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Housewife Fantasy


I took a deep breath as I picked up the last bag containing Jimmy's toys and walked back up the stairs to my mother's apartment. She was waiting for me with a smile again. She was always happy and cheerful when Rick and I bought her grandson over for a weekend visit.

"Mom. I think I brought in everything."

"Oh. Jennifer. You know how happy I'm to be able to have little Jimmy here for the weekend. Don't you and Rick worry a bit? He'll be just fine here with his grandma."

Jimmy was playing in the front room with the television blaring away. I smiled and walked over to him and leaned down and gave him a big hug.

"Sweetheart? Mommy is going to miss you very much! I want you to behave and listen to your grandma for me. OK?"

Jimmy just shook his head as I kissed his cheek. Mom was standing near the doorway with a big smile as always. I hugged her tight.

"Thanks Mom. I'll call on Sunday to see how he's doing. Oh. Mom. Don't give him a lot of candy. Make sure he eats his dinner before you give him any snacks."

"Jennifer. Don't you worry about a thing? You and Rick go and have a nice time at that business convention."

I waived as I walked toward the stairs. I rushed down the stairway to my car and got inside and called Rick. "Honey? I should be home in a couple hours. I'm going to stop by the mall and pick up something to wear for tonight."

Rick seemed preoccupied. He was problebly getting everything ready for tonight. I hope I didn't disappoint him. I stepped on the gas and turned the corner. I wasn't far from the mall. Dam! I saw flashing lights in my mirror and pulled the car over to the side of the road.

Yes. I was nervous. I looked into the mirror and saw the officer pulling behind me and quickly got out my licence and registration. I had just enough time to unbutton my blouse. I got one and them the second button and adjusted my shoulders.

Good. He'll see a lot of cleavage! I turned my head around and smiled and made sure the officer got a good peek at my boobs. Fuck! A dam woman, police officer!

"Can I see your licence and registration, Mam?"

I gave her what she needed and saw her starring at my boobs. She glanced at my licence and took another look down into the car. She seemed to hesitate for a moment as she glanced at my boobs again. This didn't look good.

I waited in my car for several minutes until the officer walked back and gave me my licence and registration back to me. I found it rather strange. She kneeled down next to my door so my boobs were in her view and smiled.

"Mam. You were driving ten over the speed limit. Please be careful around here. We have a lot of children that cross the road going to the mall."

I smiled back at her as she slowly got to her feet. I was putting my things back in my purse and could see her still starring at me as she walked back to her car. Oh. Boy! Just what I need. A dam lesbian cop! It got me off the hook and that's all that mattered!

I pulled into the mall and got out of the car. I swung my purse over my shoulder and heard someone whistling at me as I headed for the mall doors. I get that a lot. I'm blonde with long legs and when I'm wearing heels like I'm today, they make my legs appear as if they are a mile long!

I strutted my way from shop to shop looking for the perfect dress. I didn't realize that my blouse buttons were still undone until a few old ladies gave me a nasty stare! I grinned at the last one. I wanted to tell her off so bad!

I think I looked, hot for twenty-nine! Having one kid and getting myself back in shape with a trim tummy! Lord! Rick wanted to have another! Men just don't realize what us women have to go through to make ourselves attractive and desirable for them.

Gee Wheeze! I spent almost three hours last night, trimming and shaving my pussy and legs and do you think I got the slightest compliment from Rick? As I mentioned earlier, Rick was preoccupied so shaving my pussy wasn't exactly just for him. I'll explain that later. I have to find a dress!

I tried on several in one shop then went to another place where everything looked like hookers shopped there. I was intrigued and fascinated and shopped around until I saw flashing lights in my head that said. This is the one!

It was purple and appeared short and clingy. I looked at the tag. Size five! Yes! ......I had to try this one on. I wiggled my hips and slipped the thin material across my hips until I was ready for the straps. "Oh dear God! Let this one be the one!"

Yes. It was working. I slowly cupped my boobs into the material and slowly pulled the thin straps over my arms. I shifted the material and starred into the mirror. I turned and stood on my toes and ran my hands across my ass. You might say I have a nice full round bottom for a woman my size.

I turned and got close to the mirror and checked out my cleavage. The tight material pushed my boobs together making them appear gigantic! OK. I'm a thirty-sex D cup. Big but not gigantic but they were to me!

I bought the dress and walked to another shop and found a pair of heels I liked. I had the guy go and find a size six for me. He came out and put the heel on my foot for me. I leaned down and helped him get the shoe on my foot and forgot I still had one button undone.

I think I just made this eighteen-year old's day for him as I got into both heels. He was very helpful and put the shoes back into the box for me. I stood and swung my purse over my shoulder and gave my ass an extra wiggle for him as he followed me to the counter to pay for them.

I returned home and pulled the car into the garage. God! It was after six! I had to change my clothes. I ran through the door and saw the light flashing on the phone. It was a message from my husband, Rick.

"Hi Honey! I guess you're at your mother's for dinner. I just got into Seattle and it's raining here. I'll be checking into my hotel room in another hour. I'll call you on Sunday! Tell Jimmy that Daddy say's hello!"

I slipped out of my shorts and ran into the bedroom and took a quick shower. I slipped into my new dress and searched through my drawers looking for that sexy black garter belt with the ultra thin straps.

I hooked the nylons into the tiny clasps then put on my new heels thinking about that young salesman again with a grin on my face. I put on my eye liner and lipstick and squirted a little dab of perfume around my neck.

God! I'm so nervous I can feel my stomach churning. I grabbed my keys and my purse and walked out to the car and pressed the garage door opener. I had parked in the garage so my nosy neighbor wouldn't see me leaving in this thin dress. I'm sure they'd have something to say to Rick about it.

I drove to the north end of town and pulled off into the new condo development and turned down the street and began looking for the address he gave me. There was the condo number I needed. Number one fifty-three. I pulled the car into an empty spot and turned off the engine. I felt my heart pounding as I flipped open the makeup mirror on the viser.

I put my car keys into my purse and starred at my diamond on my wedding ring. It was a two-carat marquis. I started to slip it off but remembered that he knew I was married. I got out of the car and slowly walked the pathway to his front door. God! My heart felt like it was going to come out of my chest.

I rang the doorbell and waited. I heard the click of the lock and the door opened. There he was starring at me with a smile. "Jennifer?"

I held out my hand and smiled. "Yes. You must be Devon?"

He took my hand and leaned down and kissed me on my lips. I wasn't expecting that so soon.

I walked into his house as he closed the door.

I smiled. "Well. It's nice to finally meet you after all those emails and phone calls."

He was rather quite as he escorted me into his front room where I sat on the sofa. "You're much prettier in person then in your pictures, Jennifer."

I was glad to hear that! "Thank you and your much more handsome in person and taller then I expected. How tall are you again?"

"I'm six-seven."

I smiled and commented on his muscular physic. "You weren't kidding me when you said you lifted weights. You have broad shoulders and huge arms."

He flexed his arm in a usual pose and held his arm out for me to squeeze. I used both hands to squeeze his muscles. "Oh. My Lord!" I nervously replied and laughed.

He held the pose for me as I moved my fingers across his arm and checked out all the tattoos on his arm. "I like your tattoos on your arms. Do they have any special meaning?"

"Well. This one here represents my hometown and the one over here is for my two brothers."

Devon turned around and showed me the other arm as I looked carefully with interest at the tattoos that he told me about on his other arm. I held my hand on his arm and became fascinated with the contrast of our skin as much as with Devon's tattoos.

My skin was pale white. I hadn't been out in the sun recently. Devon's skin was coal black and what surprised me the most was how I could see his tattoos on his black skin so well.

Devon starred at my boobs often as he ushered me into the kitchen to make us drinks. He put his hands on my waist from behind to move me away from the refrigerator door. His hands felt big and strong as he gently squeezed my waist.

"How long will your husband be out of town?"

"He'll be gone until Monday. He'll be flying home late in the morning. I have to pick up the baby that morning and be home for home."

Devon had a deep voice which matched his physic. I remember calling him the first night on my cell phone and listening to him speak. Devon handed me my drink and snuck a little kiss from me again. I smiled as I took a sip.

Devon wasn't shy as he stood within inches of me and leaned against the counter and just starred at me from my feet to my head. "Are you getting excited?"

Devon's question caught me off guard. "I'm really nervous. Can't you tell?"

I started to put the glass to my lips as Devon stepped in front of me and put his arm around my waist and leaned down and gave me a kiss only this time it was much longer and he gently parted my lips. I accepted his tongue and kissed him back.

Everything was taking place quite fast but we'd talked on the phone for hours before setting up this meeting. Devon took the glass out of my hand we kissed and circled his big arms around me as I held his shoulders.

He was strong and forceful and his kisses were passionate as he poked his tongue deep inside my mouth as I wrapped my hand around the back of his head. One of his hands lowered to cup my ass while he gently moved his other onto my shoulder and held me tight.

I felt dwarfed by his huge size as he kept me pinned against the counter as we kissed. I started breathing hard as he stopped kissing me for a moment. He lifted my dress and poked his hand underneath and ran his hand across my ass and squeezed my flesh. He kissed me again and then lowered his face to my neck and kissed me under my chin making my tremble with excitement.

I lost all thoughts about how I was going to cheat on my husband. The only thought I had at that moment was that I'd soon live out my fantasy of being screwed by a large black man.

Devon's hands were moving everywhere now and I felt my dress being slipped down off one of my shoulders. Devon kissed and licked his way down to my boob and lowered my dress until my nipple was exposed and circled his lips around it and sucked like a baby.

I cradled his head with my hand, feeling his tongue touching my sensitive boobs and the gentle nibbling of his teeth. I closed my eyes as his hands traveled around my body and felt one hand as it slipped under my thong and cupped my pussy mound.

I felt his finger searching for my pussy slit as I moved my hips trying to help him locate his target. Devon lifted his head away from my boob and planted his lips over mine, sending his tongue deep into my mouth. I sucked at it as if it were candy as his finger played with my clit.

Devon removed his hand out from under my thong and reached down and pulled the hem of my dress over my head as I raised my arms making it simply removed in one swift pull. His hand reached out and cupped one of my boobs as he put the other hand around my waist and pulled me next to his body.

I reached between his legs and felt his cock. He was big and hard! My free hand began unbuttoning his shirt as he kissed my shoulder.

Devon removed his shirt causing me to gasp as I saw how huge his chest was. Muscles were rippling everywhere on this man. He had the best looking physic I ever saw on a man this huge!

Devon circled his arms around me as we kissed. I moved one hand behind his neck while stroking his chest with the other.

I unbuckled his pants letting them fall to the floor and grabbed hold of his thong and pulled it away from his big cock. We stopped kissing long enough so I could look down and see it. It was huge and sticking straight out. I reached down and stroked it with my hand while he kissed me again. It was extremely thick as he circled my fingers around it I could tell he must have been more then twice as large as my husband!

Devon slipped his thong down his legs and stepped out from under the little thing as he kissed my neck and backed me toward the kitchen table and quickly lifted me up and put me on the edge. He pushed me back until I laid down and grabbed my thighs and scooted me until my ass was hanging over the edge of the table.

He stretched my legs up and kissed my ankles and then my legs until he worked his way down to my thighs. A few moments later, Devon was licking my pussy and dropped my legs over his big shoulders as I put my fingers near his forehead. My fingers were stretched out as far as they could go as I felt his tongue splitting my pussy lips apart and touching my clit.

Devon worked expertly on my pussy until my hips were grinding around the table top. He had me moaning as my body jerked every time he touched my clit with his tongue. A few seconds later and I was coming and shaking all around that table.

He held my legs in the air and rested them against his chest as he slapped his big cock down against my tummy a few tines and inserted it between my pussy lips and teased me with the head. He kept doing this and watching me as I gave him a pitiful stare. I finally had to beg him to put it inside me.

Devon pushed forward and the head popped inside me. I groaned feeling it stretch my pussy lips apart. Devon kept moving his body back and forth slowly sending his thick cock inside me each time he moved. It went a little deeper with each thrust until I felt the head hit my cervix.

He kissed my legs as I reached out and held his hands as he kept pumping that big black cock inside my belly. My body moved along the table top with each thrust Devon made inside me. A few minutes later and he held his hands out for me to sit up and took me into his arms while keeping me mounted on his big cock. I wrapped my legs around his waist knowing that he wanted to pick me up and he did just that!

Devon cupped my ass in his big hands and moved me and down his pole like I was a rag doll. My fingers were locked together behind his neck as he bounced me up and down. I gasped for air with each thrust he made as my legs and feet remained locked behind his ass.

Devon screwed me a few more minutes then held me against his chest as he started walking toward his bedroom with me mounted on his cock. He reached the bedroom and laid me onto the bed and somehow scooted me up to the pillow and mounted me again. His cock filled and stretched me to the limit.

His cock didn't hurt but I knew I'd be sore and stretched after this. My pussy was so wet that he slipped in and out of me with ease in spit being so tight. I was able to lift my head enough to look down between my legs and see his huge cock slicing into my bare white pussy. I was amazed at the contrast of out skin together.

My body began reacting again and I came again as Devon pounded my pussy. His large thighs were slapping against my upturned ass with each stroke until he began grunting and I could feel his cock expand if that was possible. His strokes became long and slower until he moved deep inside me a couple more times and shot his hot load of cum inside my pussy.

Yes. I could feel his hot cum as it filled my pussy. Devon stroked a couple more times and collapsed on top of me as he tried to catch his breath. He was heave and I was glad he lifted himself off me a few seconds later so I could breathe.

His cock slipped out of my pussy with a plopping wet noise. Devon laid back on the bed next to me as he reached for a towel on the night stand and wiped off his forehead.

Devon leaned over and planted another kiss on my lips and asked. "Will you spend the night with me, Jennifer?"

I just shook my head letting him know I would.

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