tagLesbian SexHow Beth and Tracey Met

How Beth and Tracey Met


Did you ever wonder how Beth and Tracey got together? Well I have! You have a tall, thin, athletic girl hooking with a wild ex-stripper. So here is how I think it happened. I hope you like it.


It started innocently enough. I was assigned to a work team and Phillip was on the team. We were of a similar age and shared a few common interests, it was natural that we would become closer; at least the rest of the team seemed to think so. Gary, the team lead, went out of his way to make sure Phillip and I were assigned either the same task or related tasks so we would have to work close on a regular basis. I knew he was throwing us together, I mean how many 'Tracey and Phillip' comments do you need to realize it? Stephanie, the deputy, was assisting him in that endeavor. Apparently they thought we would make a "cute couple".

Steph and Gary were also a bit older, about 15 years or so, all Phillip and I really had in common with them was work. The other two team members, Barry and Lawrence "Don't call me Larry" were the junior members. Barry was fresh out of college and Lawrence was just a couple of years older than him. It was like the team was really three smaller teams. In all honestly we worked really well together, such that the company didn't split us up at the end of our first project. We were very successful on a government project that rolled into a commercial one, so they kept us together. Normally they would have moved us to other teams, but the two contracts were so complicated that they decided to buck tradition and keep us all together. We went from there to another commercial contract and while the work was pretty easy, the challenge was in handle a very powerful but difficult customer. We were again successful. They then assigned us to another government contract which required a lot of travel, so the three sub-teams were frequently traveling together. In fact it was pretty normal for at least one of the sub-teams to be on the road any given week.

This week was our turn. We were briefing the lead client and our continued success was based on his reception of our presentation. If he bought in, we were guaranteed the full job. If he didn't we were out a 6 month investment and would be on the receiving end of our company's displeasure.

Now, unlike Step and Gary, I love to travel and so does Phillip. We spent many evenings exploring out of the way restaurants and clubs together. We worked hard, as the saying goes, played harder. We were professional partners for almost six years when 'it' happened. Some people say it's inevitable, but I disagree. I still believe men and women can work closely together and not have sex, but something – shit happens!

It started the evening after a seriously successful presentation. We were tired and exhilarated and hungry and certainly were running on an emotional high. So we celebrated and did something we hadn't done very often, we got drunk! I mean pretty badly wasted – seriously shitfaced!

I woke up about 3AM only partially clothed, and none of it covering any of my more sexual body parts. My tits were exposed and my ass was bare. My top was around my waist, my panties were around one ankle, and I felt like the entire Marine Corps had walked through my mouth on their way to making a spectacular noise in my head! It was not a good waking up!

My back was registering a warm object next to me. Now to be honest this wasn't the first time I had gotten drunk and woke up with someone in my bed. It wasn't a habit, but it had happened before. The first time was in college and it led to a nice year long relationship that ended pretty well. I was actually still in semi-regular contact with that former lover. The second time it also led to a relationship that ended in less than a year. We really tried, but we were just too damned alike and after a time we both realized it wasn't working. We ended it in a good way but have lost contact. The last time it happened was really my first and only one night stand. I didn't think there was enough alcohol in the world to let that particular type of person into my bed, leathers and motorcycles weren't normally that appealing. Since then I had been careful to only get drunk when I was with a trusted group of friends so if I ended up in bed, it was with a friend (or friends) rather than a stranger. It wasn't a big deal, at least not with my tight circle of friends. Of course my friends were nowhere in sight on this business trip. I was taken quite aback when I rolled over and saw who my bed partner was. Oh shit! Phillip!

I did a quick body check and realized that we most certainly had sex last night and unprotected sex at that. I had a couple of marks on my breasts and had that 'feeling' in my pussy that told me I had sex the night before and pretty hard sex because I felt a little bruised. That wasn't unusual because I did love a good hard and fast fucking! But Phillip!

He was facing toward me and, as all of us ladies know, a sleeping male is not a really great thing to see at the best of times. If it was my home instead of a hotel I would have to wash the pillowcase from his . . . OK, you get the picture! He was naked as far as I could see. I took a look under the sheet and saw what I expected to see. Phillip had sure as hell had sex and needed a little cleaning up. I looked around the room and realized I was in his room not mine. Shit, Shit, Shit! I do like him, but not like this. My liquored up brain really got me this time.

I slipped out of bed found most of my clothes, except for my shoes. I was walking in DC without my freaking shoes, oh damn I must have been really drunk. No one should brave those streets barefoot.

I got dressed quietly. When I opened the door to the room I found my shoes in the hallway. A lady was getting off the elevator and smiled at me. "Some party?"

"You have no idea!" I said as the door closed quietly behind me.

She laughed. "Let me guess, woke with a strange girl in your bed?"

"No, that I could handle. I woke up with a male co-worker and it was his bed." I said with no small anguish in my voice.

I went across the hall to my room, but my card key didn't work.

"I think you grabbed the wrong key." The pretty lady said. She was standing there having a giggle at my expense. Although it was a nice giggle!

I butted my head against the door, "What else can go wrong?"

She didn't laugh at me at that point, which was nice of her. I must have looked like a complete idiot!

"Look, my room's down the hall if you need a quick hideout and a place to get cleaned up."

"What I really need is for him not to realize he was in bed with me."

She looked at me up and down for a second. "I bet we can arrange that." Then she smiled, it was the most mischievous and sexy smiled I'd ever seen.

"Is he still asleep?"


"Is he still out of it?"

"Yes, but . . ."

She mussed up her hair and started unbuttoning her blouse. "Here's my card key. I'm in 1604. I'll meet you there once I wake him up and convince him he was with me. Now go, shoo!"

"Why would you . . ."

"Later, he might wake up. Go!"

She took the card key from my hand and sure enough it was for his room. She kissed my lips and then squeezed my breast as she opened the door. I stood there like an idiot as her skirt went down to the floor. She watched me looking at her over her shoulder. My brain acted even if the rest of me was too slow. I carefully closed the door and went to her room.

I took a shower and sat there in a hotel bathrobe waiting for her. She came in laughing about a half hour later, carrying her clothes.

"You're safe, doll!"

"What happened?"

"Wait one; I laughed so hard once I got out of his room I gotta pee."

She tossed her clothes on the dresser and went into the bathroom, leaving the door open. I heard her pee while we talked.

"I pushed him a few times and he finally woke up, partially sober. He called me Trace, I assume you are Trace?"

"Yes, Tracey, Trace to my friends, an old nickname."

"I'm Beth, by the way. Well he rolled over, grabbed a handful of tit and tried to snuggle with me. I screamed a little and that woke him up. Oh it was fucking priceless."

I heard her finish and clean up like it was the most natural thing in the world to do so with another person right there and the door open. I liked her uninhibited attitude, not only because she saved my ass.

"He jumped and looked at me kinda bleary eyed. Then he asked

. . .

"Who the hell are you?"

The woman in the bed held the sheet to her neck. "What do you mean who am I, you bastard. Don't you remember?"

He sat there looking befuddled.

"We met at the club."

He just sat there on the bed staring at her.

She got up, dropping the sheet. He was so lost he didn't even look at her body. "You don't remember? We had a few drinks and came back up here. My god the sex! You were so good and you don't remember? You shit!" Her voice got louder.

She gathered up her clothing and held it in front of her, including a key card from the nightstand. "I don't fucking believe this. You seemed like such a great guy until you started calling me by the wrong name. I put that down to being a little drunk, but you can't even remember what we had last night!

She scrunched her face and looked about like she was going to bust into tears. "You asked me to marry you!" She cried as she ran out the door, still naked holding her clothes.

. . .

" God that was funny. He didn't even try and stop me. I took one last look at his face and he looked like he had been shot."

"I bet! That parting shot would have scared the shit out of him!"

"It was the most fun I've had in a while! I am so glad I ran into you!"

"Beth, I don't know how to thank you!"

"I'm sure something will come to you. I won!"


"I bet you we could pull this off, you lost. Now you owe me."

"I know I owe you, but I don't remember the bet."

She sat back in the chair and opened her long and lean legs. "You need to pay more attention, Trace."

I eyed her carefully knowing that I am still not all the way sober. "How do you know I'm gay?"

"I don't know you're gay, I think you are at least bi. When I mentioned a strange girl in your bed you said you could handle that. I assume the best! So here I sit all hornied up from pulling a great fast one on a guy, with a gorgeous girl who owes me big time, and she sits on my bed in my hotel robe looking so wonderfully innocent. But I know beneath that robe is a beautiful body, a terrific heart, and right this second I'm hoping a talented tongue."

I sat there for one more second and finished disengaging the brain for the night. I know I should think of all kinds of reasons for just running away. My stupid practicalities sometimes get the better of me, but right now who the hell needed to be practical. Beth was gorgeous, she had just saved my bacon, and she was right whether I made the bet a formal one or not -- I owed her.

I lost the robe and patted the bed next to me. She shook her head and pointed to her pussy.

Shrugging I got off the bed and knelt between her legs running my hands up and down them. She was gorgeous, much prettier than me. She was tall, athletic without that stringiness so common in tall, strong women. She was also nicely packaged, something I hope Phillip had the sense to realize. Her thighs were strong, a dancer's legs for sure. Narrow waist, nice breasts, much nicer than mine, I thought jealously, I thought they might be phony, but one touch told me they were the real thing. Her face was also amazing and the look in her eyes made my knees weak.

Her pussy was also pretty, something I hate to admit you can't always say about some of the one's I've seen. Face it girls, some pussies look like little old men, all wrinkled up until the blood really swells up the labia, but hers was mouthwatering. She kept it neatly trimmed, just a little stripe I love to refer to as a landing strip. She was also really clean and smelled of a fruity scent. This was a pussy made for eating! So I did!

I took a gamble and rather than go slow I plunged my tongue in deep as I pushed her lips wider apart. I heard her reaction, a loud exhale of breath followed by a "Yea!"

She tasted good and clean and then she did something I could never hold for long, she lifted both legs up and held them in the air. She was really strong! I was in great shape, but holding my legs up by my abdominals like that . . . no freaking way.

I kept licking and sucking her tasty pussy until I felt her shake a little. Then I touched a finger tip to her asshole and her legs came down hard on my shoulders as she wrapped them around me, pulling me tighter to her.

I worked a finger into her pussy while rubbing a finger tip around her asshole and sucking on her clit. She came so nice and hard! In several hard shudders she slid down to the floor and took me with her.

"Damn, I was right, a talented tongue and terrific fingers!"

She got up and pulled me to my feet and to the bed. I eventually fell into an exhausted sleep against her and looked forward to the morning, but not to my flight home. I was mad because I woke up late and had to leave lovely Beth laying there in bed. I gave her my home phone, address, and a promise to visit real soon. I wasn't looking forward to seeing Phil, but I knew I had to and I had to play it cool.

I met him at the desk after packing quickly and showering again. Phil was sorta out of it mentally, like I should have been -- but for some reason I was energized! Good sex does that to me. On the plane he asked about last night.

"But Phil, you hooked up with that dynamite looker at the club. I didn't see you after that. I assume you had a good night."

"I think I did."

"Oh did you keep drinking? I hope she had a good time then. I know she was all over you."

He grinned. "Now that I remember."

"Did you get her number?"

He looked sheepish.

"Do you even know her name?"

He shook his head.

"Oh Phillip! Please tell me you used a condom?"

He turned red.

"That was pretty foolish of you, partner!"

I turned and pretended I was going to sleep. I almost busted a gut keeping in the laughter. In some ways I shouldn't come down on him like that. After all we had unprotected sex together and I compounded it with unprotected sex with Beth. But it was so funny. He fucks me and wakes up with an even prettier stranger and he really doesn't remember exactly what happened.

About a month after that trip, with no notice at all, my doorbell rang.

"Hi! I bet you didn't think you would ever see me again."

I grabbed Beth's hand and pulled her into my apartment. I kissed her and pushed her against the hallway wall put my hands under her top and teasing those amazing breasts for a few. Once her breathing got nice and hot and heavy I pulled away and draggedher toward my bedroom.

"That's one bet you would have lost!"

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