tagNovels and NovellasHow Christi Paid for College Ch. 08

How Christi Paid for College Ch. 08


Albert and Chris were the first of the Kappa brothers to visit Christi's back room with envelopes of cash. They weren't the last. Gaurav came up the next day, clearly having heard about it, and rather pleased with himself as the one who had started it all. Christi thanked him and gave him more than she had in the dressing room. She also noted, with satisfaction, that he had taken her advice and shaved himself carefully. She devoted a great deal of time to pampering his smooth brown scrotum before mounting him and fucking his brains out. Others followed, of various races and sizes, all nervous and nerdy, but thrilled and stunned at what they had invited into their own frat house. A week after Chris and Albert's visit, she found a line of eight guys waiting on her staircase when she came back from her last class. This is getting out of hand, she thought to herself. I've got to get this organized.

"OK guys," she told them, sitting on the floor, after bringing them all into her room and lining them up, "This isn't going to work. I'm going to have to make some rules."

They looked disappointed but nodded somberly.

"First off, Kappa guys only, OK? Don't invite any other friends. I don't want word of this getting out." General murmur of agreement to that.

"Second, I can't have you waiting in line. Someone's gonna see who shouldn't. You want to see me, make an appointment. I'll put my number in the common room, you can text me, OK? Don't come here till I text you back."

"And third..." she began. "OK dammit, I can't think of a third right now. I'll let you know."

"So, uh..." one of the guys began. A tall white kid, whose name Christi couldn't remember.


"So, uh, should we, like, go now... or do you want us to stay?"

"Oh my god, man," she said. "How many holes do you think I have? I can't take eight guys at once!"

"We could take turns," suggested a black sophomore sitting in the corner -- Darrell. "I don't mind." There was a murmur of agreement to this.

Christi stared at them, flustered. "I... look, it's not a matter of taking turns, it's... I'm only flesh and blood here, guys. The parts get sore after a while, OK? I can only handle so much. Come on, be nice and text me, and everyone can come up in the next couple of days, OK?"

But the Kappa guys seemed to have a hive mind and the conversation was already out of Christi's control. "We could just go for oral right now..." "Hey yeah, that would work..." "Let's make it a bukkake, that would be cool..." "Wow, really? That would be so awesome!"

"Whoa whoa whoa!" Christi interrupted. "What are you talking about? What's a bukkake?"

"It's a Japanese thing," explained the white kid who had spoken first. "A bunch of guys line up and each one has a turn cumming on a girl. She might give them a handjob or blowjob or sometimes it's just them stroking themselves."

"Holy fuck!" Christi said. She had never heard of it. "Where do you learn this shit?"

"The internet." Duh. "Is your laptop on? I can show you what I mean if it would help."

Christi nodded, still uncertain. The kid (whose name turned out to be Justin) opened up her browser and went to a website that resembled youtube but was all porn videos. He murmured something dark about updating her security software, but ran a search and then turned the screen to face Christi where she sat on a cushion on the hardwood floor. The eight horny Kappa brothers crowded behind her to watch.

At first she was confused. This didn't look like any porn video she had seen. Not that she watched much porn, preferring the real thing or daydreaming about Dostoyevski. It looked like a newscast. A pretty Japanese woman in a business suit was seated at a desk, reading the news and shuffling papers, which made it seem a little old-fashioned, like a news show from the seventies. Her expression was serious, her voice earnest though Christi couldn't understand a word she was saying. A screen behind her flashed maps of countries and pictures of airplanes and doctors.

Then it happened. Thirty seconds into the video, a naked man stepped up next to the pretty newswoman, his cock erect and quivering as he masturbated furiously. You could only see him from his thighs to ribs as the camera was focused fairly close on the woman. She ignored him entirely, but within moments a spurt of semen shot out of his stiff dick and spattered across her hair and face. The newsreader showed no reaction but continued reading in an even voice as the naked man vanished off camera.

Christi gasped. She had never seen anything like this.

A few seconds after the first man delivered his load, a second one appeared, from the other direction, also naked and stroking. The woman ignored him too as he stepped up and squeezed a second burst of cum over her hair. A drop of it slowly slid down across her forehead. Then a third man arrived from the same direction the first had come from; his jizz wound up staining her neck and the collar of her starched shirt. The woman carried on reading the daily news as though nothing were happening.

The video had run for less than three minutes, and Christi saw on the scroll bar that it was nearly fifteen minutes long. She began to feel hot and a little dizzy. How much more of this was there? It didn't stop. A fourth man, a fifth, a sixth stepped up, one after the other, and one by one they coated the pretty professional woman with oozing cum. Unconsciously, Christi's hand slid down her belly and under the hem of her skirt, and started softly playing with her own aroused pussy.

The reporter was starting to have difficulty maintaining her composure. Her face was starting to become a mask of pearly white semen, it was dripping into her eyes and across her mouth. She tried to lift a hand and wipe it away without breaking stride. It was so fucking hot. All those loads, one after another after another, soaking her in seed. Christi was entranced.

She was losing count how many men had cum on the newsreader -- nine? Eleven? The video was at the nine minute mark when she felt something hot and damp on her ear. She gasped and felt with her hand, and it was slick and sticky. She turned and found Darrell's barrel of a cock pointed straight at her face, cum still dripping from the hole. He had imitated the video and blown his load on her just like a dozen guys or more were blowing loads on the oh-so-professional Japanese reporter.

"Sorry," he said, "couldn't help myself." But he wasn't sorry, and neither was Christi. She suddenly realized that ALL of the guys were following Darrell's lead. While she had been hypnotized by the video, they had quietly unzipped their flies and were now stroking cocks in her direction.

"That's OK," Christi smiled. "I can't help myself either." She lightly kissed and licked Darrell's softening dick and turned back to the video. Someone right behind her grunted and heaved, and she felt a sticky load spill across her hair. Like the reporter in the video, she ignored it, but she didn't complain either.

By the eleven minute mark the newscast was turning to chaos. Cum dripped off the woman's chin on her papers and she was having a hard time reading them, not to mention the almost constant flow of jizz over her eyelids. She would wipe off barely enough to see but made no effort to clean off the thick jelly of semen that glazed her whole face. The men were becoming more aggressive. One ripped her blouse open -- she bravely wrestled to maintain her posture, but not to fight him off or protect her clothes -- and then came into her modest cleavage. Another kappa boy pointed his cock straight at Christi's forehead and came over her face with a moan. Christi drank in the scent and feel of it but kept watching the laptop as yet another Japanese man pulled the woman's hair, ripping her neat bun loose so that it cascaded to her shoulders, and then spurted his cum over her lips, with her still trying to stammer out the news report. Christ felt a load of cum blast her from the left, spitting across her cheekbone and nose.

Now all hell was breaking loose on the screen. For the first time, a thick cock stopped the reporter from being able to continue her reading; the guy grabbed her head and forced his meat between her open lips, stuffing her mouth full of penis and letting his load go in her mouth. She spat and let it dribble across her lips and chin and tried to continue reading, gasping for air. Christi was stroking her clit vigorously now, the tension building in her body. Oh fuck this was good, it was so so so good....

The last Japanese man actually jumped up and squatted on the reporter's desk, grabbed her by her hair, pulled her to himself, and raped her mouth with his heavy shaft. He pumped it in and out and in again while she squirmed and writhed helplessly, hands flailing in the air, forced to do his will and gag on his massive cock down her throat. Christi was gone. The orgasm surged from deep in her and her whole world went cloudy as the blood rushed from her head. She was in heaven. The cum on the woman in the video blurred with the cum that the Kappa boys were bestowing on her, one by one, more and more and more, powerful sorcery giving her their energy. She felt like the goddess of all sluts and the whore of all gods and she worshiped it all.

She threw her head back and opened her mouth wide. Three cocks rose over her, she neither knew nor cared whose but they were large and stiff and filled with cum and she wanted it, one from her left and one from her right and one pointing over her head from behind. Male hands gripped and jerked the beautiful shafts, all together, while the helpless Japanese newslady had her mouth fucked by a man she did not know and could not resist. It came, it all came, the man on the desk and the three college boys, all at once with a chorus of groans and sighs, and Christi felt the sticky seed pour over her face and into her mouth and she drank it down in joy and greed.

"Oh fuck..." she gasped at least as the blood returned to her head. She looked down again. The video was done and gave way to a screen showing six others like it she might choose to watch next. Eight Kappa boys with spent cocks and sweaty foreheads stood around her, grinning. Her face was slick and messy and dripping. Christi scooped up their cum with her fingers and slowly fed it to herself, licking each digit and swallowing every potent drop, until her face felt almost clean again.

"Holy shit," she said as she came back to herself. "That was fucking amazing. You guys taught me something new. Bukkake. Thank you."

The boys smiled and some said "No, thank YOU" and others said she was welcome. She went around the circle of them, kissed each one, and reminded them to text her for appointments next time. But as they left, she also made a decision that Bukkake Night ought to become a Kappa House tradition, maybe once a week or so, at least as long as she was resident there. Bukkappa Night, we can call it, she thought, and giggled.


The next day, Christi bumped into Anders on the library quad. His face was overcast.

"Hey Anders!" she called cheerily. "How are you doing? I haven't seen you in forever, why don't you come up to my room sometime?"

He looked at her darkly and continued walking. "I've been busy," he said curtly. "And from what I hear, you have been, too. I don't think you'd have much time for me."

"What?" Christi was taken aback at his hostile tone. "Of course I'd have time for you, Anders, you're one of my favorite people."

Anders only snorted. "What?" she asked. "Come on, you should come pay me a visit. You really are one of my favorite people!"

"You know, I thought I was for a little while," he said, reeling on her. "But it looks like you've got a lot of 'favorite people' coming up to your room. Lots of people are making you 'grateful' these days, from what I hear. So don't go talking to me like I'm something special, OK? It's just a sales pitch and I don't want to hear it."

With that he turned on his heel and stormed away. Christi froze, surprised and not knowing what to do. A hint of a tear crept to her eye but she told herself it was the autumn chill.


"Hannah, have you talked to Anders at all lately?"

She was up in her old dorm room. Hannah had it as a single now, an unexpected luxury; the university housing committee had not come up with a new roommate for her, as most assignments were settled. She was lounging on bean bags on the floor with her best friend eating Haagen Dazs, both of them sharing from a single carton.

"No, why?"

"I think he's pissed off at me and I don't know what to do."

"Why would he be pissed off at you? I thought he was super nice about helping you move in over at Kappa. Did you say something to him?"

"No," Christi said, shaking her head with the plastic spoon in her mouth. "Well, sorta..."

"Oh god," Hannah groaned. "Here we go. Out with it." Her crazy curly hair bounced in the late afternoon sunlight as she turned to face Christi with renewed attention.

Christi blushed and swallowed. How much should she tell Hannah? She didn't want her best friend to become an accomplice to what Christi had started to get involved in.

Or did she?

She took a deep breath as Hannah cocked an eyebrow. "Hannah, have you ever done it with a guy, not cause you loved him or anything but just cause he was nice to you?"

Hannah gasped and covered her mouth with her hand. "Oh my god Christi, you DIDN'T!"

"Well... umm... kinda. Not exactly. After I moved in, you remember you left and Anders hung around?"

"Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck, shut up!"

"Well, we didn't DO it do it, but I kinda... it was like, I showed him mine and he showed me his, y'know?"

"Holy shit! Really? Why didn't you tell me?" Hannah was practically squealing.

"Well, it was just, like... I was being grateful to him was all. I didn't mean anything by it, it just happened. But I think he took it really seriously. So now when he hears I'm with other guys..."

"Whoa whoa whoa --" Hannah interrupted her, "--other GUYS, plural? When did this happen? When did you get a boyfriend? Or boyfriendS? Holy shit! You don't tell me anything!"

"Well, it's been weird, Hannah, I'm sorry. Really weird. I'm telling you now, OK?" Christi took a deep breath. "OK you're probably going to hate me or something when I tell you all of it, but you're my best friend, so I'll tell you and then if you don't want to be friends any more I'll understand, OK? But, like, I'm still ME, OK, I'm still your friend, it's just -- I've been finding stuff out about myself lately."

"OK, calm down, Christi," Hannah soothed her. "Start from the beginning."

So Christi did. She told her friend about Gaurav and then she explained about Lily and the men with fat envelopes at the coffee shop, and then about Albert and Christopher and the other Kappa boys and the bukkake they had done that very morning. She kept talking and told Hannah about the smell of cum and how it made her feel to have it dripping over her face and how she felt like a goddess when men brought their offerings of cash and semen to sacrifice to her. All the while Hannah listened quietly, slowly eating Haagen Dazs and not interrupting one word. Finally Christi finished.

"Oh my God," Hannah said flatly. "My best friend is a whore."

Christi looked at her and teared up a little, and nodded. "And I know it sounds crazy, Hannah... but... I love it. I love being a whore. It's, like, all I ever wanted. I never knew until it happened. Is that evil? Do you hate me now?"

Hannah was silent a moment longer, and looked at the last drips of ice cream in the carton. Then she finally spoke. "Actually, no, I don't. God, Christi, you know what I'm really thinking? I'm jealous, is what. I would love to do what you're doing. I never thought about it that way, but honestly... I would love it. If I weren't too scared, I would do it too. Man, it's like you've broken free, like you're, I don't know, a rock star or something! I can't fucking believe it! God, Christi, how could I be mad? You're my best friend!"

And the two girls threw their arms around each other and pulled together for a long, tight hug, and Christi felt all the anxiety and fear soak away into her friend's acceptance. "Thank you," she whispered, "I was so scared I'd have to be alone."

"You're not alone," Hannah whispered back, "We're the dynamic duo, right? I'll always have your back."

They hugged a long moment longer, then parted. "Yeah, so back to where we started," Christi said. "I don't think Anders sees it that way. I told him he had to learn the difference between loving and fucking and let it be what it is, but I don't think he got it. So now the other guys are coming up to my room and he isn't, and he looks jealous. I'm worried he's going to blow the whole thing if he doesn't come around."

"I don't think he ever did it with a girl before," Hannah said. "He's a romantic. And you're the closest he's come. No pun intended." She grew thoughtful for a moment. "What he needs is to be distracted. To have more girl than one. Then he won't get so jealous over the first. I don't think, anyway - who knows how guys' minds work?"

"Well, I hope he finds a girlfriend, then," Christi said in resignation.

"Or just a girl to fuck, doesn't have to be a girlfriend," Hannah said airily. "Isn't that the point, really? I could do it."

Christi started up. "Really?"

It was Hannah's turn to blush. "Well, he IS cute. And you said he had a huge dick, didn't you?"


The blush deepened. "I'm not as adventurous as you, Christi, but I would love a piece of that. It's been a long time since I had a really good big cock. It's been a while since I had any cock at all, or got off other than getting myself off. I don't know if he'd be into me, but I'd fuck him in a heartbeat, especially if it helps you out. Talking about all this sex, you've made me really horny, you know that?"

"Of course he'd be INTO you, Hannah, are you kidding? You're a total hottie!"

"Yeah, right."

"Yeah! Right!" Christi insisted. "Didn't we go over this back when this whole thing first started?"

"I guess, but..."

"Any guy would fuck you in a heartbeat if you gave him the chance, Hannah," Christi said firmly. "And any girl would fuck you too, for that matter. You're fucking amazing." She paused. "Did I really make you horny talking about what a whore I've become?"

If Hannah was red before, she was purple now. "Umm, yeah..."

"No more dicking around," Christi said, giggling at the pun. "Come here!"

The kiss was long and tender. Christi reached behind her friend's neck and pulled her in firmly but gently. Their lips met, just brushing at first, then slowly starting to pucker and pull at each other. Christi smelled the shampoo on her friend's frizzy curls and drank in the smell of it, peaches and strawberry, and slid her tongue slowly over Hannah's lips to run along the ridge of her teeth. Hannah whimpered slightly and her mouth opened. It begged Christi to continue, to go deeper. Christi shifted position. Hannah sank blissfully into the scattering of pillows and bean bags on the floor as Christi mounted up over her, mouths locked in passion, taking charge of her friend's body. She brought both hands to Hannah's face and framed it in her fingers, letting them drift and caress across the high cheekbones and fluttering eyelids. Her tongue thrust in urgently now, exploring Hannah's mouth and palate and swishing over her tongue. Hannah sucked at Christi's tongue, holding her in.

It was different than with Lily. Kissing Lily had not really been about Lily, goddess though she was. It had been about sharing men's cum between them. There were no men between Christi and Hannah, just an explosion of tenderness and fire. Christi had bared all, had shown Hannah how deep her lust ran, and Hannah had not pulled back or turned her away. She embraced it, she envied it, she wanted -- Christi realized how badly she wanted -- to share in Christi's adventure, she wanted to taste what a whore her friend had become. Hannah wanted to be the whore that Christi was. It created a bond between them, rooted in their friendship but running somewhere else now. There were no more barriers. The lust was all. It burned everywhere, it consumed everything, it ruled them both.

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