tagIncest/TabooHow Carol Got Her Groove Back

How Carol Got Her Groove Back


This is my first attempt at erotic fiction although I have read hundreds of stories. The only editing it has received is while typing my handwritten text, so please be kind regarding grammatical errors. I welcome any comments and am particularly looking for tips on pacing and describing. If you are looking for quick mom/son action keep looking since this story builds up with lots of teasing and watching before any acton and no sex until next chapter. All characters that engage in sexual acts are over 18 in this story. Thanks and enjoy!!

Chapter 1: Getting In Shape With Mom

Brad Hendricks woke up slowly, stretching his lean muscular arms over his head and wondering why he did not smell coffee or bacon. Yawning and looking at the clock he realized his mom had not come in to wake him up at the usual time.

"Perhaps she is realizing I am a bit too old for that" the sandy-haired eighteen year old reasoned as he pulled a T-shirt over his sculpted chest. Years on the swim and track teams had given him a great body; tan and lean with taut fluid muscles. He pulled on tight boxer briefs and tried to adjust his thick member so it didn't make such a prominent bulge. He stepped into loose jeans and checked himself in the mirror. Good, it did not look like he was shoving socks in his crotch. His penis had recently experienced a growth spurt and jumped from 7 to 9 inches in one year. With swim season starting today, Brad was a little worried about how he would manage to hide his endowment in the tight spandex swim briefs the swim team wore.

Brad went downstairs and started up some coffee. He went down the hall and towards the master bedroom, hearing soft sobbing coming from behind the closed wooden door as he tapped on it.

"Mom it's already 8:20 are you OK?" Brad asked.

Carol Hendricks was not OK. The 38 year year old divorced mother of two was hunched over her bed crying into a pile of clothes. She knew she had been gaining weight over the years but this morning none of her clothes seemed to fit.

Carol had been standing naked, earlier this morning. Looking at herself in the mirror she was shocked. The once petite woman stood only 4'10" and possessed flaming red hair, falling in luxuriant curls around her freckled green-eyed face. These were all vestiges of her Irish heritage however her Italian blood prevented her from having pasty white skin and head to toe freckles. She possessed just a patch of pink freckles stretching across her nose and splashing both cheeks.

Carol had always had sizable breasts for a girl her size filling out a 34C bra nicely but for some reason a lot of her extra weight had gone to her tits and now she was struggling to make them fit into a 40DD bra! The tits now seemed to stretch her skin taut and each hung and swayed like a jiggling flesh pendulum. She would not have minded the expanded bust if her stomach and waist had not ballooned out as well.

Carol gasped as she turned around, her ass was once her pride and joy. Her previously firm and tight bubble-butt had exploded. She could easily fit her entire old ass into one of her new giant rippling cheeks. Her massive ass was still amazingly smooth with just a hint of cellulite where the mammoth butt-cheeks curved and met her meaty thighs. "If this keeps up I will have cottage cheese thighs" Carol thought to herself miserably.

Facing herself again she directed her gaze to her pussy. "Fire-crotch" came to mind as Carol looked at her flaming red bush. Wild and unruly it exploded from her crotch like a summer wildfire. She used to keep it trimmed, just a landing strip to entice her husband.

"Maybe I should trim it again and join a gym" Carol thought to herself. That is when it suddenly hit her. She did not have time or money. No time to exercise and no time for any kind of social life. All her time was spent working and caring for her boys. Even if she could get in shape, she would not have time to date. She began weeping, collapsing on the bed as she realized it would be 8 years before her youngest son was out of the house. 8 years before an appreciative male would see her naked. 8 torturous years before she would have any need to trim her pussy. 8 years to wait for the long, hard cock she had yearned for since her husband left.

Hearing Brad knock on the door, Carol's maternal instincts kicked in and she immediately shook herself out of her reverie and put on a brave face for her child. "Oh, Brad Honey! I must have overslept, sorry about not making breakfast yet. Give me a few minutes and I will get bacon going".

"OK, Mom. I will go wake Joey up" Brad responded heading back upstairs towards his little brother's room. Brad had heard his mother's sobbing and had noticed that she had been really depressed lately. He had also noticed that she had really let herself go recently, she had never been a fitness freak but she had always kept in good shape. Brad had made a good chunk of money working construction over the summer and had been considering getting a home gym. Nothing too fancy just some dumbbells and a bow-bend machine. He wondered if his mom would use it if he got one, and if that would improve her mood.

Brad brought up the idea over breakfast later that morning.

"Oh, Honey! That would be convenient. I haven't joined the gym because I don't have the time to drive across town, but having something right in the house would fix that. They are expensive though honey, are you sure you can afford it?" Carol asked.

"Sure Mom, the gym at school sucks and is always broken or closed so I was planning on getting one anyways. You could use it too and put some muscles on you squirt" Brad said glancing at his brother Joey. He followed his younger siblings gaze and realized his mother's bulky bathrobe had fallen open at the top and her bulging cleavage was exposed. He felt mesmerized by the jiggling exposed tops of his mother's sizable jugs. The twin orbs were rippling as she cut up a piece of bacon. He and his brother looked up just as she did narrowly escaping being caught gawking at their own mother's ta-tas. Carol began clearing dishes as the boys rushed to catch the school bus.

A couple of weeks later Brad had fully assembled the gym in the spacious laundry room. It was a Saturday morning so Brad and his mom had gone into the gym after coffee and breakfast. Brad wore his swimming spandex and an old wife-beater. he had grown accustomed to the bulging crotch of his spandex and had gotten comfortable with the envious glares of guys and the lustful gazes of females. He had not had a public match yet though, so his mother had no idea that his penis had blossomed in the past year and grown two inches. He was surprised to see his mom in a thick, dingy Grey sweatsuit.

"Mom if you are trying to sweat off the weight we can go jogging in that but you might want to dress more comfortably for lifting weights. Don't you have any workout clothes?" Brad asked.

"Yes, Bradley but it is a lot smaller err... well truthfully I am a lot bigger and it barely fits. Anyways I think sweating will help me lose more weight.

"Alright, well suit yourself." Brad responded. "Since we are at home I figured I would be more comfortable."

They began working out with Brad performing an exercise to show his mom how it was done and her following him. Carol had never noticed the bulge in her son's spandex before and she tried to push it out of her mind as she watched him doing the exercises. She also had not realized how sculpted he had become. He had always been athletic and lean but now her little boy was muscular and looked cut from stone. She told herself to stop ogling her own son but watching him exercise started to get to the single mother. It had been years since she had watched a half-naked hunk sweating and straining in front of her. She felt her nipples hardening and despite a flash of guilt, she felt long buried desires begin to stir within her.

"My god he is as big as John was hard and he is soft!" Carol thought to herself, comparing her son to her ex-husband. She could not help it as she watched Brad demonstrating squats and the spandex of his briefs clearly outlined his limp but sizable manhood. She looked up at his face in an effort to drive the image of his sausage out of her mind and concentrated on what he was saying. She could not ignore the moisture developing in her long neglected pussy.

"It really depends on how you hold your weight but squats will either make your butt smaller or sculpt it." Brad explained as his mother returned her attention to him. He noticed she looked quite flushed and sweaty. "Jeez mom, you look like you are about to pass out. Are you sure you don't want to get more comfortable. One of the advantages of a home gym is no one is going to judge you here."

Carol realized she was sweating heavily and quite flushed, both from the exercises in her sweat-suit but also from the excitement of looking at her son. She did feel overdressed next to her near naked son.

"Alright then, but no rude comments buster." Carol said as she pulled the sweatshirt over her head quickly, causing her huge breasts to bounce frantically and very nearly escape her tiny gym top. The top was basically a brightly colored athletic bra a few sizes too small. The creamy white skin of her bosom was pouring out of the tight top and still jiggling and shaking from the sudden unveiling. Beads of sweat were dripping off the twin globes. There was more exposed tit than covered and her large and hard nipples showed through like two buttons, leaving very little to the imagination. The bra cut into her breast a bit painfully and she wished she could exercise topless, maybe when she was alone.

Shucking off her grey sweatpants revealed black and pink booty shorts, or they were booty shorts back when Carol did not have such a mega booty. She had loved these shorts because they molded to her firm butt and still allowed it to "pop" out. Now her large thighs pushed the legs of the shorts up and her belly pushed down, compressing the shorts to just a triangle of fabric covering her mound. Actually almost covered, Carol blushed beet red as she realized a few strands of her flaming red pubic hair were peeking out. She quickly turned around and put her sweats on top of the dryer in the corner of the room while tucking in the rebellious curls, hoping Brad hadn't noticed her unruly hairs.

Carol could hear Brad gasp as she turned around. Her butt had swallowed all but a small amount of fabric in the back and her booty shorts looked more like a thong bikini bottom. Her twin globes of ass shook and trembled like she was performing in a booty shake contest just from taking a few steps to the dryer. The creamy flesh rolled in opposite directions and then came careening back together sending waves rippling across both cheeks. They then shuddered and bobbled around eventually settling down just as she turned around. She had to chuckle at the sight that greeted her.

Brad stood there in a daze with his mouth hanging open. He looked like the wolf from those old cartoons whose jaw would hit the floor and whose tongue would come rolling out whenever a beautiful woman passed by. Carol walked up to her son, her enormous boobs quaking with each movement. She gently crooked her finger under his chin and closed his mouth. She looked deeply into his eyes as she said:

"If you are trying to make a joke it is not funny, otherwise..." and her voice dropped to a sexy whisper "I am your mother so settle down."

Despite what Carol had said, Brad found her bedroom eyes and the way she lowered her voice to a husky whisper as she said the last part strangely seductive. He already had a "semi" from her display of quivering flesh and he felt his cock continue to grow until, he realized with horror, it was pressing into his mother"s bare leg. Carol noticed something very hot hardening against her leg and looked down to see her son's snake slowly uncoiling against her.

"Oh how embarrassing, my boy has a hard-on for his mama. But what a hard-on!" Carol thought as she unconsciously licked her lips.

Brad noticed Carol's gaze drop down to his crotch and saw her eyes widen. She got a very hungry look of lust in her eyes and her slender tongue trailed a shining string of saliva across her plump pink lips. His cock gave a lurch and he looked down to see it rising, steadily pressing into the supple flesh of his mother's thigh. As his gaze returned to Carol's face he was surprised to see not anger or shame but a mischievous sparkle in her eyes and a playful smile on her lips.

The sudden unexpected tension between them was broken as the laundry room door opened. Mother and son stepped apart in shock as Brad's little brother Joey entered the room. Brad quickly turned away, hoping to hide the circus tent that had been raised in his briefs.

"Here you guys are! Can I play too?" Joey asked.

Carol looked flush still and struggled to respond, but Brad jumped in with "Sure, squirt! Do you know hot to do push-ups?" He fell to the floor both to demonstrate and to hide his erection from Joey until he could get it back under control. Joey watched for a few seconds but then looked up at his mother.

"Wow, Mom! Are you going swimming?" Joey asked, too young to not stare unabashedly at his mother's breasts as they overflowed her tiny gym top.

"No, silly we didn't put in a pool. People don't wear a lot when they work out so they can move and sweat easily. Also mommie's gym clothes will fit better once she gets in shape," responded Carol noticing where her son's gaze rested. "Joey look at a woman's eyes when she is talking to you not her chest! Especially your mother."

Joey's eyes reluctantly left Carol's chest and rose to meet her eyes. He blushed a little and went back to watching Brad. The sexual tension had broken and the happy family continued to work out although both boys had trouble keeping from getting caught watching their mother's jiggling, exposed flesh. Carol noticed their discrete looks but rather than being angry she felt flattered. It felt good to tease a little and to see the lustful stares of young men caused by her again, even if they were her sons.

Chapter 2: Results & Memories

The day in the gym increased Carol's confidence as well as her desire to get her hot body back. She began exercising every other day and results were quick. She began losing weight incredibly fast. She wondered if Brad was embarrassed about the day in the gym, since he seemed to use the gym only when she wasn't home. Joey on the other hand was a constant companion along with his unsubtle leering as she worked out. She came up from a sit up to find him sitting between her legs intently studying the crotch of her gym shorts. Glancing down she saw that her sweat had formed a prominent camel toe below the puff of her flaming bush. She had to mention to him that it was rude to stare at a woman so blatantly, but he looked so shocked and disappointed that she wished she hadn't mentioned it.

Carol couldn't help but notice that Joey was coming along nicely in the manhood department as his 6-inch bulge was almost constantly erect around her. Unlike Brad's impressive bulge, she found her youngest child's displays more cute than exciting ans she assumed his fascination with his mother was just another stage on the path to maturity. That Oedipus complex they talk about in Psychology, a rather alarming but common and natural desire many boys have. Brad often had a woody around her as well, but she chalked that up to the teen's overactive hormones. She remembered that in her teens she was so worked up that the mere sight of a boy licking his lips in first period would keep her kitten wet all day. It would not be long before Brad's interests would move on to big-tittied cheerleaders and svelte gymnasts and his mother would be forgotten. She did find the attention flattering and even found herself occasionally teasing her boys to get an ego boost. This would include anything from wearing a short skirt and thong while bending over unnecessarily to rubbing up against Brad's ever present bulge as they passed in the hallway.

Six months had passed since Carol had stood in front of her bedroom mirror weeping at how out of shape she was. Now she stood in front of that mirror with a huge grin on her face. The 4'10" mom had lost almost all of her extra weight. Her stomach was flat and hard enough to bounce a quarter off. Her arms and legs were toned and defined with luscious biceps and calves. To Carol's surprise there were two areas where she could not seem to remove much weight at all. Her swaying tits and bulging ass.

Exercising had seemed to raise her tits and cause them to really bulge out from her chest stretching her creamy skin taut and causing her thumb-sized nipples to seem constantly erect. They were standing up proudly now rising a full inch from her perfectly round aerolas, each slightly smaller than a silver dollar. She squeezed the sensitive bundles of nerves sending a wave of pleasure straight to her glistening snatch.

Carol fondly remembered when she was nursing and able to squeeze thick, warm, streams of mother's milk from her twin jugs. They had almost reached their current size during her second pregnancy and her ex-husband, Paul,had gone crazy over her tits. They became sore with his constant squeezing and jiggling. Her ex had eventually convinced her to let him nurse during her second pregnancy. He had suggested it while she carried Brad but she had adamantly refused stating she needed all her milk for the baby and the act seemed perverted anyway. In truth she had noticed that while nursing Brad she would frequently become very aroused. Her nipples had always been a direct line to turning her on and as Brad's tiny hands groped her sensitive nipples and he rhythmically sucked, she would always end up with a steaming, dripping wet pussy staining the chair she nursed in. It took all her willpower to keep from fingering herself senseless during these sessions and she knew if she let her hubby further sexualize the experience she would not be able to resist.

She was more open sexually by the time she was stuffed full of baby Joey. She submitted to her raging pregnancy hormones and let Paul continue to nail her to the mattress until just a few days before her due date. Paul had a pregnancy fetish and he just got more riled up as she got bigger. He also became super caring and waited on her hand and foot. As a reward, a few weeks before she was due, once she was lactating, she gave her husband a special treat and told him he could nurse. Paul's face lit up like a little kid on Christmas morning and he ripped off her clothes in record time. As she had feared, once he latched on an incredibly erotic sensation overwhelmed her body. Paul was a lot rougher than Brad had been, kneading her swollen globes and shaking them to slosh the milk inside around. After just a few minutes of sucking Paul was so worked up he was humping her leg like an over-excited terrier. Carol's pussy was positively flooding and she could feel a puddle forming on the bed beneath her. She grabbed a handful of his hair and yanked his head off her swollen red nipple. Looking into his eyes she saw they were dreamy and glazed over with lust.

"Ram it into me Paul. I need it bad, plunge my pregnant pussy baby. This is soooo good!" Carol pleaded with him.

Paul wasted no time, climbing in between her legs and slamming his 6" rod as deep as it would go. His belly rested against Carol's glistening baby ball, at over 8 months her belly was smooth and distended, looking like a balloon stuffed with a beach ball. As he watched his prick slide in and out of his wife's sopping pussy Paul noticed her belly move. He watched, amazed, as a lump formed and moved around. It was the arm or leg of his unborn son deep in Carol's womb. Carol moaned "Oh I think he is saying hi to his daddy!"

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