inane adolescent chatter.

The doorbell rang. "Look after the toast, Candy," he said. Knowing how incapable the bimbo was, he switched off the toaster, rather than face a disaster.

"Glad your back!" Bernard greeted Matthew, as he barged in. "You're not going to be though. A potential customer wants a presentation Monday morning. I need your help, Mat," he explained.

The smells of breakfast wafted from the kitchen, interesting his boss. "I was just making some toast, want some," Matthew offered. He meant to bring it in to the lounge, but Bernard followed him, with his son trailing them.

"This is, err, Candy, my niece," Matthew lied.

He wasn't used to thinking on his feet, from the habit of planning everything in detail. It seemed to work though. Introducing his wife as a niece was embarrassing. What else could he do while she was still hypnotised, and behaving like a young girl. The way she was made up and dressed, they got away with it.

"This is Damien," Bernard offhandedly said. He almost added, Damien by name and by nature. Knowing the boy would recount it to his mother, kept him quiet.

They went into the study with the coffee and toast. Bernard was eager to make a start. Matthew was relieved to immerse himself in work. They brainstormed over content style and figures.

Taking a break, Matthew made coffee.

"Where's he got to. I hope he's not causing trouble," Bernard crossly stated.

"I'm sure they'll be alright. pour the coffee and I'll check up on them," Matthew helpfully said. All he wanted to do was forget about her for awhile. Work had always been absorbing, and he needed to forget about personal conflicts.

Mathew strode toward the spare room where his wife had been grounded. Hearing giggling rising from the basement he turned toward the stairs. The door was ajar, so he peeked through. He wanted to avoid Florence, while she was Candy. He was worried the conversation between them might reveal who she really was.

From the top of the stairs he nearly fell. The damn kid was messing with his wife! They were kissing, and he had his arms wrapped around her!

He froze, only just holding back a shout of indignation. He wondered what to say. Of course he could put a stop to it. She was his wife for god's sake! He began to think it through. He was responsible for his niece, so he could intervene.

Damn! Why was she letting that kid smooch her? He was only eighteen. She was a married woman, even though hypnotised to be Candy the silly bimbo.

"Everything OK?" Bernard shouted from the study.

Now that could be a problem. Bernard didn't look at her in the kitchen. If he made a fuss, Bernard might find out the so called niece was his wife. How in hell could he explain why she was kissing the boss's son?

He watched her push him away. He was a lousy kisser; all wet and sloppy. If she didn't know he had seen them, she couldn't blame him for it when released. She could control the situation to some extent, so he decided to leave her to it.

"They're OK. Playing some computer game," Matthew told the boss.


Florence was appalled. Candy had been flashing her eyes at this kid. He was running his eyes over her from the moment he stepped into the kitchen. The skirt and top were better than she had worn all week, but they were still embarrassingly childish.

Sent off to play, as his father had quipped, was demeaning. She guided him to the basement, rather than go to her room where there was a bed, and temptation. It wasn't so much him, as Candy who had to be watched.

They sat on the sofa ready to play a game. Candy pressed up against him, leading him on. Florence tried to remind her Tommy was her boyfriend.

"Tommy was my boyfriend, but we broke up," Candy said, out of context as usual. She had got the message, only to misread it.

"I don't have a girlfriend either. We broke up just before the summer break," Damien said.

Florence could see what was happening, but couldn't do anything about it. Before she could gather her wits to even try and intervene, Candy was opening her mouth to him. The wet kiss was awful.

"You don't kiss like that! Let me show you," Candy offered. The boy looked aggrieved from being criticised, but brightened over the offer. Candy showed him how to kiss, by twinning her tongue with his.

The petting was innocent enough between teenagers, but she was a married woman, not a silly young girl.


The two men worked away until they were stuck over which way to push the client.

"He's too quiet for my liking," Bernard grumbled.

"You make the coffee and I'll check up on them," Matthew said, trying to sound reassuring.

The door was still carelessly left open. Looking in, he silently cursed. He thought everything had settled down, since she had pushed Damien away. He was surprised to see they were again kissing like teenagers. They were devouring each other. He was about to march in when he saw Florence part her legs.

A movement in the skirt froze him at the door. "No!" He whispered. The damn kid was fingering his wife! Fortunately they were so carried away, his presence wasn't noticed.

Candy whispered instructions in Damien's ear. She had learnt a lot while staying with Tommy, and was using that experience to guide Damien. Though it was nice, he wasn't getting it right.

Florence silently groaned in frustration, after trying hard to stop the stupid girl. At least her body wasn't being excited enough for her to succumb. She had a chance to thwart the pair of them, if only she could get through to the stupid bimbo.

Matthew was angry with his wife for letting it happen. Too ashamed to confront them, he decided to let her get on with it. If she too had something to be guilty about, it would let him off the hook.

Florence realised It was a mistake to remind Candy about Tommy being her boyfriend. Candy felt rejected by him since being sent away in a taxi. She was playing up to this boy all the more. The stupid bitch was teaching him what to do. She was telling him where to touch her!


A list of probable questions the client might have was completed, so they broke for lunch. Matthew made sandwiches while Bernard made the coffee.

"It's OK! I'll see what they want," Matthew hurriedly interrupted his boss.

"Thanks! I've been lumbered with him while Maurine is visiting her mother. Whatever I say to him, he does the opposite. You'll find out what they're like when you have kids. They behave themselves with others, but parents get the hell treatment," he angrily stated.

Matthew peeked down the stairs with a feeling of foreboding engulfing him. This time he was determined to do something. He at least could make them break for lunch. An excuse would be needed to send her to the spare room, without involving Bernard.

His eyes gaped in shock. Florence was on her knees, with her head bobbing up and down in the kids lap. Hell! The guy had his eyes screwed shut, while his wife was blowing him!

He backed away, unable to cope with the sordid image. He walked in a trance to the bathroom. Splashing his face with cold water didn't help. He returned to the kitchen looking dazed.


Florence was appalled over what Candy had her doing. The stupid slut was using a new found skill, honed over the past week with Tommy. She was swallowing the kids cock, right down to his balls!

It was so much more nasty when she hadn't been sexed up ready for it. The feeling of his cock in her mouth was dreadful. The smell and taste of it was acrid. Feeling him tense meant the inevitable was about to happen. Florence just hoped Candy didn't swallow.

Shit! Candy was making a show of swallowing his cum! The lad was ecstatic, with a big grin over his face. Maybe now they would settle down to actually playing a game.


"Everything OK?" Bernard asked.

"Sure," Matthew weakly replied.

"You're deep in thought. I know you'll solve the presentation issues. Wish I could have given you more information," Bernard warmly said.

He looked distracted, of course he did. His wife was blowing the bosses son! The humiliation of having the boss discover them turned the anger toward Florence. Instead of putting a stop to the despicable behaviour, he just nodded at the boss. She could bloody well save herself this time!

"What do they want to eat?" Bernard asked.

"They're fine! They're playing a game. Best not disturb them," Mathew said.

"That's kids for you! Never want to eat at meal times, then expect a pizza to miraculously appear before them. Well at least he's keeping out of trouble. You sure they're OK? Maybe I should warn him to behave himself," Bernard huffed.

"No! While they're busy, err, playing a computer game, its best leaving them to it," Mathew encouraged.

"Let's eat, and we can get the job done," Bernard said. "They must have won the game, from the noise they're making," Bernard commented, between bites.

While they ate the boss's son was making out with his wife. He couldn't unravel his thinking enough to work out what to do. Why was she letting that young kid do that to her? He heard the familiar sound of his wife's orgasmic wail. It was too late to do anything now.

Bernard raised his eyebrows, acknowledging the excited voices. "We didn't have computer games when I was a kid. I don't know why they get so excited over the damn things," he mused.

Matthew shrugged his shoulders. He felt beaten. He could at least escape the ordeal by absorbing himself in work. They were silent now, so maybe it was all over. If she gave him grief over leaving her at home all week, he would use this against her. It was a poor consolation.

"All finished!" Bernard grinned. He stretched his arms above his head to relieve the tension. "I'll just use the bathroom and get out of your way," he added.

Matthew saved the documents, and made a backup for Bernard. He sat back rubbing his face, wondering what to do about Florence. The hypnotic influence was obviously far stronger than he thought. They would have to leave off playing their games, which suited him. One consolation was that she was bound to agree after this.

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